Captured and changed to a very stereotype woman

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Captured and changed to a very stereotype woman

Postby dakarion » Fri Apr 26, 2024 8:55 am

Nobody knows how it started, or where they appeared, but the fact is that about a year ago an organization began to appear that was dedicated to capturing people and turning them into very stereotyped women.

At first they did it with women. Some blonde women were kidnapped and later reappeared as silly and horny bimbos, or some ended up dressed and acting like housewifes from the 50's. Or even some ended up like the stereotypical Nerd. With acne glasses and braces. He was crazy. The police and the F.B.I began to investigate but they found nothing, the women disappeared and were returned a few days later as stereotypical women, and even while investigating these events, women of different ethnicities began to disappear and then ended up as the stereotype of ethnicity, that is African American women were turned into Ghetto bich with huge butts, of Latin origin they were turned into fiery women with big breasts and butts, or Cholas, Japanese women turned into submissive housewives, or into quirky Gyarus. So the cities and towns began to fill with women who almost seemed like a parody. While the police and other agencies seemed to find no way to stop the organization.

After a few months things got complicated and it was not only women who were captured, but also men began to disappear and to be changed into extremely stereotyped women. And what is most incredible of all possible races or ethnicities, a man was captured and could end up as a nerdette, a housewife, or a Japanese Gyaru, a guidette, a ghetto slut, etc. They also started doing it with women. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, or your race. She can end up being any type of stereotypical woman.

At the moment it is unknown why the group does this, or how they do it, although there is a certain predilection for important people, or for the police and agents who investigate the group. Their victims can anyone

The victims do not remember anything, and most of them have their minds so changed that it is very difficult to know information about the mysterious group, obviously the vast majority cannot return to their old job due to their old life, so there are government plans to go to therapy, find them a home, or even try to restore their minds, but it's a big problem, and cities are being filled with neighborhoods full of a strange multicultural stereotype. While the group continues capturing people and changing them.

Now for RP, I will be a 30-year-old man who for some reason is captured by the group and changed into a stereotypical woman, be it a nerdette, trailer trash, guidette, Ghetto bitch, Gyaru.etc. There is complete freedom for my changes, so I can be any kind of stereotypical woman you want. The reasons why I am changed could be anything since I researched the group, I am an activist, or I am just a random man who became a victim. After the changes I will be freed again as a stereotypical woman, and how that will affect my old life, friends, girlfriend, work. Maybe the government will send me to one of those new neighborhoods, I'll go to rehabilitation, etc. There is total freedom, also if you want you can have a character that changes like mine. I will make your changes, and I will be your GM like you are mine. Even our characters can be friends, a couple, or work together when captured.
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