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Matt was jolted awake as a pair of hands clapped directly in front of his face. He could feel an aching cold penetrate his body all the way through to his core.

He was completely naked...

He looked around the room seeing that he was indeed in the same room as Hannah and her parents. The room had seemingly grown since he last saw it through the television screen. Matt was seated to the left of his girlfriend, while her parents were similarly bound to the right of her, both with an apparatus attached to their heads.

He was the only one who was currently alert. Hannah and her parents seemed to be in a deep sleep.

"Good morning sleepyhead! So you're the boy who has stolen Hannah's heart. The knight in shining armor! How gallant! What are you going to do? Talk me to death?!?" He chuckled.

"Let me go and you'll find out." Matt growled.

"Wow... Mr. Tough guy! As much fun as that sounds, I don't think I'll let you go just yet. I have bigger plans for you."

Matt rotated his head towards his girlfriend. She looked even larger in person. Her belly rhythmically inflated and deflated with each deep inhale and every wheezing exhale. Her mountain of flesh glistened as large beads of sweat caused numerous trails to form, running down her body constantly dripping onto the floors cold, sterilized surface in mulitple puddles all around her. But then he noticed that her arms and legs were free. If he could just get her attention and have her set him free, he may just be able to put an end to this nightmare.


Joseph approached Hannah, letting his fingers glide over the uneven surface of her multi-tiered belly. "I'm afraid she was quite tired after her last session. All of that food... All of that sexual stimulation takes it's toll. You'll come to find that it takes alot of energy for someone of Hannah's size to do much of anything. She should be up any time though."

A look of pure hatred spread across Matt's face as he tried to move his arms and legs but quickly figured out that they were encased in metal bindings much like he'd seen his girlfriend in earlier. In fact, he was in a chair much like Hannah currently was.


Matt tried once again to pull his wrists free from the shackles but was fruitless in his efforts, only succeededing in flexing his well defined muscles.

All of the yelling caused Hannah to stir, slowly waking up from her food fueled slumber.

"So... you said when you found me that I'd what?? Ahhh... yes! That I'd regret it??" Joseph grinned.

"Yeah... let me up from this chair and I'll show you what I mean."

"I don't think I'll do that just yet, but your time will come soon enough I promise. Don't you go anywhere, I have to get things set up for you!" He chuckled as he patted Matt's leg and walked towards a corner of the room, gathering different items for the day ahead.

Matt's attention was pulled away from Joseph as Hannah began talking.

"Matt??? What are you *urp* doing here? Are you okay sweetheart??" Hannah sleepily mumbled. An abrupt trumpeting fart escaped her cheeks as she yawned and stretched her jiggly arms up over her head.

"Babe... we gotta get out of here! I can take you away from this place. Just get me out of these restraints!"

Joseph turned around and Matt could clearly see a large syringe filled with a teal colored fluid gripped tightly in his hand.

"Well... look who's up! Just in time to see what will become of your boyfriend!"

"Oh... please don't do anything to him... I love Matt the way he is... Hannah replied nervously.

"Well we will discuss exactly that in a few moments but first..." he trailed off as he injected the substance into Matt's broad neck with the professionalism of a doctor.


"First... you should hear what Matt really thinks of you!"

Matt could feel a slight numbness spread throughout his body, his vision blurred and he felt as though he had drank a full fifth of Vodka. However he could feel a warmth overcoming his crotch as his 12" member fully stood to attention, feeling more erect than ever before, the veins in his shaft turning the same shade of teal as the liquid he was just injected with.

Matt's shackles snapped open letting him up.

"Go ahead and go say hi to your girlfriend Matt."

Matt stumbled to the ground, landing on his knees and forearms barely having enough energy to keep his chin off of the floor. He felt utterly weak and lethargic... His muscles were throbbing. He began crawling towards her.

The old Hannah seemingly burst through for a few moments as she became increasingly worried about her boyfriend but she knew trying to stop Joseph at this point was fruitless. She was struggling to get to a full upright position grunting with every attempt, small burps and puffs of gas escaped her body as she finally succeeded on the fifth try. Her belly was covering a good portion of her thighs, bunching up with the added pressure of being upright. She was significantly winded just from the small feat.

"What'd you inject into him??"

"Oh nothing to worry about! It's just a simple truth serum... With a few side effects as you can see... "Here, why don't you come down from your chair and let me guide you over to him so you can see for yourself."

Hannah cautiously lowered her full five hundred and two pound body from the chair with some assistance from Joseph.

She waivered back and forth once upon her feet. Once she had steadied herself, Joseph slowly walked her over to her weakened boyfriend and helped him up to a standing position. The short five foot jaunt made her knees and back ache. Her weight was definitely taking it's toll on her mobility now.

The two embraced in a tight hug, Matt noticed with some distaste that his muscled forearms were being sucked in by the shifting rolls of back fat that Hannah had aquired, his arms couldn't fully reach around her and he was becoming wet from the torrent of sweat that was leaking from her pores. He now realized how truly massive she had become.

She turned her head back towards Joseph. "Why are you doing this??..." Hannah questioned.

"Because I'm doing you a favor Hannah... I'm going to show you what Matt truly thinks of the new you... Of your beautifully voluptuous body."

Matt's mouth seemingly moved on it's own as if he had no control over it.

"It's not beautiful... it's nothing but lard and fat." Matt painfully uttered.

"But... my body is sexy as hell... how could you not like it??"

Hannah's look of concern shifted from Joseph to Matt as she focused on him.

"Please Matt. Go ahead and tell us what you truly think about Hannah's new form in detail."

A battle was clearly waging within Matt's mind.

"I-I thhink she looks absolutely disgusting... All of the rrrolls, cellulite.... stretch marks... makes me sick to my stomach."

Tears began streaming from her eyes at hearing the callous words being forced from her lover's mouth.

"Why do you think that?? All of these delicious rolls... my massive belly and my big breasts..." She said hefting up her breasts in between sobs snd teasing her nipples.

"And what do you think of people who are overweight?" Joseph asked.

"I-I think they're lazy, uneducated, slobs who are typically on welfare..."

Hannah couldn't believe what she was hearing. The strong bias he had against people like her...

"But... there's nothing wrong with just relaxing and enjoying good food..." She lamented.

It didn't even cross her mind that she used to think just like him...

"Are you attracted to her in the slightest anymore??"

Matt was doing his best to refrain from spilling any more hurtful words. His mouth was contorting as he was losing the fight. "N-no... I'm repulsed by the sight of her... M-maybe if I can get her to lose the w-weight and become somewhat active again, then maybe I'll be attracted to her again... B-but I'm worried she's too far gone already..."

Hannah was steadily sobbing now. Small wisps of gas escaped her cheeks in rhythm with her sobbing. "STOP THIS!! MAYBE I'M JUST TOO MUCH WOMAN FOR YOU NOW!" She raised her voice swiftly becoming defensive breathing heavily.

Joseph stuck a hand up motioning for her to calm down. "Now now, settle down princess. He can't help how he truly feels. I'm going to ask him one last, but possibly the most important question..."

"Do you still love her Matt?"

This was by far the easiest question for him to answer, however he was feeling rather tired. "Yes... one hundred percent... yes. Nothing could ever... change that." He said, his eyes slowly closing and then opening again.

Hannah's somber disposition seemed to dissipate just a bit with his answer.

"Ah it looks as if he is almost ready. Come on Matt, get back up onto your chair. I have a special treat for you."

Matt clumsily climbed back onto his chair, his muscles aching and throbbing.

"Well... what do you think now my dear Hannah? Have I opened your eyes to how he really sees you?" Joseph asked in a cocky tone.

Hannah sniffled a few times. "Well... Yes you have... I'm happy that he still loves me... but what kind of relationship could we have without any sense of attraction?? I know he loves shapeless, thin bodies which I find absolutely disgusting, and I won't change for him!! I love being this big..." She said massaging her belly, a pudgy digit dancing around the rim of her belly button

"Well... you're in luck Hannah! I'm going to do you a favor and help you with your situation."

"W-what are you going to do??" Hannah asked curiously.

"Well for the start of this stage, you and your boyfriend are going to have sex right here on this chair, with you being on top sweetheart."

