Looking for someone to continue an unfinished rp

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Looking for someone to continue an unfinished rp

Postby thin2fat » Tue Feb 21, 2023 3:09 pm

I'm looking for anyone who would want to continue a rp that I started with someone else. Their account has been deleted and so it has gone unfinished.

I'm looking for someone to take over their role as Alexandra Daddario and I will continue as my various characters.

Basically, the story is Alex pisses off a girl and so begins her great misfortune of losing her prized assets...her amazing breasts. She is to have them ruined, regains them only to lose them completely in the end.

Message me if you are interested in helping me continue this story! Thanks!!

Here is the story so far:

Anybody here want to discuss a famous girl/character getting shrunk?


If you still want to, then sure!

Which chicks would you most want to effect like this?

Why don't we start with alexandra daddario? Let's flatten the bitch

Oh, she’s so damn hot…but it’d be so damn satisfying to drain her down completely!

I mean, what else does she have, really?

How would you like to see her get flattened?

She really is freaking sexy, which is why it be so hot to drain her.

She's all tits so flattening her would ruin her

I would like to see someone take revenge on her. Teach her a lesson for thinking she is superior because of how busty she is.

Maybe she made fun of a small breasted chick

She should be cursed so that the next time she has sex/gets titfucked, each thrust drains her more and more. Then when she’s embarrassed and the guy’s like “what the fuck? Where’d your tits go?”, she gets kicked off and the guy prefers to masturbate to photos of bustier women instead, making her feel inadequate for what she no longer has…

Oh...I love this idea!!! YES!

Soon word spreads that Alexandra is now completely flat. Some even start rumors that they were fake in the first place and she had to get them removed, adding insult to injury. She knows full well now not to have just put stock solely in her breasts, as nice as they once were.

Oh yes, yes...want to role play this??

Sure, do you want me to curse Alexandra or be her?

be her

Alright, do you want me to start, too?


Alexandra was at a signing where she met some fans. Honestly, it had been a stressful day for her, partially because of how her agents had rushed her around from place to place since the early morning. But she was at least prideful of how great she looked, especially in the lowcut dress she was wearing, highlighting her perfect, big, bouncy breasts.

One particular fan came up to her, though, and was about to challenge her pride…

"Oh hiya Alex!!" I said. "I'm you biggest fan!!!" I love everything you do...and you're so pretty"

This is what I look like

Alexandra scoffs a bit, but tries not to make it too noticeable, moving into an incredibly big, fake smile. “Aww, thank you, very much! I’m sure some day, you’ll be as big as I am, ‘biggest fan’! Got anything for me to sign? Who should I make it out to?”

"Hehe" Nah...you think so?

"O my gosh!!! I was so excited to meet you that I forgot to bring something for you to sign

"WAIT!!!! How bout this?" I ask as I nervously but without really thinking what in the hell I am actually doing, I undue my top and expose my training bra

“Oh, wow, a training bra…maybe I was wrong about you getting as big as me, but still…” Alexandra pulled out a pin and wrote on the flat girl’s chest. “I guess good thing this is like a piece of paper on a flat surface, huh…’to my flattest fan, love, Alexandra Daddario.’ There you go, sweetheart!” Alexandra smiled, obviously letting a little bit of bitchiness out, though. She had been a bit sleep deprived, but it wasn’t much of an excuse…

"Huh??" I said confused, but mostly hurt. "I'...I'm your biggest fan" I say as tears start to form in my eyes. "Why would you say something so cruel?" I actually liked you for your acting skills, not you r bust size. I guess you are mre boobs then substance, but I still loved you just the same.

"And heck!!! I could be as busty as you one day...bustier even!!!" I say as I somehow can more confidence through the humiliation. "My mommy has big boobies!!!"

“Ahh, sorry, well…maybe, we’ll see. Good bye!“ Alexandra waved good bye, looking a bit sheepish as she dismissed the girl for the next person in line. “God, I need some caffeine…”

"Yo...yo..you b-b-bi...BITCH!!" I barley can get out as I am so upset. "How dare you treat a fan this way. Who the fuck do you think you are? "My eyes begin to glow bright red.

“What’s going on?” Alexandra said as she saw the girl’s eyes glow red. “Is this some kind of trick?” The sudden strangeness distracted Alexandra from anything else that might be going on…

I begin to chant:

You think that you are better than the rest

All because you have a large chest

Since you lack any substance

I have no choice but to dull out some justice

For this attack

I focus on your rack

Every time you get laid

A price must be paid

With each and every thrust

Comes a shrinking of your bust

And the curse will not stop

Until you are flat on the top

Alexandra was shook a bit. “Th-that’s not all real, right?” She laughed nervously. “My breasts aren’t gonna shrink! Th-they’ll always stay big and perfect!”

