The transformation gun - Intro the transformation gun

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The transformation gun - Intro the transformation gun

Melissa Perez a young Mexican American woman opened her her P.O. box on campus expecting a letter from her parents or sister only to find a unmarked package. "What is this?" Melissa asked herself while inspecting the unexpected package, it only had her P.O. box number no return address not where it came from nothing. "That is so weird I didn't order anything" Melissa said checking her P.O. box for anything else where she found what she was looking for the letter from her parents. "There it is" Melissa said as she retrieved the letter, only to turn around and run right into someone.

"Are you ok" the person asked helping Melissa up, "yea I'll be fine" Melissa said slightly embarrassed while fixing her glasses, Melissa looked up to she who it was, it was Daniel one of the star football players, "are you sure you are ok? You took a pretty nasty spill?" Daniel asked basically towering over Melissa, Daniel being 6 foot 3 and Melissa being 4 foot 8. "Yea I'm fine" Melissa said. "Thats good, say do mind helping me study for the test later? I know you are really smart and should be able to help alot?" Daniel asked Melissa knowing she is a star student, "oh, of course I'll gladly help you out" Melissa said nervously. "Ok, cool I'll stop by your dorm later" Daniel said with a small smirk "ok sounds good" Melissa responded.

Melissa began walking back to her dorm with the unmarked package, she started thinking about later as she had always had a thing for Daniel but never acted on it due to shyness and low self-esteem not that she was unattractive, she was attractive but most of her young life was focused on school work rather than boys and relationships.

As Melissa made it back to her dorm she sat the package and letter from her parents down and began to look at her full body mirror, Melissa checked herself out to see if she looked presentable took her hair down to reveal long almost waist length wavy black hair, Melissa had light brown skin of course that comes with being a latina, pretty brown eyes unfortunately she was also skinny with no breasts or butt to speak of. "I guess I should see what this package is" Melissa said somewhat nervous to open the unmarked package, as she opened the brown box to reveal an almost sci fi looking space gun Melissa rolled her eyes thinking it was a dumb toy when she found the note attached which read as follows "the transformation gun transform yourself or some else into your wildest fantasies". Melissa was confused at what she believed to be someone playing a prank on her as she heard a knock on the door!
  1. Its her roommate Caroline
  2. Its Daniel
  3. Something else
  4. Something else

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