"As much as I want to have sex with him, I won't do it with you and my parents in here..."

"Think again..." Joseph quipped as he sunk a syringe containing a pink substance in it's glass casing into Hannah's thick neck, it began working through her body.

"No... please don't..." Matt begged.

Hannah was beginning to feel a sense of euphoria wash over her.

"What the fuck did you just inject into me??!"

"It's just a simple concoction designed to heighten your libido, or to be more precise, triple it..."

Hannah wanted to deny that his chemical mixture was working, but she could swiftly feel her slit becoming moist beneath her huge fupa and the folds of her belly. She began mindlessly playing with her belly with even more ferocity, frustrated she couldn't reach her slit on her own anymore.

He was disgusted at the sight of his enormous girlfriend playing with herself before him, yet his dick was still standing at full mast. It almost seemed to be pulsating now...

Hannah sighed. "Uhh maybe he's right Joseph... He doesn't admire my body anymore... He thinks I look disgusting." She said hanging her head down, a few stray tears dripping from her face onto her belly. "Maybe I'll just have to find someone else that will admire this beautiful body of mine... urp..." She said fingering her belly button.

"But baby... You'd pick food over our relationship??" Matt said in a sleepy, sorrowful tone.

"Well... yeah Matt... this is the real me... If you really love me, you'd learn to love everything that comes with me... food has always been my go to, you know that!"

Matt was feeling like a real asshole as he watched his girlfriend ball her eyes out. He knew she had no control over what Joseph was brainwashing her to believe. "I'm sorry... I do love you sweetheart..." He paused for a moment. "Go ahead and get on... Let's make love..." He said trying to sound as cheerful as possible.

The chair seemingly widened an extra foot and extra padding filled it's confines beneath his body to make it more comfortable as he laid upon it's surface.

Her eyes lit up as a gentle smiled formed upon her nearly spherical face. "Oh... Well okay... If you're sure..." She said apprehensively with a half smile and a sniffle, eyeing her boyfriend as a deep, wide set of stairs formed from out of the white, glossy floor, helping her up til she was able to lazily swing her right leg up and over her boyfriend's lap landing upon him with a thunderous fart. Matt could feel singular warm bubbles reverberating between her curtains of gelatinous fat that blanketed his muscular body like a thick, heavy layer of slushy snow as she mounted him. As his member slid inside of her, he swore he could feel every lump, every fat cell... every newly formed stretchmark, everything... Her belly was an avalanche of damp, pure fat, overtaking his upper thighs and abdomen. Being as fitness oriented as he was, he had lifted many free weights in the past, being able to bench 400 plus pounds, but this was completely different... He was seemingly trapped beneath the mountain of lard that his girlfriend had become. The weight was nearly unbearable. Matt was swiftly overcome with a mixture of vanilla and B.O. invading his senses. He became sick to his stomach...

"Okay great! Next, Hannah will be downing more of my signature liquid as the two of you have sex and she gains another one hundred pounds."

"YES!!!" Hannah purred victoriously as she lazily bounced atop her still apprehensive boyfriend.

"I-I'm sorry... I can't do this..." Matt sobbed out. This feels much too disgusting..."

Hannah sighed. "Well maybe we... should just call... it quits right here then." She said with labored breathing while rocking her 500 plus pounds atop him struggling to dismount him...

Matt grunted aloud as he had a change of heart. There had to be a way to bring his old Hannah back still... She couldn't have been completely gone just yet. He decided nomatter the cost, he would stay by her side.

"NO! I will do anything to make you happy!" He cried out, his words coming out clear and true.

She looked at him with a scowl. "Why?? Why try if you can't admire my natural beauty?!? I am a SSBBW now and that will never change thanks to Joseph and his wonderul invention! Look... there are many men out there who would love to be with me so if you can't take it, stop wasting my fucking time!" Hannah yelled looking down at her boyfriend beneath her.

Joseph found his in and decided to speak up. "Wait... I can help the both of you out with your relationship! I will give you a new perspective Matt. Trust me..."

"What are you going to do??" Matt asked curiously.

Joseph circled Matt's chair without answering the question. "You are quite the specimen my dear Matt. Tall, muscular, intelligent, handsome... The ideal mate... except you don't like plus sized women which is a deal breaker for your wondrful Hannah here. I am merely going to fix your hangups."

"Oh... well... okay? What does that entail?" Matt asked feeling no more at ease, his voice quivering in fear.

"I am going to use my electrodes here to make you prefer a woman of Hannah's caliber..."

"Oh... so you mean more brain washing??" Matt asked suspiciously.

Joseph nodded. "Son... you want to show Hannah here just how much you love her right?" Joseph questioned attaching electrodes to his scalp.

Matt looked down towards his crotch that was buried beneath multiple layers of blubber, feeling himself on the verge of vomiting.

"I guess..."

"Okay, great! You and Hannah will go under simultaneously for a short time, and when the two of you wake up, your relationship will be as good as new!" After Joseph had finished attaching multiple electrodes around Matt and Hannah's head, he brought the feeding tube down within Hannah's feeble reach and readied three syringes for Matt. The first being a bright shade of chartreuse, then the second being a vibrant orange just like the very first one that had been injected into Hannah at the start of all of this and the third a deep violet in color.

Joseph tapped some buttons on the control console and the electrodes and feeding machine went to work once again.

Matt and Hannah quickly fell into a deep slumber.


Bright variants of teal and sapphire swirled about around him until his vision cleared.

Matt was inside his bedroom laying upon his bed. He had just woken up in a sweat soaked terror. Outside his window, he could see that it was night time. The sky was flecked with stars in different hues of blue. His television was blaring almost erotic noises with indistinguishable dialogue as an almost psychedelic swirl of teal and sapphire with the word "DreamRunner" waved across the screen.

He tried to shut the tv off but the remote seemed to not be working.

Before he could take more of his surroundings in, a very lithe Hannah stepped in through his bedroom door wearing a typically stylish outfit of hers. A white spaghetti strap top and designer denim short shorts. She looked over at him and smiled. "Hey baby! Your parents aren't home, and you couldn't keep your eyes open until I got here huh??..."

Hannah seemed to not notice the blaring volume coming from the tv, only speaking at her normal level, yet Matt could hear her clearly.

Matt smiled as he brought a hand to his clammy forehead. "Oh god... what a terrible nightmare! Thank god that's all it was babe!" He said raising from his bed to give his beautiful girlfriend a loving hug, finding joy in his arms being able to completely wrap around her and then some. His smile grew at the feeling of her angular face pressing into his chisled chest. He ended the embrace with a soft kiss.

"Well... I hope you feel well rested for our first time together! Your parents ARE gone for the whole weekend right?"

Before Matt could fully process her question, he answered as if he was on autopilot.

"Yeah. We have the house all to ourselves all weekend!" He excitedly replied.

"Mmmm... that is great news my love!" She replied with a smirk.

"But now, to the matter at hand..." She said looking up into his eyes.

She playfully pushed him back onto his bed and made him scoot all the way on, his feet nearly hanging off of the end of his bed while his head rested on his pillow. She slowly and seductively climbed over the top of him with her lithe body hovering above him just enough for her still clothed breasts to skim across the surface of his toned abs and pecs til her face was within an inch of his own. He could smell her delectably decadent perfume drawing him nearer. "Well... I can see that you need time to get ready for me. Just let me get cleaned up and I'll be right back. "Don't you go anywhere!" She said gently stroking his flaccid member and pecking him on the lips.

She sashayed out of the bedroom in an almost dreamlike state. It seemed almost instantaneous, but she returned dressed in a set of laced lingerie that seemed to constantly swirl in shades of blue that hugged every inch of her firm, athletic body. In one arm she held a bowl of fresh strawberries and clasped a can of whipped cream in the other.

"I found these in the refrigerator, I hope your parents don't mind..."

Matt felt dizzy for a moment as a hazy voice echoed within his ears.

"Inexperienced, anxious, awkward, submissive..." echoed through the television's speakers sounding much like his own voice.

The walls of Matt's room creaked, shifted and then pulled outwards, growing seemingly large enough to fit a football field within it's boundaries, causing the excess space to seem almost crippling... stifling... He felt uneasy and absolutely exposed. He needed comfort and security.

