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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

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badcompany8888 wrote:Don't know how to put this, but I'm dying for more of this one!

I promise you I do plan on continuing this story. I just have a couple others in the works too. Whenever a new idea pops into my head I just have to run with It! I'm glad you're enjoying it though!
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby audipwr87 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:01 am

(((((I know I've left you guys hanging for quite some time and I apologize for that. Hopefully this makes up for it!)))))



***All while Stacy and Nate were in their dream states***

April and Jenna knew that the audio conditioning would work.

It was called "DREAMWEAVER"

It would effectively alter their personalities to the custom specifications but even more importantly, alter their memories.

They went all out when ordering the custom audio tapes...

Nate and Stacy would also become more susceptible to suggestions.

The tapes basically rewired the listeners brain...

April and Jenna set about making changes around the house. They removed any pictures of the two being romantic with each other, checked both of their phones and deleted any memories of the two together. They left a DSLR camera on the counter...

They then proceeded to move Stacy's items into one of the guest bedrooms down the hall. All half-haphazardly of course.

They finished off her room with a mini fridge loaded with all sorts of fattening foods next to her bed, set up a small microwave on her nightstand, and loaded up her night stand with tons of sex toys, a bag full of candy bars, donuts and chips. Last but not least, her webcam, scale, a hand drawn weight gain goal poster and a feeding funnel were added to her room.

She'd feel right at home.

They then set out to alter Nate's room. They had loaded up Nate's nightstand with loads of condoms and lube, filled his shelves with some porn dvd's, (the majority of them had thin busty women in them, but a couple had some thicker babes adorning the cover). His room was finished off with a sex swing and random bras and panties scattered about his room.

He certainly had a legit players room now...

April and Jenna were quite pleased with themselves. Their plan was going better than ever!

Just as soon as they had finished getting everything set up they both heard Stacy yell from the couch. April... Jenna... Nate??? I need food NOW!!"

They both entered the living room where the porcine princess was still laying down rubbing her immense doughy stomach with one hand and snacking on a random bag of chips with the other while watching tv. They could hear her belly groaning and screaming out in hunger as if she was starving to death.

"Uuuuugh I'm so hungry!! Please feed me!" She said through a mouthful of chips acting like she was in excruciating pain. All the while kneading her plump stomach like pizza dough.

Luckily for Jenna and April they had already planned ahead for when she woke up.

While the ex dream couple was asleep they had ordered up a dozen pizzas and had them delivered. They had also managed to make a high fat shake to wash down all the food which was also laced with a sleep aid so they could condition her further.

If she secretly wanted to be immobile, they were going to help her achieve that dream.

Nate came storming into the room looking down at his watch. It was 5 in that morning. Luckily it was Saturday so he didn't have to be at school.

He was annoyed that Stacey had woken him up. Especially since he was having quite an erotic dream.

He had to admit it though. He loved it when his room mate dressed as scantily as she did which was basically all the time. That was part of the reason why he let her move in about half a year ago.

That and she showed obvious attraction towards him...

She was much smaller back then though. Quite skinny as a matter of fact.

She had to be since she was an underwear model...

He had no idea she was going to blow up like a balloon.

At least she was an easy lay, skinny or fat.

All it took for her to start gaining weight on purpose was from one fateful night. Nate had just come home from another fling and saw Stacy sprawled out in her underwear and a t-shirt on the couch eating a pack of Oreos and drinking some beer.

Nate was in shock, he had seen Stacy in her underwear countless times and of course had a couple sexual trysts with her but he had never seen her so... so soft! It wasn't much, maybe ten pounds at most.

He tried to hide his erection as he approached her and poked her in her slightly padded midsection. "Looks like a certain someone is possibly packing on some pounds."

Stacy looked up at him and scoffed. "So what if I am?? Don't give me any shit! I had a rough day today..."

"And why is that? Did somebody piss in your cheerios this morning, did they not have your favorite cream cheese danishes there for you?" He said sarcastically.

Stacy's eyes burned in a seething rage. "For your information I was fired today... They said I had let myself go..." she said motioning to her stomach.

