The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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Wednesday morning Alexandra awoke to her alarm that was set for 7 A.M. She found that if she didn't set her alarm, that she'd easily sleep in til 10 or 11 which would've been strange before all of the changes had occurred. But nothing was normal these days.

As she was steadily and speedily walking upon the treadmil making herself sweat, she recieved a group text from Elaine.

Elaine-- "Has anyone figured out what is causing all of this yet? How are you guys doing?"

Alexandra stepped on the outer sides of the treadmill not bothering to stop it. She was quick to respond as she dabbed the sweat from her face.

Alexandra-- "Nope, sorry hun. I really need to get this figured out. Things are getting out of hand... I'm turning into a fucking blimp..."

She placed her phone back into the cup holder of the treadmill and focused on the task at hand. Losing weight...

As she finished her first stretch of her new daily workout, she quickly made her way over to the scale, ignoring the quiver of her asscheeks and breasts that would occur with every movement.

"Yes!!!" Alexandra said triumphantly with sweat dripping from her reddened face as she wrote down a lower weight of "205.3 LBS" upon her chart which meant she had lost nearly seven pounds since Sunday which was just three days ago. But it was purely by determination. If she kept this up, she'd be able to see her boyfriend in about a week and a half or two weeks.

She dreamed about feeling his large, strong hands caressing her body lovingly as she worked put which helped her continue to push as hard as she was doing.

Alexandra who was still "sick" (as far as her work and boyfriend was concerned) found a loupol in eating something healthy without becoming nauseous. She was sticking to a protein shake mixture that while healthy, was chocolate or vanilla flavored which she would have two to three times a day. They were healthy for the most part, if not a bit loaded with sugar to trick her brain. In between her "meals" she would constantly chug water to keep herself feeling full.  She'd do any conference calls from home that she possibly could and continue to work out basically from sunrise to sunset.

She decided to look at herself in a full length mirror that she had set up near her treadmill and looked over her body with a disgusted gaze. She was far from fat due to her 5'11" stature but in her eyes she was a whale. She was dressed in a tight basic white tank top that continuously rode up her gently swollen midsection and some basic red gym shorts that left much of her thicker thighs exposed. She cringed at the thought of wearing size 14 pants compared to her original size 6's. She had decided that it would be best to wear revealing clothes at her new larger size as another way to boost her drive to keep exercising and losing weight. But then her eyes fell upon her noticably larger breasts guessing that they were a very healthy C cup now. "Well at least alot of the weight has gone to these babies..." She said trying to stay positive. She rotated around and looked at her ass. It too had garnered much of the extra weight that she had accumulated, now looking more feminine than ever before with just a hint of cellulite. "Well it does look pretty good at this size, but I'm going to have to focus on toning it up just a bit."

As she was wiping the victorious sweat from her brow, she heard a jingle of keys and an opening of her door which only meant one thing...

James was there.

"SHIT!" She exclaimed as she hurriedly rushed to the couch and covered herself with a blanket and turned the tv on to make herself appear as "under the weather" as possible.

"Sweetie! I know you said you didn't want me to come see you until you were better but I miss you so much!" He said out loud as he held a bouquet of flowers in one hand and some of his famous chicken soup in a large container in the other.

His blue eyes scanned the living room and landed upon her causing a smile to form upon his chisled visage.

"Aww... Hey beautiful. How are you feeling??" He said as he handed her the flowers and put the container of soup on the table in front of her.

"Hey babe. I'm feeling alright I guess..." She said somewhat weakly.

"Well, I brought you some of my famous healthy chicken soup. Are you hungry??"

Alexandra was incredibly hungry but knew that if she attempted to eat it, One of two things would happen. Either she wpuld get nauseous again or even if she could eat it, it would slow her weight loss. And it also meant sitting up and taking the chance of James seeing her in her currently softened form.

"No... thank you hun. I appreciate you bringing me some but I'm not..."


"Hungry..." Alexandra blushed as she finished her sentence. Of course her stomach had to sound it's opinion.

"Okay... well you're obviously hungry. C'mon babe, it should still be hot."

Alexandra slowly sat up making sure to keep herself wrapped in the blanket to hide her form.

James noticed that she was soaked in sweat and put a hand to her forehead. "Aww baby you're burning up. Here let's get this off of you.

"No... wait..."

But alas it was too late.

He saw her softened midriff and her swollen breasts and now noticed that her face did look a bit more swollen than usual.

"Babe... what is going on??"

Alexandra couldn't hold back her sadness anymore and burst into tears, letting the blanket fall around her waist.

"Sweetheart??" James said wrapping his arms around her barely clothed back.

"Just leave... You'd never believe me if I told you..."

"C'mon... I love you Alexandra and I'd believe anything you tell me..."

She took a deep breath. "Well... it all started Saturday night before the girls and I headed to the club... I started craving unhealthy foods and my appetite has grown considerably every day since then... Then I started putting on weight only a little bit at a time but it's been steadily increasing... Then I found I couldn't eat any type of healthy foods. They taste like rotten garbage and make me utterly nauseous..."

"That is quite strange... Well are your friends alright??" James asked abruptly.

Alexandra slowly turned her head side to side. "No... the same thing seems to be happening to Elaine... She's gaining weight, albeit at a much slower rate than me. Sandra has been dropping weight at an alarming rate and has started smoking and is now drinking more and Katherine... Well her breasts and ass have been growing like crazy and she doesn't seem like herself... She talks differently and seems more forgetful..."

James sighed trying to take everything in and process it all. "Well... Did you go to the doctor?"

"Yes... We all did after the club and they couldn't find anything wrong with me... They couldn't find anything wrong with any of us..."

"Wow... I'm sorry sweetheart... It's crazy... Like something straight out of some sci-fi flick..."

"I knew you wouldn't believe me..." Alexandra wrapped herself tightly in the large blanket, got up and began pacing about the room.

James got up as well and followed her over towards the treadmill noticing the weight chart seeing the starting weight of "212.6 LBS" and then the last number that was written in ehich was "205.3 LBS". Then his eyes landed upon the "180 LBS" goal written in and circled followed by "I get to see James!"

James scratched his head. "Wait... how much have you gained??"

Alexandra sighed. "A little over fifty pounds... but I've lost seven in the last four days..."

"Jeeze seven pounds in four days?? What have you been eating? Water and lettuce?!?"

"Mainly semi-healthy protein shakes and water... Yes..."

"Baby... I am flattered that you are losing weight for me, but you shouldn't be starving yourself like that... You should be losing weight for you if it makes you happy. And in all honesty, it doesn't matter to me what you weigh." He said approaching his girlfriend and wrapping his arms around her softer back beneath the blanket.

Alexandra tensed up for a moment.

"Lose the blanket..." James whispered into her ear.

Alexandra paused for a moment before she loosened her grasp of the blanket letting it fall to the floor.

James took her in, seeing her in all of her softened glory. Gone was any muscle definition that she originally possessed, but even now with the excess poundage, she was far from fat, barely even plump by most standards since most of the excess weight had gone to her backside and breasts giving her a more pronounced hourglass figure.

"You're absolutely disgusted by the sight of me aren't you??" She said looking down towards the floor with a solitary tear rolling down and falling from her cheek to the ground.

He gently lifted her rounded chin with his index finger. "No... not at all! I love you for you Alexandra, nothing will ever change that! Besides... I acutally think you look amazing. I mean... I've always been an ass guy and well... your ass looks simply incredible with the excess weight... How about we order up some food and have a night in... Whatever you want to order! Nomatter how unhealthy. You deserve a cheat day! Maybe end the night with some fun?" He said with a wink.

Alexandra was astonished at his response.

"Ummm... okay." She said cautiously smiling.

"Okay, what should we order? As I said, you can get absolutely anything! My treat!"

Her brain immediately thought to a healthy restaurant that she used to love and she figured she could give healthy food another try.

"How about some pasta, chicken parm, garlic bread and maybe some Truffle and gorgonzola cheese fries from Marianna Ristorante?"

Alexandra blinked a few times confused at what had just come out of her mouth. "Wait... I didn't mean to say that..." She thought internally.

James smiled. "You got it babe."

They cuddled up on the couch sans blanket and watched some tv as they waited for the food. Alexandra began feeling more and more comfortable the longer they sat together. James' hands even began exploring her more voluptuous form causing her to become increasingly horny.

"Mmmm... oh baby... I've been missing your touch..." She moaned.

"Me too sexy." He purred.

James brought one of his hands beneath the surface of her tank top and began fondling her breasts with the other groping her new fleshier ass.

Alexandra began slowly moving her hips as she felt herself become even more excited.

As they were about to progress even further, the doorbell rang.

"Oh! That must be the food!" Alexandra responded a bit more cheerily than she was meaning, getting up and heading towards the door.

The delivery person had the large order all in two large plastic bags.

She eagerly brought the food back to the coffee table and sat back down next to her boyfriend.

James smiled. "Now where were we??" He asked as he began kissing his love once again.

As they continued to make out and grope each other, Alexandra's mind began to wander. Wander to the delicious food whose scent was tickling her nostrils.

"Wait wait wait..." Alexandra said breaking up the kiss. "I have an idea and it may sound crazy byt just go with it." She said blushing as she opened up the two bags of food.

"I've heard that food can be quite sensual and pleasing to the senses during sex. What would you say to maybe feeding me while we make love?" She asked nervously.

James was slightly taken aback at her curious request but decided to humor her especially after everything that had happened to her over the last almost five days.

"That sounds great my love."

He grabbed the two bags of food and placed it at one end of the couch for ease so he could reach it even while they were making love.

They slowly undressed each other as they kissed and once they were completely naked, James sat down with his excited erection standing tall and proud.

"Come here..." He simply requested.

She slowly sat upon his lap and lowered herself onto his thick shaft with a deep moan. She began sliding up and down his hard member.

"Mmmm... feed me..." She begged as she continued her motion.

He grabbed a Truffle fry covered in melted gorgonzola cheese and slid it between her lips which she happily accepted and quickly wolfed it down.

Her gyrations atop her boyfriend picked up speed.

"Give me another one..." She purred.

He swiftly fulfilled her request.

Both of them failed to notice the handful of extra pounds that suddenly accumulated on Alexandra's nude form erasing all of the weight loss progress she had made.

"Gimme some of the gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce."

James grabbed a spoon and scooped up some of the pasta. Alexandra left her mouth open gasping out in pure pleasure but also awaiting another mouthful of deliciously rich food.

Ten more pounds quickly added themselves to her softening frame.

Her hunger was becoming more extreme by the second.

"More..." She pleaded.

He brought more of the pasta to her mouth which she greedily accepted.

Her large breasts grew and filled the distance between herself and her lover now gently smacking James in the face with every gyration.

It seemed as if the food was doing nothing to satiate her hunger, but only fuel it.

Her belly wanted so much more...

But instead of asking for more, she greedily dug her own left hand into the fries and brought a handful from the container and stuffed her mouth with the greasy, salty treat, dropping small scraps all over herself and her lover.

Another ten pounds made their way onto her frame... James began to put two and two together, this time noticing that her ass and thighs were beginning to engulf and overflow his own lap.

James sat there in utter shock as she continued to stuff herself, making a mess of not only her, but her boyfriend as well.

Her excess weight was beginning to really press down upon her lover and the couch, causing it to begin periodically creaking.

James could feel an odd sensation between him and his girlfriend. He looked down and gasped. Her breasts had grown at least a few cup sizes already while her belly had acquired more heft and had begun to form a spare tire that seemed to be growing by the second and was already beginning to press against her lover's flat, muscled abdomen.

"Wait Alexandra! Get a hold of yourself! The food is making you fatter!!!"

His voice was beginning to sound distant and dreamy. The only word to make it into her psyche at the last second was "fatter". It echoed through her mind.

Bright reds and yellows swallowed up her vision, distorting reality and fantasy.

Her eyes peeled open and once again, she was in the dreamscape. She would've thought she was awake as she was within the safe confines of her own condo, but James was nowhere to be found or the delicious pasta that she had been devouring.

She was completely alone...

"What is going on??..." She said in a dazed state.

As her eyes scanned the room, her treadmill along with her weights vanished.

"What the fuck is going on?!?" She asked in a more demanding state.

Time began to fly by at an unfathomable rate around her. The sun was setting and rising multiple times within seconds. Small mounds of trash from many fast food restaurants began to grow into hills and then mountains until they all began to blend together from the sheer excess of greasy garbage all throughout her condo.

But as soon as all of the trash had materialized, it vanished along with her expensive condo only to be replaced by a smaller, older and dingier apartment. As she took in her new surroundings, the only improvements to her new small studio apartment came in the form of her couch increasing in size but being made of a cheaper material, her tv and fridge increasing in size as well as an impressive collection of movies and a few new gaming consoles materializing.

"This can't be happening...

"Oh but it is sexy." She heard a familiar voice speak out.

It was George; The short, fat balding, middle aged man she had seen before.

"What happened to my condo?" She asked out loud.

"Well... you didn't really think you could afford an ocean view condo with the smaller amount of money you're making from your fetish website did you? I mean you can barely afford to cover what you have now and keep yourself fed."

"B-but my gyms... my company..."

"Gone sweetie... Did you really think they'd want you as their spokesperson??... At your size??"

Throughout all the changes that had been happening around her, she failed to realize that some momentous changes were happening to herself...

She apprehensively peered down at her body which was covered in mountains and valleys of cellulite riddled blubber. She could barely even tell the difference between her now massive udders and her avalanche of pale belly flesh.

She was enormous. Possibly even five hundred pounds by her estimates...

She was feeling uncomfortably stuffed but insanely aroused all at the same time.

"Get me out of here... I don't want this life!" She mumbled out through crumbs of half-chewed food.

"Why would you want to do that? You absolutely love this lifestyle of food, debauchery and sedentary excess and as long as you keep this up, you'll at least have a roof over your head..."

The walls all fell around her giving way to some dark, brick-lined alley way reeking of refuse and sewage forgotten by the world around her. At the end of the alley way was a small half assed house made of cardboard and ripped tarps.

As her vision closed in onto the makeshift house, inside she could see a man covered in filth having his way with what appeared to be her five hundred pound self. The man drunkenly groaned as he finished inside of her.

"Thanks for the pussy babe. Here's what you asked for for payment..." As he placed two double cheeseburgers atop her rising and falling abdomen.

Alexandra's view cleared once more as she was back inside her small, dingy apartment.

"You can fight this lifestyle all you want, but I think this is what you're meant to do. Honestly?? Do you really enjoy working out all day every day to fight the inevitable?"

She wanted to protest. To say that she loved working out, but she felt her passion beginning to falter and fade away only to be replaced by a want to be stuffed and fattened.

"No... I don't enjoy it... I love food over everything else."

"Even if it means losing your body, your job that you worked so hard for?"

"Yes... even then..." She heard herself say.

George happily clapped his hands together. "Great!! Well... in that case it's time to move onto funnel feeding and then I'll fuck your piggy brains out! Oooor... I can leave now and you can find someway else to pay your bills..." George proclaimed. "Squeal for me piggy!"

She began wildly squealing like a pig would as the funnel was inserted into her open mouth. She awoke from her erotic daydream with a gentle squeal and an obvious excess of pussy juices soaking the crotch of her pink thong panties.

She awoke to her mouth full of the highly fattening pasta and James' mouth was wide open with shock beneath her.

She processed what eas happening, finished swallowing what was in her mouth and blushed out of pure embarrassment.


She attempted to dismount his lap but found it to be much harder than usual.

"What the..."

She looked down and gasped.

She was for lack of a better term, truly massive.

"Oh my god..." She said tumbling backwards off of her lover's lap and landing on the floor with a loud thud.

James quickly got off of the couch to help his girlfriend up. She slowly and clumsily got onto her feet looking more like a newborn fawn trying to stay upon it's legs.

"Are you feeling okay baby??" He asked legitimately worried about her well being.

"Fuck fuck fuck!!!" She yelled continuously, feeking her thick thighs rubbing together as she waddled towards the scale located near her treadmill and weights with James following closely behind.

She took a deep breathe and stepped on.

She attempted to peer down at the weight readout, but she noticed something else even more terrifying... She couldn't see over her breasts or belly to see the screen.

She began silently sobbing.

"What?? What's the matter hun??"

"I...I can't see the screen anymore!!" She said through obvious tears.

"Can... you read it out for me??" She asked defeatedly.

"Sure..." He walked over to the side of her and looked at the screen, choking back a gasp as best as he could.

"Well?? What does it say??"

"Ummm... 322.3 pounds..." James said absolutely flabbergasted that he had just read that number out loud. She had gained over a hundred pounds in the span of just half an hour.

"You're fucking disgusted by me aren't you?" She asked, her sobs picking up speed and ferocity.

He circled her form slowly taking it in. James looked over the ruin that had become of his girlfriend's once sexy, athletic form. Everywhere he looked were newly formed rolls, pockets of fresh cellulite, rows of jagged stretchmarks, pounds of newly acquired jiggly flesh. Her breasts were positively massive, each one being nearly the size of her head and her thighs and ass had taken a decent amount of the excess fat as well, becoming bigger and wider than almost any ass James had ever laid his eyes on before. While her belly had indeed taken a minute amount of the extra fat, it had still grown enough for two separate, sizeable rolls to form from the washboard abs that once resided there.

He stopped once he stood in front of her. Her face hidden by her palms as she cried into her pudgy hands.

Christ... even her fingers had changed. Gone were the long, delicate digits that he loved, replaced by extremities that mirrored small, plump sausages.

He slowly pulled at her meaty forearms to get her to uncover her face.

"Hey hey... I'm right here hun. I'm not going anywhere."

A stifled scream rested within his throat as she revealed her rounded visage.

Even when she had been on top of him just a few short minutes ago, he was in too much shock for her changes to really register within his mind. Until now.

She now had a permanent double chin along with rounded reddened cheeks and a slightly thicker nose that made her face all the more ordinary. She now appeared to be a distant, long lost, very well fed cousin of the Alexandra he once knew.

"I'm repulsive aren't I??" She asked with her voice trembling.

"No, no! Not at all sweetheart." James attempted in his most reassuring voice, he said gently lifting her rounded chin with his index finger and kissing her.

"No... no... I know... You're acting as if everything is fine right now and then you'll run for the hills as soon as you can..."

James had to think quickly to help calm his girlfriend down.

"Never baby. In fact, I was going to ask if I could stay the night. Because not only do I want to, but so I can also help you whenever you need it."

It seemed to do the trick. Her soft sobs halted as she sniffled a few times.

"Do you really mean it?"

James smiled. "Absolutely! I know beneath all this, that you're the same person I fell in love with and that'll never change!"

"And you'll help push me to lose weight and stay away from all of the fattening garbage that I've been eating?"

"Twenty Four Seven! I'm actually in between movie shoots so I am at your every beck and call for the next couple of weeks."

"Thank you hun... It means alot... So what is the plan?"

"Well... If you really want to drop some weight, it means we're going to have to go to an actual gym..."

"Well... alright... but not MY gym and I'm going to need some new attire..."

"Done and done, we'll order some clothes from Amazon and they'll most likely be here tomorrow. And I think I know of the perfect gym for you. Guaranteed no one will recognize you there. Then food wise, we'll have to test just how picky your tastes and stomach are to find the most healthy food for you to eat that won't make you sick."

"Okay... thank you hun."

"And then we'll have to come up with some reason why you can't go to work..." James said scratching his chin as he pondered a way over that obstacle.

"Hmmm... Oh I broke my leg! Or maybe a death in the family?? A long lost aunt or something? Nobody would suspect a thing!"

James clapped his hands together. "Perfect! One of those will work! Okay... now that that is settled, how about we get back to making love?" James said trying to cheer her up.

"Are you sure?? You want to be with me when I look like this??"

"Of course hun!" He said kissing her again but with a bit of tongue this time.

"Let's take it to the bedroom..." Alexandra purred but looked at the last of the leftover food, her belly letting out an angry growl as if it had still not had it's fill.

"But no food." James added in a serious tone. "I don't want a repeat of what just happened a few minutes ago."

"Yes... no food..." Alexandra added with a faux smile. She was just still so... hungry...
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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Trey and Katherine had both agreed that it would be best for her to call into work while she was going through this rather odd situation because what if god forbid, she had another episode while she was operating on a patient?