"Mmm so are you ready for dessert?" She purred.

Matt smirked nervously. "Absolutely! Come over here..." He said trying to keep his anxiety to a minimum.

She brought the bowl of vibrant, red strawberries and whipped cream to the bed, slowly crawling over top of him once more, straddling his waist with her athletic thighs. Her extremely light body was feeling as if it weighed no more than a feather, yet her somewhat bony derriere pressed painfully into Matt's hipbones.

His anxiety continued to skyrocket even with her resting upon him...

She started by spraying some whipped cream into her own mouth and then leaned forward, sliding her cream covered tongue into his mouth. "Mmm... I don't typically go for sweets like this but I'll just have to work it off... in one way or another." She winked.

She swiftly began running circles of whipped cream around her boyfriend's nipples, with a trail leading down towards his firm abdomen, and then lower...

After she had applied her artwork, she came back up holding a whipped cream covered strawberry in her right hand and took a demure bite.

The bed creaked out as Hannah's angular knees seemed to sink lower into the mattress.

"Mmm... this is absolutely delectable..." She said licking her lips seductively. "Do you want to try it??" She flashed her eyes at him.

"Yes... I do..."

Even though it was one of the most highly erotic things he had ever experienced, he could still tell that he was indeed limp down below.

She brought a whipped cream covered strawberry to his lips and he eagerly took a bite.


Hannah was blissfully sucking at the tube, once again an almost erotic moaning gulp escaping her lips.

***514 LBS***

***526 LBS***

***535 LBS***

It was hard to notice any change in her form at this point due to her already massive size, however Joseph couldn't help but shift his eyes between the expansive red head and her weight reading.

***545 LBS***

Joseph circled the chair admiring what had become of the once stellar athlete.

Her titanic belly was searching for new areas to occupy, stretchmarks were now covering the vast majority of her belly becoming deeper and darkening in color. Her enormous breasts which were already larger than her head, continued to expand and sag, her nipples nearly reaching her navel.

***556 LBS***

***565 LBS***

***575 LBS***

As he circled the foot of the chair, he noted with excitement that Hannah's colossal, cellulite ridden buttcheeks now more resembled plush bean bags, the excess heft filling any gap that rested in it's path. Each one of her thighs now easily dwarfed her once narrow waist, drooping with fat, massive rolls forming at her knees.

Joseph looked on in anticipation as the chartreuse syringe injected itself into Matt's neck.


Matt's vision blurred once again as the shades of teal and sapphire mixed with a bold chartreuse.

"Good huh?" She purred.

He quickly swallowed any remnants left of the strawberry. "Yeah... I've never tasted anything so..." He paused mid sentence.

Matt had to do a double take as he took in the beautiful visage of his Hannah.

But then he noticed a slight discrepancy in her appearance.

Was her face always that round?

It was barely noticable, her jawline and high cheek bones were less pronounced, softened... Just as soon as he was going to question it, the television's voice once again spoke up only stronger this time...

"Soft bodies are soothing... comforting... the softer the better..."

Yet Matt found he didn't mind it, preferred it actually...

He looked lower noticing that her breasts were practically pouring out of her top and her abdomen had a gentle outwards slope to it. Matt looked down even more. Hannah had a gentle spreading of the thighs now as well...

He was feeling weak and scatter brained.

He could feel her slightly softer derriere taking up more space on his thighs, her cheeks feeling as if they had more padding as she sat on top of him. He couldn't help but to nervously massage her thighs.

And something shocked him... He enjoyed the feeling... he felt safe, secure..."

He could feel his member twitching as it was swiftly rising to the occasion.

Hannah took a bite of a chocolate covered strawberry this time and Matt now knew that it wasn't just in his mind... That Hannah was indeed getting softer with every bite she took.

She quickly left the realm of svelte and then plump, quickly crossing into the plane of chubby.

The television was drawing Matt's attention away once again...

"You enjoy being buried under a soft body. It's comforting like a weighted blanket, your biggest turn on..."

His member kept growing...

"Mmmmph... these are so good! *Urp*... You really need to try one!" She said as she shoved yet one more chocolate coated strawberry into her mouth swiftly passing the 200 pound mark at a breakneck pace.

She brought another chocolate covered strawberry up to her mouth and eagerly took a bite.

"The bigger Hannah becomes, the more attractive she will be."

Matt found himself believing every single word of that statement.


Joseph looked on in dignified excitement as Hannah greedily sucked at the hose, covering more of her boyfriend as she did so with her own heft. Her already massive rolls were rounding out, pooling and smashing against one another with each second. Hannah was rotating her mass atop her boyfriend, feeling his member buried deep inside of her, hitting all of the right spots.

Joseph looked up at her weight readout...

***584 LBS***

***593 LBS***

***602 LBS***

Hannah Owens
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 602 LBS (Borderline Immobile)
Breasts: NNN cup
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Intelligence Quotient: 138 (highly intelligent)


As Hannah's gain had come to a close, he removed the feeding tube from her mouth and brought his attention to a second readout.

Matt Myers
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 204 LBS (Athletic)
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Intelligence Quotient: 134 (highly intelligent)

His eyes focused in on the two different stats, waiting to see any fluctuations and smiled when he began seeing them begin to change...

***198 LBS***

Joseph truly couldn't believe how effective and how quickly this newest chemical of his was working. He wasn't lying when he told both Matt and Hannah that there were side effects to the first concoction that he had injected into Matt's neck. It broke down and rearranged Matt's DNA, reshaping his skeletal structure as well as dissolving muscle tissue.

Those were 2 of the 3 side effects... Matt would find out what the third side effect was soon enough...

***174 LBS***

Matt was seemingly shrinking in on himself whilst his feet slid further away from the edge of the chair and his head was likewise doing the same motion sliding from the padded headrest. It was as if his body was being pulled inwards by an invisible gravitational field centered in his abdomen.

He was quickly seeming to disappear beneath his steadily growing girlfriend.

***152 LBS***

His whole body was becoming more delicate as it continued to shrink... At one time he could grip a basketball with one hand but not anymore... They were now significatly smaller than Hannah's own.

***132 LBS***

Joseph looked on with pride as Matt was now nearly a foot shorter than when he started, ending his shrinking process at a laughable 5'4" and a paltry weight of 122 pounds. His whole body, but primarily his legs and arms were devoid of any muscle definition. Joseph chuckled as he now realized that Hannah would now tower over her boyfriend by 6 inches and weigh nearly six times his own weight.

Matt Myers
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 122 LBS (Slim)
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Intelligence Quotient: 134 (highly intelligent


Hannah looked at Matt lovingly as she kissed him generously. "Mmm... so are you ready??"

He nervously gulped. "I...I think so..."

He had never been so excited yet so nervous before.

Hannah giggled as she looked down at her boyfriend. "You're lucky you're so gifted downstairs, not to mention cute as hell.

Matt was beginning to feel a bit odd, as if he was being dwarfed by the girl hovering over him.

"I typically don't go for guys who are shorter than me..."

Matt paused for a moment as he thought that her comment sounded odd when he heard his voice pipe up breaking his train of thought.

"Well... you're lucky I like rather rotund beauties. I just can't get enough of you!"

"Mmm you are one suave dork... Grab anywhere you want hun..." She purred rocking back and forth upon his lap, feeling his hardening member poking her in her plumpened crotch.

Matt's miniscule hands began roaming over the soft expanse of his girlfriend's body feeling himself become more excited with each passing second.

She began kissing his chest, licking up the trail of whipped cream that she had created, causing her body to immediately convert it into fat as she swiftly passed 230 pounds.

With one swift motion, she lowered herself onto his member.


Joseph looked on with excitement as the last syringe containing his orange concoction plunged deep into Matt's neck.

Joseph grabbed a second hose from the feeding machine and inserted it into Matt's partially open mouth.

This next part was going to be quite exciting...

Matt's lips eagerly accepted the hose into his mouth as he was still deep into his drug-induced slumber with help from the DreamRunner machine. The machine holding the fattening liquid kicked into high gear as it found a new mouth to feed.