Nate looked down at the half eaten pack of cookies and partially drank six pack of beer she had.

"Well no wonder! You keep eating like this and you'll definitely turn into a real porker."

Stacy clicked her tongue at him. "Well for your information I've always been healthy. Staying away from carbs, eating low fat foods and even cutting out dairy entirely! For some reason I've just started gaining weight... so why fight fate?"

Nate chuckled. "Well maybe you should start a fetish site. Some guys go crazy over heavier chicks." He said obviously joking.

Stacy smacked him with one of the couch pillows. "Oh hardy har har! Look at Mister Jokes Alot here! Maybe you should do stand up!"

Nate sat down on the couch next to her. "Heh maybe I should... I am pretty damn funny after all."

Nate's voice took on a more serious tone. "So what do you think you're going to do for money now?"

Stacy shrugged. "I really don't know... I mean, I'm going to have to start out at a decent wage to even make ends meet..."

Nate patted her on her bare thigh. "Well if things get too tight for you, I'll cover your rent. But keep in mind, it's not a permanent deal."

He may have been a player, but he still had a good heart.

"Thanks Nate. That means alot..." she said sitting up and hugging him.

"Well I'm going to head to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow for school. Goodnight Stace."

"Goodnight Nate"

Nate stopped walking for a second. A smirk forming on his face. "Oh and if you do decide to become an internet porn star, I'll support you one hundred percent."

"Oh I'm sure you would pervert!!" Stacy said playfully while throwing the pillow at him as he was walking away.

Stacy sat there contemplating what to do... she pulled out her laptop and started surfing different websites.

The thing was there wasn't really a whole lot of work out there for a softening model... that was the problem with modeling agencies. You get booted out on your ass for gaining a bit of weight.

The word spreads like wildfire...

Sure she could do just straight up porn but it just didn't appeal to her... Sure she loved sex but she didn't want to HAVE to do it for a paycheck.

The website she was on supported many different kinks and fetishes.

She had come across a bbw site... a weight gaining site to be more accurate.

She looked at a couple different models. One in particular caught her attention. To say she was big would be an understatement... she was massive!

Stacy kept going deeper and deeper into the past of this bbw's life, seeing her get smaller and smaller with each previous update. The updates involved various things like intense stuffings, purposely being talked down to and humiliated about getting fat and weigh ins.

She was nearly Stacy's size at the start...

Possibly even thinner...

Something shocked her. She had always been bi, sure... But... seeing this beautiful model tumble into the world of gluttony and overindulgence, seeing her throw away her beautiful modelesque body... til she was triple her original size...

was turning her on...

She went to go see more photos and hopefully some videos of this bulging beauty but found she had to pay for it to see it. Twenty dollars a month too!! Not only that, but the model sold separate videos that were even more daring. She was even selling some of her previous warn panties...

Something right then and there clicked in her head. For some reason, the thought of her getting progressively softer was turning her on...

She grabbed her pack of Oreos along with a pack of cupcakes, a can of whipped cream and her gopro and made her way towards Nate's bedroom.

He was getting ready to fall asleep until he heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!"

He saw Stacy walk in with what appeared to be an arm full of food.

"What are you going to do with all of that? You know I was only joking about you becoming a fetish model." He said laughingly

Stacy spoke softly. "I want to do it... I want you to feed me and help me gain weight."

Nate was bewildered. "You want to do what?!?"

"I want to become a weight gain model..."

Nate shook his head in astonishment. "So what you're telling me is that you want to get fat on purpose? And on top of that, you're going to have people pay to see you do this to yourself?!?"

Regardless of what he was saying, he was still turned on...

Stacy nodded. I've seen some of the girls that you've brought back here. I know your tastes Nate. Just try this out with me okay? I might not like it, but I won't know unless I try..."

But she loved it as a matter of fact...

They ended the night with an all out stuff and fuck session...

**which brings us to now**

Her bright pink thong was stretched to it's limits barely visible beneath all of her blubber and her red spaghetti strap was struggling to contain all of her girth.

He went and grabbed the camera... and started recording.

He decided to push her buttons...

