M4A - Various interests(WG,dg,IQ loss,cuck,gay,slob,etc...)

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M4A - Various interests(WG,dg,IQ loss,cuck,gay,slob,etc...)

Postby j3golem » Mon Feb 06, 2023 1:22 am


Been into transformation stuff for a while - and I ended up finding out that I'm into several of them, or a mix of them.
Looking for anyone, really. Men, Women, Cis or not, nonbinary...

But I guess what I'm mostly into is downgrade, humiliation/unwilling transformations. So I'll just post em all here - if you'd like to RP them!

Possible scenarios - though I'd be open to more suggestions if you have any.
1. Jealousy! Make that popular guy/girl fat, pimply, make that smart guy/girl dumb and stupid, turn an ex-athelete into a fatass shut-in... (WG, nerdification, downgrade, humiliation, revenge, slob, etc etc of the same genre)
2. Cheating! Your husband/wife got caught cheating, so you(or I) decide to turn them so undesirable and disgusting that they'll never get to cheat again. Maybe you'll cheat, but they won't have a choice anymore since you're likely the only person to tolerate them even living in the same house. (WG, downgrade, slobification, sph, shrinking, prejac, sissification, scat, humiliation...)
3. Revenge! Maybe someone wronged you in the past. Maybe they've left you for a "better person", maybe they cheated you out of your money, maybe they were mean to you in school. Anything goes to make them miserable!
4. Just for pleasure...at first! Maybe your partner(or you, vice versa) wanted to try a weight gain kink. Just a temporary one-time thing, you think. But no - you(or I) gain weight faster than you expect, and with it comes several mental and bodily changes. Maybe you become addicted to getting fat. Getting fat comes with a slew of other humiliating attributes - Body odor, double chin, losing definition, cock shrinking under the fat pad, being unable to last, fat F-cup moobs, being unable to clean yourself after bathroom use...
5. Anything else you want to suggest!

Here are the list of stuff I'm into:
Weight Gain, Uglification, M2F, F2M, Straight to Gay, downgrade, IQ loss(but not extreme), cuck, slob/slobification, penis shrinking, sph, premature ejaculation, forced bi, sissification, abdl, TF, attribute swap, scat, nerdification, embarrassment, extreme humiliation... and possibly open to more crazy stuff!

Things I'm not into and will NEVER be:
Reality warp, Gore, Underage, transformation at the snap of a finger(like snap! And you're a fat stupid slob! Kinda thing)

Hope we can have something fun here. If we don't do an RP together, I'm okay with just talking about these kinks and sharing stuff we find online as well.

Message me or leave a reply with your own interests! I may not get back to you immediately but I'll check all of em :)
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