"So what do you think you're going to do with your time off?" Her boyfriend asked curiously.

Katherine smirked. "Well... I think I may just do a bit of shopping. I need to get some new outfits to showcase my new assets after all." She winked at her boyfriend.

"Sounds good to me. I can't wait to see what you pick up." He said running his hands over her body.

"Mmm... you keep doing that, we may just have to go have some more fun." She said with hunger in her eyes while playfully biting his lower lip.

"Mmm... I wish I could but I need to get to work... You can model them for me once I get home though."

"Mmm... sounds great hunny." She purred.

So that meant that Katherine was practically able to do whatever her heart desired. The one thing that had taken presidence over everything else now was shopping. She needed to buy new clothes to fit her larger assets, so why not get some enjoyment out of it?

"Here... Go ahead and have some fun today." He said offering her the black American Express card. "Go wild."

So that's how the first half of the week went for her. She'd see her boyfriend off, and then Argyle would drive her wherever she wanted to go.

She had spent a small forture on jewelry, new bras, showy tops, short skirts, short shorts, thong underwear and lingerie for her and her boyfriend to enjoy.

But she wanted more...

So she decided that on Wednesday she'd go all out.

She woke up around 8 in the morning to her boyfriend pawing at her healthy bare breasts and teasing her already erect nipples.

"Mmmfff... someone is in the mood this morning." Katherine purred. Trey did a little bit of foreplay and then immediately mounted her from behind.

They spent the next half an hour fucking like wild animals and then fucked in the shower again afterwards.

After their shower, Katherine decided it was time to weigh herself. She slowly approached the digital scale with apprehension and stepped on. As she peered over her large breasts she cery nearly gasped. She was knocking on the door of the dreaded two-hundred pound mark.

"198.7 LBS" To be exact.

She quickly walked to her large full-length mirror located in their bedroom and closely inspected herself.

She had gotten re-measured on Monday at the first shoppe that she had stopped in at seeing with utter joy that her breasts had graduated to a healthy D cup and were already severely overflowing the cups of her newest bras.

She had also noticed that she was getting noticably thicker everywhere else but especially in her lower half, now having to buy pants and skirts typically in a size 12. Her ass was beginning to form a certifiable shelf that melted into her ultra thick thighs and undeniably wide hips.

She inspected her abdomen next which was indeed covered in a noticeably thick layer of pudge that was beginning to curve outwards and barely hang over the band of her panties. It hadn't been there just a few short days ago.

"Hey ummm babe?? Do you think I'm getting fat??" Katherine asked in a cautious but also curious tone.

"Absolutely not sweetheart... You look phenomenal! I mean you may be a bit softer in the middle than before, but don't you worry about it okay? Just know that I'm loving your body and that new sex drive of yours!"

"Mmm... I am too... Why I waited so long in between fucking you, I'll never know... But just you wait til you get home... I'll have a few new surprises for you." She purred winking and kissing his cheek. Trey aggressively squeezed one of her asscheeks as they hugged causing her to quietly coo into his ear.

She knew she was roughly twenty pounds heavier than she was two days ago. She'd have to get measured again...

She chose to don a pink spaghetti strap and a white short skirt with cork platform sandals. She could already tell that her inflated body was pouring out of her new wardrobe. A generous amount of her larger, fatter cleavage was out for anyone with wandering eyes to see while a few inches of her barely bloated midriff was left exposed and just a hint of her asscheeks could be seen peeking beneath the bottom hem of her short skirt.

But for some reason, feeling that exposed was honestly turning her on and Trey didn't seem to mind it in the slightest.

As Katherine was seeing her boyfriend off she recieved a text from her friend Elaine.

Elaine-- "Has anyone figured out what is causing all of this yet? How are you guys doing?"

Katherine-- "Nope! Sorry babe! My boobs and ass are still growing, but Trey seems to love em and I'm gettin alot of attention wherever I go! ;). Love you! <3"

She quickly saw the responses from her other friends.

Alexandra-- "Nope, sorry hun. I really need to get this figured out. Things are getting out of hand... I'm turning into a fucking blimp." She added a face emoji at the end of her sentence that was seemingly holding it's breath with it's cheeks puffed out which could only mean one thing. Alexandra was still gaining weight...

"Hmmpphh... Fat ass... Can't keep her cravings under control..." Katherine said with disgust not even thinking about her own predicament.

Sandra-- "No... Nirthing yett... im still losing wirgut though but Ill kewp you postex."

"Jesus... Does she ever stop drinking?? Fucking drunk..."

Elaine-- "Okay, well we're still on for this Saturday at our usual spot right??"

Katherine quickly replied.

Katherine-- "Yep! I'll see you there! <3"

Katherine quickly entered into the back of the limo after Argyle opened the door for her.

"Thank you Argyle." She purred.

It took everything within Argyle not to stare at the zatfig version of Katherine that was approaching him. She had always had a lithe and semi-athletic look about her but not any more...

Now she was more of a walking, talking, voluptuous wet dream.

"Where to today miss??" Argyle questioned.

Katherine smirked. "Well I have alot of places to go to today, but I'm thinking first we go do some clothes shopping and then we'll stop at the Salon. I need a revamp!"

"Great choice Miss Bellini."

She first stopped at another clothing boutique to get another measurement. She nearly squealed out in joy when she found that her breasts had swelled once again to nice, full E's.

The only thing she chose to ignore was that she was now buying jeans and skirts in a size 14 or even a 16 and any shirts she bought would typically be a large depending on the manufacturer.

She had once again spent a small fortune on some bras, panties and outfits and she was ready for her next stop.

"Next stop... The Salon!!" She proclaimed wearing one of her new larger but much more comfortable bras.

She typically visited the "Chromatique Salon" three or four times a month to get her hair trimmed and restyled as well as pedicures and manicures so her and the owner who went by "Victoria" were on a first name basis. Victoria was about five years older than herself, but didn't look it. She was thin, beautiful, had impeccable style and had many men chasing after her.

Victoria had grown to really enjoy Katherine's company over the handful of years that Katherine had been coming there to get her usual mani/pedi and hair trim.

But today was going to be a little different...

Victoria tried to keep a straight face as she watched one of her best customers approaching the store in quite daring attire. Much different than the usual expensive blouse and slacks or sun dress she typically wore.

"Welcome back Katherine." The owner of the salon welcomed her with a Mimosa made from fresh squeezed oranges and high dollar champagne and finished off with a hug.

Victoria quickly sensed that something was amiss. The extra plush feeling of her body, especially in her chest region. Even her scent had changed...

"Aww... thanks Victoria!"

"Anything for one of my favorite customers! So what are we doing for you today? The usual french tips and a trim?"

Katherine smiled as she took a sip from the champagne flute. "No... I think I'm actually going to change it up quite a bit. Throw a curveball Trey's way."

"As you wish Katherine."

Victoria questioned all of Katherine's odd requests but accepted them, only questioning one specific request.

"You know... bleaching to the point of platinum blonde is going to be very hard on your hair... It's going to severely dry it out... Then your brown roots will be showing before you know it..."

"I know of the dangers... I just want it done." She replied flatly.

"Okay... just saying... I warned you..."

As the bleach sat in her hair, Victoria continued on with the rest of Katherine's requests trimming and coating her toenails and fingernails in a gloss bubble gum pink color.

Then Victoria set about carrying out a brazillian wax noting how much thicker her friend seemed than the last time she saw her which was only a few weeks prior.

"Maybe she's pregnant?"

She knew better than to ask that question to even one of her more personal customers.

As Victoria pulled the wax away from Katherine's snatch, Katherine's view was drenched in different shades of pink.

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Dity...slutty... materialistic..." Katherine responded just barely above a whisper.

"What was that?" Victoria questioned.

"Oh... nothing... nothing..." Katherine muttered. She actually didn't know what she just said either. It just seemed like a distant dream.

Victoria simply nodded as she took in the girls plush form. "Hmmm... her metabolism must be finally slowing down or she simply stopped caring... and those massive perky breasts of hers. There's no way those could be natural with how big they've gotten in such a short time... What a shame, she had such a naturally beautiful and elegant body..." She thought to herself.

A handful of hours later Katherine exited the salon completely hairless from the neck down with bubblegum pink nails, matching toe nails, noticably darker skin thanks to the use of a tanning bed and last but not least her beautiful chocolate brown mane had been bleached to a platinum blonde sheen appearing to be slightly fried from the noxious chemicals.

Victoria watched the girl walking towards the limo whose wider, thicker ass was swaying side to side with each step. Victoria shook her head out of a mixture of disgust and disbelief. "I didn't know Katherine was one of those types of girls that would get breast implants... Thought she was above such trivialities..." She refocused on the girls incredibly fleshy ass. "And when did she become such a fatass? She has to be pregnant... The Katherine I know wouldn't let herself go like that..."

As she approached the limo, Argyle remained in the driver seat not realizing that it was actually Katherine who was approaching.

Katherine sighed out of frustration and approached the drivers side door and tapped on the glass a number of times with her index finger causing her newly purchased bracelets to clink-clank against one another.

"Helloooooo Argyle?? It's Katherine! Can you open the door for me??"

Argyle quickly opened his door once he realized who it was.

"Oh my I'm so sorry Miss Bellini!" He said as he jogged towards the back of the car so he could open her door.

Katherine smirked. "Don't worry about it! Anyways, what do you think about the new me??" She asked twirling around.

"Wow... you look fantastic! Like a whole different person!" Argyle said eyeing her deep, plunging cleavage and making sure not to dwell on it for too long.

"Oh I'm just getting started..." She handed Argyle a piece of paper with an address written down on it.

"Victoria suggested I go there next to get done what I want to get done."

Argyle simply nodded in agreement curious as to what she was going to have done.

About twenty minutes later Katherine was stepping into a tattoo parlor swaying her hips with each step. A large, muscled man covered in tattoos and piercings greeted the scantily clad blonde.

"Well... welcome to "Skin & Soul Piercing and Tattoo". I'm Derek. What can I do for you?"

In the back of Katherine's mind she had to admit that while this man wasn't the type of guy she'd typically go for, that he was quite attractive. She wondered what he was packing beneath his loose blue jeans...

She decided to flirt a bit with him. "No harm in flirting with a guy as long as nothing else comes from it..." She thought to herself. She just loved being a tease...

"Well... I have quite an extensive list of things that need to be done and I want them done today to surprise my boyfriend. Think you can handle it?" Katherine asked sensually making sure to put extra emphasis on her bulging breasts as she leaned against the main counter.

"Hmmm I think I'm up for the task." Derek smirked as he eyed her juicy cleavage that practically poured from her top.

He started with her belly button marking the area with a pen where she stood. He noted that while this girls huge tits and fleshy ass were a thing of beauty, she didn't have all that much pudge in the middle which was a definite plus. Usually a girl with assets this big, carried a decent amount of extra weight everywhere else but not this girl. She would be considered "thick" at the very most.

"Okay, lay down here and we can get it pierced for you."

Katherine was understandably nervous as she had only ever had her ears done before so this was all incredibly new to her.

Derek was swift and smooth in his motions with his forearm resting against her padded abdomen for support, piercing her belly button with precision. As the needle passed through both layers of skin, Katherine heard a voice calling out in her head. It was her voice repeating one sentence over and over again.

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

As the sentence repeated in her mind, she failed to notice her whole body, including her breasts swelling a bit more... The cups of her new bra already beginning to overflow and the rest of her clothes were beginning to feel a bit more restrictive as she passed two hundred pounds in a flash and ended up a good five pounds north of that number...

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

Katherine shook the fog from her mind leaving a slight numbness behind as Derek left a small stud in her deeper navel after he had pulled out the needle. As he pulled his forearm from her abdomen, his brow furrowed. He didn't remember there being so much excess flesh there just a few moments ago.

Maybe he misjudged the blonde's weight... He was primarily focused on her enormous rack anyways...

"Okay, your belly button is done... How'd that feel?"

Katherine eagerly jumped to her feet and looked at herself in the full length mirror nearby striking a few poses.

"Oh it looks SO great, and I barely felt a thing!! Thank you thank you thank you!" She said in a bubblier tone, approaching him and wrapping him up in a tight hug, making sure to press her massive chest against him. Then as they parted, she made sure to run her hand along his crotch with a light caress of his outlined hardening shaft. Derek noticed that her nipples were erect and actually poking through the fabric of her bra and top.

"This chick has a boyfriend?" He asked himself.

"*Ahem* No problem... so what do you want to do next?" Derek smirked.

"Maybe my tongue next? I've heard it can provide quite a bit of extra pleasure for my partner... Whoever that may be..." She purred.

"Umm... yeah... It definitely can be! Now I will say that it is usually very tender for the first couple days and typically takes a week or so for it to fully heal."

Katherine could feel her sexual energy beginning to take over. Her mind was becoming clouded.

She couldn't wait to get home, surprise her boyfriend with all of the new hardware, darker tan and bleached hair. And then ravage him... But for now, she could play with this guy, give him a bit of a show.

"It'll be tender huh?? Well I'll put that to the test. Now if I could just find a test subject..." She purred looking directly into his eyes while biting her lip.

Derek was doing his best to ignore the blonde's obvious sexual advances. Not because he wasn't attracted to her. Quite the contrary as a matter of fact, but this was his place of business and he didn't want to shit where he ate. So he kept denying her advances, nomatter how sexy she was.

"Yeah... so as I was saying... It's best to eat soft foods or anything cold for about a week. That'll cut down on swelling and help your tongue heal faster. Now if you could..." He motioned to her mouth.

"Mmm well like, thank you Doctor Derek." She said stretching her tongue out in a sexual manner.

He first brought his pennington forceps to her tongue and gently squeezed her tongue with the tool.

"Okay, this is going to hurt a bit..." Derek mentioned.

He inserted a needle down through the tool and then through her tongue.

Her body swelled once again causing her already skin tight clothes to appear a few sizes too small now. Her tits not only overflowed the cups of her bra even more now, but her plumper body was causing excess strain on the bands as well. Her once only slightly rounded abdomen was beginning to become a legitimate starter belly as her weight increased to two hundred and eighteen pounds.

She found her inner voice returning as soon as the needle pierced her tongue. This time with more authority as it found her own prejudices against less intelligent women and used it against her.

She found herself internally repeating every sentence.

"Bimbos have big tits..."

(((Bimbos have big tits...)))

"The bigger the tits, the dumber the bimbo..."

(((The bigger the tits, the dumber the bimbo)))

The pain made her eyes water a bit, but the pain soon turned into a new higher level of arousal.

Instead of cry out in pain, she simply moaned and rubbed her thick thighs together.

"Jesus this girl is a fucking freak!" Derek thought internally.

"So how does it feel?" Derek asked.

"It feels like, sooo good!" She said with a slight lisp.

"It does?" Derek questioned looking curiously at his handiwork.

"Yeah... c'mere and find out." She said pulling him in and sliding her newly pierced tongue into his mouth.

He denied her advances for a split second but then gave in.

"This girl IS a freak!" Derek thought to himself.

After a few seconds, Katherine pulled away. "So now... how about my clit?" She asked flashing her big brown doe eyes at him.

"Hold on, let me just close up shop and pull the blinds while I pierce the next two things on your list."

"You mean three right??" She said hefting up her massive breasts with a smirk.

Derek went to the front of the store and turned the neon "OPEN" sign off. As he returned he smiled. The blonde was readily rubbing her thighs together.

"So where were we? You were like, going to pierce my pussy... right??"

"Consider it done." Derek mentioned simply.

He loved this job...

Katherine eagerly undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground revealing ultra thick thighs wrapped in a white thong that seemed to be cutting into her soft sides and just barely covered her swollen sex...

"So... how do you want me??" She asked in a breathy tone as she rotated revealing her fat ass that jiggled and shifted with every movement. She was the definition of a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl).

"Okay, *ahem* lay down on this chair here, put your feet into the stirrups, spread your legs and I'll get to work."

"Oooh kinky." She winked as she climbed up onto the chair and rested her juicy bare ass as far back in the chair as she could go. Derek was intensely watching her the whole time.

"This was too easy. Men were so easy to manipulate... I bet I could get this guy to do anything short of murder if I fucked him..." She thought to herself.

But she was a loyal girlfriend... She'd never betray Trey's trust because she loved him and wanted to spend her life with him...

"Okay... now ummm... spread your legs..." Derek instructed her struggling to stay focused.

Katherine did as she was told and slowly spread her thighs wide. Derek was suddenly hit with a strong aroma of berries and he soon realized it was coming from between the blonde's legs.

"Is that good enough for ya?" She breathed out.

"Ummm yeah... So I will tell you now, you need to wait to have sex until it doesn't hurt anymore. You'll just have to use your best judgement." He said as he readied the tools and began to insert the needle through the hood of her clit.

As the needle penetrated the skin, her internal voice echoed through her mind again and her body was further shifting.

Her breasts once again grew just a little, but her pussy decided to join in on the fun as well as her pussy lips stretched and swelled as Derek's fingers were working their magic on her slit, threatening to swallow his fingers as they began to wander away from the newest piercing...

"Mmmmfff... that feels so goooood. Don't stop..." She pleaded.

Her delectable pussy was drawing him nearer and before he knew it, his face was only a few inches away from her inviting slit. His tongue made one pass in her slit and he was overcome with a need to fuck this blonde.

He couldn't take anymore as he quickly dropped his jeans and freed his hard member.

Katherine gasped at the large piece of man meat that flopped from the restraints of his pants. She had never seen one so large. Nearly twelve inches in length and as big around as a soda can.

"Please be gentle..." She mewed.

"Shut up slut. You were the one that wanted it, so that's what you're going to get!" He said as he forcefully slid into her already sopping slit.

She cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he stretched her to new limits for the next hour and a half.

During that time, the same three words kept flashing through her mind...

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

As he came in her, her body once again softened ever so slightly bringing her up to a weight of two hundred and twenty seven pounds.

After their long sexually charged session, Derek finished with piercing her still erect nipples.

"So what do I owe you??" Katherine purred.

Derek put his hands up. "No payment necessary. I had more fun today than I have in a long time."

Katherine smirked and leaned over the counter. "Well... In that case I may just have to come back at some point." She said sensually licking the side of his face.

Derek smiled. "I'd like that."

And with that she exited the tattoo parlor with the fresh piercings in her tongue, nipples, belly button and clit. As she passed over the threshold of the double doors leading outside, she was hit with a feeling of guilt as her mind cleared with just a small amount of fog left behind that had taken over her mind for most of the day.

"What the fuck is wrong with me?? I didn't only ruin my natural beauty, but I just cheated on Trey..." She said to herself as her eyes began to glisten and then tear up. The pain was beginning to grow and throb in every area that had just gotten pierced. She sniffled a few times, wiped her eyes and put on her sunglasses to hopefully mask her sorrow.

"And I got even fatter?!?"

She felt like screaming at the top of her lungs...

After doing alot of thinking just within the short walk from the tattoo parlor to the limo, she decided that she would tell Trey about it. But not until after Trey and her would share some drinks and then have an unforgettable night of love making.

"If he loves me, he will understand... I'm not myself..." Katherine thought in an almost disparaging tone.

She approached the limo with an unsure look upon her face.

Argyle couldn't see much of any difference with the blonde aside from a new piercing in her belly button along with some noticable peaks where he guessed her nipples were located.

"Wait... was she that thick when she went in?" He asked himself as she was practically pouring from her larger clothes once again.

"So where to next Miss Bellini?"

Katherine let a sigh escape her lips.

"I think I'm done shopping for today but I do have one more stop I'd like to make at a floral shoppe. Then it'll be time to go home and wait for my boyfriend..." She said disparingly.

Even though she had just had some of the best sex of her life, she couldn't remember a time when she felt worse or more guilty. Yet she couldn't deny that she was already thirsty for more...

Once she arrived home, she grabbed a bottle of champagne and put it on ice, setting it up at the foot of their bed. She then placed numerous lit candles all around the bedroom and covered the bed in red rose petals with a trail leading just out of the bedroom. Next she decided to slip on one of her newest pieces of lingerie, which was a red laced bustier with matching garters, straps and a g-string.

It fit just barely... Her breasts were all but pouring out of the cups.

She looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. Excess flesh was pouring from every possible opening in her newly donned lingerie and a frown formed upon her face.