"Maybe...maybe not! Why don't you go get fucked and find out!!"

"I knew you where just another stuck up bitch that's in love with herself. You are so conceded. But since love your breasts so so much, here is a word of advice.:

To avoid the hex

Just give up sex

Alexandra was incredibly worried about what had been told to her. She had go home after the signing and think to herself. Is all of that really true? Can a girl be cursed to lose her breasts?

She looked at herself in the mirror, examining her breasts. She had to be cautious with this. Either give up sex or give up her prized rack…

The girl didn’t say anything about masturbation, though, right? Alexandra would just have to stay home for a while. Better to do that than risk anything, right?

Plus it would take care of any urges she had…

As you check yourself out in the mirror, I enter into your brain

"They are really perfect aren't they? I whisper in your head. "You really are a boob queen. It would be a shame to lose such great assets"

I continue in your mind:

"I bet you often get yourself off on your own hotness don't you? Yes...you just lay topless on the bed and finger yourself to orgasm after boob-gasim because you love your breasts so much"

Alexandra didn’t know why that girl’s voice was ringing so deep in her mind now. Was she just imagining things? Either way, her ideas sounded amazing, so she went to bed and did what she wanted to do: finger her pussy with one hand while groping her tits with the other.

She started making it a routine, every time she’d get home, she’s masturbate while groping her own amazing rack. Eventually it even started trailing off into the early morning, making her a bit disheveled. While still beautiful and busty, she was starting to become a bit manic looking and twitchy in public…

I re-eneter your mind:

I've been enjoying watching what you have been doing, but it's time for a new warning...

If you choose to masturbate

Your loss will be great

To make yourself cum isn't wise

For a cup size is the prize

Given to those who have none

Until you are undone

I continue is your head:

You may think that your rack will always be perfect...but perfect does not last forever.

Your breast so high and perky

You go braless to be jerky

Just another way you show-off

You love it when others scoff

Since you are so braggy

It is time for you to get saggy

Alexandra’s mind reeled. She couldn’t cum…she couldn’t even wear a bra any more! Holy shit…what could she do? Nothing, it sounded like. She tried to a whole other week without it, looking messier and crazier, especially with her tits freely swinging under everything she wore, which was basically a field day for paparazzi photos. She checked herself out in the mirror again and even noticed that they were starting to sag slightly more…she pleaded to that girl to please grant her some mercy! Find something she can do without losing her breasts, at least!

Hehehe. Sorry girlfriend...but I'm having WAYYYYY to much fun at the moment! Seeing you all hot and bothered and so flustered is making me so hot. And its not like you've lost any of your impressive size, you just finally have some natural sag to those breasts. It happens to busty girls.

But I think that we can do even better, don't you think?:

Even though the slight hang is a pest

You are still so much better then the rest

Since you are still braggy

It is time for you to get even more saggy

Down and down go your precious babies

Just like a lady in her eighties

Now to your knees do they hang

As you walk they clang

I guess your days of wearing crop tops are over hahaha Your boobies will sag out the bottom!

I know you loved to show off your abs, but you udders cover them now

Give them a squeeze and confirm

They are no longer firm

Failing to give them the support that was needed

Has left them completely defeated

Gravity you no longer defy

But remember no bra shall you apply

Yes you now need one its true

But doing so will make you really blue

And give you a case of the flat flu

Try as you might

They won't fit tight

One cup size smaller you will always be

You breasts will flee

To bring others much glee

If you try to measure up

You'll be drained of every last cup

No need for a bra then

Cause you'll be as flat as my brother BEN


Alexandra started crying. She was going to be completely ruined, no matter what happened. No more perfect rack for her at all. Try as she might, nothing was going to save her rack. She tried going another week without a bra…and by the end of it, her tits were already hitting her knees…

Look in the mirror

It could not be any clearer

Your breasts no longer make you hot

So you haven't fingered your g-spot

You should be thanking me

I've set you free

I've made it easy for you to stay busty

because your aren't so lusty

You wanted to stay bigger than all

To make others envious and feel small

They look even bigger now

But they won't help you get plowed

Guys don't look at you the same

Most of them think your lame

It was embarrassing out in public, to have her insanely saggy granny tits flopping around, ruining her once proud, sexy image completely. She had to change something…even if it’d shrink her down, she needed to try on bras again. They would at least give her structure, right?

Awww...I hate to see you crying

I see your mind thinking, trying to figure out a solution, but your spiraling. You're not thinking straight. A bra will give you no structure...you'll lose one cup size and be to small to fit, and you'll end up just sagging out of the bra. Hmmm...I guess you could try and stuff the too big bra in order to hold you tits up.

But what a sad sight that would be, a Boob Queen that needs to stuff her bra to still look as busty.

Perhaps though...you can earn back your perkiness?

