The transformation gun - Something else

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The transformation gun - Something else

Parent Chapter

Elissa held the 'gun' casually in her off-hand as she walked towards the door. "Transform yourself or some else into your wildest fantasies", the note had said. So...what did that make this? A Transformation Gun? Then she saw that the gun had a sort of indicator screen with the word "Random" locked into place. She fiddled one way then the other with an adjoining dial, before a voice bubbled up from a hidden speaker.

"Well, here's the finished device, Prankster..." a cheerful male voice giggled into the either "...I made some changes after having a little pow-wow with the Mad Hatter. It was agreed that *he-he-he* the simple changes I originally suggested *ho-ho-ho* just seemed a little simple. If we're talking about TRUE CHAOS here, we're going to have to be...unpredictable. This should be the final prototype for our Costume Gun before I begin full production. Tell me what you think, hmm? Your old buddy -- the Toymaker."

Melissa wasn't sure who the Prankster, Mad Hatter or Toymaker were, but they sounded like...villains, of a sort. Not in the Lex Luthor or Joker vein, but maybe Harley Quinn or the Trickster. She answered the door, with a casual "Can I help you?" forming on her lips...when a powerful hand grabbed her by the front of her shirt, spun her around, and yanked the gun from her hands.

"I'll take that, young lady". Someone said before Wonder Woman casually pinned her hands together and said into some communication device she was holding "Found it. First stop. Perez, at the collage campus. I don't know, Superman, there has to be some explanation. Right. I'll be back at the Watchtower in two shakes."

Melissa was both thunderstruck by the appearance of Wonder Woman (usually one of her favorite heroes), and outraged that she'd been so casually...well, robbed.

"Hey! What the heck is this supposed to be? You just burst in and take from people?"

Wonder Woman looked embarrassed, and a second woman appeared suddenly in a cloud of smoke, followed by another man in green with a glowing ring on his finger. Zatanna and Green Lantern. "It's not exactly what it looks like, Melissa. This is a powerful device created by devious men, specifically to destroy the members of the Justice League. It disappeared from the storage facility the government was 'keeping' it in (and that's a little suspicious on its own), and after some judicious detective work, we figured it had been sent to one of several people. I thought it might be you, and here we are. Take a deep breath sweetie and steady yourself."

Melissa Perez nodded and sat down. Something...interesting had happened to her, and was over. When she'd held the gun she'd been aware of a lively 'hummm' through her skin. The gun had not only WANTED to be wanted HER to use it. She could feel it's need, and now out of her hands...she could feel it's desperately needy draw.

Wonder Woman was inspecting the package, while Zatanna was casting spells on the wrapping paper, and Green Lanturn was using his ring on the letter from her parents.

She herself...was being ignored.

She stood so casually and moved so confidently, that nobody was aware of her...until she picked to Costume Gun up and pointed it at Wonder Woman. The Amazon looked up and had enough time to shout "No!" before Melissa either pulled the trigger...or the trigger pulled itself.

Nothing happened.

Looking down, Melissa saw the indicator window whirling and as she looked up she saw Wonder Womans face darken with real anger as she growled "You're just lucky that the damn thing seems to be...broken?" before comics little flourish sounded "Dun-da-da-DA!" it sounded...then shot a crumpled ball if paper at her. The paper wrapped around her and grew larger, soon enclosing her in layers of colorful paper depicting images of cowboys, clowns, gangsters and cartoon characters. Finally the indicator window stopped spinning on...oh, good gods above.

With a panicked mix of screams, neighs and whinnies, the paper coocon burst apart, revealing first an image of a horse costume...then Wonder Woman in a horse costume...then finally...a full-grown horse. She didn't know enough about horses to know what breed it was, but it was almost pure white with a black mane and tail, a beautiful coustom-tooled blue and red leather saddle decorated with golden eagles and silver stars, a golden bridle and halter, and flashing silver horseshoes.

The horse seemed to be trying to speak, but only whinnies and heartbreaking cries came from its mouth. It bucked and stormed about, knocking over both Zatanna and Green Lantern. It also exposed something that was obviously a problem for the former Wonder Woman.

The indicator window read 'Horse Costume'...but it also identified the male.

'His' giant horse cock - panic-errect and bobbling about like an exclamation point - was fully on display as 'he' bucked and bellowed like a rodeo bronc. Green Lantern used his ring to catch Wonder 'Woman' in a bubble, but the horse smashed trough the globe and continued its rampage.

Snarling, Zatanna turned towards Melissa...only to be hit by another ball of crumbled paper. She tried to cast a spell, but was soon wrapped as tightly as Wonder Woman had been. Seeing Green Lantern getting slowly to his feet, she fired at him just to be sure. She looked down at the indicator window as she turned towards Zatanna.

Adult Sexy Police Officer & Hippie Chick were indicated.

Zatanna was now dressed in a slutty, midriff-bareing cop costume with spiked heel boots, mirror shades, and big set of fake boobs. She tossed a mountain of black hair over her shoulder and said in a husky voice "Oh, you've been a bad girl, bitch...and Officer Hotanna gonna make you beg for mercy." before she turned on a portable radio with 'Nasty Girl' blaring from the speakers, and started to perform a strip tease for her. Melissa turned towards Green Lantern, and saw a girl of barely 18 dressed in green bellbottoms, a fringed green halter top, round glasses, and long straight hair bound with a floral scarf. She looked fresh and innocent, but also painfully naive.

"Oh, wow, she, like...a real cop? That's so uncool, sister. Gotta keep the campus a pig-free zone. Oh, wow! What a pretty horse!" she said, as she lit a joint and noticed the panicking Wonder Woman at the same time.

Melissa wasn't too sure what to do, but she had to calm Wonder Woman down. She snatched at the golden reigns as they swung by, and snapped 'Settle down, Horsie!"

Instantly, the horse stopped bucking, and instead...settled down. Unaware that the bridle had been Wonder Womans golden lasso, and that it's abilities were more powerful with males, she soothed to the horse. "Calm down, Wonder. You've got to calm down and listen to me. Just calm down and obey me. Okay?"

There was no further argument. He was Wonder the Horse and Wonders job was to calm down and listen to Melissa. Pretty simple, Wonder thought. Wonder was Melissa's horse, and Wonder would obey to her.

  1. Melissa Perez decided to talk with 'Officer Hotanna' and the Honey Jordan
  2. Meanwhile, other league members have actually found the location of another Costume gun!
  3. Sensing danger, Wonder the Wonder Horse scoops Melissa onto his back and gallops off through the sky in an effort to keep her safe.
  4. Just because they're changed, doesn't change their basic nature's. Honey Jordan and Officer Hotanna still have their abilities, and they capture Melissa Perez.
  5. Who sent her the Costume Gun?
  6. Something Else.

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