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Spa of Change

Postby swiggy3000 » Thu Jan 27, 2022 10:08 am

Taylor Swift wasn't REALLY carrying that cocaine. It had to have been some mix-up at the airport, some kind of joke, someone from her group put it in her bag! Luckily the cops didn't find out about it. Her parents were concerned, her friends were concerned, and everyone else wanted to keep the money train rolling. So Taylor decided to make a deal. It wasn't that bad really, she just had to go to a 'Wellness Spa'. It wasn't really rehab. It was just...more or less a spa where they could evaluate her and prove that she wasn't hooked on drugs.

Given her obsession with privacy Taylor picked a clinic in Europe. Deep in the heart of a European country and very private and exclusive. It would be out of the way and no cellphones were allowed so even if someone else was there they could never prove that Taylor was there. It seemed perfect to Taylor. Only she would never be coming back as she was.

The general idea here is that the owner of the spa uses their extensive knowledge of drugs and psychology to slowly yet surely change Taylor into a totally new woman. Willing to talk about any idea minus gender. PM me if interested. Also, would prefer it to be Taylor Swift but willing to listen if a different celeb is preferred.
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Re: Spa of Change

Postby LiamNash » Thu Dec 22, 2022 5:57 am

Such an interesting theory
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Re: Spa of Change

Postby animefan78 » Thu Dec 29, 2022 9:51 am

AdelineBlackwell wrote:But a bit suspicious, though. I don't think the spa was the right place to go with drug intoxication. However, it is the only moment that bothers me. I wouldn't say I like Taylor Swift, and her songs are outdated and have teenage drama. However, I think a celebrity is also a human and needs to be weak sometimes. The saddest thing is that the whole world usually knows about it. Thanks to various spas like [redacted] , we can quickly get restored and feel ready to come back to routine, but some women find it not enough

You have a point about a spa might be the best place for drug rehab, but being at a Spa allows for more varied character interactions than a rehab center might. Additionally it can use a wider range of treatments again opening up a lot of plot devices. Lastly I think the setting could be used on any number of characters whether they are real celebrities or not.
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