M2F Catching the MILF flu

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M2F Catching the MILF flu

Postby IMOGEN » Wed Apr 13, 2022 12:46 pm

A new transformation virus had been unleashed on the population. There weren't too many cases that had been reported. Officially it was called MutaMLF-22 but it had already been nicknamed 'The MILF Flu' on social media. Whilst it was still very rare (only around 0.0001% of the population were vulnerable).

The virus had a mutagenic element to it which re-wrote the DNA of an affected person transforming them, it didn't matter if you were male or female. There also seemed to be effects on the brain chemistry resulting in personality changes too. It seemed to lay dormant in an infected person until they met a man in the 40-45 age range and then it is triggered transforming to his preferences, both physically and in terms of tastes and personality.

I am Amy, a shy 22 year old girl who contracts the virus and now I'll become a 40(ish) year old woman. The woman I'll become is something we can discuss and work out together before we start. I also don't want to be an airhead bimbo or slut, a high sex drive is ok, but not too excessive.

You'll play as the 40(ish) guy who triggers my changes.

Kinks - physical, mental & personality changes, internal struggle, romance, passionate sex, oral sex, lingerie.
Limits - incest, snuff, toilet stuff, underage, age gaps, gore, vore, furries, violence, bimbos, bdsm, dom/sub. Get in touch and let me know if you'd like to explore this idea.
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Re: M2F Catching the MILF flu

Postby James1508 » Sun Aug 21, 2022 12:18 pm

Did you ever do this ?
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