"Jesus christ... I'm the fattest girl in the group now... How can I face my friends like this??"

She decided to push that thought from her mind for the time being and focus on the task at hand since Trey would be home at any moment.

She finished with putting some soft music on that began playing through the whole mansion and then laid upon the bed in a sexually inviting pose.

A few minutes later she heard footsteps approaching the bedroom and in walked her boyfriend.

"Wow... You look... just WOW!"

Katherine silently took a deep breath and got onto all fours so she could crawl as seductively to the foot of the bed as possible.

"Well I'm glad you think so..." She purred.

She grabbed the bottle of champagne and poured him a glass.

"Here... you have some champagne while I take care of you." She purred as she unzipped his pants, slid them down and extended her tongue out to show her new piercing.

Trey nearly came on the spot.

She took his whole length into her mouth and partially down her throat, expertly massaging his shaft with the metallic ball. As her mouth massaged his dick, her mind began to cloud over again and her new persona began to take over.

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

Even when she had given head in the past, it was always amateur at best, she had had a terrible gag reflex so she couldn't take his whole length and she typically couldn't get him to cum but tonight it took all of two minutes before he filled her mouth with his hot seed.

"Mmm... I hope you'll like, be ready for round two once we finish this bottle..." She winked.

As they drank most of the champagne, Trey couldn't help but to stare at what his girlfriend had done to herself. She was like something straight out of his sexual fantasies. Then noticeably softer belly. Well... albeit a slightly more "plush" version of his sexual dream girl. But who was he to complain? His poor girlfriend had gone through some rather strange physical changes in the last four days that were completely out of her control. He couldn't hold that against her... He looked on at her impressive breasts with sexual admiration.

"Especially with a rack like that..." He thought to himself.

As they finished their champagne, they got down to business.

"Fuck me stupid, daddy..." She moaned as she presented her ass to him.

Trey swore it was the hardest he had ever been in his whole life. He could practically feel his member throbbing. His deepest, darkest sexual fantasies were basically coming true. He turned her over admiring how thick her ass had become for just a second, pulled the g-string to one side and slid into her. However he immediately noticed with some confusion that she was much looser than the last time they had made love.

As he continuously pumped into her, he could barely feel anything. Gone was the tight slit that his cock had stretched on so many occasions. The joke about rhe hotdog being thrown down the hallway flashed into his mind...

As he continued to pump into her, Katherine was going through some more mental changes...

"Ditzy... slutty... materialistic..."

"Unmotivated... Narcissistic... Exhibitionist..."

Trey was still swiftly and unsuccessfully thrusting in and out of his girlfriend still getting barely any sexual enjoyment.

He found that he was becoming increasingly frustrated... A feeling of insecurity was washing over him.

They tried a number of different positions. He had even tried choking her and pulling her hair which usually did it for him. After an hour, he was tired... bathed in sweat and his hard on had dissipated... He finally accepted defeat and laid down next to his girlfriend who rolled onto one side so she was facing her boyfriend.

"I'm so sorry hun... I know you went through all of this trouble for me, and it was very very sweet but I think I'm just too tired to really perform tonight..."

"Well it's totally okay! I actually like, had one amazing fuck earlier today!" Katherine said cheerily.

Trey perked up for just a moment. "Yeah I was more rested this morning..." Trey said almost apologetically.

"No... I mean like, the guy at the tattoo shop who did all of my piercings. He toootally fucked my brains out with his big cock!" Katherine giggled.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!??" Trey asked, his voice raising in volume yet cracking at the same time out of anger.

"Well like... he was hot and sexy and then after he like pierced my pussy, wanted to fuck my brains out so I let him. I don't see the problem..."

He could tell that her mentality had shifted again but he was too angry to care. "You. Don't. See. The. Problem??" He asked growing increasingly angry.

Katherine shrugged her shoulders slowly yet had the look of a puppy who had gotten into trouble. "Well no..."

"You fucking cheated on me!! That's the problem!!"

Katherine simply laid in place not knowing what to say until after a minute or two of uncomfortable silence spoke up.

"Well... I was just like, really really horny and so I thought it'd be okay if I like, fucked him since I don't love him... and I like, really really love you..."

"Whatever... I gotta get out of here and clear my mind for a bit..." Trey said as he got dressed, grabbed his jacket and stormed out.

Katherine laid there forca moment, heard Trey's car roar out of the driveway and then proceeded to pull out a large vibrator to finish the job that Trey had started.

Trey went to Dante's and ordered a scotch on the rocks. As he took his first gulp, he let out a sigh of satisfaction.

He knew that Katherine was helpless against the mental changes that were happening to her, but it didn't hurt any less...

Any way he sliced it, she had cheated on him...

He was alone with his thoughts for another hour before a rather plump and buxom blonde sat at the stool next to him.

"Hi..." She sweetly greeted him.

He simply grunted as he finished off his sixth glass of scotch.

"Oh rough night huh??" The girl asked.

Trey sighed. "You have no idea..."

"Well how bout I cover the next round and you can tell me what's bothering you. Looks like you could use someone to talk to..."

A half smile formed upon Trey's lips as he sniffled a bit.

"Thanks... my name is Trey by the way and yours??"

She smiled sweetly. "Jessica... Jessica Miller."
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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Sandy stirred in bed before completely waking up with one hell of a hangover and her asshole and pussy aching from the rough sex she had the night before.

She eagerly grabbed her pack of cigarettes from the night stand and lit up, seeing that it was already early in the afternoon. She only had a few more hours before she was supposed to meet up with the girls.

She looked over to see a bare assed Mandy still passed out next to Drew. It had been one hell of a threesome the night before. Especially after they had taken some Ecstasy and chased it with alot of alcohol. Sandy could only remember little snippets from the previous night. One in particular being that of Mandy and herself on all fours facing away from each other as they had inserted a double headed dildo into their moist slits with Drew filling Sandy's other hole.

"Time for some hair of the dog that bit me..." Sandy grunted snagging a bottle of vodka from the same night stand and taking a long pull from it with a satisfied sigh.

She found some leftover pizza from the night before resting within it's grease-soaked cardboard container and fished out a slice, taking a nice big bite from it.

Since Drew and her had their first sexual encounter, Sandy had been calling in sick to work claiming that she had a really bad cold. Originally, she was only going to take a few days off at the most, but once she had met Mandy, her priorities had dramatically shifted. Especially since both Drew and Mandy were practically living with her, tempting her at every turn and spending her hard earned money faster than Sandy could make it. If anyone were to look at her bank statements, one would think she had constant parties going on at her place with the amount of alcohol, weed and takeout she was buying.

But Sandy herself was enjoying this less responsible lifestyle as well.

Needless to say, it didn't take much coercion to get Sandy to call into work.

"Crime and slime will be there where I get back!" Sandy would tell herself to make herself feel better about skipping another day of work.

Most of her sick leave was spent drunk and drugged up with her head buried between Mandy's ultra thick thighs as Mandy straddled her face while Drew would have his way with her any way he wanted.

Sandy slowly made her way to the master bathroom to get cleaned up and then dressed, disregarding the absolute disaster area that her expensive apartment had become in just six days.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled brushing her newly dyed raven black hair from her face to reveal slight bags under her eyes, paler skin and narrower facial features highlighted by new jewelry that decorated her septum, eyebrow, and lower lip.

She should've been alarmed at the rate that she was still dropping weight or how quickly she was losing her tan, but nothing really mattered to her anymore. Just as long as she was with Mandy and Drew with a healthy collection of liquor, smokes and an assortment of drugs, she was happy.

"Y'know... for being hung over as fuck, I don't look half bad!" She said to herself.

She loved her newly sleek and lithe form, running her hands up and down her sides. Her small A cup breasts didn't even bother her so much now that she had more of a petite form to go with them. She even had a respectable thigh gap now which was something that seemed impossible to achieve just one short week ago as she had always been on the thicker side.

Since she had gotten reacquainted with Drew and then met Mandy, she had practically been living off of sex, liquor, cigarettes and a plethora of drugs with just a little bit of fast food mixed in. With living that lifestyle, she had lost a significant amount of weight dipping below one hundred pounds getting ever closer to weighing just ninety pounds.

At her short 5'2" stature, being below one hundred pounds felt amazing. She felt light as a feather. When she was nearing one hundred and seventy pounds back only a week ago, she had constant back pain due to her large breasts and would become winded fairly easily due to the excess heft that she had been carrying around. Not to mention the terrible chaffing that she'd get between her thighs whenever she tried to run for extended periods of time.

But look at her now...

She wasn't only exceedingly thin but she had still retained much of her original muscle tone which left her with a waifish but still relatively strong looking body.

Just the previous day she had gone to a clothing store and learned that she was now a size zero and Extra Small when it came to tops and she now posessed small, pert A cup breasts.

Speaking of clothes, between her constantly drunken state and wanting to show off her new form, she had gone on a shopping spree spending thousands of dollars on new outfits that showed as much of her porcelain skin as possible. She bought some dresses, leather mini skirts, midriff and cleavage baring tops and jeans that clung to every curve of her much thinner legs.

Today she had gone for an off the shoulder, low cut black dress that ended just below the curve of her petite asscheeks and finished off her outfit with some four inch heels.

She added some smokey eye shadow, mascara, dark shaded blush, and did up her plump lips in a dark blood red lipstick.

"Wait til the girls get a load of me! Alexandra's gonna fuckin' flip at all the weight I've lost!" She grinned.

By the time she had finished getting ready, she only had a few minutes to spare before she had to leave to meet up with the girls.

As if on cue, a naked Drew drunkenly stumbled into the bathroom and groped Sandy's ass from behind. "Damn babe... you look sexy as hell!" He said through a half open mouth that was clinging onto a lit blunt.

Sandy snatched the blunt from his mouth and took a nice long draw from it. "I know right??" She said looking at herself in the mirror.

"Where are you headed??"

Sandy smiled. "I'm off to meet up with my girlfriends for dinner and some drinks. It's something we try to do every Saturday."

"Oh cool cool. Hey ummm... we're about out of alcohol and smokes here and I'm a bit short on funds, you think you could..."

"Here." She said flipping him her credit card. "Go crazy and get whatever liquor and cigarettes you want. But don't go buying any boats or cars or any shit like that. Even my credit card has it's limits." She chuckled.

"Thanks baby. I'll have to make sure to properly thank you when you come back." He said wrapping his arms around her from behind, slipping his hard on beneath the bottom hem of her short dress and pressing it into the crevasse of her delicate derriere.

"You better..." She purred, flexing her ass muscles, clamping down onto his member.

"Ohhh... and there's another thing I might have to ask of you..." Drew said with some apprehension.

"What is it??..." Already getting nervous due to the fact that she was sensing his worry at asking.

"Well I... During our time together for the last couple of days I accidentally missed one of my probation meetings..."

"Oh Drew... you didn't??! Fuck! That's terrible!"

"Yeah... ummm... I was wondering... Do you think you could smooth things over with David Carpenter? I mean... He'd probably listen to you long before he'd listen to me..."

Sandy groaned out. She just hated talking to that toad and now she was going to have to ask him for a favor to help her fri- boyfriend out? She wasn't liking the idea... But what choice did she have?? She couldn't let someone she cared about get in trouble...

"Well... I can't promise anything, but... Maybe I'll go in tomorrow... See what I can do..."

Drew grimmaced. "Tomorrow?? That may be too late... Besides, I think David has Sundays off..."

Sandy looked at her phone and rolled her eyes seeing that it was closing in on the time the office usually closed. She was going to have to haul ass if she wanted to catch him. "Fuck! Fine! I'll go talk with him now... See if I can coerce him into letting your absence slip..."

Drew pulled her in for a tongue filled kiss. "Thank you babe! It means alot. Plus... I know you can be very persuasive when you need to be!" He said biting her lower lip.

"Oh... damn right I can be... But you'll owe me big time!"

"Works for me sexy!" He gave her a hard but playful slap on the ass causing her to playfully squeal. "Drew!!!!"

She flew to her office in record time due to her increasingly daring driving. The building was mostly empty at this time of the day. She took a few deep breathes as she knocked on David's door.

A gruff "Come in" sounded from behind the door.

David looked up from his desk and furrowed his brow, obviously leering at her thin, bare thighs and her scantily clad nearly flat chest. "Who the fuck are you??"

"Who the fuck do you think I am!?!?" Sandy asked in her familiar tone.

"Ahhh... Sandra Andrews???" He asked legitimately and pleasantly surprised when she nodded. "I didn't recognize you at first between the substantial weight you've lost, your new hairstyle and your choice of erm... attire and new umm... jewelry..."

"Yeah... I felt like changing up my appearance."

David made it more than obvious that he was undressing her with his lecherous eyes as he scanned her svelte body.

"Mmm... the weight loss has done you well, but you did lose your tits which is a real shame..."

"Yeah I'm real broken up about it..." Sandy said with heavy sarcasm.

"So what brings you in today on your day off?? Finally realized how much I turn you on?"

"Eww... fuck no..."

David obviously didn't like her harsh response and began packing his briefcase. "Well then what the fuck do you want?? I'm getting outta here for the weekend, so unless you wanna suck me off or something, get out of my way!" He said grunting as he got up to a standing position.

Sandy immediately stepped in front of him blocking his way. "I need you to say that Drew Wilson showed up for his probation meeting."

David smirked. He had her where he wanted her. "Wait... You want me to lie and break the law to help out a felon??"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah... that's right..."

"Why?" He asked legitimately curious.

"None of your fucking business! That's why!!!" Sandy barked at him.

"Woah... Now calm down beautiful... No need to get your thong panties in a wad." He said staring at her crotch as if he had x-ray vision.

Little did he know that she had actually gone commando today.

David smirked, his slightly yellowed teeth showing from between his pursed lips. "Well... that is a mightly tall order sweet cheeks... In order for me to do that... You're going to have to do ME a favor..." He said gently falling back into his office chair, never once breaking eye contact with the pale beauty as his hands traveled beneath the surface of his large desk. She next heard the sound of a zipper undoing itself.

Sandy cringed. "Ugh no way you fucking perv!!!"

As she was about to turn around to leave, David spoke up.

"Well... looks to me like poor Drew will be going away for quite some time then. What with Drew, missing his meeting and all and him being a repeat offender doesn't help... Guys like him typically get ten to twelve years..."

Sandy garnished a flask and took a long pull from it, feeling the alcohol numbing her worries.

Sandy felt her resolve dropping as she slowly walked over to his side of the desk, lowered herself to her knees and got between the fat man's thighs...



She was laying face up in bed, feeling the four babies putting pressure on everything within and around her womb. Her back ached, she constantly had to pee and her swollen breasts were hurting and full of milk. But strangely another feeling coarsed through her body... The feeling of being constantly horny and hungry. From the minute she woke up to the moment she fell asleep she found that she craved constant sexual satisfaction and the most fattening of foods to fill her gut with.

Her belly seemed to be growing at a very fast pace ever since the strange occurrence that had happened just the previous Wednesday in the bathroom. She had gotten checked out by doctor Miller just yesterday and it now appeared as though she was thirty weeks along.

She thought back to her second visit with Doctor Miller just the previous day...

"Well... I don't know how or why this is possible, but you are very nearly eight months along." He said shaking his head in disbelief.

"But I was only twenty weeks along just two days ago..."

"Yes I know... I've never seen anything quite like it... But on the plus side, the babies and you are very healthy and that is the most important thing!"

"Oh yay..." Elaine said doing nothing to hide her sour demeanor.

She was snapped back to reality by her husband entering the room.

Typically the two would be elated to see each other but the mood was rather tepid. Ever since Elaine's or "Ellie's" odd outburst in the restroom at her work just a few days ago and her sudden pregnancy and weight gain, things had been rather tense and awkward between the couple. Yet Fernando still made sure that Elaine was cared for. She was carrying his babies after all, (as far as he knew...)

Since the situation in the restroom, sex had been put on hold for the couple. Instead, Elaine spent all of her waking hours stuffing herself to hopefully fill her bottomless pit.

"Okay baby... I got everything you said you were craving. Jack In The Box tacos, Dairy Queen Oreo Cookie Blizzards, Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwiches from Chick-fil-A and Birthday Cake ice cream from Cold Stone."

"Okay... thanks..." She said utterly famished.

Fernando shook his head in utter shock. Her belly wasn't the only thing that was growing...

If his wife weighed almost two hundred and ninety pounds just a few days ago, he knew she had to easily weigh over three hundred pounds now between the four babies growing inside of her and her alarmingly powerful appetite that was being fueled by her arousal and her pregnancy.

Even though Elaine knew the deep fried food was going to make her gain even more weight, her belly rumbled out in a painful growl. She wanted it... She needed it...

Fernando placed all of the food down onto a tv tray that sat next to Elaine's bedside for easy access. She gave into her unbridled hunger and began chowing down on the food shoveling it in at an unfathomable rate which caused her to begin snorting almost like a pig... Small bits and pieces of food tumbled down her bloated front but she didn't seem to care.

Fernando looked on at the disgusting pig that his beautiful wife had become in just the short span of a few days. He had always preferred slightly more curvy looking women and before all of this insanity, that was exactly what he had in Elaine. But now... Three hundred pounds was pushing his limits of what he could handle.

However a weird sexual thought entered his mind as he noticed his raging hard on... Why was he more turned on at seeing her in this disheveled state than ever before?? She was practically gluttony incarnate and "Gluttony" was of course one of the mortal sins in Catholicism. But why did he want to fuck her more now than ever before?? He couldn't come up with a clear answer.

But he knew one thing... He still loved her and nothing would ever change that.

Elaine wasn't sure what the hell was happening. Sure she was constantly horny and hungry now, but food seemed to only stoke the fires.

She was struggling to reach for her bare slit thanks to her massively pregnant belly and excess weight. She sighed out in instant annoyance.

"Mmmm... do you wanna have a little fun before work babe?" Elaine purred.

Fernando nervously shuffled his right foot side to side. "Umm... err... Well... I have to get to work..."

Elaine pouted as she looked at the wall clock. "Awwww but it's only 8 AM. The restaurant doesn't open for another couple of hours. We could have a quickie!"

Fernando shook his head. "No... no... I have to drop the kids off at your mom and dad's first and then head to the restaurant to get everything prepared. There's alot more to do without you there... But I'll be back home before you know it..."

"Aww... well alright... I love you..."

Fernando half smiled. "I love you too hun."

Elaine continued feasting while Fernando grabbed the kids and made his way to his in-law's house to drop them off.

As Elaine finished eating the feast, she could tell that her nether regions had become slick with excitement. She slowly rolled to her side and opened up her nightstand, finding her large vibrator.

"Well... maybe I can reach down there with this..."

After a few unsuccessful minutes of attempting to pleasure herself, she opened up the nightstand's drawer and angrily threw the toy in. Just as she was about to close the drawer, she spotted a familiar business card.

"Roman Walker
Bail Bondsman

She felt her nether regions vibrate at the thought of having him between her thighs again...

She nervously called the number.

A few rings later a deep, smooth as silk voice answered her call.

"Hello. Roman Walker here."

"H-Hey... It's Elaine..."

"Elaine??" The voice on the other end questioned.

"Yeah... ummm... the girl from the club last Saturday..."

"The girl from the club?" He asked again.

"Yeah... ummm... We had some fun in that private booth at The Avalon."

His voice immediately changed pitch. "Oh hey... Yeah... I remember you. What's up gurl?"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd maybe want to come over and we could do a repeat of that night?"

"Shit yeah! I'm actually free right now. Where you at?"

"At my house. You can come here if you want." She readily gave him her address.

"Shit yeah! I'm about twenty minutes away. I'll be there shortly!"

She threw on the sexiest lingerie she could find which was a black lacey number. She immediately ran into a problem.

"Shit!!! It doesn't fit!! How could I be so stupid?!? Roman hasn't seen me since everything that's happened... and this sure as hell doesn't fit!" She said throwing the garters, stockings and teddy down onto the ground.

She instead grabbed her white terry robe that Fernando had gotten her after the most recent change and cringed at how tight it was already becoming. Especially around her breasts, belly and hips.

"Well this is better than nothing..."

She just hoped that her larger form wouldn't scare him away...

