graphic anime, redo of healer transformations

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graphic anime, redo of healer transformations

Postby mr.pornbuddy » Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:38 am

the main character can alter his own and other people's bodies, he can also erase memories, he uses this ability many times so far, ep 6 he takes revenge on a man for raping someone he loves by giving them a very female appearance and voice, you can still see from the bulge that he still has his manhood, he then has a group of large men go to town on him,

warning, this show is very dark, disturbing, and sexual if you are triggered by rape, abuse, drug addiction, blood, and gore, please just don't watch it. I do not advocate any of these things but I do respect the writer's right to tell his or her story as they intended. ... uncensored
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