Joseph then attached the same breathing apparatus that Hannah wore earlier and the same noxious gas began invading Matt's lungs...


Just as Matt was in the pleasure filled throes of love making with his exceptionally plump girlfriend, the surroundings seemed to ripple and melt, Hannah fading away into nothingness...

"Hannah?!!? HANNAH?!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?"

He expected to hear a response but nothing... nothing but the echo of his own voice.

The absolution of darkness began to contort and change. Matt could see he was located on his high school's football field and he could feel the astro turf and rubber pellets beneath his feet.

He felt a football materialize in his abnormally large hands. He looked down and frowned with some confusion. Why was he so tall and muscular and why was he dressed in a high school football uniform?!?

"Matty no..." He heard a soft melodic voice echoing out.

Matt looked around and saw a pixelated version of his beautifully rotund Hannah in a comically large but snug and daring cheerleading outfit barely covering all of her 600 plus pound body. She was crying into her hands beneath the goalposts at the opposite end of the field.

All of a sudden he heard a loud resounding "HIKE!" and immediately large bodied men in football jerseys and faces shadowed by their helmets were chasing after him. He felt as if his life was in legitimate danger, that if even one of the men caught him and tackled him, he would most certainly perish.

Matt began sprinting as quickly as he could towards his love but the football players only seemed to be running faster.

She locked her eyes onto him. "Hurry Matty! Take off your football uniform! It's slowing you down!!!" Hannah's voice reflected through this terrible nightmare.

He was hit with a wave of yellow fog. He felt his throat tighten, his chest felt like it was on fire. He instinctively reached around his neck and grabbed his inhaler giving it a few generous pumps into his mouth as he continued to sprint.

A wave of musclebound men were nipping at his heels. His muscles were throbbing, he could taste something similar to raw iron in the back of his throat, the metallic taste making him feel like he needed to throw up.

He stripped the jersey as well as the pants from his body. A sigh of relief gripping him as his familiar slight body had returned and he was leaving the evil football players behind. He noticed that the football was still clutched within his smaller hands yet it too had shrunk and begun to change shape and color.

As he neared his girlfriend he noticed that she was actually inside a large screen. It was glowing a comforting gold in color. He relied on his first instinct which was to jump into the screen and he immediately landed softly onto a couch next to a completely nude, and incredibly massive Hannah, game controller already clutched in his hands. He looked back up towards the tv as a tidal wave of monster football players crashed down on top of him causing him to jump.

"See! I told you sports games were lame!" Hannah chuckled as she chomped down on a custard filled doughnut.

He set the controller down and wheezed. "Yeah... I should've listened to you babe... I don't know why I even tried it... I mean I hate playing sports as it is..." Matt heard himself say.

He believed it one hundred percent...

"Doughnut?" Hannah offered him.

"Don't mind if I do!" He said happily snagging one from a large cardboard box, taking a healthy bite.

"Maybe once you're done with your dessert there, you wouldn't mind going in for seconds??" Hannah purred.

Matt looked on at his girlfriend and smiled. She had spread some leftover custard filling from a few doughnuts over her enlarged nipples and made a trail leading down over her gargantuan gut to her hidden nether regions.

Matt licked his lips hungrily as his small frame climbed atop the mountain of lard that his girlfriend had become and began greedily licking and sucking at her areolas. Her hardened swollen nipples seemed to expel streams of thick, warm custard.


Joseph nearly giggled out of glee as he watched the thick yellow fluid travel down Matt's hose into his mouth as he began to feed.

The results were almost instantaneous.

***135 LBS***

***147 LBS***

***154 LBS***


Matt was eagerly working his way downwards til he was kneeling before her on the ground.

She looked at him longingly as she spread her massive thighs wide, and struggled to lift her belly up revealing her moist slit.

"Eat up baby." Hannah cooed.

Matt went in, feeling the excess weight of his girlfriend's belly resting upon the back of his head almost seeming to pull him in even more. He could feel waves of heat hitting his face as an utterly divine scent filled his nostrils. He soon discovered that the aromatic fragrance was coming from her nether regions as he witnessed a thick trail of cream leaking from her slit. As his lips latched onto her twat, it seemed to open wide as a tidal wave of creamy custard flowed into his mouth and down his throat.

He eagerly swallowed every single drop that flowed into his mouth.


Joseph looked on in a sickening interest as Matt was quickly leaving his slim physique behind.

***165 LBS***

***178 LBS***

***189 LBS***

Matt's softening body was quickly and seemingly melding with his girlfriend's enormous rolls of lard.

Where well defined pecs once sat, fat drooping moobs were taking shape, his once proud and defined chin and cheekbones were swiftly becoming less so as his face rounded out, and his arms were bloating up with pure unadulterated fat.

***199 LBS***

***208 LBS***

***217 LBS***

A new double chin was swiftly forming upon his now chuberic face as someone who enjoyed gluttony, who revelled in deep fried foods, sweets and spending days upon days planted on his ever fattening ass playing video games.

***228 LBS***

***239 LBS***

***247 LBS***

He was now someone who would sneer at any form of physical activity. Who loved to stay inside even when it was summer.

He was now the kind of guy that he used to poke fun at before all of this happened... He was no longer the intimidating, ripped man that he once was. Even calling him "a shadow of his former self" would be too much of a compliment. He looked feeble, clumsy, lazy... He looked every bit of how a loser should look.

This was shaping up perfectly...

He turned his attention to Hannah once he had finished with Matt for the time being. It was her turn to go through her own journey of re-imagined self discovery once again.

The head apparatus that she had on began firing small static shocks to different parts of her brain, further programming her into what she was destined to become.


Hannah found herself back in 9th grade in Ms. Leighber's Sex Education class as her slim physique was seated at the front of the class in a small desk/chair combo. She was wearing a traditional girl's high school uniform consisting of a polo style shirt with a skirt that went a few inches past her knees and calf socks with flats.

"Alright class. Enough chit chat." The teacher politely declared.

"So today we will be learning about sex and the ramifications that can come along with it if you're not careful."

"I have invited someone to come in and share their own personal life experiences from this particular thing. Please be respectful and attentive."

The teacher looked towards the main doorway of the classroom and motioned for the mystery guest to come in.

"Hannah Owens please come in!" The teacher warmly welcomed.

Hannah was taken aback at hearing her own name mentioned and then she was practically speechless once she saw the person enter.

The woman may have had the same name as her and a very vague likeness to her but that is where the similarities ended.

The woman who entered with the help of a motorized scooter looked to be in her late teens or even her early twenties but the youthful, vibrant Hannah could tell the woman had lived an already hard life.

Young Hannah couldn't even fathom how much the girl weighed, but if she could guess, it would be somewhere in the vicinity of 500 pounds, and she did nothing to disguise that fact. If anything, the massive girl seemed to love showing off every roll of her physique by the cheap jewelry and tawdry apparel she wore. An excessively low cut pink top with an easily visible red laced push up bra and a high rising pleather skirt that showed off her dimpled knees and incredibly doughy thighs. Highly inappropriate for school attire.

Her scooter turned to face the students and whirred to a halt about five feet in front of younger Hannah. The scent of her cheap perfume and stale cigarette smell was nearly making young Hannah gag.

She could hear laughs and giggles being stifled and obviously masked by fake coughs...

Young Hannah could tell that her teacher was even trying to hide her own astonishment.

"Ummm so... thank you for coming in Ms. Owens. Do you want to tell us about your life up til now?"

The older Hannah nodded causing her massive double chin to bunch up beneath her head. "Well... I started havin' sex at a young age... probably actually about 15 or 16 if I 'member right..."

The idea had crossed Hannah's mind a few times but she wanted to wait for the right time... She wanted her first time to be special... Sure she was attracted to a few boys in particular... Especially that Matt Myers that lived near her but the most she had ever done up til then was say hi to him.

She thought about sex as an impossibility this early on in her life. She had much more important things to focus on. Namely her education.

"It all started with just a burnin' desire in my groin when I'd look at boys..."

Young Hannah blushed as she rubbed her spindly thighs together. A warm, pleasant sensation was invading her nether regions, especially when her eyes would stray. She just loved oogling at boys... Having sex even now had started to sound much more appealing as the seconds ticked away...