She next set about applying some makeup. Bold, red lipstick, smoky eye shadow, mascara and some blush. She looked at herself in the mirror cringing at how much rounder her face had become.

"Well... I guess this'll have to do..."

She slowly made her way downstairs and waited in the living room, lowering herself as slowly as she could onto the couch letting out a satisfied sigh once she was off of her feet.

Within a few minutes there was a knock at the door causing her to grunt as she slowly struggled to get up to a standing position and waddled towards the door all the while supporting her lower back with her left hand.

Elaine took a few deep breathes and opened one of the large double doors expecting the worst.

Roman's eyes practically popped from his eye sockets as they landed upon her much larger form which was plainly obvious beneath the Terry cloth fabric of her robe.

Elaine nodded slowly... "Well... that's all I needed to see to know how you feel. Thanks anyways..." She said as she began to close the door on him.

He swiftly stopped the door with his size thirteen foot. "Naw... I'm just shocked is all... I have no idea how the fuck you grew so fast but got damn! I think you look sexy as hell."

Elaine paused for a moment processing what he just said. "What!??..."

"Yeah... I like a woman who has lots of meat on her bones. Typically they are much better fucks." He said with a predatory smirk.

"Come in then!" Elaine quickly responded pulling him in and she closed the door behind him.

"So dis is yo place... Very nice. When I first saw you at the club. I had no idea you were this loaded." Roman said looking around and then paused once his eyes landed upon a photo of what he figured was her husband.

"So this is your man?" He said looking at a photo of Elaine and Fernando on their wedding day.


"Hmm... looks like a little bitch." Roman smirked looking upon the man that was only a few inches taller than Elaine herself.

"Well... he's a great father to my three kids..."

"Shiit... You've popped out three kids?" He said looking upon her body.

Elaine blushed as she untied the robe and let it fall to the floor. "Yeah... and I'm about to have four more..."

"Holy fuck!!" Roman yelled out as he took a few steps back. "How tha hell did I not see this at the club?!?"

"Well... You might want to sit down for what I'm about to tell you. I'll explain it as best as I can... Then you can decide if you think I'm completely crazy or not..."

"Okay... got any scotch?"

Elaine nodded. "Yeah I'll pour you some..."

Elaine went through telling him everything that had transpired up til now;

How she had always been a devout Catholic up until that fateful Saturday when they had met and she had never even thought of cheating on her husband... How her libido had seemingly exploded since that night and the guilt she felt about cheating on him was excruciating... How she immediately became roughly twelve to fifteen weeks pregnant with Roman's babies after their sexual tryst in the club... How she couldn't stop thinking about him... and how her husband couldn't satisfy her anymore...

Roman sat in utter silence for a few moments processing everything she had just told him. Maybe she was crazy, most latinas were... But she was still fine as hell.

He gulped down his second glass of scotch and scooted closer to Elaine.

"Why don't we move this upstairs?" He said brushing a few stray strands of her jet black hair out from her eyes and behind her ears.

Elaine nearly came on the spot at just that simple suggestion and nodded.

Upstairs Roman had laid her gently back on the bed and slowly slid between her juicy parted thighs. He was a much more passionate, gentle and caring lover this time around than he had been at the club.

The colors rushed into Elaine's view again leaving behind a completely dark world, void of anything. A voice called out to her from the seemingly endless abyss. "You just love cheating on your husband... don't you Ellie?"

"No... I... I love him... and my name isn't Ellie..."

"Sure it is... Ellie is a name perfectly fitting someone of your... *ahem* lower class..."

"My lower class? What do you mean by that?"

"Well isn't it obvious?? You love cheating on a man who loves you because it honestly turns you on."

"No... that's not... true..."

But as she denied the allegations she felt her thighs quiver and her pussy moisten.

"You have absolutely no ambition to do anything but lay on your back and pop out countless kids from numerous deadbeat losers."

"That's insane!! I would neve..."

She was interrupted by the voice again.

"Maybe you'll get as far as turning tricks to make ends meet but that's about as high as your ambitions will take you..."

"You're... err... wrong..." She sputtered out.

She saw herself... her old, thinner self standing before her, holding what appeared to be a ladle in her chef's uniform with the white jacket and black pants. Seeing her in her old form just made her feel... empty...

But as she continued to look at herself, she began to change... Her white chef's outfit was tearing itself apart. Her white jacket began to rip in certain areas leaving her bare, caramel skin visible until the jacket morphed to become a white spaghetti strap highlighting her bountiful breasts and smaller belly. The pants tightened around her already shapely legs and slowly lightened from the usual black to a bright, milky white. Light began to reflect off of their surface, showing that the material had changed resembling something similar to vinyl.

Then she heard one word repeated three times in a dreamy, mind numbing vibrance.




"Grow into the beauty you were meant to be..."

She watched on with excitement as she began to slowly fill with mass starting at her midsection and spiraling outwards to the rest of her blossoming body.

"Grow into the plus sized goddess of fertility you were chosen to become..."

She watched the clothes stretch and expand along with her inflating body. Her belly growing larger and heavier with every momentous second, beginning to hang lower on her frame, drooping towards her sex and propping her milk-filled bloated tits up upon it's rounded surface.

"Look at how rotund and sensuous you have become... Enjoy growing more beautiful with every pound... Enjoy pregnancy and all of the amazing sexual energy that comes with it..."

Ellie rubbed her thighs together deliciously feeling how large and beautiful she had become only becoming more excited at the thought of growing larger.

"B-but what about Fernando?? Won't he be upset when he finds out that I cheated on him and that I'm giving birth to someone else's children?"

"Oh Ellie... Ellie... Ellie... Of course he'll be upset with you. But you shouldn't worry your feeble little mind about that. Your sex-drenched mind is clouding your judgement... Making you think you should worry about getting caught fucking other men."

At the simple utterance of the last sentence, Ellie was hit with wave after wave of a near paralyzing euphoria.

And she awoke to Roman blowing his load inside of her. As his hot spunk flowed through her, her body swelled ever so slightly with extra mass, but her breasts along with her belly took the brunt of the expansion once again causing Roman to gasp.

"Holy shit bitch... You weren't kiddin! This is crazy as fuck!!"

"I told you so..." She sighed out in pure bliss.

"So what does this mean Elaine? I'm gonna be a daddy?"

"Mmm... yes daddy... and call me Ellie from now on... kay??"



"C'mon! Just one more minute!" James cheered his girlfriend on as she was struggling to keep up with the treadmills slow paced walk.

Alexandra sighed out as she saw her boyfriend jogging at a fast pace. Something that would've been easy for her only a week ago...

She could feel every part of her body jiggling and the underside of her belly was gently grazing the tops of her thighs with every laborous step. "I... fucking... hate... this!! I... fucking... hate... this!!!" She yelled out.

"Calm down hun! I promise, all of this hard work is going to pay off! You're almost done!"

Ever since James had witnessed Alexandra blow up right before his very eyes, he had been the most supportive and sweetest boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. He had stayed with her twenty four seven to keep her on point.

While her diet had to be greatly altered due to the fact that healthy foods would make her sick, he had discovered that he could cook up healthy foods and cover it in cheese or mix it in with white rice. Her most recent meal was marinated grilled chicken sprinkled in shredded cheese with white lightly buttered rice and diced peppers and onions mixed in with a good amount of salt and pepper. She seemed to enjoy it.

But there was one simple fact that Alexandra was continuing to deny. The fact that she now despised working out. She hated walking or "waddling" was a more proper term for it now and she couldn't stand lifting weights either. She found that the usual amount of weight she would typically lift felt heavier than ever before and found that she was only seeming to get weaker as time went on. And as of no surprise to her, while the dishes that James prepared for her were doing the trick of keeping her going, she found that they left her feeling empty and only wanting more... Something deep fried or sugar laden...

"Aaaand you're done!" James said in a cheerful tone.

Alexandra was gasping for air, she was bathed in salty, sticky sweat, her thighs were hot and she could tell they were chaffing.

"Okay... time for your weigh in!"

Alexandra did hate that James was making her go through this and she had thrown more than a few temper tantrums since starting this new routine but it was having some results.

She still couldn't see the digital readout over her belly or breasts though...

"Okay... it looks like you're down to 317.6 pounds! Down another half a pound from yesterday! Good job babe!" He said kissing the side of her sweat coated cheek.

"Yay... At this rate I'll be below three hundred pounds in a month or two..." She said in a heavily sarcastic tone.

James sighed. "Be positive babe. You haven't gained any more weight, and since you stopped eating unhealthy foods, you haven't had anymore of your ummm..."

"Fattening fugue states?" Alexandra snapped at her boyfriend.

James immediately kicked himself for ever coming up with that term...

"Well on that note... I think it's shower time. Do you want to go first?"

"Sure..." Alexandra sighed.

She used to love taking showers, especially when her boyfriend joined her, but since she had crossed the three hundred pound mark, the once spacious shower had become a little cramped. Or at least that's what she told herself to make herself feel better...

They had attempted it once since she had hit 322 pounds but it was a bit precarious. But still... they made it work. However James was adamant about taking showers separately.

Their sexual sessions had also taken a bit of a hit since then becoming much less romantic and lacking some of the passion and spark that their once amazing sex life used to have. Alexandra had become a bit of a "lazy lover" since a hundred pounds of blubber had further claimed her form. She used to be so flexible... so aggressive in the bedroom but now she was either laying on her back with James between her fat thighs or positioned upon her plush knees and bent over as James fucked her from behind... And the most troubling thing... She had yet to have an orgasm since the food and fuck session...

As she precariously stepped into the shower, she hit the hot water and soaked her sore muscles. She winced when her fingers brushed against the tender skin between her thighs and also the reminder than she had a healthy fupa beginning to form.

But as the soap coated her skin, she began to get utterly and undeniably turned on at the sensation as she gently caressed her new curves.

"Why is this turning me on so much??"

She eagerly kneaded her fattened tits, teasing her pinky sized nipples then traveled downwards to her multi-tiered belly making sure to hit the crease at her belly button separating her two rolls and then moved to her insanely inflated ass grabbing and smacking it causing her to bite her lower lip. Her pussy was beginning to throb.

She thanked her lucky stars that she had still retained some of her flexibility from her yoga days as she lifted her fupa slightly and ran her fingers between her nether folds...

"So... how was your shower??" James asked as he just finished preparing yet another healthy meal for his girlfriend.

"It was good... really relaxing." She said, a gentle smile forming upon her cuberic face.

"That's great hun... Well dinner is ready if you're hungry. That should hold you over while you're out with your friends."

"When am I not fucking hungry now?!?" She internally chastised her boyfriend.

"I'm going to jump in the shower. I'll be back out in a few!" He said giving her a gentle peck on the cheek.

She grabbed her plate of food. Grilled, marinated salmon with lemon chimichurri and more rice.

"Yay..." she said under her breathe.

She began chowing down finishing it within a minute.

She was an eating machine these days and nothing seemed to fill her bottomless pit.

"Flavorless... unfulfilling... boring..." She thought to herself.

Her belly roared out in anger acting as if her throat had been cut.

"Fuck... I'm still hungry..." She groaned.

She looked down the hallway where the bathroom was located, hearing the hiss of the powerful shower with a bit of steam escaping from the partially open door.

A daring thought entered her mind.

"I have ice cream in the freezer!"

She quickly grabbed a large soup spoon, waddled to the freezer, opened it up and there it was...

A brand new pint sized container of "Strawberry Shortcake Bliss" that she had purchased at an unknown time before James had shown up.

She grabbed the pint size container and ripped it open digging into it with a gusto with her large spoon.

If she ate fast enough, she could finish it before her boyfriend got out.

She kept shoveling it in, her naked right arm constantly moving to the container, then to her mouth and back again.

Swirls of pink engulfed her vision...

She awoke with her head facing the foot of a bed in a cramped bedroom she didn't rightly recognize with a large cake placed beneath her already halfway eaten.

She felt the familiar feeling of hands on each side of her hips and a strong, periodic thrust from behind and her mouth full of a sweet, sugary dessert.

"Mmm... oh yeah you like that don'tcha fatty?!!"

She recognized the sensation and the voice. It was George. He had been fucking her from behind as she readily stuffed herself silly.

She leaned down and took another large bite...

"You don't care how fat you get do you??"

"I don't care how fat I get..." She heard herself say through a stuffed mouth.

She looked down at herself feeling her multiple chins clashing against themselves and her enormous chest. She looked down to her hands noticing that they were bound by pink, fluffy handcuffs barely done up because of the sheer circumfrence of her doughy roll encased wrists...

Something large and obtrusive was perched over her nose. Between it's light pink exterior, plastic scent and slightly cylindrical shape she immediately recognized what it was. A pig's snout...

She looked at her forearms noticing that they could easily double as someone's thighs. The fat from her biceps were flooding over onto her beefy forearms in layers.

Then she noticed a video camera set up on a tripod in front of them, showing everything it was recording on a tv screen. She was larger than any woman she had ever laid eyes on before. At least six hundred pounds...

But she noticed one more thing beneath the icing and plastic pig snout and ears. A beaming smile and utter nirvana painted upon her nearly spherical face.

She awoke to her spoon hitting the bottom of the empty container. She had eaten it all...

She moved as quickly as someone her size could move and discarded any evidence as to what she just did and cleaned her face up not noticing that she was carrying an extra fifteen pounds upon her frame erasing all of the hard work she had done over the last five days.

She knew she was fat and that it was wrong to betray her boyfriend, but a new feeling hit her. She simply didn't care... She was fed up with diets and working out. She just wanted to enjoy life.

Her next obstacle was finding something stylish to wear which was becoming increasingly hard for someone of her size at her usual clothing boutiques. But luckily she had Amazon at her fingertips. Shortly after her fattening fugue state had plumped her up to 322 pounds, she had ordered clothing in a size 22 and 2x shirts. At the time most of the articles had been slightly loose. She had cringed at some of the words she read as she bought the clothes. "Tummy control, body shaping, ultra supportive, elastic..."

James had told her to buy mostly concealing clothing that helped hide her problem areas, however she had found some other articles that caught her attention which she just had to buy.

She grabbed a cute black dress and slipped it on over her head. The top dipped down low giving her ample amounts of pale, freckled cleavage from her large F cup breasts thanks to getting sized for a new but already snug bra. The middle section clung so tightly to her flabby midsection that rhe indent where her belly button was was fully visible and the bottom hem just barely hid her massive asscheeks and left her thick thighs completely exposed. She turned around and looked at herself in the mirror causing the bottom of the dress to flare out and expose that she was wearing nothing more than a red g-string. It didn't even bother her that the dress seemed to fit her just right now...

A sight that had disgusted her just a day ago now brought her some joy.

"I actually look pretty damn cute in this..."

She waddled out of the bedroom and into the living room where James was sitting on the couch.

"Okay, I'm going to go meet up with my friends..."

He looked at her with a questioning glance. "You're going to go out... wearing that??"

Alexandra smirked. "Look... I may be fat now but I still think I'm beautiful. You think I'm still beautiful... right??"

James found himself stuttering over his words. "Ummm... yeah..."

"Well then... Will I be seeing you when I get back??" Alexandra asked giving him a quick peck on the cheek.


"Well... you better be up when I get back. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now and pretty horny. I might want to have some fun when I get back." She winked.



Things had been rather tepid around the house since Trey had found out that Katherine or "Katy" as she liked to be called now had cheated on him. Luckily a small part of Katherine had returned after a day or so, but it seemed as if Katy was beginning to seriously take over her persona. She was noticably more bubbly, carefree and airheaded...

He had tried to forgive her but his heart had been shattered into a million pieces. Every time he'd think about forgiving her, a picture of a large muscled, tattooed guy spreading his girlfriend's thighs apart would pop into his head.

Trey buried himself in his work and practically only came home to shower, work out and change doing everything in his power to avoid his girlfriend. At least until he could get his feelings under control.

Even when Katy had tried to apologize to him time and time again.

"I'm like, SO sorry babe... Please, can we just like, forget that it ever happened. Katy is taking over hun... and there is nothing I can like, do about it..."

Her attempts at an apology had led to an argument once again as he simply couldn't take someone seriously that talked the way she did now.

"Please... look at me... Katherine is... I'm still in here..." She struggled out.

Trey looked at her pleading eyes. Even her eyes looked different. More glazed over... Their usual sharpness gone, sunk into the abyss of her less intelligent gaze.

She approached him and attempted to wrap her fleshier arms around him.

He almost gave in, but at the last minute threw his arms up. "No! No! I'm sorry... But all I can see when I try to look at you and forgive you is that tattoo artist fucking you... and you wilfully taking it!"

Katy's eyes began watering and it appeared as though she was about to start sobbing. But as soon as the tears appeared, they had all but dried up. Her eyes flashed a few times and a smirk began to form upon her face.

"Well... how bout a titty fuck instead?? I promise... You'd like, toootalllly loooove it! Especially with my bigger boobies!" She said pressing them together.

He just shook his head and turned away from her.

How he just wished he could have a serious, in depth conversation with her. But that was neigh impossible with the way she was now. It seemed as if every time he tried to have a heart to heart conversation with her that Katherine would almost zone out and Katy would take over. He was afraid that she'd never return to normal...

He had suddenly received a text from a number labeled as "J.M".

"You feel like grabbing a bite to eat and delving into some more conversation tonight?"

He thought back to the scotch that he had ordered at Dante's just earlier that week after finding out that she had cheated on him. But his mind almost immediately traveled to the stunning blonde who had listened to him for the better part of a few hours. It was the happiest he'd been since all the strange goings on had started.

Trey- "Yeah... just give me about half an hour. We could meet at "The Cast Away" this time."

J.M.- "Okay sounds great! I will see you there!"

Jessica was her name. She was sweet, caring and rather intelligent. All things that Katy used to be...

He found himself comparing the two. They were both incredibly beautiful in their own ways. Katy was undeniably more curvy than Jessica, but at a steep price. Excess pudge was beginning to settle in the center of his girlfriend's hourglass shape causing her abdomen to balloon outwards more than Trey truly cared for and was already thick, knocking on the door of being considered legitimately chubby. Jessica on the other hand was probably a good thirty or thirty five pounds lighter than his girlfriend with quite the impressive chest, a very voluptuous derriere and a tummy significantly flatter than Katy's currently was. She had honey blonde hair with a natural looking tan where as his girlfriend now had the obviously bleached platinum blonde hair and a dark, obviously fake tan which was his deepest fantasy after all. But maybe that's all it was... a fantasy. Did he really want to live with someone like that 24/7?

He thought about the conversation Jessica and he had shared, talking almost like old friends.

They talked about what was bothering him.

"So my girlfriend... She's changed..."

Jessica patted the man's strong back.

"Changed... how??"

He felt himself opening up more than he had ever planned to with this girl, who by all definitions was still a stranger. "Well... She's bleached her hair, got a fake tan and erm... become more voluptuous... She's also gotten some other work done too like piercings and what not... and I mean... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that part but her personality has changed as well and that is honestly the part that bothers and scares me..."

"Changed?? How so??"

Trey decided to play his hand close to the chest, and not fully divulge everything or else she'd probably think he was crazy. "Well... She used to be one of the smartest and kindest people I knew, but then she began gaining weight mainly in her breasts and rear and her sexual appetite seemed to explode. Things seemed great at first since I have always liked very well endowed women, but then things really took a turn when just earlier today I came home to find that she had bleached her hair to a platinum blonde, did some fake tanning, gained more weight and got a few new piercings. At first she was terrified of the changes but now... Now it's almost like she's welcoming it. It's as if her mind is trying to match it... She's acting significantly more scatterbrained, less intelligent, she's become incredibly selfish and she has spent nearly ten grand on new more revealing clothes, jewelry and other various things within the last few days... TEN GRAND!"

"Wow... ten thousand dollars?!?" Jessica gasped.

Trey nodded. "Mhmm... and I haven't even told you the worst part... she cheated on me just earlier today..."

Jessica softly touched his hand with her well manicured one, comforting him as his eyes began to tear up. "Aww... I'm sorry Trey..."

"I... I was going to propose to her on this surprise getaway cruise that we were supposed to go on coming up but now... now I'm not so sure if I want to take her..."

Jessica sighed leaning more towards her new aquaintance. "Well sometimes people just change, or a significant other outgrows the other one instead of growing together... I've seen it happen many times over... Maybe you've just outgrown her?"

