Stealing Cheerleader outfit

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Stealing Cheerleader outfit

Postby Sportsfan » Sun Aug 21, 2022 7:42 am

Looking for a rp partner who will act as the GM or another character within the story.

My basic idea is that I am somehow dared to take a cheerleading outfit, heels, makeup etc from the woman's changing room from a bully or others. i do so when nobody else is around.
At home my curiosity gets the better of me and i try it on bit by bit. It doesn't fit but I soon find things around the house to help fill it in. i.e. some shapely melons for breasts.
Soon I become tired then head to bed

Waking up I see things are now completely different with me being the head cheerleader and nobody remembering me as I was before.

Happy to discuss other points through messages
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