Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

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Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby Tillykke » Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:14 am

Kika is a 26yo student in the final year of her medical degree. She is intelligent, level headed and beautiful. She is 5’8” with a small bum but incredible pair of attention grabbing breasts.

Kika ran through the door, dumped her lecture notes on her desk and darted for her room. She dropped her clothes in a pile on the floor, sighed as she started getting ready for work.

“In a hurry?” Her room mate Allison called to her.

“The professor cant keep to a schedule so now I’ve got 20 minutes to get to work!” Kika shouted back as she rummaged through her wardrobe.

“Those rich, arrogant prudes can live without their nanny for an extra 15 minutes” Allison said.

“Those rich arrogant prudes pay me a better hourly rate than anything else I could get in this town” she said as she ran to the laundry completely nude.

“My god, I will never get used to seeing you naked” Allison said.

Kika laughed, “why is that?”

“You know you’re every mans wet dream with those boobs?”

Kika ignored her as she grabbed a bra, clasped it and adjusted herself so her breasts sat snuggly in the E-cups. Threw on her house uniform, a simple black shirt and skirt and ran out the door. “I gotta run, catch you later!”

Kika was cleaning unobtrusively around the wealthy family members. Ana, the 17yo daughter, eyed her as she dusted the ornaments. Kika was aware that Ana was not too keen on her.

Victor Hipwell, the head of the Hipwell’s family was watching Kika as well. She could feel both sets of eyes on her but pretended not to notice.

“Kika can I speak to you privately please” Victor said in his calm, deep voice.

“Certainly” Kika said and followed him into his study.

She stood in the middle of the ornate room waiting while Victor closed the door.

“Kika, it is Ana’s 17th birthday tomorrow” he began. “You may not be aware but she has always been jealous of your.. femininity” Victor said slowly.

“My.. boobs?” Kika asked.

“That’s right, her whole life she has dealt with much insecurity around her lack of development. I would like to give your breasts to her for her 17th birthday”

Kika was confused at what he was asking.
They both stood in silence.

“You want to give her my boobs for her birthday?”she asked in confusion.

“I have connections with a genetics lab that are able to isolate and transfer specific genes, in this case the gene for your breasts. I will pay you $150,000 for your participation”

Kika’s eyes widened, that figure would completely pay off her student debt and leave her with some to spare. “Wow that’s a lot of money!” She gasped. “So she will grow breasts that resemble mine?”

“That’s right, I also would like you to accept the gene for her bust”

“So I have her breasts? That hardly seems necessary” she said subconsciously raising a hand to her full breasts.

“As you know Ana is a jealous girl, she will not be happy sharing”

Kika felt uncomfortable about that.. but that much money.. it would put her years ahead financially.

“Can I have a few days to think about it?” Kika asked.

“Like I said, Ana’s birthday is tomorrow, unfortunately I have been overseas and left this quite late. I need to know your answer now.”

Kika thought about it for a second. She looked down at her body, the fabric of her shirt pulled tight over her large breasts. She cupped them in her hands. They’re so familiar, she couldn’t imagine them not being there. But the money.. “Ok, I agree” she said tentatively.

“Excellent, Ana will be so happy. They will take some of your blood now to extract the gene, I will pay you half immediately and the other half once you have accepted Ana’s gene transfer”

“Immediately?!” Kika said

“There should be $75,000 in your account by tomorrow morning”

“Oh my god thats incredible!” Kika said all her feelings of unease gone.

“The gene transfer will take place tomorrow morning before your shift”

Victor called for a man that must have been standing outside the door. The man brought out a needle and asked Kika to hold her arm out. Kika extended her arm, he easily found a a vein and Kika watched her blood flow into the vial. A short few seconds later the man withdrew the needle. Placed the vial in a cold box and left.

“Thank you Kika, I’ll see you tomorrow for the transfer” Victor said then gestured her towards the door.

The next day Kika was constantly refreshing her account waiting for the transfer to hit. It currently sat at $1,422. She had recently been paid and that had to last her the month. At 9am precisely the figure updated to $76,422. She could not believe her eyes!

“Allison!!” She screamed, Allison was in the kitchen making breakfast. She showed her the money and they jumped around in excitement.

“How did you get that?! You been selling drugs without telling me?” Allison joked.

Kika told her the arrangement. When she was done Allison was looking at her dumbfounded.

“So you’re going to trade boobs with a spoiled flat chested 17yo? That’s a lot of money but are you sure? Look at my small tits” she said pulling her top down. “These are b-cups, these will be bigger than what you’ll end up with. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“It will wipe all my student debt Allison, you don’t know what a weight off that will be”

“There’ll be a lot of weight off you got that part right!” Allison said.

At 10am Kika arrived at the manor and knocked on the door. The butler answered and and Kika walked in to see Ana opening presents.

“Hi Ana!” Kika said cheerily.

“Clean up this paper it’s getting out of hand” Ana demanded.

“Sure thing” Kika said. Her shift doesn’t start till 1030am but it wasn’t worth bringing up.

