Mom Bodyswapped Or Possessed

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Mom Bodyswapped Or Possessed

Postby BodyHopperLover » Tue Jun 07, 2022 8:31 pm

I'm looking to do an RP where you play as someone who steals my moms body and uses her feet and pussy to dom and fuck me.

The son I play is 18-23, slightly muscled, with a big cock.

I'm into foot fetish, and being demeaned / teased.

The only questions for you are:
1. Who were you before you stole my moms body? Were you my obese GF? A hooker/stripper? Or maybe a gang member who swapped bodies with her to avoid jailtime.
2. Is there anything you want in the RP fetish-wise?

I'm available here,
On reddit at: Bodyhopperlover
And on KIK at: Bodyhopperlover
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