"So then I started dressin' more daring nomatter what the school thought or said... just so I could get boys to look at me... It wasn't hard due to the fact that I had "developed" early... And no... I wasn't always this big and fat... In fact, I was probably just bout your size!" She said pointing back at the young Hannah causing a few giggles to stir throughtout the classroom.

Fifteen year old Hannah swore she could feel tiny hands all over her body. Her school issue skirt slithered up her delicately small but still curvy thighs til the hem ended just below the curve of her diminutive ass and her still maturing nether regions. Her top was next as the neckline plunged and the bottom hem rose up towards the middle of her torso to show off her small but perky breasts and flat, bare midriff.

"And I started experimenting with makeup and nails..."

Young Hannah's lithe face flourished with new bold shades of azure and crimson while her fingernails lengthened and her toenails became a vibrant shade of red.

"Well... it wasn't long before I had drawn a boy in... Peter Jenkins... and well... it started out as heavy kissin, then gropin, then one afternoon we met in one of the janitor closets after lunch and we got down to business..."

"But... Matty was my first..." She heard herself say.

But her tone immediately changed to a more upbeat, predatory one.

"I had sex multiple times before I met Matty..." The corners of her mouth curling into a daring smile.

Young Hannah was squirming within her seat as she felt a pleasure building that she had never felt before. Her panties were positively soaked with arousal. She hungrily bit onto her lipstick coated lower lip to keep any moans from escaping her mouth.

"From then on I found I loved sex. In fact sex took priority over everythin' else for me. School fell to the back burner... My grades started slippin'."

Young Hannah looked at all the boys seated in front of her. She just loved sitting in the back row. She didn't have to focus on school work or the dumb old teacher... She could just sit and drool over the boys, picturing them naked between her thighs. Sometimes if the teacher wasn't paying attention or the class was watching a movie, she'd let a boy finger her and if the boy was good at it, she'd proceed to give him head underneath his desk.

"Even my parents began askin me if I was "stuck on stupid" after seeing "F" after "F" show up on my latest tests. I told them I must be, because boys were all that mattered to me now! All of the rest of everything I learned up to that point could slip out of my mind and I'd never miss it! Math, english, science, history... it was just all taking up space that could be used for better things..."

Young Hannah was hit with a brief dizzy spell. It felt as if a vacuum hose had been attached to both of her ears as much of her thoughts had been sucked from her brain. Then it was as if they began filling her head full of new useful information about how to properly pleasure boys.

"By the time I had turned 15 and 9th grade was over, I had a bit of a rep as bein easy. It wasn't a lie and I certainly didn't mind it... I had boys sittin all round me and tendin to my every want and need, hoping that they'd get a chance with me... and they most likely did."

Hannah's vision cleared and as it did, many boys eyes were transfixed on her causing her to giggle. Her slit's tight lips loosened and stretched.


"Mmmm... Michael... Jimmy... Eric... "

Joseph grinned as he heard multiple names escaping Hannah's lips as she continued to roll her massive hips back and forth upon her pudgy, out of shape boyfriend. It seemed as if she was basically sleep fucking...

"Sean... Luke... AJ..."


"My summer between freshmen and sophomore year was a blur of extremely satisfying sex. But... one failed pull out later, I was pregnant with my first kid. It was actually a surprise that it had taken as long as it did for me ta get knocked up as I hated wearin rubbers."

Young Hannah briefly matured a year, becoming slightly taller and exceedingly more voluptuous, her hips, thighs, stomach and breasts softening and expanding along with light purple hints of stretchmarks showing the effects of pregnancy.

16 year old Hannah could feel it... her breasts felt full... saturated with life supplementing milk... A gentle kick escaping her abdomen. "Damn... if only Peter... or was it Jake?? No... was it Evan?... Seth?? Aww hell what does it matter now?" She questioned herself as she gently rubbed her extended stomach.

"My first pregnancy was amazin., I loved the feelin' of bein repeatedly full and even loved the looks I'd get... it was such a turn on! And with it came a strong hunger causing me to find my next love... A love for food, eating til I felt like I was gonna explode and gettin' sexier curves. I gained a huge amount of weight..."

Young Hannah's body ballooned outwards as she swiftly passed 200 pounds. Her outfit remained practically unchanged aside from going up a handful of sizes leaving her hard, swollen belly completely exposed. Her backpack quickly became packed full of candy and chips.

"Huh it sounds like you're following in her footsteps Hannah." A fellow female student quipped.

"FUCK OFF!" A much plumper Hannah yelled at the DreamRunner created heckler in between bites of a Snickers bar. She began rubbing her thighs at the attention she was getting.

"My parents forced me to continue with school even though I had gotten knocked up. The baby was born towards the end of the school year and I gave it up because I didn't want ta deal at the time."

Hannah felt a near debilitating pain rock her body as a burst of fluid erupted from between her thick thighs but almost immediately evaporated. A dull throbbing pain was left behind for a few moments in her crotch but then went away. Her nipples ached as they were slowly leaking milk and her pussy was left slightly wider than it was mere moments ago, a small stream of fluids leaking into her panties to mix with the excitement she was feeling.

"Havin an unplanned pregnancy this early in life can pose tough strains on your young life. I didn't pass my Sophomore year and of course the school had caught on to what was goin' on so they kicked me out and I had to go to a public school and repeat tenth grade over. I didn't really mind it though... meant fresh fish in the pond and that I was the most experienced, not to mention most bustiest girl in the class."

The classroom and students around her shimmered and shifted to an older more run down classroom with a noticably larger class. Slightly younger, softer faces appeared all around her all dressed in their own personal clothes. No more school uniforms were required.

Hannah's school uniform shifted to a black pleather mini skirt, cherry red tube top and red four inch platform heels along with her bra and underwear vanishing altogether. Her erect nipples formed small punctuations in the cheap fabric.

"It wasn't long before I was teaching the new kids at my new school, sophomores, juniors and even some seniors about how great sex could feel with an experienced veteran. And wouldn'tcha know it? Lucky me! I got knocked up again!" The older Hannah professed.

The younger Hannah felt her insides churning as her already bloated body billowed outwards with fat once again. Young Hannah was already feeling quite cramped in her desk now. She no longer carried any academic related items in her backpack. It was strictly for carrying sustenance to keep Hannah well fed throughout the day. Her clothing remained just as daring as ever, regardless of how much her weight had changed and new gaudy pieces of jewelry formed at her plump wrists, fingers and large hoops formed in her ears.

"Well... after I got pregnant this second time and showed no improvements in my grades, my parents figured it was a lost cause ta have ta keep going so they let me drop out. I had the baby a while later which I also gave up for adoption and ever since then, my parents let me live in the basement of their house and I can have all the guys over that I want."

Young Hannah's vision blurred once again as a sharp pain traveled through her uncomplicated mind.

The teacher was seated at her desk, severely uninterested in the story to the point that she stopped listening long ago. However she swiftly noticed that the uneducated simpleton had finished blabbering. "Well... Ummm any questions class?" Mrs. Walden asked.

Hannah shook her head feeling her jowls shake and jostle about. Once her mind cleared again, she was sitting at the front of the class in her motorized chair looking out over the sea of students only seeing one empty seat in the very back within the whole room.
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby Matt L. » Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:10 pm

Intense writing, fascinating story, the twists and turns very impressive. The cliff-hanger has me on the edge of my seat.

I haven’t a clue what’s going to happen next which adds to the enjoyment.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby Burke_Rakers » Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:11 pm

Dark, crazy and so damn satisfying! Super excited for the next part!
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby E.Hyde » Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:44 am

Incredibly imaginative and expertly executed. I love the dark postmodern noir vibe to it! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby audipwr87 » Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:57 pm

***I apologize for the long break between the last chapter and this one. Had a bit of writers block with a side of real life craziness. Anyways I hope this chapter was worth the wait!***


Joseph looked on with admiration at his two subjects vastly changed stats.

Hannah Owens
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 602 LBS (Borderline Immobile)
Breasts: NNN cup
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Intelligence Quotient: 78 (below average intelligence)

Matt Myers
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 247 LBS (Obese)
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Intelligence Quotient: 134 (highly intelligent

Both Hannah and Matt's eyes opened almost simultaneously with completely different perspectives on life and a highly altered relationship. Their eyes locking onto one another's as Matt broke the silence first.