“Kika!” Victor said cheerily, “good to see you, I hope you slept well. Please come with me”

Kika followed Victor.

“You haven’t finished cleaning up the paper” Ana yelled to her.

“She’ll be back soon dear” Victor said to his daughter.

The man from yesterday brought out 2 syringes labeled “Ana” and “Kika”.

“The gene extraction went very well, we were able to harvest a lot of DNA from your sample so the change should happen quite quickly. The syringe labeled “Ana” is Ana’s isolated gene. That will be the one you’re taking”

“Ok” Kika said, butterflies forming in her stomach, she hadn’t expected to feel like this.

“Let’s go give Ana her present” Victor said.

Ana was in the living room looking at her new clothes.

“These won’t fit me Daddy you got the wrong size!” She said to him holding up a sun dress with far too much fabric on the bust.

“Please hold still Ana I have one more gift for you” Victor said.

The man walked towards Ana with the needle labeled “Kika”, before she knew what was happening he stuck it in her arm and emptied the fluid. Ana screamed. “Ow! A birthday vaccination?! That’s the worst present ever!”

Victor chuckled “just wait dear”

The man approached Kika. She started to sweat and think about running. Before she knew it she had the needle in her arm. She could feel the cold fluid from the needle entering the muscle in her arm.

A moment later the man had left and there was only Victor, Ana and Kika.

“Please try the dress on Ana” Victor asked.

“It won’t fit me Dad! You know that!”

“Just do it dear”

Victor and Ana kept speaking but Kika was distracted. She noticed a weird feeling in her head.

By the time Kika looked up Ana had been convinced to put the dress on, she was standing their clearly embarrassed and upset to be wearing a dress with empty cups.

“I need to lay down” Kika said faintly as she collapsed on the floor.

Kika slowly opened her eyes. Victor was standing there watching her.

“gene transfer is a big change for your body, it’s not unusual to pass out” Victor said calmly, “you’re ok now your head should clear quickly”.

He stood up and a moment later Victor was gone. Kika was alone with Ana who was standing there in her sundress. Something was different. Kika sat up and looked at Ana. Instead of her flat chest she had amazing breasts, completely filling the cups of the dress.

Ana noticed Kika looking at her breasts
“They look good don’t they?” She said shimmying her shoulders so they wobbled in the dress. “They’re just perfect, Daddy is the best”

“Yeah” Kika said groggily.

“Is that all you have to say?” Ana chided, “you’re just jealous, you’ve always been jealous of me. Clean up this paper then you’re taking me shopping, I need to buy clothes that fit”

Kika started deliriously picking up discarded wrapping paper. She could feel her nipples rubbing uncomfortably on the fabric of her bra. She looked down at herself and noticed her black shirt that was usually pulled tight by her breasts, sat loosely on her chest. She tried to adjust the cups of her bra but it wasn’t sitting right.

Ana was giggling in the background as Kika fumbled with her bra.

“You may as well take that thing off” Ana said.

Kika looked at her.

“You won’t be needing it anymore”

Kika reached around to her back and unhooked the bra strap, she reached into her shirt from the bottom and pulled it out. She stared at her own body in disbelief. Where usually her bust obscured her whole body, she could see in a straight line from her chest to her toes. She grabbed her chest. Her hands were greeted by a very small pair of unfamiliar breasts. Her nipples, usually soft and flat, were now hard and stuck out like little grapes. Her head cleared and she realised that the gene transfer had worked on her as well. While she knew what she was agreeing to she hadn’t actually imagined what it would be like to have small breasts.

“You should probably come shopping with me too Kika” Ana said. “It looks like you’ll need a new wardrobe as well”.

“Umm, can I borrow a bra please?” Kika asked looking at her nipples, pointing obviously from the fabric of her shirt.

“No you can buy one with the money Dad gave you” she said.

Walking through the mall Kika was very conscious of her breasts. She never used to think about them and now it felt like everyone was judging her. She didn’t see one woman with breasts as small as hers. She felt like everyone could see her pointy nipples. She was walking next to the now busty Ana.

First they walked into a bra shop. Young school aged attendant approached them.
“Can I help you two?” She asked.
“We both need a whole new set of bra’s” Ana said confidently.
I would love to help you with that” she said quickly mentally sizing up their bust size.
Kika felt her self flush red.

“Would you like to share a change room so you can help each other choose or use your own?” The attendant asked.

“We’ll share” Ana said before Kika could answer.

The attendant led them to a large change room. “I’ll bring you some options, what size are you both?”

“I am an E-cup” Ana said casually.
“Yes that looks right” the attendant said.

She looked at Kika for an answer. Kika realised she didn’t know her size. She looked at Ana for help, Ana looked silently back at her, a small smirk on her lips.

“I’m.. an A-cup” she said unsure.

“Ok..” the attendant said hesitantly. “We’ll try you in an A-cup”. She walked out to find them some options and left Kika and Ana standing in the change room.