Trey chuckled drunkenly. Erin was strangely making alot of sense. But he still loved Katy and he didn't want to give up on her that easily. "Yeah... maybe you're right???"

After a while, they moved onto funner conversations; What both of them did for professions; Trey being a cardiothoracic surgeon at UCLA...

Jessica immediately perked up. "Oh no way!! I'm actually doing my residency at MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center!"

"Oh! Very nice! So you're beautiful and intelligent. A rare combination these days." Trey smiled as he took another gulp of his expensive scotch. He knew he was flirting with the girl, but what was the harm?? His girlfriend had cheated on him. There was nothing wrong with a bit of flirting.

"How do you like working there anyways?"

Jessica furrowed her brow. "It's okay... I mean it certainly isn't the best in California, and the doctors there can be real assholes if I can be totally and completely transparent. They treat me as if I'm some token blonde bimbo..."

Trey was contemplating something that he may regret later. "Well... I have quite a bit of pull at UCLA... I could possibly pull some strings and file a transfer to get you under my own personal tutelage."

"Oh my god... Really?? That would be phenomenal! Thank you thank you thank you!!!" She said happily hugging him tight and making sure to press her voluptuous bust into his chest.

"Ummm... erm... any time!" He finally said.

Trey found himself spacing out as he finished his replay of that night. He had to start getting dressed for their meet up.

As he snagged a high dollar suit from his walk in closet, Katherine exited the master bathroom and had entered the bedroom completely naked still dripping from her shower.

Trey took in the amazing view of his girlfriend's very exaggerated hour glass. She may have had a bit of a starter belly now but...

those thick thighs that rubbed together all the way down to her rounded knees...

those ultra wide hips that swayed with every laborous step......

those massive breasts of hers that seemingly regardless of how large they got continued to defy gravity.........

and those jutting, thick asscheeks that Trey could picture himself burying his face into............

She simply oozed sex appeal...

He could feel himself hardening as he stood there. In his mind, he compared her form to that of the famous Anna Nicole Smith (at her heaviest weight of course).

She saw him oogling her body and she smirked.

"Like what you see big boy?" She asked in her bubbly new tone.

He forcefully grabbed her by her plush hips and pushed her onto the bed. As she crawled up towards the head of the bed, she stuck her meaty ass up in the air swaying it back and forth waiting for her boyfriend to have his way with her.

"So you've like, forgiven me then??" She asked.

Trey stopped dead in his tracks. He hadn't forgiven her... He had simply been sucked in by her pure sex appeal. He simply grabbed the rest of his attire and began his exit from the room.

"I'll be back later..." He stated flatly without looking back and quickly walked out of the bedroom.

Katy just laid there and let her bottom lip hang in a disappointed fashion for a few moments.

"Fine... I'll like, get myself off?"

She reached under the bed and fished out a rather large case that contained a toy that never would've fit inside the old Katherine.

After a few minutes she had orgasmed and continued to get ready.

"Well... that was like, sooo much better than Trey could do these days anyways..." She reasoned.

She first decided on a size 18 bubblegum pink party dress with matching four inch heels and large gold, diamond encrusted hoops that were at least a couple inches in diameter.

She paid it no mind that she was practically poured into and overflowing the size 18 dress. Her tits tested the limits of the top and her ass was practically hanging out of the bottom, but instead of being horrified or embarassed by how much skin she was showing, she simply took her reflection in a seemingly drunken, pleasure-filled fervor.

She next set about doing her makeup and hair. She chose lipstick that nearly matched the color of her dress and expertly applied her makeup in thick layers as if she had been doing it this way for years. Her eyelashes were impossibly long and thick, the lipstick she had applied actually made her lips appear thicker. "Perfect for giving blowjobs..." She smirked. Then she styled her hair in gently cascading, sunsoaked waves.

As she finished with everything, she looked at herself in the mirror once more. "Wait til the girls see the new and improved me... They're like, totally going to shit."

As she was admiring herself, she showed no signs of worrying about what her boyfriend was up to. He had just reached the restaurant and his eyes immediately fell upon Jessica and his jaw dropped.

"How is she even more beautiful than last time??" He asked himself.

This girl was going to be trouble...
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

Postby Jockskent » Sat Sep 04, 2021 1:44 pm

Well dang. This is good. Really good... Now you've got me hooked for what happens next!
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

Postby audipwr87 » Sun Sep 05, 2021 9:25 am

Jockskent wrote:Well dang. This is good. Really good... Now you've got me hooked for what happens next!

Thanks Jockskent! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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Katy was the first to arrive at Dante's and was swiftly halted by the maître d'. The same maître d' that had seated her dozens of times before, but today he was giving her a very questioning glance due to the daring outfit she was wearing. "May I help you?" He asked with a snotty disposition.

Yet Katy was too dim to pick up on his attitude.

"Yeah... ummm... me and my girls would like our usual table. It should like, be under Bellini for four."

The maître d' gave her another curious glance. "You are Katherine Bellini... The same woman who has been coming here for the last few years?"

Katy clicked her tongue. "Ummm duh! I mean... I go by Katy now but yeah... that's me!"

"Let me see your I.D..." He said still doubting that it was actually her.

She pulled a small pink leather Coach wallet from her matching Coach purse and handed him her I.D.

He focused on her photo and looked at the woman before him. She looked nothing like the Katherine he had seated multiple times before. For one she was blonde when he knew the real Katherine was a brunette. Plus she was at least a hundred pounds heavier than the last time he saw her which was only a week prior. She now had massive but still undeniably perky breasts. And this girl dressed like an absolute slut... Clothes that the old Katherine would never be caught dead in. But still... he couldn't deny that regardless of the rounder visage, he could see remnants of the old Katherine laying beneath the surface. "Give me just a moment, won't you?" He pulled up her customer profile and looked at the phone number, secretly dialed the number on the phone in front of him and hit the green button. Within a second, the zatfig blonde's phone went off within her bubble gum colored purse causing her to dig for it. "Well like, isn't that funny?? You're talking to me right now but the restaurant is like, calling me!" She giggled wildly.

He rubbed his eyes a few times as he tried to retain his professional demeanor. "Yes... very funny..." He replied flatly. This girl was far from being the sharpest tool in the shed. Much different from the mentally astute Katherine he remembered. "Erm... okay Miss Bellini, right this way..."

He seated her at the girl's usual table with some water and a high dollar bottle of wine. A few moments later the first of her friends showed up.

It was Sandy and it took everything in Katy's power not to let her jaw drop.

Katy arose from her seat and approached her severely altered friend giving her a hug.

"Holy fuck, is that really you Katherine?!" Sandy said loud enough for a quarter of the restaurant to hear.

"I was like, about to ask you the same thing!" The stacked blonde motioned to her friend.

"But yep, it's tooootally me! Oh and just call me Katy from now on kay? It seems like so much more fun! Katherine is just like, a boring old person's name!" She said in a bubbily tone as she went in for a hug causing Sandy's face to press directly into her friend's massive cleavage which Sandy honestly didn't mind...

As their hug parted, Katy had some comments of her own. "So what the hell happened to you?? Like, have you been starving yourself?!? I mean... You look super hawt with the black hair, the piercings an all that. Like a super tiny, goth version of yourself! But... I feel like I'm gonna totally break you in half!" She giggled.

Sandy sat down across from her friend taking in her friend's heavily exaggerated hourglass form that was poured into the pink dress. "Thanks. You look damn hot too! I mean... You're blonde now and SUPER thick. And I mean... those tits... and that ass!! You look fuckin' hawt!"

"Thanks babe." Sandy smiled. She happened to notice a metallic glistening coming from inside her friend's mouth.

"Ummm... Katy?? Do you have a tongue piercing??!"

Katy smirked and stuck her tongue out. "Yeah! I dunno why I waited so long to get one. I absolutely love it and Trey certainly don't have any compaints either! I also got myself some nipple piercings and a piercing in my clit!" She said winking.

Sandy smiled as she poured herself a large glass of wine and took a few large gulps. "No shit!?! I have my tongue and nipples pierced now too!" She said pulling her top down to show off her pierced tits and stuck out her tongue.

Katy giggled. "Oh my gawd you slut!!" She said playfully.

Sandy smirked. "You have no idea." She smirked biting her lower lip.

Before they could delve anymore into what had happened to them over the past week, Elaine and Alexandra entered the restaurant almost at the same time.

"What the..." Sandy replied looking at the two bloated girls approaching them at a slow waddling pace.

Sandy felt her pussy quiver and moisten at the look of her two now much larger friends heading her way.

Elaine looked significantly fatter, holding her massively spherical belly with one hand while supporting her lower back with the other almost as if...

"Is Elaine... pregnant?!??" Sandy choked out.

"I think so??... She looks like, totes knocked up!... and fatter too!"

Then their eyes landed on a neigh unrecognizable Alexandra due to how much she had blown up within the last week. She looked like a genuine couch potato who never spent a single second of her life working out.

Sandy had to admit, Alexandra looked damn hot at her new size. She didn't look nearly as intimidating. If anything, now she looked like a bit of a softie.

Sandy and Katy had quickly gotten up from their seats and eagerly welcomed their friends while fighting their new perspective personalities not to judge them.

They all nearly gasped at the extremely daring outfit that Elaine had decided to wear. She was usually so... dumure and straight laced. But today she was in a low cut white mini dress that put her massive, vein laced J cup breasts out on display, as well as highlighting her near treetrunk like thighs with the short hem, and even gave a healthy peek at her swollen stretchmarked belly with open slits on the sides of the dress.

As each one of them hugged Elaine, they could all sense a hardness in her stomach.

"Elaine... are you...??" Alexandra paused as she grabbed Elaine by her sides.

"Pregnant?? Yeah... It's great isn't it?" A smiling Elaine gushed in a slightly heavier accent than the girls were used to.

"Well... Elaine... You look good... And you're glowing..." Alexandra added.

"Thanks Alexandra." She said smiling. I honestly can't believe I'm saying this, but I love the feeling of being pregnant now... It's honestly kind of a turn on..."

"How??!?... When?!?" Sandy questioned.

She took a deep breath as she knew what kind of questions her next answer would raise. "Well... I first noticed something when I had some fun with a guy at the club last weekend..."

"You cheated on Fernando?!!? With who?!?" Alexandra asked again.

"Mhmm... With a large muscled dark skinned hunk named Roman..." Even now, she could feel her nether lips moistening and she was slightly worried that she didn't feel all that guilty about it...

"How far along are you???" Katy said rubbing her belly without her consent.

"Ummm... a little over eight months along now with quadruplets going by what my doctor told me..." Elaine said rubbing her belly as a kick interrupted her train of thought and sent a wave of pleasure directly to her slit.

"QUADRUPLETS?!?!" The girls said almost simultaneously.

"Quadruplets?? What's that mean??" Katy asked curiously.

"Yeah... four babies Katy..."

"What does Fernando think?? I'm sure he flew off the handle..." Alexandra responded.

"Ummm... He thinks they're his..." She said looking down towards her midsection.

"Well... Enough of that... Let's get you off of your feet Elaine. They gotta be killing you! Then we can continue talking." Sandy offered trying to diffuse the slightly tense situation but also feel her friend's expanding body. Why had she never realized how sexy Elaine was before today?

They all sat back down after greeting each other.

"So... Alexandra... you look so... umm... good..." Sandy said trying to mask the shock she was currently experiencing from seeing her once fit friend become specifically what she used to despise.

"What are you like, talkin about?? She's a fuckin whale! Are you like, expecting too?" Katy giggled.

Alexandra couldn't deny that she was finding a bit of enjoyment from her friend's berating comments. "No... I'm not, Katy..."

Elaine groaned. "Oh my god... shut up Katherine!"

Katy pouted. "Sorry! I just like, couldn't help myself... This new mind of mine is tootally taking over... and it's "Katy" F.Y.I!"

Alexandra half smiled and then sighed as she grabbed a breadstick from the center of the table. "Yes... I know I've gained some weight... But it's okay y'know?? I actually don't mind it as much as I thought I would..."

"H-how much weight have you gained??" Sandy asked her.

"Umm... about one hundred and fifty pounds... maybe a little more??" She said feeling slightly embarassed that she was getting turned on at the thought...

"A HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS?!?" The girls responded, each one absolutely shocked at the number.

Sandy nearly came on the spot at the mention of how heavy Alexandra was now. She wanted to know what it'd feel like to be underneath all of her friend's newfound heft.

"Jesus! That must be like... As if you gained a whole nother you!! How does it like, feel?? Totally gross I bet." Katy giggled again.

"Honestly, I've never felt better as strange as it sounds..."

"And what does James think about it?" Elaine asked.

Alexandra shrugged. "Eh I'm not sure to be completely honest. I mean, he's been very supportive and he's been trying to help me lose some of the weight I've gained... But a part of me thinks he's disgusted by it though... We're not having sex nearly as often as we used to..."

"And what about you Sandy? Looks like whatever you lost, Alexandra totally found, and then some!" Katy giggled again.

"Yeah... I'm actually under a hundred pounds now and I feel great!" She said polishing off her second glass of wine, pouring herself a third. "My boyfriend seems to love the new me..."

"A new boyfriend huh?? What's his name?? What's he like?" Alexandra asked gushing.

"Well... his name is Drew and he's handsome... Umm... He has long hair, tattoos, and wears alot of leather..." She decided to leave the whole "On probation" thing out of it... She took another swig of wine.

"Long hair and tattoos?" Elaine asked. That really doesn't sound like the type of guy you'd typically go for..."

"Well... I did and he's been great and so has Mandy!" She blurted out without really thinking before slapping a hand over her mouth and turning a bright shade of crimson.

"Mandy?!? I never knew you were into girls..." Elaine added.

"Well... I didn't realize it until a few days ago... Probably had something to do with all of the weird changes..." Her demeanor suddenly shifted from slightly docile to fiery and confrontational. "So what if I am?!? Is there a rule against that?!?" Sandy asked defensively.

"No... Not at all... Just more of a shock is all..." Elaine offered.

"And how about you Katy?? What does Trey think about the "new you"?" Sandy asked.

"Well I think he like, loves my big tits and fat ass... But the problem is he like, can't satisfy me anymore... So I fucked the tattoo shop guy who has a much bigger cock!"

"Wait... You cheated on Trey?" Alexandra questioned.

Katy dimly nodded. "Mhmm... But it's alright, I got like twenty bucks off of all the piercings I got done!" She said excitedly.

"Well what did Trey say when you told him? Please tell me you told him..." Alexandra continued.

"Yeah... He kinda like, lost it."

"Well wouldn't you if he cheated on you??" Alexandra asked.

Katy grinned. "Like he ever would! He knows how good he's got it with this new sexier body of mine!" She said in an egotistical tone.

***At The Cast Away restaurant***

Trey was nervously fiddling with his glass of scotch as he waited for Jessica to show up. Many questions flashed through his mind as he was alone with his thoughts...

"Is this cheating?"

So much had changed in just the span of a week with his once perfect girlfriend...

"Is Katy... Er... Katherine the same girl I fell in love with??"

"Should I continue spending time with Jessica??"

His question was soon answered as his eyes landed upon the blonde beauty he was going to be spending the afternoon with.

She was even more beautiful than last time... It appeared as if she had dropped another twenty or so pounds, but none of it seemed to come from her bouncing breasts or astounding ass. She had appeared like a bright Phoenix in a red figure hugging cocktail dress that left much of her bountiful breasts and shapely thighs on display.

"Well... I'd ask how I look, but it appears as though your eyes, jaw and tongue have already answered that for me..." She laughed in an innocent giggle as she delicately placed herself upon the barstool next to him.

Trey flagged down the bartender. "A scotch for my friend here. Put it on my tab."

"And keep that tab open. We're going to be here for awhile..." She added with a wink.

"So... have things gotten any better between you and the misses?"

Trey paused for a moment and sighed. "No... they've gotten worse..." He said before taking a long swig of his drink.

"Well... do tell! I'm all ears." Jessica purred.


Before the girls could talk any more, the waiter came over and began taking their orders.

Sandy started first. "I think I'll just have the garden salad with light Italian dressing... and can I get a whiskey on the rocks??"

Alexandra could feel her belly rumbling as the waiter went around the table. The wait was excruciating...

Katy went next. "Mmm I think I'll like, have the Fil-let Mig-non with grilled garlic pamesan green beans and roasted potatoes." But she pronounced filet mignon just as it's spelled... The waiter did everything to keep his chuckle under wraps.

"It's pronounced fuh-lay muhn-yaan you ditz!" Alexandra poked fun at her friend from across the table sounding out every syllable.

Katy blushed from her mess up. She used to be so sharp... But all of that was in the past...

Elaine was next. "I think I'll go for the grilled chicken pasta, with mashed potatoes on the side and a lobster roll."

Last but not least was Alexandra. She excitedly rubbed her hands together. "I think I'm going to get the lobster roll with extra butter, bacon wrapped scallops, crab cakes, the chicken pasta, but instead of the grilled chicken, can I have it crispy with extra sauce as well, garlic mashed potatoes on the side in place of the grilled vegetables and then for dessert... how about a hot fudge sundae, extra hot fudge!!" She said licking her lips, feeling her slit becoming moist as she thought of the impending feast.

The girls sat there in silence, shocked at the amount of food that their once athletic and diet conscious friend just ordered.

Katy's eyes immediately snapped over to her rotund friend. "Jesus Alexandra... eating for like, five?!? At least Elaine has an excuse. She is literally like, eating for FIVE!"

"Katy!!" Sandy snapped at her friend. "One more snide remark like that and I'll make you eat your words!!" She growled while balling up her fists.

Alexandra was fighting intense bouts of euphoria. All of this sexually charged trash talk about her weight was beginning to drive her wild...

Alexandra brought her hand up to calm her thin friend, while the other simultaneously slipped beneath the table and traveled between her thighs... "No, it's okay Sandy... It doesn't really bother me. Besides I know I'm eating things that I shouldn't be... and alot of them. I just really don't care anymore and I'm really really hungry..."

"Hey... it's okay hun. We know it's out of your control..." Sandy said patting her friend's soft hand.

"These changes are out of control for all of us..." Elaine said feeling another baby kick, causing her slit to practically pulse.

"Speaking of "out of control", looks like your belly is trying to break free Katy..." Sandy laughed while taking another big gulp of wine. "How much do YOU weigh these days Katy? You have to be easily over two hundred pounds now!"

Katy pressed down on her massive F cup breasts, trying to see her midsection, but there was just simply too much tit flesh to look over them. She felt her mildly protruding belly that was pressing tightly against her pink dress. "So what if I am??! At least I still like, have tits!" Katy yelled.

Sandy got up from her side of the table, ready to take the argument to the next level. "At least I still have a fucking brain and know when to shut my mouth!" Sandy said raising her voice.

"Stop it!" Alexandra ordered banging her pudgy fists upon the table's surface causing her breasts to bounce and wobble within the confines of her dress.

Katy's mental state seemed to clear for just a moment. She shook her head. "I'm like, SO sorry everyone! You are all my best friends and nothing will ever like, change that!..."

Alexandra's eyes mine as well have shot daggers as she looked towards Sandy. "And do you have something to say Sandy??"

Sandy sighed as her eyes shifted between the two girls. "I'm sorry too I guess..."

Alexandra cleared her throat. "That's better!" She raised her wine glass. "To the Fab Four!"

"To The Fab Four!" They all said in unison as they clinked their wine glasses together.

Their meals soon came and they began discussing the plan for the night.

Everyone other than Alexandra as she was practically on autopilot as the food was placed before her. She greedily began digging into her meal. She first went for the bacon wrapped scallops and the crab cakes, moaning gently with each bite.

"Alexandra..." Elaine said, her voice barely raised.

But Alexandra paid her friend's voice no mind.

Sentences began flashing through her mind further conditioning her into her new and decidedly more sedentary lifestyle.

(((I don't care how fat I get...)))

"Oh my god... soooo good..." She hummed to herself.

As she finished both appetizers within a matter of minutes, an additional ten pounds accumulated upon her frame.

She eyed the pasta next...

Elaine struggled to get up and gently smack her friend in the face to try and get her out of her food induced stupor, but it was all for nought.

"What the fuck?!? Alexandra! Wake up!" Elaine said with her voice raised a bit more.