"Hey beautiful." Matt responded with a look of pure adoration as Hannah continued to gently gyrate her mass atop her lover as small wisps of gas escaped her rear every few seconds. But the gas didn't bother him in the slightest anymore. In fact, he thought it was kind of cute. The fact that she wasn't afraid to be her true self.

In Matt's eyes she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. All of her delicious curves that he could explore to his little hearts desire. His hands slid between the sweaty folds of her heaving double belly as he continued to fuck her, his hands traveling within the thick creases of her belly towards her fleshy back. She was gluttony incarnate and he felt lucky to have her.

"Oh my gawd Matty. That large cock of yours fills me up soooo damn good!"

He wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or not as Hannah had quite a colorful past when it came to the vast collection of lovers, leaving her undoubtedly loose downstairs. He had tried time and time again to see if Hannah could come up with a concrete number of how many people she had slept with and either she didn't want to tell him, or she just didn't keep track. He felt it was the latter.

He honestly felt lucky that he was so gifted downstairs... Hannah had told him time and time again how he had one of the biggest dicks she had ever had inside of her.

"Mmmm... don't stop *gasp* sexy." Hannah moaned out as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. "So are ya gonna fill me up with yer cum or not?" She purred as she attempted to move her hips more but found her weight was significantly limiting her mobility. She was becoming increasingly more tired. Soon enough, she wouldn't be able to move much of anything and Matty would have to do all of the work. But the thoughts of extreme sedentarism and helplessness only drove her more wild.

"Yeah I can feel myself getting close." He said as he simply laid there under the vast tonnage of his girlfriend feeling safe and secure. He was at her every whim. Just the way he wanted it.

"Mmmm... cum for me Matty." She pleaded with semi vacant yet lust filled eyes.

Joseph nearly laughed out loud at hearing the vast change in Hannah's speech patterns after the most recent alteration thanks to his DreamRunner program. No longer was she the intelligent girl who was going to graduate with honors. That Hannah was long gone now.

Instead she was Hannah, the high school dropout who didn't care about grades or her social standing. She only cared about three things; eating til she was beyond full, sleeping and fucking.

Joseph was ecstatic. Even the tone of her voice had raised a few octaves sounding more bubbly and air-headish.

Then there was Matt. He was significantly shorter, but vastly more out of shape. His outward appearance greatly reflected his new inner personality. He was incredibly docile, submissive and would do anything to please his girlfriend. Anything...

Joseph looked on at the screen above the couple feeling quite satisfied with what he had accomplished. All of the technological breakthroughs he had achieved thus far were truly groundbreaking. The two people before him were completely different from when they had first come into his lab.

But he still wasn't finished with them... not in the slightest. There were a few more procedures to test and more damage to be done...

Matt Myers
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 247 LBS (Obese)
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Intelligence Quotient: 134 (highly intelligent)

Hannah Owens
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 602 LBS (Borderline Immobile)
Breasts: NNN cup
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Intelligence Quotient: 79 (Below Average Intelligence)

Joseph decided to probe his subjects to see what their mindset truly was. "Well I hate to interrupt your "animalistic needs" but how are you guys feeling?"

"Never better Joseph. Never Better." Matt said never taking his eyes away from his goddess.

"And how about you Hannah? I know you're loving your body. Might I add, we have completed Stage 4 of my programming. Also known as "Borderline Immobile Beauty."

"Mmmf... I feel *gasp* totally gooder! Can ya fatten *gasp* me up some *gasp* more??" Hannah asked likewise keeping her eyes focused on her boyfriend as she continued to wobble her hips back and forth on top of him.

"Yes!!! Please make her bigger!" Matt begged.

Joseph chuckled. "Just hold your horses you two. It'll come soon enough I promise you. You should notice a small gain with this upcoming alteration."

"Yay!!!" Hannah happily cheered and clapped as she rocked back and forth on her boyfriend.

Joseph could hear the computer periodically beeping signifying that the next change would be occurring shortly. He wanted the couple to be awake for this one...

Twenty thousand leagues beneath the waves of pure fat Matt's member was throbbing, continuously growing and shrinking a few inches at a time in length and girth. The veins of his cock glowing an iridescent teal color.

"Holy shit... your dick has never felt this good before, it's like its growin!" Hannah moaned out loud.

She wasn't wrong. It was fluctuating in girth, going from about the thickness of a summer sausage to a Pringles can and back again.

"Holy shit... I've never been stretched this much ever before..." Hannah grunted out in pure pleasure.

Matt was more than a little pleased by Joseph's most current experiment. He wanted Hannah to crave his member and only his. He wanted every other dick she'd ever seen and felt to pale in comparison to his own.

Then suddenly Matt and Hannah were simultaneously rocked by the most violent yet most enjoyable sensation they had ever felt as Matt's member spewed out nearly a gallon of his hot seed like an erupting volcano coating Hannah's insides.

"Hooollllllyyy fffuuuuuuccckkkk..." Hannah moaned.

"Ohhh... My... GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!" Matt sputtered out.

Hannah could feel every drop, every surge of semen sloshing around inside of her.

"Oh my gawd... that was like, great babe!" She gushed.

The slow sloshing inside of her turned to churning as she could feel less and less of his seed inside of her. Almost as if she had absorbed it...

Then Hannah felt the familar sensation... Hannah could feel herself swelling up with more delicious fat. It was a minute amount compared to her previous gains but she was becoming larger all the same.

Meanwhile Matt had no idea that he was changing as well... He only thought that Hannah was growing but he was also shrinking in height and weight...

Joseph looked on at the screen and smiled as he saw the desired readings.

Hannah Owens
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 633 LBS (Borderline Immobile)
Breasts: PPP cup
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Intelligence Quotient: 78 (below average intelligence)

Matt Myers
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 226 LBS (Obese)
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Intelligence Quotient: 134 (highly intelligent

Matt returned the elated smile but the phenomenal feeling that Matt had just experienced was replaced with a few other sensations. His scalp was itching more than ever before, his body felt like it was on fire and his cock had become slightly numb... A feeling of fear and confusion displaced any elation he had been experiencing...

Joseph looked on at his control panel's screen. It appeared as if Matt's member had returned to it's original size. Only for a moment... He knew the next stage would be starting any moment.

Matt flexed his still hard erection as it rested inside of his girlfriend. It didn't seem to be nearly as deep in as he remembered and it's girth seemed less impressive somehow as he could feel it shifting back and forth within her... something he couldn't do just a few moments ago.

He could tell just by laying there that his member felt smaller...

The look painted on Hannah's face showed that she too noticed that something was amiss. A look of shock and disappointment tainted her nearly spherical face. She could barely tell that he was still inside of her... She looked down and a wave of confusion washed over her.

"Matty!! Your hair! It's like, gettin' longer!!"

Matt slipped his hands out from beneath the folds of his girlfriend's rolls and brought them to his scalp. He felt wisps of dark brown hair beginning to tickle his ears, forehead and shoulders. "What the fuck is going on Joseph?!? Something feels funny..." Matt cried out.

"Yeah... why is his hair longer and his dick like, feels lots smaller?"

Joseph grinned as he revelled in the upcoming surprise.

"Well... I assure you, it's only temporary. It appears as if the latest drug I injected you with is just causing excess hair growth and temporary shrinking of your... ahem penis. I promise you, this next stint of changes will correct these abnormalities..."

"Okay... thank god... I was worried that the shrinking was permanent..." Matt responded.

Joseph grinned knowing full well that it was indeed permanent.

Hannah smiled as she continued to gyrate atop her lover as if wanting more placing her swollen hands upon her lovers chest to achieve some extra movement. "Yah, I love being with you Matty, but I don't know if I could like, handle you having a small cock... I can put up with your shortness and bein fat since your dick made up for it but big cocks just feel so much better!"

Matt frowned as a feeling of inadequacy washed over him.