“What? What can I do? I need these tits to be good again!” Alexandra frantically shouted to her mirror, crazed over the whole situation.

You know...its so funny that you never thought about getting with a girl

And given being a lesbian a whirl

I never said they would mess with your chest

But because of a slight sag you got all stressed

And couldn't stand to get undressed

Thinking that they may declare their racks the best

You were too prideful

And it made you frightful

That even smaller breasts you wouldn't be able to compete

And you reign as boob queen would end in defeat

Now you must get one in bed

And let them mess with your head

Let them tease you mercilessly about your plight

Until they cum in delight

If you do that we shall see

Just how high you can get them to be

“Fuck…how did I never think of that? I’ll go be a lesbian…you should’ve told me that before!” Alexandra cursed herself for not figuring this out, and tried to think of who to experiment with…maybe Kate Upton? She’d probably revel in being utterly superior…but she was probably too high up and maybe not even interested in girls like that, let alone pathetic breasted one like she was now. She asked the voice in her head for more advice. “What girl should I hook up with? Please, I want good tits back!”

No celebrity will want your ugly tits

They don't want to be seen with such menial bits

The choice is plain to see

You must come visit me

Alexandra gulped and figured everything out on how to get to where that girl was, following where the voice came from as best she could…

(I hear a soft knock at the door of my small apartment. I quickly answer it, excited when I see the disheveled mess of a girl you have become.)

"OMG Yay you're here!!! I never thought I'd ever get someone like you to visit me."

"I see that you decided to try wearing a bra" I giggle as I see a now smaller set of tits sagging out of the oversized bra, out from the bottom of your shirt but not quite reaching your knees anymore.

“Yes…yes, I did. I need you to help me…Hell, if you can change me this much, why’d you never give yourself big tits, anyways? Fuck…never mind, sorry. Please, just help me. I’m sorry…for everything…”

"I do love a girl who begs. You're a hot mess aren't you...only not so hot" I laugh.

I can't alter myself...only others. But when they mess up like you did foolishly trying to wear a bra...I tend to reap the benefits" I say as I push out my still small but slightly larger chest. "Curtesy of you babes" I say as I shake them in your face

"Can I give you a hand?" I laugh out loud as I grab hold of both your titties and lift them up to where they once stood. "See...they're perky now" I giggle uncontrollably

Alexandra fumed with embarrassment. “You know full well that isn’t a permanent solution. I need to…make you cum to help me out?”


"No I guess its not. Well come on in and try not to knock anything over with your swinging utters"

"My bedroom is this way"

(As you follow me to my room, upon entering, you notice a tripod with a video camera hooked up to an opened laptop)

"Not exactly sweetheart...you need to make me cum from the joy I get out of humiliating you"

{SIDE NOTE: my plan here is to ruin Alex twice...first as this girl, then I fix her up, only to let her get ruined again in the manner we discussed at the beginning..by the thrusting of a guy...I lead us there. It will still be this girls first curse}

A second fall makes it so much better

(That’s delightfully evil!)

(As you follow me to my room, upon entering, you notice a tripod with a video camera hooked up to an opened laptop)

"Not exactly sweetheart...you need to make me cum from the joy I get out of humiliating you"


Alexandra walked in, embarrassed to show herself off, lifting her shirt to show off something that was a far cry from this…

It was like a sick parody of her once proud reveal. She almost felt queasy showing herself off, even more so when she noticed herself being filmed. She looked over to the blonde girl nervously…

"Hehehe...looks like you aren't feeling so confident these days. What...not so proud to show off anymore? I thought you loved make girl's envious of you, and all the boys lust after your big titties."

"By the way...say hello to large audience we have her on the live stream" I say as I point to the computers screen.

"You seem extra nervous...this isn't the first time you having sex is it?"

Alexandra looked offended. “Of course I have! With a body like…I had, I was getting it all the time!”

"Oooo...I bet it was just so easy for you wasn't it. Why don't you show me then just how you seduced them into bed."

Alexandra wore a sheepish grin and nervously played with and shook her titties, the ones she was once so proud of, now turned into an ugly, saggy mess


"Mmmm yes...I see" I say as I put my hand down my pants. "And this reelly got fellers into the sack?"

“Well, it used to…before you ruined me…” Alexandra looked frustratedly towards the blonde. “But you promised me if you came to me humiliating myself, I’d get my former glory back…what do I need to do for you?”

"Why don't you turn to the camera and show our audience. If you notice...we actually have a few celebrity guests. Why don't you say high to Kate Upton?"

Alexandra looked over in shock, swinging her saggy tits over to the camera. “What? Kate?!? She’s here?!? And she’s seeing me like this…fucking Hell…Kate, I hope you’re getting a fucking kick out of it, at least

"Oh I'm sure she is. You know Kate...I've been swirling around Alex's mind for a while now, and guess what? She thinks that she has better boobies than you?" What do you think"

"She also thought that you would want to fuck her. Is she right?"