"Aww what's the matter my little portly pig? Does my fat ass of a room mate need to eat?" He asked in a mock concerned tone.

He knew that would turn her on...

She felt a tingle run down her spine. Still laying down she simply nodded while rubbing her thighs together in obvious arousal. She looked at him for a second, noticed the camera, smiled and bit her lip.

Then her eyes darted back to the tv.

Nate upped the ante. He brought in all of the pizzas that the girls had ordered. "I'll tell you what, I'll feed you all of these delicious pizzas and this shake but I want to fuck you while you're doing that... deal?"

He already knew what the answer would be...

Stacy nodded...
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:57 pm



(((A month and a half later)))

Stacy's website had taken off like a rocket blasting into space. She had over five thousand subscribers, her following was growing nearly as fast as her own lard filled form and random fans were sending her money so she could easily afford to keep her well fed body stuffed to it's maximum capacity.

Her most recent video involved a full stuffing session and 2 liter bottle soda chug ending with Stacy and Nate fucking. However the sex ended abruptly in the video because Stacy ended up belching and farting at the same time instantly turning Nate off.

The video was an instant hit.

Nate and Stacy's sexual adventures had begun to dwindle ever since she decided that she wanted to become a slob.

When she first started her website, Nate and her would fuck multiple times a day. But ever since April and Jenna had shown up they were only fucking a couple times a week.

And it seemed as if it was only becoming less frequent as time went on.

Everybody wanted to watch this former beauty queen descend further into pure gluttony.

She was growing at such a rapid rate that she had to forego wearing any clothing while at home. Now any articles of clothing she had were strictly for her viewers to visually see how quickly she had been growing.

They had also doubled their efforts in trying to snatch up Nate...

...and his and Stacy's money...

Jenna and April had moved in permanently. They were living in the bedroom closest to Nate's which was just across the hall. Their mission was going perfectly to plan. If anything, they had doubled their efforts in making Stacy reach her dream of becoming truly immobile.

Jenna and April had moved Stacy's bedroom once again to be as close as possible to the kitchen and guest bathroom. Which was as far from Nate's bedroom as possible.

Not that Stacy stayed in her bedroom much anymore. Her life typically revolved around the living room couch. A webcam was pointed directly at her at all times. Whenever Stacy wasn't stuffing herself silly, fucking or masturbating she would do her gaming live streams dressed in ridiculously tight sweat pants and an I'll fitting top that showed off her blubbery breasts.

Her "mini" fridge was replaced with a custom low set one so she wouldn't have to get up and the couch itself had been replaced with a custom sturdier more comfortable one so it could support her growing girth. The final icing on the cake came in the form of a heavy duty scale rated up to one thousand pounds.

On the very rare occasion that she had no food within reach, Nate and the girls had rigged up a feeding tube. One end ran from the top of her new custom fridge and the other end hung within inches of her mouth. It always contained something called a "cake shake" it was a mixture of heavy whipping cream, ice cream, weight gain powder, peanut butter and birthday cake mix...

And they snuck a few other special ingredients in... They served a few purposes. To cut down on acid reflux, lowering cholesterol and also to help keep her heart healthy.

But the main thing they were hoping to achieve from all of these medications aside from what they were primarily for...

Muscle deterioration...

Often times she would use it to wash down her normal fattening treats. She had been ingesting this "treat" for the past 2 months.

This created a record amount of weight that she had gained within a week. A goal that increased every time...

But she had also grown quite weak over the last couple of months...

Nate approached her holding the camera. "Okay you beached fucking whale, it's time for your weekly weigh in!

Stacy clapped excitedly causing her whole body to violently jiggle. She rocked back and forth multiple times to try and build up enough momentum to get off the couch.

April and Jenna followed closely behind Nate. The three of them witnessed Stacy struggling to get off the couch. Instead of helping her up, they decided to belittle her instead.

"Are you seriously that out of fucking shape already fat ass?" Nate questioned.

Stacy was already getting turned on knowing that every day she was getting closer to her dream.

"Just crawl down off the fucking couch you cow and crawl over to the scale and then maybe... just maybe I'll help you up."

Stacy was practically sopping wet in between her thighs at this point.