"Don't like, worry about her... She's all into her food now and stuff..."

The girls looked at Alexandra and all shook their heads in bewilderment. "So what's the plan for tonight Katy? What are we doing after this??" Sandy asked.

Katy's brow furrowed. "Well... like, I actually didn't plan that far ahead..." She said with a tinge of embarassment.

Alexandra came out of her daze only for a moment only to voice her opinion, not taking her eyes away from the feast before her.

"Hey it's okay Katy! We can think of something I'm sure!" Alexandra said through a mouthful of pasta as she happily continued to stuff her face.

(((I want to eat until my clothes burst off of me)))

Another ten pounds materialized upon her already rotund form. Her already bloated asscheeks began to overtake the sides of the chair and travel downwards...

"Well we could like, go out to the club..." Katy offered.

Sandy's eyes lit up. "Oooh yeah that sounds like fun!"

But Elaine and Alexandra weren't too keen on the idea. "Well... Or we could ***chomp*** head back to my place and ***smack*** have a girl's night in mmm... watching movies, snacking and drinking!... Yum... There's plenty of restaurants nearby so we can ***chomp*** order whatever we want!" Alexandra said excitedly through her pasta filled mouth. Her lower belly apron and fupa began fighting for space between her fat laden thighs. She was already wondering what she should order even though she already had quite a spread in front of her.

Her dream realm was beginning to mesh with reality...

"I dunno..." Katy said wanting to do some partying and dancing with random guys. Maybe even have some more fun...

"Yeah... staying in sounds kinda lame..." Sandy responded. But then she looked over towards Alexandra seeing the girl blossom with more beauty as the seconds ticked by. Her mind flashed back to the raucous fun she had with Mandy in the last week. "But then again... I wouldn't mind having some fun with Alexandra..." She thought to herself mischievously.

"Well... How about Elaine and I go back to my place and you two can go to the club, then meet back at my place whenever you guys are done?" Alexandra offered as she ate a quarter of the butter soaked lobster roll in just one bite.

She was welcoming her new reality with outstretched, fat laden arms.

(((The fatter I get, the sexier I get)))

Her breasts increased in girth threatening to pour out of the low cut top, now becoming true G cup sized breasts stretching the front of her dress to near bursting while her belly continued to test the strength of the dresses midsection. She raised up in her seat as her ass continued to enlarge and soften, becoming two massive cheeks with each one being roughly the size of a medicine ball. The chair began to creak beneath her as she crossed the 350 pound mark. She absentmindedly spread her thighs apart with a laborous, jiggling step as each one was now easily larger than her waist was just a short week ago. She continued to eat...

"That sounds like a great idea!" Elaine said excitedly. She was honestly just looking forward to a relaxing night in with her girls. And so she could put her feet up and rest her back. Her feet were positively throbbing and her back was crying out in pain just from the short distance that she had walked from her car to the restaurant. Maybe Alexandra would let her call up her friend Roman for some more fun??

"Okay! Then that's like, the plan!" Katy said excitedly.

((("I'm just a hungry, pouty pig that needs to be constantly fed)))

Alexandra finished her dinner and quickly moved onto her dessert digging in with a gusto. Her loose and somewhat stretchy black dress was now seemingly painted on her massively bloated body and was now showing the results of her gain as it began to spearate and tear at the seams as she passed 370 pounds with small pockets of pale, cellulite riddled flesh peeking through the newly forming holes. A permanent double chin had formed upon her increasingly rounded visage and decided to stay as she continued to engulf the icy, sweet treat with trails of creamy, sugary liquid beginning to travel down her multiple chins.

She belched loudly as she finished her dessert, her appetite seemingly satisfied for the time being.

She suddenly became aware of her surroundings once again...

"Alexandra... are you alright??" Sandy questioned her friend.

Alexandra brushed her forehead that was dotted with perspiration noting that her arms felt like they were weighed down with lead. An oddly comforting sensation... "Umm... yeah babe. I've never felt better!"

"You do realize that you gained more weight since you sat down right??" Sandy asked again.

"Like, alot of weight!" Katy added giggling.

Alexandra looked down feeling an oddly familiar sensation as her chins collided with one another. All she could see was massive mountains of I cup breast flesh, cascading down towards her now colossal size belly that had torn holes in her dress with her gargantuan thighs resting below her multi-tiered belly. "Oh I guess I did!" She giggled with a bit of a snort. "So we decided on my place??" She asked as if nothing was amiss.

"Yeah... You and Elaine are heading back to your place and then we'll meet up with you guys later." Sandy commented.

"Hopefully sooner rather than later..." Sandy added beneath her breathe.

They all got up, Alexandra was clearly struggling to lift her 374 pound body up out of the chair, her muscles struggling every inch of the way to adjust to the newly aquired poundage.

Katy and Sandy walked to their cars while Elaine and Alexandra slowly waddled towards theirs.

It was a struggle for both Alexandra and Elaine to get into their own respective cars. They both had to adjust the seats as far back as they could and even then it was a squeeze. The suspension of Alexandra's Jaguar groaned out in displeasure. Even with her seat fully back, her belly still grazed the steering wheel with a disparaging "honk". "Well... I guess this car's days are numbered!" She said with a laugh not being bothered by the new hindrance in the slightest.

Elaine was likewise going through the same struggle in her Maserati.

"Well... I have thought about getting a fully loaded Escalade for quite some time." She said smiling as she contentedly rubbed at her heavily pregnant belly.

As Alexandra and Elaine finally got moving, Katy and Sandy had just reached the club. The door man instantly let them in.

The club looked much like it had the previous Saturday; Filled with many drunken, drugged up hunks and sluts of every kind.

This was Katy's and Sandy's world now and this was their playground.

Katy immediately zeroed in on a tall, tanned and chisled stud in an obviously expensive long sleeved shirt and equally nice slacks. She swayed her hips wildly side to side as she approached him.

"Like, hey stud. Feel like buying this girl a drink?" She purred into his ear as she rubbed her massive tits against him.

The man was immediately blown away by this girls insane curves and her obviously overcharged sex drive, even if she was a tad on the chunky side. She'd probably be an easy lay. "Yeah, what do you want?"

"Sex on the beach, but that comes later." She smirked as she ground her expansive backside against him. "For now, I like think a rum and coke will do?"

"Coming right up!" He said as he walked towards the bar.

Katy's eyes scanned the droves of people dancing. "So many hot guys here tonight. I'm gonna have soooo much fun!" She smirked.

Sandy on the other hand had begun focusing on men... and women that looked a bit more rough around the edges.

She played with the stud in her tongue as she found her target... or targets actually.

It was an obvious couple dressed in all dark garb that seemed oddly out of place in this type of scene, but then again Sandy looked like a perfect match for the duo. The man was roughly six feet tall and lanky with long black silken hair, multiple ear piercings, a plethora of tattoos on his forearms and a long beard. His other half was barely five feet tall but must have weighed at least two hundred pounds with shoulder length inky black hair. She was dressed in a tight leather jacket with a leopard print mini dress on underneath. Her face was done up in an array of dark colors but could not disguise the multiple piercings in her ears, eyebrows, nose and lip.

Sandy imagined she had others hidden beneath her outfit which caused her to erotically vibrate in place.

Those were her targets for the night...

Sandy produced a professionally rolled blunt. "Hey, I have some good shit to smoke and nobody to enjoy it with. Feel like toking it up? It's prime chronic." She whispered sensually into the girls ear while running the blunt beneath the girl's dainty nose that was adorned with a septum piercing.

The girl smirked showing off her snakebite piercings in her lower lip. "Sure, mind if my boyfriend comes along? I promise, you won't regret it..."

"The more the merrier." Sandy smirked.

"I'm Isabel, and this is Tom." The short, dark haired girl responded.

"I'm Sandy."

Sandy immediately inserted the blunt between her own plump lips and lit up, taking a long, deep pull from it as if she'd been smoking weed for years.

"We can't smoke that in here... They might kick us out..." Isabel responded.

"I can do whatever the fuck I want." Sandy purred as she took one more puff and passed it to Isabel.

That line sounded oddly familiar...

"Well... Maybe we can take this to the car? It has a big back seat..." Isabel offered, her chocolate brown eyes flashing at her new friend hinting that she had plans other than just smoking and drinking with her new friend.

Sandy only smirked as she extended her palm out.

***Back at The Cast Away***

The well liquored up couple at the bar giggled happily as they played over their pasts, getting more touchy and feely as the night wore on.

"So you mean to tell me that you and Katherine went to the same high school?? Damn... What a small world!"

Jessica giggled. "Yeah... but I could tell that Katherine always felt as though she was better than me. Her and her hoity-toity friends..."

"Aww jeeze... I'm sorry Jessica..." He said placing his right hand upon hers... only reacting for a moment as he waited to see what Jessica's reaction would be. She didn't pull away... If anything she embraced it, her delicate digits playing with his.

"Well... I wasn't exactly the same girl back then..."

"What?? Beautiful and intelligent?"

Jessica smiled and shook her head. "No... far from it... I actually didn't really take school very seriously back then. Lots of cutting class, partying, drinking, sex... Only after getting pregnant by one of the teachers and dropping out of school did it really dawn on me how important education was..."

"Oh... I'm sorry... So your pregnancy... Did you ummm...??"

"Keep the baby??" Jessica said completing his sentence.

"Well... as much as I wanted to, my parents wouldn't allow it and well... the teacher and his wife had been struggling to start a family so we made a deal... I'd give the baby up for adoption and they'd raise her as their own. The agreement was that they'd send me pictures a few times a year of Gabriella as long as I kept my distance."

"Damn... that must've been tough for you... I'm so sorry..."

She smiled gently. "Don't be, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. After the birth of Gabriella, I cleaned myself up. I stopped partying, reapplied to another school, studied hard and graduated with a 3.8 gpa. Then with my parents rather hefty donations and my grades, I was able to get into UC San Diego and get my bachelor's degree."

"Wow!! That's incredible." Trey said legitimately impressed.

"Well... I figured that once Gabriella finds out that I'm her actual birth mother, at least I'll have a comfortable life for her to fall back on if she so chooses to spend it with me..." Jessica said sniffling.

Without a second thought, Trey wiped the tear from her face and kissed her cheek... Jessica looked into his eyes and quickly went in for a kiss savoring the sensation. They then parted as she rested a delicate hand upon Trey's muscled chest to gently put some distance between them.

"But what about Katherine??"

"Well... She's wanting to go by Katy now... It's almost like she's a completely different person now and honestly, I don't think she's going to mind, if she ever finds out that is... She's supposed to be out with the girls all night, and only god knows what she's up to."

"Oh... Well if you're sure..." Jessica responded.

Trey nodded. "Let's take this back to my place." Trey said beneath his breath.

"Okay..." Jessica smiled warmly.

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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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Elaine and Alexandra had finally reached the entrance to Alexandra's high end townhouse, and slowly opened up the front door.

James was still there... He had been watching tv in the living room when he heard the front door open.

He began speaking before even getting up from the couch to greet his girlfriend. "Well hey babe, I thought you'd be out later than... HOLY FUCK?!?"

Alexandra jumped slightly back at his outburst, causing all of her pudge to jostle about.

"Jesus!!! What the fuck happened to you?!?"

"Woah woah woah! Calm down James! I'm sure she's told you about what's been going on with us. She just... happened to gain a bit more weight during our dinner is all..." She said in her heavier accent.


James was practically hyperventilating as he was processing everything. He did a double take of his girlfriend's friend. He had met Elaine on more than a few occasions and this girl still beared a slight resemblance to the plump hispanic girl he had remembered. Albeit heavily pregnant, much sluttier looking and significantly fatter.

"Wait... Elaine, is that you??!"

Elaine slowly nodded. "Yeah it's me..."

"Fuck, what happened to you?"

"Well... Obviously I've put on some weight, but I'm also roughly 28 weeks along... With quadruplets..."

"I... I don't think I can handle this right now..." James said raising his hands up.

"Wait... aren't you going to at least be supportive of your girlfriend? She's been through alot!"

"Please wait babe! We can make this work!" Alexandra pleaded.

"Do you still want to lose weight and get fit again?"

Alexandra paused without saying anything for a few moments. "Well... uhhh yeah??" She said apprehensively but not at all believable.

"See... You can't tell me that you actually believe what you just told me..." He sighed deeply. "Alexandra, I found the empty ice cream carton in the garbage among with empty candy wrappers and fast food bags... If you were serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you wouldn't touch any of that shit and you know the old Alexandra never would have in a thousand years!"

Alexandra was left speechless.

"I've been supportive up to now but this is just too much!!! I'm sorry Alexandra, I thought I could do it, but I guess we discovered my limit... I guess call me if you get your shit together..." James said as he gathered his belongings and exited the townhouse.

Alexandra just stood there, her eyes brimming with tears.

Elaine slowly approached her and wrapped her in a tight embrace.

"Aww sweetie... I'm so sorry... If you don't wanna do anything tonight I completely understand."

Alexandra sniffled once... Her belly growled as if helping Alexandra answer a question.

"Nope! I'm not going to let this ruin my night. I'm want lots of hard alcohol and tons of food! This will be a night that we will never forget!"

They opened up a few different apps to order some fast food and alcohol so they could stay in. Alexandra let Elaine borrow some lounge wear in the form of sweatpants and a baggy pyjama shirt. Even though it was loose on most of Elaine's frame, the bottom hem of the shirt failed to hide her gargantuan pregnant belly.

Alexandra had likewise donned the largest pair of sweatpants she had bought which was a 4XL just in case things took a turn for the worst and a black top. She felt a surge of euphoria when the waistband of her pants could barely stretch across the vast expanse of her new waist.

She was going to become huge with this new mindset.

About twenty minutes later, food from five different restaurants as well as three bottles of assorted liquor arrived. The night was full of getting stuffed with delicious food and getting sloshed, and soon Elaine was passed out on the couch which meant Alexandra was left to her own devices.

After one too many shots, Alexandra opened up her Instagram app and grimaced at her past pictures showing off her chisled body in her branded gym wear. It was hard for her to comprehend that she had been so skinny only a week ago...

"Yuck... Why the fuck did I think that looked good??" She said taking another shot. "How could I think I was happy back then? Having to watch what I ate, count calories, practically live at the gym and never get to relax..."

She continued on, grabbing another slice of an all meat and extra cheese pizza, taking the biggest bite that she could. "Eating, drinking and relaxing. Now... this is pure bliss!" She said to herself as she rubbed her belly.

She looked at her photos once again and that stupid red tank top and the black spandex shorts both with her companies logo printed on them. A thought began to creep into her brain and she waddled back to her room, finding her once favorite outfit that she treasured above all others. What was once a testament to what she had accomplished and created now made her queasy as she thought about their slogan.

"Eat, Sleep, Gym and Repeat."

She looked at one of the latest photo sets on her instagram as she showed off her chisled arms and legs as she flexed, another of her washboard abs as she had pulled up the hem of the tank top and the last one from behind, showing her toned and supple ass seemingly squeezed into the tight shorts.

The photo set had nearly ten thousand likes with many approving comments.

"Hmfff... I'll show that stupid gym what's beautiful!" Alexandra smirked.

Out in the living room, Elaine had begun to stir... Her slit was pulsating, fully waking her up from her short but heavy slumber.

"Damn... This pregnancy is really taking it out of me..."

But a sudden and profound sensation began to take hold...

She was incredibly horny and craving sustenance. She swiftly pulled up Roman's number and gave him a call...

Elaine had woken up on Alexandra's couch with her slit throbbing. She looked at the clock seeing that it was a little past two in the morning and it appeared as though her friend had already gone to bed so she was left to her own devices.

The first thing she did was pull out her phone and call one number... Roman Walker.

Within fifteen minutes he had shown up at Alexandra's door with a bottle of some cheap wine.

"Well hey baby." He said in his deep velveteen voice.

"Hey yourself." She replied.

"Jesus this is a nice place. Are all of your friends loaded?"

"More or less... So... Where were we??" She said, slowly angling up to stuff her tongue into his mouth.

"You just can't get enough of me, can you?" Roman grinned.

Elaine smirked. "Just you wait and see... Come on in." She said trying to be as sexy as a woman carrying quadruplets could be, swaying her wide child birthing hips side to side in front of him as she made her way back to the couch.

"Wanna show me why I can't get enough of you??" She smiled looking back over her shoulder.

"With pleasure..." He said staring at her ass wrapped in the too tight sweats as she positioned herself at the couch, bending over at the waist as best as she could and shook her ass side to side.

Roman quickly came up behind her and tugged her sweats down revealing her bare, rounded ass and gave it a healthy smack sending ripples all throughout it.

"Damn gurl you got a fat ass!"

Elaine smirked as she looked over her shoulder at him. "Yeah... Runs in my family... Plus, I am knocked up." She said breathily as she winked at him.

Roman quickly propped the head of his dick at the opening of her pussy noting that it was already wet and ready to be pounded.

"Well... don't just stand there. Stick it the fuck in." She smirked.

He needed no further instruction as he aggressively slid into her, feeling her clench around his shaft.

Elaine began to feel dizzy as the vivid colors of the dream realm engulfed her...

(((I'm a fucking dirty slut who can't keep my thighs closed)))

Elaine began grinding her wide, child birthing hips harder against Roman's aggressive thrusts.

(((I love rough sex and simply can't get enough of it)))

"Pull my hair papi!" She squealed out in a heavy spanish accent. Roman quickly grabbed her ponytail and began thrusting even harder.

"Fuck Ellie... You sure are one kinky bitch." Roman grunted.

(((I can never have enough babies, regardless of who the father is...)))

Before she knew it, she was spasming on Roman's member which in turn, caused him to blow his load inside of her.

(((I don't believe in monogamous relationships, marriage or love anymore)))

Ellie was coming down from her explosive orgasm when she felt a shifting in her abdomen and hips.

(((Lust has taken the place of any love you could possibly have)))

"Oh... goddddd... Something is happening Roman!!" She moaned out.

Roman backed up in shock as he witnessed her ass and hips spread even wider within the span of a few seconds.

Her belly surged forth and downwards, now constantly touching her thick thighs, becoming engulfed in dark red stretch marks. Her breasts followed suit and grew with blue veins zig-zagging across their surface with steady droplets of milk leaking from her enlarged nipples.

Ellie was suddenly overcome by a dull ache starting in her lower back and abdomen, along with a building pressure in her pelvis. She knew this sensation all too well... It was the sign of contractions. They were moving in a wave-like motion from the top of her uterus traveling towards the bottom. Then suddenly, a torrent of fluid came gushing out from her crotch.

"Roman my water just broke... I think I'm going into labor..."

Without hesitation Roman picked her up without much of a struggle and carried her to his car and off they drove to the hospital. On the way there, Ellie grabbed her phone and paused for a moment, wondering if she should call her husband or not. She just felt so... noncommittal about him now... But she finally decided that she didn't have much of a choice. She was married to him after all...

Fernando answered the phone as if he had just woken up which he most likely had.

"H-hello?? Is everything alright hun??"

"Yeah... Everything is fine, but I'm going into labor and on my way to the hospital right now..." She responded flatly.

"Oh thank god! Okay, I'll get the kids up, call your friends and I'll meet you there! I love you."

"I love you too..." She said off-handed not sure if she really meant it anymore...

Ellie knew that her husband would see her with Roman as Fernando was significantly closer to the hospital, even though Roman was driving like a bat out of hell.

But she found herself not being all that worried about it. If anything, the feeling seemed to wane as time passed.

"Hey Roman, you want to stick around the hospital for a bit??"

Roman smirked. "Sure bitch, I ain't lettin my sexy baby makin mama outta my sight!"

Ellie swiftly went in for a tongue filled kiss.

It seemed as though just a short minute after Roman had pulled out front of the emergency entrance, that Fernando pulled right up behind them. Ellie was already halfway out of the car when Fernando spotted her being helped out by Roman.

Fernando did show a few signs of jealously but also concern as he measured up the tall and well built black guy standing next to his beloved Ellie, but decided to ignore him as he turned his attention to his heavily breathing wife.

"I'm so glad you got here safe hun! I was so worried!" He said hugging her and then immediately pulling away.

"Wait... Are you bigger than just earlier today??"

Ellie slowly nodded in an affirmative motion.