Kika felt very uncomfortable to be in this situation with Ana. “Was I right Ana? Are your boobs A-cups?” Kika asked nervously. “Are you crazy? Do I look like I’d fit into an A-cup?” Ana chuckled gesturing to her large breasts.

“I meant these” Kika corrected pointing to her chest.

“They are you boobs now Kika, you need to get used to that. They are written in your DNA, they are what you’ll pass to your daughters if you have any. It is exactly the same as if you were born with them”

The attendant walked through the curtain. “Ok girls tops off! Let’s see how you like these options”

Ana pulled her dress down from the top. Confidently exposing her large breasts.

“You’re really lucky” the attendant told her, “I’ve never seen such large natural breasts that sit so firmly. You don’t even have stretch marks! Mine are only a C-cup and they aren’t as firm as yours. I would love to see you in this”. The attendant handed Ana a beautiful bra with a gorgeous floral pattern on the large cups. It looked fantastic on Ana.

“It’s so comfortable!” Ana said.

“It fits you perfectly, and the top of your breasts are so full it will compliment your amazing cleavage in that sundress” the attendant said.

Seeing Ana in it made Kika wish she had spent more time finding nice bras before she sold her boobs. “I would love a bra like that” Kika said.

“I did bring the same pattern in an A-cup but.. I think you should try it first..” the attendant said.

Kika pulled down her top in front of the two women. She realised this was the first time she had got a good look at her new breasts. Kika looked at her tiny breasts in the mirror. Other than her pointy nipples she looked like she had never developed at all. The way they were both watching made her flush red.

“It’s ok I’ve seen them in all shapes and sizes” the attendant said reassuringly when she noticed Kika’s discomfort.

The attendant handed her the A-cup bra and Kika slid the straps over her shoulders. She adjusted the small cups.

“I think it’s a bit big for you” the attendant told her. “See how there’s space in between your breasts and the cup, that means your nipples will rub and get sore. If you’ve been wearing A-cups for a long time that may be why your nipples are so swollen!”

“Ok” Kika said. It’s all she could manage.

“The great thing about having small breasts is that you don’t need a bra for support. I’ve brought these 32AAA bras for you to try on. The light padding will stop your nipple from showing through your top and also make it look like you have a small bust. You can buy them from special online suppliers or get them cheap from our early teens section! Try this one on”

She took the tiny bra and put her shoulders through the straps. Her breasts sat easily in the padding.

“Perfect!” The attendant said.

Kika didn’t respond. She was just staring at her reflection in the mirror next to Ana with her juicy breasts in that exquisite bra. “They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone..” she thought.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby Vent-Couvert » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:08 am

Amazing story like always!
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby DTM2051 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:37 pm

Great story. Felt so sorry for Kika by the end of it.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby funfun74 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:44 pm

I just think she was dumb not to want more money for taking the small breasts instead. Even giving up her breasts for so little. Great story though. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 2:51 pm

Well she got more money then another girl did ($100,000) from a story called Pieces of You, although that girl didn't actually expect to lose her breasts and just thought she was scamming a senile old man out of free money. Yes, it's true that she didn't try to ask for more when Victor added that stipulation. Or see how much Victor would he willing to give her for just a one way trade. It doesn't matter if the other girl got bigger boobs as long as she didn't have to lose hers. So if she even got half of the agreed amount, that would have been a good deal.

I mean the real kicker is it's basically permanent, not just for herself, but for all her descendants as well. Unless she managed to make enough money to get another DNA trade later. So she not only sold away her breasts but she also robbed her future daughters of any chance of having breasts.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby funfun74 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:07 pm

From what I understand she only half robbed them. Her daughters have a chance of inheriting breast size from the fathers side of the family.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:11 pm

Oh that is a good point. So all is not totally lost... at least where future generations are concerned
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby jsmt » Wed Jun 10, 2020 6:57 am

Great story. I liked the part that Kika's loss was not necessary, but just an additional gift to the spoiled 17 yo daughter. He probably should have enforced that Kika spent some time with his daughter as part of the deal (a week?) so the spoiled child could enjoy the damage she caused, otherwise Kika would run away from her side as soon as she got the rest of the money. I also liked the way you portrayed Kika's decision process, how she takes her decision giving it little thought, maybe because, she never gave her breast size too much thought either, and just realizing the magnitude of her loss until it was too late. I wonder if being 17, Ana still had a little bit of breast growth coming, so she could end up a little bit bigger while Kika will never grow beyond her current size; probably the procedure is something that can only be done once and what about if in the transfer she received Ana's allergy to implants.

All in all, thanks for sharing the story.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby Adobeman10 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 8:00 am

I like your follow up on this jsmt-you got anything more in the works? This was in the vein of a lot of your great ones.
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Re: Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone (be, br)

Postby Franky009 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 7:06 am

Hello Adobeman,
hello JSMT,
two of my Favorit authors her. I really like your style.
I*m also looking forward to new stuff from JSMT but also from Adobeman.
I hope, that I soon can read something new from both.
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