She did as she was told...

She lazily slid off the couch til she landed ass first onto the hardwood floor with a loud thud. It was a hard fought battle but she managed to get onto her padded knees.

She started slowly crawling across the floor towards the trio. Her giant tits, huge belly and gigantic ass were all jostling in different directions.

Jenna pointed and laughed. "Oh my god! Her belly is nearly touching the ground!!"

April chimed in too. "And look at that massive ass of hers, can you say "WIDE LOAD"?... Damn thing jiggles as much as a jello mold!

Juices had started to run down the immense brunettes thighs from the pure ecstasy she was experiencing.

Stacy reached Nate's feet and was working to get up into her feet under her own power but was severely struggling to do so.

Nate shook his head. "Just look at how helpless you are now... to think this is what you wanted... to think you used to be a knockout that any guy would be lucky to have... you disgust me..."

Stacy looked up at him with pleading eyes. "Could you please help me up?"

Nate looked down at her with a vicious gaze. "No... I want you to beg..."

Stacy started to grovel before him. "Please help me up I'm begging you..."

He still persisted to not help her up. "I want you to tell me how much you need me and the girls help... how you are hopeless to do simple tasks by yourself..."

Stacy was crying now... but not out of sadness or frustration. It was out of pure lust and horniness from the situation. "Please help me... I can't do this on my own... I am much too out of shape to do anything by myself..."

Nate decided to continue. "I want you to admit how much you love becoming a massive blob of lard!... then maybe I'll help you up..."

Stacy practically came right there... "I LOVE THAT I'M BECOMING A MASSIVE BLOB OF LARD!"

Nate reached down and started massaging one of Stacy's hanging breasts. "Tell me that you want to become immobile, then I'll help you up!"


Nate put his hands up to stop her. "Okay that's my good little piggy!"

He struggled to pull her up but finally got her to her feet. Her knees were shaking due to weakness but also from the massive amounts of excitement she was experiencing.

Nate helped her step on the scale.


"347 pounds"

Nate was completely astonished at what her weight was now. Yes he knew that she'd gained alot of weight, he just didn't foresee her gaining so much so quickly. "Wow!! You've gained nearly 80 pounds in a month and a half! You truly are just a gigantic tub-of-lard eating machine!"

Stacy was ecstatic. "Mmmhmmm..."

"You are nearly triple your original size. What do you think about that fatass?" Nate asked

"Mmm I loveee it!"

Stacy was overcome with a want for fucking... someone... anyone...

"Ummm Nate??"... Stacy asked quietly.

"Do you think you could help me back to your bedroom?" She asked with a knowing look.

Nate pondered his choices. "Mmm maybe... you might just be too fat for me anymore..."

Stacy thought about it for a second. "Please Nate... I'll do anything!"

Nate stroked his chin. "Well Jenna and April are going to join us. They're going to feed you while I fuck you doggy-style because I can't stand to look at your fat face. You can't stop eating til I cum no matter how full you get... deal??"


Nate, April, Jenna and Stacy slowly made their way back to Nate's bedroom. Jenna and April were pushing a cart piled high of fattening foods along with a gallon more of the weight gain shake concoction with some sleep aide mixed in. Jenna had a water bottle full of water with some sleep aide also mixed in for Nate.

They were going to enact their next changes for the past couple.

That was the last time the two of them would ever have sex together. Jenna and April would see to that...
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:56 pm

Well, this certainly ended on an ominous note...
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby badcompany8888 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:34 pm

Thanks for continuing this. It's amazing how dependent she's getting already. And how cold and turned off her formerly loving boyfriend has become!
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby Sentinel » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:07 pm

Brilliant can't wait for the next chapter
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby bigfit » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:06 pm

I'm hoping we eventually see a return of her fit ex-boyfriend Peter from the beginning of the story.
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

Postby audipwr87 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:18 pm

bigfit wrote:I'm hoping we eventually see a return of her fit ex-boyfriend Peter from the beginning of the story.

Wow good guess! Trust me. He is coming back in the chapters to come. ;)
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Re: College Life (xwg, slob)

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I come back to this one often
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