"How is that possible?" Fernando questioned raising his eyebrow.

Ellie shrugged. She decided to lie her ass off to squash any possible questions her husband might have. "I'm not sure, I mean Alexandra and I were sitting down on the couch, watching a movie when the same thing that happened to me in the bathroom at the restaurant occurred again... Alexandra would've driven me here, but she was a bit too drunk to drive so she called up her friend Roman.

"Wow... Alexandra getting drunk?? That never happens. She usually avoids empty calories like the plague."

"Yeah... Well really weird things have been happening with her... That and Alexandra's been taking her breakup really hard..."

Fernando seemed to believe the story and went with it.

"Aww her and James broke up?? That's terrible... They were such a cute couple..." He paused for a moment as if to mourn the death of Alexandra and James's relationship. "Speaking of which, I called all if your friends and none of them answered, but anyways we'll worry about that later. I'm just happy you made it here safe and sound. Now let's get you in there!" He said slowly lowering her down into a wheelchair and kissing her forehead.

"Thank you for driving her here." Fernando said extending his hand out. Roman smiled gently, his hand easily surrounding Fernando's significantly smaller appendage.

The hours ticked by as Ellie waited and waited for her time to push and welcome four new babies into the world. She was just wondering how Fernando would handle the fact that the babies weren't his...

Fernando stayed by Ellie's side for the most part, but periodically would exit for a handful of minutes to walk around and catch his breathe. They were on hour four of being there and upon walking out towards the waiting room, noticed that Roman was still there. He honestly found it a bit odd...

He approached the hulking black man. "Well... the doctor said Elaine is six centimeters dilated and her contractions are five minutes apart so she should be giving birth any minute."

"That's great news!" Roman smiled secretly knowing that Fernando would soon find out that the babies weren't his.

"Well... None of them answered but I left messages for Alexandra, Katherine and Sandra so they should be here soon."

"That's good to hear. They should be here for this." Roman mentioned.

Fernando nodded. "Yeah... So... How'd you and Alexandra meet??"

Roman scanned his mind. What did he see at Alexandra's townhouse? He saw top of the line workout equipment, and then a whole bunch of attire and a membership badge from a gym called "Dynamic Fitness".

"Oh... ummm... I met her at the gym a while back."

"That's cool. She loves her exercise."

"Yeah she does." Roman said being as nondescript as possible to avoid suspicion.

"How long have you known Elaine??" Fernando asked wondering why he had never heard of this Roman guy.

"Oh not long, just three or four months..."

Before Fernando could ask any more questions, a nurse jogged out to him. "Mr. Delgado, your wife is ready."

"Okay!" Fernando smiled and quickly followed behind the nurse.

Fernando was quickly dressed in a surgical gown and raced over to his wife's side.

"Okay... now on the count of three, you're going to push, okay??"

Ellie nodded slowly, her forehead dotted in sweat.

Ellie could feel the babies coming... She knew it was inevitable. Fernando was about to find out...





Fernando was smiling ear to ear as his wife continued to push.

Before long the doctor was working his hands down near Ellie's crotch.

"Okay... Here comes the first baby!" The doctor said excitedly.

As the doctor gently pulled the first baby out, he failed to notice that the baby's skin was remarkably darker than either of the parents.

"Congratulations! It's a boy!" The doctor said, handing him the baby automatically before putting two and two together.

Fernando squinted at the child, and at his dark chocolate skin. He quickly put two and two together as he looked on at Ellie with extreme hurt in his eyes.

Before he could say anything, baby number two, three and four came out in a rapid fashion. Three boys and one girl.

He may have been able to take one baby not being his, but four...

Fernando looked at each child that had just come out of his once loving wife. Each baby had jet black, curly locks with dark cocoa colored skin looking nothing like Fernando himself. The more he looked at the babies faces, the more he saw Roman reflecting in each one.

"Why?? Why did you cheat on me??" Fernando asked through a cracking voice.

"Ohhh... Oh boy..." The doctor said beneath his breath.

Ellie sighed as she looked at him with slightly cold, unwavering eyes not caring that the doctor and nursing staff was still there. She oddly didn't feel all that bad about it. "You honestly haven't properly pleasured me in a long, long time and I needed to know what it felt like to be fucked properly once again.

Fernando nodded defeatedly. "Okay... Well just answer one last thing... Do you love me anymore??"

Ellie looked back up at him with the same stone cold glare. "Honestly... no... I don't feel anything for you anymore... All I feel when I'm around you is... trapped and bored..."

Fernando was crushed. "Puta Tramposa!! I... I gotta get the fuck out of here..." Fernando said pulling his hospital outfit off. "YOU'LL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER!" He yelled yanking his wedding ring from his finger and tossing it back towards Ellie and running out of the door.

Without batting an eye, Ellie looked up to one of the nurse staff. "A tall, muscled, black man, named Roman Walker should be out in the waiting room, can you bring him back here? He's the father of my babies."

The nurse gave her a disapproving glare before doing what was asked of her.

***Back at the club***

Katy and her stud for the night had headed into the restroom, ducked into one of the open stalls and then she readily spread her thighs wide.

(((A big cock is more important than a good personality)))

He swiftly bent her over the toilet and currently had his hands grabbing at her plush hips as he aggressively inserted himself.

Words began floating through her simple mind.

(((All I care about is a good fuck and money)))

Katy bucked her wide hips against her new lover as his large, throbbing member stretched her wider than Trey could ever dream of.

(((I don't care about having a career when all I need is a sugar daddy)))

After a few minutes they both convulsed in loud, sporadic moans as the mystery man coated her insides with his hot spunk.

(((I much rather fuck unprotected cuz it feels so much better)))

Her body once again swelled with more curves. The majority of it going to her still undeniably perky breasts and ass, but a sudden and undeniable hardness had infected her midsection...

The man quickly dismounted afterwards and got dressed. "Thanks for a great fuck babe. Here's my business card if you wanna get together again later." And exited the bathroom stall, leaving her there naked, still panting and bent over the toilet.

She slowly tugged and pulled her dress back up, gasping at how tight it felt now. Her areolas were barely covered by the light pink material and she could feel an almost constant breeze dancing across her swollen and sopping pierced slit as the bottom hem of the dress barely covered her nether regions. She had to admit, she loved the sensation.

She looked for her next victim...

She was a sexual tigress, and she was on the prowl thirsty for more... And she knew it'd be well into the early hours of the morning before her thirst would be fully quenched.

By the time she was heading home, the sun was beginning to break over the horizon. She had been fucked and filled so many times by so many different men that she could feel the remnants of her sexual encounters running down the inside of her thighs.



Sandy was now in the backseat of the couples car, the trio quickly getting down to business, making out and fondling each other with little breaks in between; taking long pulls from a bottle of cheap scotch, drags from cigarettes and hits from blunts as some metal music played through the cars crackling speakers.

"Here... take this..." Isabel offered a small bright orange pill to Sandy in the shape of a tiger head.

"What is it??" Sandy mildly slurred.

"Ecstasy. Have you ever had it before??"

Sandy quickly shook her head in a negative motion.

"Oh my, you are in for a treat!" Isabel smirked. Isabel placed it in her own mouth, stuck out her tongue showing that the pill was resting there, leaned in towards Sandy and forced her tongue into Sandy's while at the same time transferring the pill to her mouth. Sandy quickly swallowed the Ecstasy without a second of doubt.

(((Cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol aren't enough for you... they are just an ordinary part of your every day life)))

Sandy pushed Isabel back til her back and head rested against the car door. Sandy had parted the girls thick legs, buried her face deep into the fully shaven and pierced mound of the raven haired beauty while Tom took Sandy from behind.

Her vision was swirling in a practical rainbow of colors as she felt her mind go fuzzy.

(((You need stronger drugs when you really want to feel goooood)))

"Jesus fucking christ Sandy. Eat that fucking pussy! Holy shit!! Babe, you're gonna have to take some pointers from this chick. She knows how to lick a damn cunt!"

(((Want to always feel good.... Shrooms, MDMA, Acid, Salvia, Peyote... Any of those will help)))

Tom was likewise enjoying his time being buried in the girl's wet snatch. She flexed her pussy and rotated her hips in tune with his thrusts like a seasoned pro.

"Jesus no kidding! This bitch is amazing!"

Sandy was in an utterly pure and inebriated state of nirvana spending much of the night with them partying, fucking and drinking all the way til the sun began to rise. She eventally passed out with Tom's cock in her mouth.

"Umm... babe?? I think she just passed out in my lap. What should we do with her? Leave her somewhere?"

Isabel giggled. "Shit no! That was one of the funnest damn nights I've had in a long time! I say we take her back to our place. Maybe she'd be up for some more fun when she wakes up?"

"Well we do have quite a plethora of goodies back at the ole homestead." Tom smirked.

"That's the spirit!" Isabel said kissing her boyfriend generously.

***At the Walker Mansion***

Clothes began flying as soon as the massive double doors to the mansion closed behind them.

A fully nude Jessica excitedly jumped up and into Trey's awaiting and muscled arms, wrapping her shapely legs around his waist as he carried her with ease up to the bedroom.

Jessica was a very thoughtful lover, expertly moving her body in rhythm with Trey's motions. As he had her in the doggy style position, a strange but pleasureable influx of color began leeching into his view. A soft and feminine voice began to speak out within his mind.

(((Intelligence is incredibly sexy)))

Then as he had her in the reverse cowgirl position...

(((Ignorance is an extreme turn off)))

The next thing Trey knew, he was sitting on the edge of the bed as Jessica was straddling him with her thighs on each side of his hips, her tongue eagerly dancing within his mouth. Their eyes were locked onto one another's unblinking... unwavering...

(((You have absolutely no respect for bimbos)))

A prismatic heart seemingly made of crystal materialized in Trey's mind as many bold and vibrant colors continued to flash and swirl before his eyes. Different memories of his beloved Katherine appeared in different, angled sections of the floating heart. It felt almost as if it was attempting to push him away, but he was fighting it every inch of the way, his arms stretched out in front of him desperately reaching for it. But as the seconds ticked by, Katherine's face began to morph in the many angled sections of the heart and Jessica began to take her place...

(((You can only love one person... Give into your heart...)))

Trey could feel himself tiring as his arms lazily fell to his sides. He was suddenly and irrevocably calm as the heart had suddenly changed it's tactics and began luring him in towards it's surface like a gravitational pull.

The next thing he knew, they were in the missionary position and he was bathed in sweat. The massive grandfather clock in the hallway outside the bedroom chimed twelve times signifying that they had been fucking for over three hours. "Making love..." He corrected himself internally. His member began spasming inside of her as rope after rope of his baby batter filled her insides.

After three hours of some of the best sex either of them had ever had, they had passed out in each other's arms in the massive California King bed.



Katy entered through the main doors of the mansion at around 6:30 in the morning, she saw some clothes scattered about, forming a trail that led up the stairs and to their bedroom. Some of the articles she could recognize as her boyfriend's but then some others, well... The other unfamiliar articles were clearly that of a woman's. Katy pulled the red sparkly dress up to her own body and smirked.

"What kinda trouble are you like, up to Trey??"

She made her way up the marble staircase looking at the black laced E cup bra that rested on one of the steps along with a matching black thong in a size 6 a few more steps up.

As she slowly reached the bedroom door, she pushed it open and witnessed a lithe and fully nude blonde with her head resting upon Trey's chisled chest. But instead of being jealous, Katy smirked and quickly undressed, then proceeded to slide her mouth over her boyfriend's already hardening dick.

Trey stirred awake causing Jessica's eyes to slowly open and look down towards where she saw an eager and completely sex hungry Katy with Trey's dick completely engulfed within her mouth and partially down her throat. Trey opened his eyes and was expecting to see Jessica sucking his dick but instead noticed almost immediately that it was his girlfriend's head bobbing up and down on his thick shaft.

"Jesus Katy?!? When did you get here, and what the fuck are you doing?!?" He said tensing up but gasping as Katy's tongue piercing continued to massage his dick.

Katy slid her mouth off with an audible pop. "Just like, five-ish minutes ago and like, I was totally craving some dick so I thought I'd suck on yours. Thought you might like it."

"And you're not at all upset about me being in bed with another woman? Let alone your old high school enemy?"

"Hmmm... who?? Oh... you mean like, Jessica?? Toootally okay! I just finished like, fucking six other guys before I got home so it's only fair!" Katy said with a wink before continuing to suck her boyfriend's dick while Jessica softly and lovingly kissed Trey on the lips.

"Does it bother you that my girlfriend is here in bed with us??" He decided to ask Jessica between kisses at a level no louder than a whisper.

"Well... maybe a little, but we can talk about that later... For now let her have her fun." She said forcing Katy's head all the way down til Trey could feel her lips grazing his balls.

"In five minutes, better believe that cock is mine Katy." Jessica added.

Katy stopped and looked up at Jessica with a frown. "Aww no fair! I just like, got here..."

Jessica kissed her gently on the lips. "Don't you worry. After I'm done with him, you can have him again..."

"Okay!!!" Katy replied in a rather bubbly nature.


Alexandra awoke to a pounding headache with only a slight memory of what had transpired the night before. She looked over at her alarm clock seeing that it was nearly one in the afternoon. She attempted to and failed miserably to get up to a sitting position in her bed. She could immediately tell that something was severely amiss. She shuffled to the edge of the bed and slowly rolled off til she was on her aching feet and ankles.

"Jesus... What the fuck did I do last night??"

She looked down feeling multiple chins binding up against one another but couldn't see anything past her colossal chest.

"Are they bigger than they were last night??"

She slowly lifted a single breast, feeling it overflowing her hand at least three times over with soft, jiggly, wobbling fat.

"Holy fuck. My tits are fucking huge!" Her sentence sent an electric tingle straight down to her pussy.

She felt her hips, but mostly her enlarged asscheeks gently brush the door frame as she exited from her bedroom and into the hallway.

She slowly waddled to where her full length mirror was located in the living room, noting with sexual satisfaction that she could feel every part of herself jiggling and that she was already running short of breathe.

When her eyes landed upon the person staring back at her she gasped and shuddered. But instead of a terror filled gasp or a shock induced shudder, they had been driven by pure euphoria and lust.

She was significantly larger than the previous night... Roughly four hundred and fifty pounds. She looked very well fed, deliciously overflowing with rolls of pure, unadulterated, stretchmarked lard. She first noticed her face which had become significantly more round, her angular features she once coveted so much had been buried under supremely rounded cheeks and an extremely rounded double chin. Her brilliant blue eyes that used to catch many people's attention, seemed less dazzling as her fatter visage was seemingly and slowly swallowing them up. She brought her hand up to touch her face and nearly jumped when she noticed just how swollen and large her digits had become. Her once small and shapely breasts had blossomed into massive, hanging udders that had begun with each areola now being nearly the size of a baseball. Below her chest rested her blossoming belly made up of two distinct tiers of cellulite-riddled blubber; the upper tier which was helping prop up her large breasts, while the lower one constantly grazed and collided into her insanely thick thighs and ever growing fupa. She noted that if she wanted to play with herself, she'd have to lift her belly and navigate around her fupa which sent tendrills of pleasure to her completely hidden slit. She slowly rotated around noting that each step sent shockwaves through her entire body. "Holy fuck... That ass!!" She smiled as she gave it a smack sending ripples throughout it's dimpled exterior. She couldn't believe how large her ass had become. Like two deflated beach balls smashed together.

After she finished admiring her body, she looked around her townhouse seeing that Elaine was nowhere to be found. "Hmmm... She must have left already."

With that, she grabbed the remaining two pizzas from the night before and slowly maneuvered back towards her bedroom to eat some food and then sleep some more. As she reentered her room, she failed to notice the tatters of what was left of her gym attire. She flopped back onto her bed hearing a few loud pops as the frame fought to support all of her newfound heft. She rotated her head, looking towards where her phone was located on the nightstand, noticing that it was flashing which meant she had new notifications.

As she opened it up, she saw that she had thirty two missed calls, fifteen unread text messages and numerous notifications from her Instagram.

"What the..."

Then it all came flooding back as soon as she opened up her account. At least thirty new pictures of her had been posted to her page with her attempting to wear her old gym attire. At the start of the new photoset, her top was barely large enough to cover her chest with the company's logo completely distorted as it was stretched across the vast expanse of breast flesh. It was even more ridiculous when she saw that the shorts had to practically be ripped in half just to fit partway up one of her massive thighs. The photo caption read: "Just a week ago, I could fit perfectly into this outfit, now look at me!"

Each new set of photos showed her in suggestive poses as she ate a feast for all of her loyal viewers/customers to witness. All with various captions...

"Let's see if we can make what's left of this disgusting uniform burst off of me!"

"Bigger is better!"

"Gorge, Sleep, Fatten, Repeat." As if mocking her gym's slogan.

Finally there was a picture with her sitting on the floor with the shirt and shorts in absolute tatters laying on the ground in front of her. She had a mock look of surprise with one pudgy hand covering her open mouth while her other arm covered her large bare breasts as best as she could.

"Well... The shorts and top have finally burst off of me, but I'm still hungry..."

She was now completely nude, laying on her side in the next picture, her bloated forearm draped over her breasts once again.

"I have to cover my tits with my arm, but my belly does the rest of the work covering my slit. What do you think??"

In the next photo she was wearing the same sweatpants from earlier in the night, however they were now stained with the elastic waistband and drawstring cut to allow for more space. Her black tanktop was likewise stained and stressed to the max just to contain her larger breasts leaving her stretchmark covered belly completely exposed.

The caption beneath it read: "Who wants to feed me and help me burst out of these now?"

The next photo showed a pudgy hand with it's middle finger flipped up at the tattered "Dynamic Fitness" outfit in the background.

"Dynamic Fitness, for years I was brainwashed to conform to certain ideals... I was completely oblivious to how unhappy I was. Having to watch everything I ate, exercise five or six hours a day, and still not feel like I was good enough. I finally realized that life is not all about being fit. It's about kicking back and smelling the roses, about saying "fuck it" and just let life happen. So effective immediately, I am stepping down as the spokesperson for the company I created. I love my new size and have honestly never felt better or more sexy than I do right now. I have finally realized that beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes and I'm hoping that I've proven that to some of you as well. Thank you all for the wonderful years!

-Alexandra Jensen"

Dynamic Fitness quickly blew up on social media and began trending in a matter of minutes.

The reaction to her posts was a mixed bag, but the majority looked at it in a negative light since alot of her followers were avid gym rats just like she used to be so they were less than forgiving...

She had seen enough, she decided to check her voice-mail first.

"Yes, this is Eric Franklin of Wexler McGill Lawfirm and I represent Dynamic Fitness..."

"Oh fuck..." Alexandra grimaced. That was all she had to hear to know that she was in trouble.


Sandy awoke to a pounding headache surrounded by a room she didn't recognize. All she could tell was that she was in an older apartment by the limited view of rundown brick buildings from the bedroom window. Old cracked paint, cobwebs and band posters lined the walls with metal music playing in the background and stale cigarette and weed smoke filling her lungs with every breath. She got up from the ridiculously uncomfortable bed hearing the frame creak and pop even under her miniscule weight and walked down the short hallway to the main living room.

"Ahh lover girl is up!" Isabel happily commented while she spooned some cereal into her mouth with one hand and puffed on a cigarette with the other.

"My fuckin head is killin me!" Sandy said rubbing her temples and forehead.

"Not to worry! I got just the thing!" She said tossing her a bottle of Percocets. "Take one with this, and you'll be good as new!" She said handing her a bottle of vodka.

Without question Sandy quickly popped one pill into her mouth and washed it down with the cheap liquor.

"Thanks Isabel. I needed that." She said looking at her phone and nearly gasping as she saw that it was almost two in the afternoon. "Shit! I gotta get back home! I bet Drew and Mandy are wondering where the hell I am right now!"

"Mandy and Drew huh? Who are they??" Isabel asked curiously.

"Well Drew is kinda my boyfriend, well... kinda not... Basically we can fuck other people while being together. And well, Mandy is my friend with benefits in a way..."

Isabel nodded and bit her lip. "Oh is that right?? Tom and me have kinda the same setup. I'd sure love to meet them because I bet we could have a blast!"

Sandy devilishly smirked.


She was positively beaming as she exited the hospital with her four new babies in tow and her hunk of dark man meat pushing her wheelchair towards his car.