Then Matt felt it... His dick began spasming again, causing him and Hannah to groan out in pleasure once again until another vast collection of semen filled his girlfriend. Her body once again absorbing every last drop. His cock began shrinking significantly once again til it was practically half the size it had started at. But more changes were quick to follow... His body hair began falling out in clumps and his fat deposits began to redistribute themselves primarily on his chest, hips and ass.

"S-somethings wrong Joseph!!" He shifted beneath the mass of his girlfriend. He could tell that the head of his dick was barely inside his beloved Hannah now. He brushed his lengthening bangs out of his eyes, his hair now pooling in long strands onto the table beneath him. If he were to stand up, it'd be past his shoulders.

His facial and body hair had begun to slowly tumble out of his pores, leaving silky soft skin behind.

Hannah felt a softening beneath her palms as his chest seemed to press upwards against her hands. As she lifted them up, she could see that Matt's nipples had enlarged looking more feminine with each passing second and his moobs were quickly becoming ripe C cups.

"Yah what the fuck is goin on?!? It looks like he has tits and his hair is like, longer!!" Hannah cried aloud as she looked on at her less masculine boyfriend. She brushed her hand across her boyfriend's rounded cheek, practically wiping away any facial hair he had in one single pass.

Joseph remained calm. "Everything is going according to plan I assure you."

"THE FUCK IT IS!!..." Matt yelled as he tried to get up but was completely stuck beneath his girlfriend.

Matt didn't have much time to process what was happening before the process repeated itself once again and the duo was overcome with a strong wave of euphoria. His member would swell and shrink every few seconds. For just a moment, it would be at the size of it's former glory, but then it would shrink to the point of exiting the large snatch of his girlfriend... And then he came for the last time, filling his girlfriend once more. After coming down from his latest climax, he could tell that the tip of his still fully erect member was now barely resting against the outer lips of her slit. He couldn't have been any bigger than two or three inches... Due to his waist and hips being buried beneath the mountain of blubber thath Hannah had become, he failed to notice his hips, thighs and ass expanding, widening and thickening.

Anyone looking at him from behind could easily mistake him for an overweight girl now...

"Are you still like, in me?? I can't feel you..." Hannah asked in an unsure tone.

"No... I'm not..." He sighed. "I'm a fucking joke now..." Matt began to cry.

"What the fuck are you doing to me Joseph??" Matt asked between defeated sobs.

And he noticed something else...

"Is my voice higher??"

He answered it when he heard himself ask the question out loud. His voice had raised a number of octaves and was more breathy.

Joseph chuckled. "Isn't it clear? You're becoming a girl... Or well... you're transitioning into a girl to be more precise. A transwoman."

He felt Hannah's hands grasp at his chest as she kneaded newly formed mounds of flesh, electric waves of excitement shot down to his miniscule member causing him to moan out in a deep breathy sigh of approval.

"You like those??" Joseph chuckled. "That's not all that changed." He said motioning to the visible screen.

Hannah Owens
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 633 LBS (Borderline Immobile)
Breasts: PPP cup
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Intelligence Quotient: 78 (below average intelligence)

Matt Myers
Age: 18
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 213 LBS (Obese)
Breasts : D cup
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Intelligence Quotient: 134 (highly intelligent

"How is this fucking possible..." Matt asked shaking his head.

"Well... that last injection basically stripped most of your testosterone away and replaced it with an overabundance of female hormones. Then my concoction reacted with your testosterone and morphed it into a highly caloric, muscle melting mixture that not only helped Hannah gain more weight and become weaker, but also helped her become as fertile as humanly possible."

"Let me up NOW!!!" Matt barked cringing at his new voice.

Hannah tried with all of her might to lift herself off of the table but found she could barely budge. All of her struggling and grunting caused notable amounts of gas to escape her bloated asscheeks. It frightened her that she couldn't get off of the platform under her own strength, but excited her all at the same time.

"See... I had a feeling you might try to escape but now Hannah is to the point that she won't be able to get off of the table without some assistance. So you are stuck there until I or Hannah lets you up.

"This is so fucked..." Matt groaned.

"Well... worry not Matt! I promise! Soon enough this won't matter to you. In fact, you'll be in love with the new you! The next round of mental changes is sure to help you out!"

"Oh no..." He muttered out.

"Oh yes... Get ready for the next step towards a stronger, healthier relationship!" Joseph announced triumphantly as he pressed a button on the control panel sending them into the world of the DreamRunner program once again. The couple fell into a peaceful slumber, a fulfilled smile forming upon their faces.


The duo awoke standing before two massive wooden double doors with stained glass inserts that looked oddly familiar. It was the main entrance of a highly prestigious private school. A black banner with gold swooping font rested above the doors.

It was a high school prom...

They looked towards each other in shock and awe. They were in their original unaltered and untarnished forms. Hannah was her original beautifully elegant, intelligent, athletic self wrapped in a form fitting, velvet purple laced dress that covered her body respectfully with the bottom hem sweeping across the floor hiding her low rising heels from view. A matching mini purse to complete her look.

Matt meanwhile was back in his muscled yet towering form tightly packed into a black tux with matching purple pocket square and bowtie.

"Holy shit... why are we like this?!?" Hannah asked looking at her disgustingly lithe form, a feeling of discomfort washing over her at the ease at which she could move, how much of her body was covered and the amount of energy that surged through her bones. So much boundless energy in fact, that she felt as if she could tear apart at any moment. She felt incredibly restless as she nervously ran her hands along the muscled surface of her hard body.

"I-I don't know..." Matt said feeling his muscles flex beneath his skin making him feel exposed for all to see as if he were completely naked. He was standing so utterly tall that he felt as if he could topple over if even a gentle push of wind were to find him. He subconsciously adjusted the tight crotch of his pants.

Yet the couple didn't think they were in their original forms... Far from them actually...

"Well how did we get here?? What happened to us?" Hannah asked her boyfriend.

"Beats me! Must be a dream... I mean, how else could you be skinny and me be tall and muscular just like that?" Matt responded snapping his fingers.

"Well... it's not possible that we're both in the same dream. I mean... It IS possible to have SIMILAR dreams when two people spend so much time together like us who are lovers as well, but us in the same dream? I don't think it's possible..." Hannah responded swiftly.

"Damn... since when did you get to be so intelligent?" Matt asked confused.

Hannah rubbed the temples of her head. It was aching. It hurt to be thinking so much... Even now she could feel her mind quickly formulating different reasons as to what exactly was going on. She didn't like it...

"Umm... I'm not sure... But even so I mean, we ARE in the same dream. At least I think so... Or my subconscious is working serious overtime."

"Well... in that case, why don't we try to make the most of it? Sounds like people are having a good time in there." Matt added.

As the pain subsisded, a smile grew upon Hannah's angular, modelesque face. "Well... I guess you're right and I do see quite a spread of food in there as well!" Hannah felt her flattened stomach rumble.

As they entered the main hall, there was a photobooth where couples were getting their photos taken.

A short, nerdy looking kid quickly stood up from behind the camera as they approached him. "Oooh Matt and Hannah!! We need to get your picture for our yearbook! It'd be incomplete without the perfect couple!"

Hannah and Matt looked at eachother and shrugged, posing in front of the camera and putting on their best smiles.


The dorky photographer smiled as he took their picture, especially taking in the unmatched classical beauty of Hannah. The camera and photographer had caught them in their prime. So much promise, so much ambition and potential.

They approached the dance floor and it felt as if all eyes were on them. A slow song began playing as they embraced eachother lovingly, keeping a small gap between them as they slowly rotated.

Various couples circled them as the song continued; some familiar, others not so familiar... Like objects going round and round as if being in the eye of a vicious storm.

"Congrats on the scholarship for law school Matt and for your acceptance into Harvard Hannah!"

"You guys are quite the power couple!"

"Is there any limit to what you guys can achieve??"

The complements rushed in like a flood. They were the talk of the school, the flawless heroes...

Hannah leaned in towards Matt's ear, having to crane her neck upwards due to his taller stature. "I hate all this attention... can we get out of here??"

Matt laughed. "I know... I know hun. Just remember this is all a dream. We can get off of the dance floor soon."

They were about to turn to leave the dance floor when they were interrupted.

"Can I please take a photo of you guys here on the dance floor??" The same photographer asked.

Matt smiled as he motioned for Hannah to pose with him. "Sure go ahead!"


