The fetish hotel

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The fetish hotel

Postby dakarion » Sun Jul 31, 2022 3:28 am

There is a place located on a remote island almost hidden from the rest, a great resort. Known as the fetish hotel. A huge sex hotel and/or gigantic brothel. Where the workers of this place are generally women (although there are also men) they are so to speak specials, since they are extremely fetished, and made for the pleasure and entertainment of the rich guests.

And it is as has been said that the workers of the place are fetishized people, that is, modified to act or fulfill according to their role, having a great variety. bimbos with huge breasts and huge asses, drones, living dolls, hucows, clown girls. Ghetto beauty. Perpetually pregnant women, etc. but there are also sissy drag queens. And not only that, but there are also versions of fictional characters and or celebrities with hypersexual forms. Or extremely freakish girls, even anthros. Or of fantasy races. Each worker is designed to fulfill fetishes, however strange or unusual they may seem. All workers treat guests with great pleasure, and are at their service, while they live in the hotel. There are even theme floor or areas like the bimbo floor, little asia, the circus, fairytale land. Etc.

But how is it possible, because thanks to the strange technology of the hotel organization, a technology that the mysterious owners of the hotel secretly keep, it is already like magic, capable of changing the body, sex and mind of people. Of course, those possessed of change are varied and strange, since they require extreme surgeries and hypnosis processes. No matter how the process is, in the end a loyal worker will always be created.

But who are the ones who end up transformed into workers, because the organization has a strong network of people who "recruit" the unwary, either with some kind of drug, or fraudulent work websites. Perhaps someone a government wants to get rid of. And of course people who have debts with the hotel and the organization. There are many methods, but no matter what happens if you end up in this hotel in some way other than being a client (and sometimes not even that), believe me it is not good because you will end up becoming a fetishized worker. There are even strange shows or auctions in the hotel where the horrible fate of the poor souls who end up destined to be hotel workers is decided.

Now the idea for this RP is that my character is a 25-30 year old man who for some reason is turned into a worker, in the hotel there is total freedom with my changes, you can be totally creative. Even if you want to, you can have a character that changes.
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