“Fuck, Kate, I didn’t mean it when I thought my tits were better…especially not like this…”

"Hmmm...Kate doesn't seem so impressed with you"

Alexandra whimpered. “Kate…you at least liked me…before all this, right? At least as a friend? I’m sorry if I tried to imply anything…”

"In fact...I don't think you are impressing anyone. Audience...what can she do to make you like her?"

"It looks like Kate messaged in: She always thought you were a bit of a stuck-up bitch, and is pleased to see that you are getting what you deserve.:

"She wants you to suck on your ugly nipples."

“Kate! What the fuck? I trusted you more than that…but…I will suck my tits…” Alexandra lifted her saggy tits up to her mouth and started sucking on them. A sad display that would’ve once been way hotter…


"Hahaha Kate says that she knew that you always thought you felt you were so much better than her, and if you did end up in bed together, you would have tried to dominate her."

(Since its been a couple of weeks since you last got any relief, the humiliation of you sucking on your own pathetic tits in front of another, now superior for sure boob queen, is enough to send you over the edge.

Unfortuently for you, this counts as masturbation in the eyes of the curse, and you lose another cup size, your even more pathetic breasts actually pop out of your mouth as they shrink)

“Mmmfff—what the fuck! They’re shrinking again! And they’re still fucking saggy, too…so saggy and they’re probably smaller than my original tits anyways…fucking Hell…I didn’t deserve this much so bad…”

"ah...huh....aaa...y-yy-yes you did," I say as I plow my finger's in and out of my super wet pussy.

(Kate sends some photos with the caption: You loser slut! This is what a REAL Boob Queen looks like.)

“Ahh, fuck you, Kate! I hope she hits you next…” Alexandra says as the playing with and sucking on her boobs makes her want to masturbate more and more, even knowing what will happen to her. She suck on one tit held up to her mouth while the other starts feeling up her pussy…

It doesn't take long for you to come again.

"Down another size. There really isn't much left. Poor Alex...you should really stop" I say in my most seductive tone.

Watching you mindlessly ruin yourself is almost to much to bare. Then I read all the comments about what a loser you are and I explode myself.

“Fucking Hell…why is this actually starting to turn me on…n-no, I’m just doing this to get my tits baaaaack—“ Alexandra fingered herself and came again not too long after the girl who now controlled her did, as well, shrinking her down even further…

"Oh wow...you secretly enjoyed that didn't you? Look what you have done to yourself"

"I know I'm having a great time...and so is our online crowd"

Alexandra looks towards the camera and tears start to well in her big blue eyes…she is really just ruining herself in pursuit of what she once had…what she could’ve kept if she just hadn’t been rude that one day. And the blonde was right, she was even starting to enjoy it slightly…and the blonde was in her mind, so she definitely knew it.

From Kate: "Wow...just when I thought your breasts couldn't be any more pathic, you find a way to downgrade yourself even further. What a dumb loser

"Oh yes...babes, you are really starting to enjoy this torture. You've made yourself so small. You gave up all that wonderful size. Who knew you were such a sex crazed cum slut?!"

"My my...what empty sacks for tits you have" I say as I lift you small saggy boobs. "They are a sad set of flapjacks. They look worse then a mom whose breatfed multiple kids.

You still have great nipples though I say as I rub them in between my thumb and index fingers.


“Please…I made you cum…put my tits back to their former glory…” Alexandra seemed just about ready to break out into tears at all the humiliation she was being put through, while also feeling a slight tingle as the blonde who drained her touched her like that…

"I'm just having some funny babes, and you are just loving all the attention I am giving you. It's been the longest stretch for you since before you hit puberty...then you were seeing action all the time. But you did make me explode, and a deal is a deal"

Your breasts did everyone adore

But then they hit the floor

Once so tremendously firm

Now they're a sight that makes you squirm

O how the mighty have fallen

They only look good when you're crawl in

Since they hang down to your fanny

Those boobs are worse than a granny

But you have paid the price

So its time to lift them up nice

Watch as they go higher and higher

Up to where they stood prior

As if being pulled by a wire

Your situation becomes less dire

Congratulations you once again defy gravity

And so ends your depravity

"Well there you go sweetie!" I laugh

From Kate: Wow...those are some of the perkiest tits I have ever seen. Too bad they're to small to titty fuck! hahaha!!!

"Yea your right Kate, I'm not sure they are even big enough to be called titties. They're just little boobies! hehe"

From Kate: From a pair that stood at the top, to the now not so proud owner a preteens rack. You're not a boob queen for sure, but I think you can qualify to be the president of the itty bitty titty committee!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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