The Second Honeymoon (Revised)

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The Second Honeymoon (Revised)

Postby Walsingham » Mon Mar 25, 2024 3:47 am

To be clear, I'm looking for someone to play the female character in this rp.

Tony and Meghan Kincaid have been happily married for five years, although they don't, at least as of yet, have any kids. They both manage to get a week off work because they've decided to go on a second honeymoon - to the hotel where they spent their first honeymoon. Meghan, a powerful witch, is a tease with a mischievous sense of humour; she packs several strange outfits in her luggage and, after they arrive at the hotel, transforms herself into different people to have some prankish, flirty fun with her husband; specifically, she transforms into at least one of the following:
- A tall, large, butch lesbian
- A frumpy, frigid, middle-aged woman who despises sins of the flesh
- A grandmotherly old woman who talks and behaves very inappropriately.

While I do have this list, I'm open to discussing other ideas.

This is a light-hearted, romantic, escapist scenario - quite vanilla - and I'm looking for a partner who is descriptive, who loves writing, who's looking for a long-term rp and who can manage a couple of posts most days. For me, the erotic resides in the mind and, while I certainly don't object to NSFW scenes, it's a partner who can write and is really invested in the rp that makes it work in the most wonderful way. You would be getting a partner who is really into creating a detailed world where characters and scenarios seem real; also, I would always try to write at least three paragraphs per post, although I appreciate there may be times when a shorter, snappier to and fro is called for.

I'd be happy to discuss ideas through pm's.
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