The Ultimate Swap

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The Ultimate Swap

Postby Sportsfan » Thu Mar 09, 2023 12:15 pm


In this rp I hope to use a tg concept which is not utilized as often as I had hoped

It involves two characters effectively trading their roles with one another. For example a princess and lowly peasant would swap so that the peasant would become the princess version of himself as the princess becomes the poor peasant struggling to make ends meet.

A quiet nerd who spends more time wth books and games rather than other people and the Cheer captain who is also the most popular girl. They are completely opposite but find themselves drawn to the life of the other

Another could be an A list celebrity has grown fed up of fame and meets an obsessed fan who would give anything to walk a day in the shoes of a famous person.

I would aim for this roleplay to be mainly story based dealing with the new circumstances the two characters find themselves in as opposed to solely NSFW.

Either one of these scenarios could be interesting to play out or another could be suggested provided it satisfies the main concept

Kinks: mtf, ftm, ftf, reality change, slow mental changes, physical appearance changes.

Limits - objects, beast, gore

If any of these ideas appeal to you please feel free to direct message me. Thank you.
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Re: The Ultimate Swap

Postby Yaseen » Sat Jul 22, 2023 9:58 am

i like to the rp mtf swap wife and husband , and i like your idea of your first story princess and peasant
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