The sissy law

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The sissy law

Postby dakarion » Sun May 30, 2021 6:42 am

It happened around the year 2060, a strange inexplicable condition that made women little by little sick and left many infertile, above all it seemed that women who could still give birth alone, only gave birth to the male sex and few to the female sex. That caused much harsher laws and drastic measures to flee to save humanity. All the women who could still give birth were taken to high security complexes so that they could give birth and continue to conceive, with artificial insemination those who were born of the female sex were raised in the center so that in the future they could continue giving birth.

The males were taken to an adoption center where they would be raised and would obtain their education, work and future. In a 100% male society, this society gradually fell apart due to the fact that many had sexual needs and the female sex was missing, so there were riots and a revolution. That made the world government implement the sissy law, to alleviate those needs, but there are those who say that it was done in a form of punishment and control. But this law forced many men to become sissy, a parody of femininity with their penises and balls locked and useless, but it fulfilled its role in this society since the sissy were varied and they had jobs corresponding to them, as prostitutes in brothels of the government, maids, maid, even actresses and others the roles of the sissy can be varied, there are even people who request wives for sissy trophies.

The law explains that once a year, all men who are 20 years old, regardless of their condition, must go to the lottery center, where they must submit to the sissy lottery. This consists of taking a sphere out of a basket and opening it, if there is a blue paper it means that the man can continue as a man and obtains his male certificate, but if it is pink it will be destined to be a sissy. Supposedly there are the same numbers of pink papers and blue, although it is said that there are those who manipulate it.

once they have been chosen to be a sissy, they are taken to the sissy center where they are given a new job and goal in life. They begin with their process of changing both physical and mental to be a sissy. The process is very varied and depends on the type of sissy that it is destined to be, some are given large breast and or ass implants, hair with different large lips. Etc, and then with the brainwash system they are given a mind more in line with their new status, and specifications are added such as intelligence reduction, some fetish, etc. The truth is that everything depends on who wants the members of the center, after these processes the sissy is ready for her new life.

The truth is that this process has been going on for 30 years and has worked very well in the new society, having sissy brothels, restaurants where the waitresses are sissy, series and show, the great empresses have their sissy secretaries, etc. and although the sissy are second-class citizens they have their rights and others. And it is not uncommon to see couples or family in which the sissy fulfills the role of mother. Sissies are vital to the new society.

Now the idea that I have for this RP is that my character is a 20-year-old man who has undergone the sissy lottery and it turned out that he must be a sissy, so he will start the process and a new life as a sissy, There will be total freedom both in my physical and mental changes, as with my new job and life, also if you want you can have a character that has to become if sissy I will make his changes, as my GM will do with mine.
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