"Are you sure we won't put you out?? I mean, having four babies and me in your place is going to be a big adjustment..."

"Hey, I'm up to the challenge if you are babe." He said loading the babies and herself into the car.

After twenty or thirty minutes worth of driving, they were entering a part of town that the old Elaine would've stuck her nose up at or avoided altogether.

They pulled up outside of a small, older house probably built back in the 1940's or 1950's, but it appeared to be well maintained.

"I know it aint much..."

Elaine silenced him. "Shhh... It's more than I got right now and knowing that Fernando will probably claim that I committed adultery which is hard to argue against..." She said motioning to the babies.

"What about your folks??"

Ellie shook her head. "Guaranteed with my folks being devout catholics, they'll turn their back on me in an instant after everything I've done..."

Roman half smiled. "Well you can stay here as long as you like. Mi casa, su casa or some shit like that." He said kissing her on the lips.

"Well once the babies are asleep, you feel like havin some fun??" Ellie asked raising an eyebrow.

"You read my mind babe, but ain't you sore??"

Ellie smiled and shook her head. "Nah surprisingly I aint! I know I should be, but I feel great!" She said already beginning to undress.
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

Postby Jockskent » Mon Sep 06, 2021 8:46 pm

Another amazing chapter!
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:43 am

Jockskent wrote:Another amazing chapter!

Thank you! The epilogue will be up either later today or tomorrow!
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Re: The Fantastic Corruption Of The Fab Four (MULT.)

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***Eight Months Later***


Sandy grunted as her alarm rudely reminded her that it was time to get up for work...

"Fuck... I hate hangovers... My head feels like it's about to split the fuck open..." She said burying her head as deep into her pillow as possible to try and soften the pounding within her head.

She rolled over in her heavily sex stained king sized bed and contemplated just going back to sleep but she really needed this job and her parole officer would certainly frown on her losing another one...

"Well... it's nothing I haven't fixed before..." She internally muttered to herself while envisioning herself on her knees before a heavyset man with his pants around his ankles making her problems go away one pump at a time.

She gently smiled when she saw a completely naked Mandy, Isabel, Tom and Drew all packed snugly onto the bed.

She slowly got up and brushed her long, greasy black hair from her pale and gaunt face, lighting up a cigarette that was perched between her tattooed, jewelry riddled fingers tipped in black nail polish. Her thin lips held the menthol cigarette snugly in place as she slowly stood up. She immediately felt just how sore her well used asshole and pierced pussy was as they ached and stung with every movement.

She remembered little snippets of the previous day that melted into the sex filled night. An all out orgy, fueled with heavy drugs, loud music and hard alcohol. She tried to recall what all she had done the night before.

It started out like every other night, all five of them getting absolutely smashed on drugs and alcohol. She listed them off one by one. "Vodka... Rum... Weed... Shrooms... and maybe even a bit of Coke..." Then they fucked like wild animals for most of the night. But to finish out the night, Sandy had bet the group a thousand dollars that she could fit a 6" diameter dildo completely into her snatch. It had taken alot of lube and she did bleed a bit, but she finally managed to get it all the way in.

Ever since Sandy had lost her job at the lawfirm nearly seven months ago, her bank account had dried up in the matter of a month and a half. Her top of the line Mercedes had been repossessed and she lost her luxurious apartment shortly afterwards. It was the first time she had ever been completely broke and technically homeless in her entire life. Since then she had somehow become more hardened and calculating.

Luckily Isabel, Tom, Drew and Mandy were there to catch her when she fell... They all banded together and used their strengths to make some money.

Sandy's eyes were fully opened when she saw just how great her friends could work together and began to devise a foolproof plan...

Drew, Isabel and Tom were already dealing in small amounts, but Sandy talked them into "turning it up to eleven".

They rented out a garage not far from their place under a generic name to store all of the "goods" to keep their distance between themselves and the higher amounts of drugs they'd be dealing in. The highest quality weed and hash oil, Ecstasy, Uppers, Downers and Shrooms primarily, even eventually hiring people to do the dealing for them.

They had found an old run down house for sale that was large enough for all five of them to live comfortably in. It was in a sketchy part of town, but it helped them blend in that much better.

Speaking of blending in better... Sandy had gotten a job close by that was a local pizza joint, not because she really needed the money, it was more so if any law enforcement or otherwise began nosing around and to keep her pig of a parole officer happy.

Each one of her group had gotten a meaningless dead end job just to keep up appearances.

She had sucked David Carpenter's dick more times than she cared to admit. Him with his big jiggly belly bumping into the top of her head as she sucked him off.

But she was hoping soon enough, David Carpenter and all of her's and her friend's problems would be well behind them. They were going to hit one last big score in just a few weeks then they could head to Mexico and enjoy the rest of their lives getting high on weed and drunk on Margaritas and banging senioritas.

"Only a few more weeks... Only a few more weeks..." She chanted to herself.

Sandy slowly slipped the increasingly loose size zero black slacks up over her bony, tattoo covered legs and her boyish looking ass, using a worn out leather pyramid stud belt to keep them up over her barely there hips and around her extremely waifish waist. She next dug around the dirty bedroom for a few minutes finding her top that she had been looking for and weakly slipped it on. She looked in the mirror, smiling at herself and fingering her newest sternum piercing that was peaking out from the collar of her workshirt just above her nonexistent breasts noting that it was still slightly tender and let her eyes wander to a new tattoo on the side of her neck of a red and black scorpion.

"Not too bad baby... Not too bad..." She said running her delicate hands from her flat chest all the way down over her protruding ribs, to her concave stomach and narrow thighs but she spotted a slight imperfection hovering over her right eye.

She set about adding a fresh, thick layer of darkly shaded makeup to her face with much of it attempting to mask a slight black eye that she had aquired from a deal gone wrong. The buyer had no intention of giving them the money for the product he had originally requested which would've caused them to lose out on a ten thousand dollar deal. Luckily they still got the money and actually held onto the product as well. And no one would ever hear from a supposed Frank Castle ever again...

She looked at her narrow visage once again admiring how much the makeup had helped hide her most recent altercation, and pulled her inky black hair back into a ponytail with her tattoo sleeved forearms and put just a simple black hair tie around it.

In another few weeks they'd pull the biggest job they had ever attempted...

They had started out holding up convenience stores all around Los Angeles and then graduated up to small banks around the area. Now they had a fair bit of money to rest back on. She looked at the headline on her cracked cell phone's screen from their latest gig just the day before.

"The Formidable Five strike again!"

A very grainy bank security cam picture of the five in their horror themed get-ups rested below the headline. Drew was Michael Myers, Tom was Jason Voorhees, Isabel was Leatherface, Mandy was Ghostface, and Sandy was Freddy Krueger. Each one held a wide variety of weapons ranging from a 12" knife to a 12 guage pump action shotgun to a revolver.

They were quickly building a reputation for themselves as one of the most infamous bank robbery groups in California. Up to this point, they had accumulated nearly twenty grand in the last four months between their various enterprises.

They tried to keep a low profile by hitting small banks off of the beaten path with little to no security that were far enough away from any police stations. But they were working up to the "big one" as they liked to call it.

Her mind clicked for a moment back to her past life, in a boring, stuffy job where she was expected to be on her best behavior. She had no serious love interests back then and no excitement to speak of. Now she had two of the best groups of friends anyone could ever ask for, along with at least four love interests and the mystery of never knowing what could happen from one moment to the next. She could never imagine going back to her drab and ridiculously bland life ever again.


She was currently dancing at the "Lusty Leopard" gentleman's club, swinging her heft to and fro, better than girls half her size.

She was a specialty stripper, but had quite the sizeable clientele, often taking men back to the private rooms for more "intimate" sessions.

She was performing a "Flamant Rose" when she felt the growing baby inside of her kick but it only seemed to push her harder.

She didn't have to work, but actually enjoyed all of the attention and nonstop sex from many men hungry for a "real woman".

After the situation at the hospital with her now ex husband, Fernando had quickly passed everything onto Elaine's family.

Her parents had set up a meet up a week after everything that had transpired to hear her side of the story. All it took was for them to see her pushing a four seat baby stroller filled with dark skinned children while she was arm in arm with her new love interest Roman. It also didn't help that her face was caked in garish makeup along with gaudy jewelry in the form of large gold hoop earrings, a septum and lower lip piercing. She was dressed in a bold fuchsia and black party dress that left her massive K cup tits perilously pouring out of the top along with the bottom of her meaty asscheeks hanging below the hem of the tawdry dress.

"I didn't want to believe it after Fernando had told us, but it's worse than I could've ever imagined... Don't attempt to call, text or email us. Our daughter Elaine is dead..."

"Fine by me... Elaine was just a little bitch that did whatever her mommy, daddy or ball and chain asked of her." Ellie snapped back at her parents with her heavier accent and then added on an exclamation point by aggressively pulling Roman in for a tongue filled kiss with her obviously pierced tongue.

"Don't you care at all about yours and Fernando's children?" Her mother asked through tear filled eyes.

"Nope, Fernando can keep them... For a price..."

Her father sighed. "What do you want??"

Ellie smirked. "I want one thousand dollars a week for the rest of my life or I promise you, I will ruin that empire that you've built. Don't tempt me, because I know how to do it." She added with a sneer and cock of her bodacious hips.

"Fine... But that is all you'll ever get from us." Her father growled as they turned away from her, forever leaving their forgotten daughter behind.

After their altercation, immediately her family had disowned her, going as far as firing her and banning her from any of their restaurants, taking all of her pictures down inside their house, practically erasing any memory that would tie them to their embarassment of a daughter. Her three kids that she had with Fernando would spend the rest of their lives thinking that their mother had passed away.

With their financial aggreement in order and Ellie's line of work, Ellie and Roman carved out a decent life for themselves, moving into a bigger house with a new Cadillac Escalade. Ellie and Roman had agreed to an "open relationship" and would often have large parties at the house, inviting old and newly aquired friends over to have fun.

One night as another one of their parties were in full swing, Roman pulled his "baby mama" off to the side to talk with her.

"So... Are you happy with this life?" He asked abruptly with a soft smile.

Ellie didn't have to ponder the question for even a moment as she smirked and aggressively pulled him down to her face, placing her plump, fire engine red lips upon his and hungrily shoving her tongue into his mouth. As she pulled away with a bite of his lower lip, she lustily fluttered her long, extended eyelashes his way.

"Does that answer your question?" She asked nonchalantly.

"Shiiit baby, we may have an open relationship, but you're the only carmel dessert I need in my life." He said grabbing and squeezing her sizeable asscheeks.

They slowly headed up towards the palacial bedroom to have some fun, then they'd rejoin the party.

She thought about her life before these last few weeks. She used to be a highly praised Michelin star chef with a family, but in a boring and sparkless marriage and insanely overbearing, ultra religious parents. Now she had made the best out of an originally terrible situation as the changes to her body and mental state were a true blessing in disguise. She now had more lovers than she could ever count, the love of carrying countless children and a job that she truly loved. She never wanted to go back to her original life, not after seeing what she had truly been missing out on.


Alexandra was currently dressed in a specially made two piece camo bikini that was attempting to cover her massive, pale, stretchmarked and cellulite covered 557 pound body. She was splayed out on a luxuriously plush, leather couch that was set upon a specialty scale designed to weigh livestock. Above her hung a large digital LED readout that displayed her weight down to the most minute amount and her goal of "1000 LBS". She was playing a round of Call Of Duty on her massive 85" 8K flatscreen as she greedily sucked from a large garden hose sized transparent tube filled with a creamy white substance. A high quality camera on a tripod was pointed her way, the red record light illuminated.

She grunted as she reached up and turned the red swivel at the bottom of the feeding tube with a bloated hand to close it for a moment. It was getting harder and harder to lift her arms, a thought that truly excited her. Her new life's goal: To become truly and utterly immobile. To be fed nonstop, fucked and be waited on hand and foot, and she was already beginning to see how amazing the rest of her life was going to be, and she was enjoying every second of it.

"Mmm... I know I should be focused on getting more kills, but I just can't help losing and getting more of my calorie-laden, gainer shake ice cream pumped into me... It just gets me so fucking turned on knowing it's fattening me up with each gulp..."

She had cornered the market on feeding, weight gain and the gaming market. With every round she lost of whatever game she was playing, she would down half a gallon of her special weight gain mixture.

Since she had been sued by the monster that she created for "Defamation of a business" and they had practically taken everything of hers, she had decided to turn her bad situation around and she found her answer in a monthly subscription service charging each member $10 a month. And with nearly a thousand members she was living quite comfortably. In fact, more comfortably than she had even when she owned her chain of gyms. She was living in a extremely private and renovated 2,000 square foot house made specifically for someone of her "physical standing".

She eagerly opened and sucked at the hose, draining it within just a few seconds.

"Geooooorge. I need a refill!" She yelled out.

A few moments later, a chubby middle aged balding man showed up with a large pitcher of her delicious mixture. A mixture that so many people had asked about that she was going to soon package and sell to people who wanted to gain like her. Who knew she'd become an entrepreneur after everything she'd been through?

"Coming right up!" He said happily as he poured it into her feeding machine.

"Mmm... You're being such a good boy, I may just have to let you have your way with me later..." She said with a deep belch, streams of the creamy white mixture running all down the front of her rolling body.

George knew exactly what she meant by that. He would help her back to her heavily reinforced king sized bed, have her lay belly down and place a large twenty four serving sheet cake right in front of her to eat with just her mouth. Then as she'd stuff her face with the treat, he'd take her from behind.

He remembered the first time he'd met her. He had private messaged her on her site saying he was very well off and willing to wait on her hand and foot. With Alexandra being slightly financially challenged about seven months ago, she would have been a fool to turn down his offer.

The first time he had shown up at her nearly empty townhome thanks to Dynamic Fitness, he was treated to an incredible sight. Alexandra had her fat ass planted on the sole couch left in the place, halfway through a feast of six large pizzas.

He was smart and had shown up with five bags full of burgers and fries from a local burger joint.

"Is that all you brought??" She asked through her food stuffed and stained mouth.

She caught a hint of his rather large member that was pressing against the fabric of his slacks.

"Or I'll tell you what, feed me the rest of this food nomatter how full I get, how much I beg to stop and you can have your way with me after it's all gone..."

Since that day, George had provided her with a new place, an unlimited source of fattening foods and pleasure whenever she craved it causing her to gain weight faster than ever before.

Even at 557 pounds, she could surprisingly still walk under her own power albeit a slow, laboring pace but she wanted to burn as few calories as possible so she chose to use a specially designed motorized scooter to help her move about whether it was within her own home or out on the town.

But at least she still had her friends to fall back on. Old and new... Her friends Katy, Elaine and Sandy. Although Katy nonstop commented on her growing waistline and Sandy was always trying to get into her pants or fatten her up. Her new friends who she had yet to meet were all bbw's or aspiring ssbbw's. They'd always talk over video chats and had planned to come out to Alexandra's place before too long to have a plus sized Playboy style party. George was more than happy to agree to host it.

Alexandra smiled as she chugged down more of the mixture. She thought she had been so happy back when she was in shape, with a muscular hunk of a boyfriend and her own business. But how wrong and naive she was back then. Back then her world would've felt like it was coming to an end over gaining just a few pounds and she was always having to eat the most boring and unfulfilling foods. Now she could eat whatever she wanted without any qualms and she would remain happy as long as her weight continued to climb. She now knew true and utter bliss...


Katy's head was hungrily bobbing up and down on her ex boyfriend's dick as Trey eagerly ate out his fiancé's tight slit as she straddled his face.

"I bet you wish you still had a pussy as tight as mine huh?"

"Mmmmffff... mhmmm!!!" Katy lustily responded but continued to expertly massage Trey's cock with her tongue, throat and mouth.

"But you're just too much of a dirty skank to really care huh?? Your cunt is so stretched out that all you're good for these days is giving head." Jessica smirked.

"MMMMMFFFF!!" Katy responded in a positive affirmation.

As Trey unloaded down Katy's throat, Jessica quickly arose and smacked Katy on her meaty rear-end.

"Okay bitch tits, time to get your fat ass up and let me have my way with my man!" Jessica egotistically pronounced as she slowly maneuvered her pregnant body in line with her soon to be husband's sizeable member.

Trey didn't even bother acknowledging Katy's presence as she got up, supporting her own pregnant belly with one manicured hand. The only difference between hers and Jessica's pregnancy was that Jessica knew who the father was. Katy on the other hand, had at least fifteen different men to choose from. None of them being Trey...

Shortly after Jessica and Trey had first made love, she had found out she was expecting. She began wearing more revealing outfits around the mansion to specifically showcase her growing midsection and at every turn would talk down to her, belittle her and had also put an end to Katy and Trey's sexual relationship.

Only a few weeks later, Jessica had moved into Trey's spacious mansion and taken Katy's side of the bed. Katy on the other hand, was moved into the servant's quarters which were still well furnished and had her own queen sized bed to populate. She was given the okay to have sexual partners over as long as she told them that she was one of the maids.

In some ways she already was. She was in charge of cleaning Trey and Jessica's sex stained bedspreads, cleaning the master bedroom in a french maid's outfit while Jessica and Trey fucked like wild animals and soon she'd be in charge of keeping the baby's nursery maintained for Jessica and Trey's offspring.

"How does it feel? This could've been you if you weren't such a braindead slut but Trey doesn't want to socialize with such an inferior mind.

After Jessica had discovered that Katy had gotten knocked up by one of her many mystery lovers, Jessica began letting Trey penetrate Katy's gaping snatch just so Trey could compare notes between Katy's well used pussy and Jessica's almost impossibly tight slit.

"Which pussy do you like more baby??"

"Yours without a doubt!" Trey groaned out looking at Jessica, never once locking eyes with Katy even as she was fucking him.

"Well you can make her stop any time you please..." Jessica smirked.

Almost instantly, Trey would force Katy to stop and swiftly get away from her as if she were a leper.

As luck would have it, Katy's much simpler, sex fueled mind went absolutely ballistic when talked to in a condescending tone and Trey seemed to enjoy it as well. Many times during their sexual escapades, Jessica would verbally attack Katy which would only fuel Trey's sexual exuberance.

After Trey had fallen head over heels for Jessica, Trey had cancelled all of Katy's credit cards and would rarely speak to her once Jessica moved in. In turn Katy could only think of one way to make money... To become an escort. She was still absolutely beautiful, just in a more plastic type of way and her curves were an absolute sight to behold.

She found she would attract a wide array of clientele. Some older in their late sixties or even older who had to rely on viagra to get themselves hard. Some were trust fund kids looking to have some trophy to show off at big gatherings. And others were just looking to have a hot and steamy night in with the utterly vapid but ridiculously hot and curvy blonde.

Since she had been moved into the servant's quarters, she had had more customers than she could rightly count.

But even still without Trey in her immediate life, she had never been happier. All she needed was plenty of dick and enough money for food and new clothing.

***Significantly altered Saturdays***

The Fab Four would meet up at their new hangout every Saturday since they had been denied service at Dante's nearly six months ago now. Their new hangout was Shenanigan's. Cheap, strong drinks, calorie laden foods and a less restrictive dress code. This was their new happy place before kicking off their Saturday nights.

Typically Katy, Elaine and Sandy were more than happy to meet up, but Alexandra rarely left the safety of her own home, whether it be out of sheer laziness or otherwise. But she always made a point to video chat with them while they were there, even though she was typically busy stuffing her face throughout the whole conversation.

They had recently found some pushback by the owners of the club that they used to frequent, being told that they weren't the ideal clientele that they wanted to serve so they had resorted to bar hopping around lower class establishments that practically had no rules or guidelines. The trio had become quite popular among the usual patrons of their every saturday destinations, especially with drunk, horny men and also women on some occasions. The owners of the less than desirable establishments were okay with the girls having fun with other patrons as long as they kept it discreet, whether it be having fun in the bathrooms or off of the premises, and some owners even joined in on the fun. The trio had actually attracted more customers to the different businesses which the owners were more than happy to accommodate. Then, if they weren't too plastered or drugged up, would typically finish up their night at Alexandra's to spend time with their homebound friend.

Their lives might have been completely upended and irrevocably different, but they had honestly never been happier.

***THE END***
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