I caught the 'Ethnic Flu'

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I caught the 'Ethnic Flu'

Postby IMOGEN » Fri Sep 16, 2022 11:35 pm

I'm Amy a 22 year old white girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, slender and relatively fit.

I'm hoping to start an RP with someone where I'm transformed into a woman of another (none-white) ethnicity.There was a crazy virus that seemed to effect a very small percentage of the population.

It had been nicknamed 'The Ethnic Flu'. It seemed to be linked to an infected girl meeting a guy from a different ethnicity , and then it triggered the changes in them turning them from their original self into a perfect woman for him.

Unbeknownst to be I get infected then we encounter one another and the process begins, it triggers my transformation and also creates an attraction between us, which only grows as I change.

You'd be a masculine man of the same ethnicity and age bracket to what I will become (if you are playing as an older guy I'd like to age up to become similar to you), we could know each other already (not in a close way, perhaps neighbours / co-workers or someone I encounter occasionally like a local store keeper) or we could be strangers, but we're going to become very close indeed.

You'll help me with my changes as I discover new fashion choices, adapting to my new lifestyle, culture, body and identity. I can also develop some new kinks along the way too.

Once it all starts I can't do anything to stop this, and the more I resist the greater my changes until I am totally yours. I'll let go of who I used to be and let my new personality and body take over as I begin to live this new life. If youI also don't have to look anything like my original form or identity. I would have a whole new personality and even name.

I'd also like a good balance between story and sex in the RP.

Kinks (not all need to apply) - physical transformation, racial changes, personality & identity changes, romance, slow change, realism, perspective change, cultural changes.

Limits - incest, age gaps, underage, bdsm, pain, blood, torture, pee / scat.

Ideally I am hoping for something longer term and with a relatively detailed RP with longer posts rather than one liners.

Please get in touch letting me know about your kinks / limits and any ideas you have for the RP.
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Re: I caught the 'Ethnic Flu'

Postby fragmenter » Sat Sep 17, 2022 6:28 am

If you haven’t had any offers I’d like to give this a try. I’ve done ethnic changes before in the stories I’ve posted. I’ve the same limits as you and I’d like to explore the transformation of your ethnic heritage until you’ve been completely changed in your social identity, class , employment , aspirations , culture , music and food. You’ll become much older and become my partner in the story , but that will be something that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend when we first meet. I’d be a blue collar worker probably someone that you know from where you live. I’m thinking a 40yr old black guy who works in your condo. I’m sure the initial changes will really scare you and you’ll be in total denial to start with but eventually it becomes impossible to hide. You begin to lose friends and eventually your own siblings won’t recognise who you’ve become. Hit me with a DM if you want to explore this .
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