[f4A] Woman Enrols In transformative Adult Boarding School

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[f4A] Woman Enrols In transformative Adult Boarding School

Postby ErinWhiteKnight » Mon Nov 21, 2022 10:49 am

[f4A] Woman Enrols In transformative Adult Boarding School

Hey there ladies and Gents.

All responders and characters must be 18+

So I have a little roleplay idea involving themes of mind control, transformation, humiliation. I tend to like things with a consensual slant to them. So **no life-ruining degradation** this is kinky fun my character is willingly signing up for. She's **not** gonna be left a shell of her former self with nothing left but a craving for cock or cum.

Now as for the prompt this is something of a kinky vacation. My character agrees to enroll at "the academy" for a short time after which she will be free to return to her normal life none the worse for wear.

But what is the academy? Simply put it's an adults-only boarding school where women can go to relive their glory days or step into roles they didn't occupy during their actual school years. So a mousey nerd who went onto be a success wants to experience life as one of the cheerleaders? She's given a makeover (actual/magical/superscience) and enrolled in the academy for a semester where she's head cheerleader!

Now for my character, she doesn't want to relive her past glory... She gets off on humiliation. So what role does she sign up for.....

Is my character a tomboy fitness model always a jock and popular? Then she enrolls as a scrawny mousey little nerd... Clumsy and uncoordinated ripe picking for the new jock girls to tease and bully.

Celeb Option:Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch

If my character is a high flying executive then maybe she's going back to be the school dumb girl. Her IQ is dropped her knowledge removed and she is the laughingstock of her classes as she struggles with even the simplest of things.

Celeb Option:Brie Larson, Emma Watson

Or is my character the busty former prom queen who has enjoyed a life of luxury but this time she's going to be the flat chested geek too timid to share the shower with the other girls after phsys-ed. Again a victim of bullying.
Celeb Option: Hayley Atwell, Jenifer Lawrence

I don't see any of these changes involving age regression. The academy is a place for adults to have fun. So all women will still be their actual ages... Even if they have to wear school uniforms and other age-inappropriate items.

There doesn't even need to be a physical transformation... It can all be mental. My character is hypnotized to believe she is flat-chested when she still has her large naturals hanging on her chest.

Kinks: mind control, transformation, IQ loss, skill theft, humiliation, breast shrinking, name-calling, spanking.

Limits:scat, vore, gore, furry, non-human tf, excessive cock worship scenes All characters and responses must be 18+!!

**No one-line openers put a little damned effort in please**
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