From beautiful wife/gf to frumpy old housekeeper

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From beautiful wife/gf to frumpy old housekeeper

Postby Walsingham » Sun Jan 22, 2023 8:50 am

Looking to transform a beautiful woman in her twenties (your character) into a plump, buxom, stern, dowdy old housekeeper in her seventies. I would hope that my character would be her boyfriend/partner/husband. It would also be preferable if your character was willing to go along with the change, perhaps even suggesting it as her idea. It would be temporary and, for example, could be a disguise. Maybe it's a mischievous dare: perhaps she challenges my character to live with her for one week after she transforms. Alternatively, maybe my character's family would react very badly to the news that I had married your character; they decide to come for a visit so they both agree that she needs to transform. It would be pretty SFW as I'm more keen to focus on the transformation, the consequences of it and the impact of it on their relationship, even though it's only a disguise for a week or so. In other words I see it more as a 'secret fun caper' for them in the context of their intimate relationship.

I'm happy to discuss ideas through pm's. .

All correspondents, characters and partners strictly 18+
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