The Curse and the Challenge

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The Curse and the Challenge

Postby Walsingham » Sat Feb 10, 2024 6:58 am

*Selena glared at the glowing crystal ball, her face in a rictus of malice and rage. She had many enemies, but Jason and Michelle were not far from the top of her list. Jason had spurned her advances before marrying Michelle, and that thrice-damed sorceress had turned Selena into the Council of Elders for working illegal magic. She looked at the couple, walking along the pier at sunset, holding hands, still very much in love despite being married for two years now.* "Two years since he rejected me, the greatest, most beautiful sorceress in the realm," *she spat, making her familiar rise to its feet, arch its back and hiss. Her malevolent scowl turned into a creepy, foreboding smile. * "Well, my dears, two years is enough time to think of fitting retribution for you both, and I think I have something that will get me the justice I deserve...and the punishment you both deserve, a curse you have both earned for your rejection and betrayal." *She chuckled darkly.* "Too bad it will only last a month, but perhaps that will be enough time."

I'm looking for a partner to play Michelle opposite my Jason. The idea centres on Selena transforming Michelle, an accomplished, intelligent professional in her early thirties into a blonde, busty bimbo in her early twenties; Jason is transformed into an obese nerd with a neck beard. Both retain some memory of who they are, but can their relationship survive this curse for a month? If you're interested, or have other ideas (like, say, Michelle transforming into a big, butch lesbian) please pm me. I always love to chat. Correspondents, partners and characters strictly 18+.
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Re: The Curse and the Challenge

Postby moglybogly » Thu Feb 15, 2024 7:51 pm

Seems fun and I'd be willing to do such dm me back.
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