As they were about to head over towards the food table, someone else stopped them.

"Wait! I'd love to get a photo with the sexy Hannah myself!" Jamal Johnson said as he approached her with hunger in his eyes.

Jamal Johnson was the star corner back and easily one of the largest guys at the school with a perfect swarthy complextion. Him and Matt were practically made from the same mold being practically the same height and having the same build.

"You don't mind sharing her for a moment do ya Matt?" Jamal questioned patting him on the top of his head not waiting for an answer.

Matt was about to speak up as he approached his girlfriend and Jamal...


Matt craned his neck upwards at the duo getting a true sense of how short he really was compared to the star football player.

Hannah was a bit taken by surprise as she felt Jamal's muscled arms pull her into his forefront. She could feel his hard member poking her in the lower back as his muscular thighs pressed into her athletic rear. She couldn't help but to be slightly excited at the sensation.


"Thanks babe!" Jamal said kissing her generously on the lips while groping her firm ass with one of his large chocolate skinned hands. "Catch up with me later if you're looking for some fun!"

"I just might do that sexy." She winked.

Hannah blushed as she felt her lips moisten. She felt a cool breeze invade the surface of her mostly bare chest, upper thighs and bare slit.

"Mmmf well... I guess this dress is a hit after all." She licked her lips deliciously.

The neckline had plummeted low enough to nearly set her areolas out on display while the bottom hem ended just below the gentle curvature of her tight derriere and completely uncovered pussy. To finish off the dress, her gentle but firm back and smooth abdomen was left completely exposed for the world to see.

"Well no surprise there, you're practically spilling out of it." Matt responded with a smirk as he approached his girlfriend leaving his 5'0 tall self basically eye level with her perky C cups. He smoothly ran a hand up between her thighs teasing her wet slit and then proceeded to lick the juices from his finger.

She found herself loving the dress more and more with each passing second.

Hannah looked down towards her boyfriend, pulling him along again. "C'mon baby, lets get a bit more dancing in." Hannah nearly commented in a more authoritative tone.

They began dancing again as the slow song continued to play, however their bodies were pressed closer together. So much so that Hannah could feel Matt's sizeable meat rubbing against her trim thighs and his warm breath against her bare chest, causing her to become all the more excited.

As the song ended a few minutes later, Hannah pulled her boyfriend behind her and made a bee-line for the food table.

"C'mon babe! I'm horny and famished!! Let's get some food to go and then I'll take you somewhere so we can have some fun!"

"Good! I'm feeling rather hungry myself!" Matt commented feeling his stomach grumble.

As they neared the table Hannah and Matt grabbed the nearest food item which was a piece of flatbread pizza, the same nerdy boy with a camera grabbed their attention once again.

"Please you guys! I need a photo to throw in for our prom section of the yearbook! Beautiful and intelligent! Why, you're so beautiful I bet you could get by with just half of your intelligence!"

"Aww you are too sweet!" Hannah happily responded feeling slightly dizzy.

"Now strike a pose!" The pimple faced photographer cheered out.

Hannah and Matt decided to strike a goofy pose, flatbread pizzas inserted into their mouths.


The two were left slightly dazed.

"Thanks Matt... And who were you again??" The camera man questioned.

"Oh! Ummm... like, my name is Hannah Owens! So totally nice to meet you!" She bubbly responded while winking at him.

The camera man left confused as to why he would want to take a photo of such an odd couple. This fat, dumb and slutty girl that the chubby, hilariously short Matt Myers decided to bring out to his prom. He doubted the photo would make it into the yearbook just due to the girl's bloated body poured into her less than appropriate outfit. He was legitimately shocked that she hadn't been kicked out of the prom yet.

Matt shook his head and looked over towards his girlfriend, nearly blowing a load when he looked her way.

Hannah had plumped up considerably, an extra two hundred pounds finding their way onto her frame with her dress expanding along with it, yet she was utterly pouring out of it.

"But wait... she was always like that... wasn't she??" Matt asked himself confused why he was suddenly so turned on.

Matt looked down at himself, his tuxedo snugly hugging his rolls in an unflattering manner. He had been overweight for as long as he could remember after all so why was he questioning her?

Hannah approached her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around her small boyfriend, feeling their plush bodies mesh together.

"I'm like, so fucking turned on right now Matty..." She breathed as she bent down into his ear.

"Oooh baby... you look so fucking sexy tonight! Just look at yourself!" He said grabbing a juicy love handle.

Hannah nearly giggled out loud. "Mmfff... Yeah I look totally fucking sexy tonight don't I?" She purred.

Matt reflexively gave his girlfriend's impressive ass a full palmed squeeze illiciting a gentle moan to escape her lips not caring who saw it.

"Mmmf... what do you say we like, grab some of this food to go and go find an empty room. I got a surprise for you." She purred tapping on her matching handbag that was the size of a standard textbook.

Matt and Hannah eagerly snuck off with a few platters of finger foods and exited down a long stretching hallway, finding the teacher's lounge completely empty, an inviting leather couch drawing them nearer.


Meanwhile in reality, a large hoist had begun to lift the massive Hannah up and off of the chubby, yet delicate looking Matt and set her upon another bed. Joseph repositioned Matt upon the table until he was sprawled out on all fours with his ass up in the air. The large black dildo teamed up with a smaller pink one was once again whirring to life right behind his tight butthole while a transparent tube like attachment with inflated internals was slowly closing in on his hilariously small member.


Hannah quickly brought out her phone and typed a message in quickly sending it to a mystery recipient.

Hannah swiftly pulled her dress from her body unveiling the beauty that rested beneath. She was very nearly naked. All that remained was a matching low rise velvet purple bra with nipple cutouts and a garter belt.

"Now it's your turn to put on your surprise." She grinned as she dug out a pair of crotchless velvet purple underwear that looked to be roughly his size.

"These are for me?" He questioned.

"Well they like, won't fit my fat ass!" She giggled.

Matt shrugged as he gingerly stepped through the leg holes, slowly sliding them up his short legs. A remarkable sense of surprise overtook him as he felt the impossibly soft silk seemingly rubbing against every square inch of his lower half until they were up around his pulpy waist, wasting no time in sliding his dick through the hole of the panties finding it to be somewhat snug around his shaft. The feeling was sublime.

All of his body hair twitched and fell to the floor beneath him as the hair on his head rustled and lengthened, becoming silken waves of molasses colored hair that reached the middle of his back.

What muscles he had left softened into fat, moving beneath the surface of his noticably softer skin til half of it reformed into decently sized breasts while the other half traveled to below his waist, causing his hips, thighs and ass to thicken, widen and become more womanly. A small amount traveled to his face making it appear much more feminine. His cheeks rounded out and thanks to professionally achieved plastic surgery, his jawline reshaped itself into a more delicate form, his lips puffed up, finishing with his nose narrowing and becoming artificially upturned.

Hannah slowly sashayed over to the leather couch and bent over sending her fat ass up into the air.

"Come and get me baby." She purred.

Matty took a deep breathe as he approached his girlfriend from behind, having to stand on his tippy toes as he attempted to enter her.

He could feel the head of his painfully erect member part her already loose lips, but was feeling no pleasure from it nomatter how hard he pumped into her. It seemed as if the harder he tried, the less he was penetrating her...



Matty was giving Hannah everything he could, a large black strap on sliding in and out of Hannah's loose sopping snatch, his pathetically small dick entraped within a pastel pink cage was hiding beneath the large toy. All the while he was feeding her treat after treat of delicious fattening foods.

Matty's makeup was expertly applied making him look more feminine than alot of naturally born women. A bold shade of teal lipstick coated his full lips to go along with his teal eyeshadow and eyelash extensions and finished off his look with some rose colored blush.

He felt a hand energetically smack his ass causing him to jump and yip in his higher voice.
Matt's laughingly small dick twitched within it's pink cage at the reveal of the two men.

"Damn! You girls got started without us??!"

"Yeah, just wanted to get warmed up before the real men showed up." Hannah sexually growled obviously excited for what was to come.

This only caused Matty to thrust even harder into his friend.

"Oh aight aight." Jamal chuckled while rubbing his large hands together.

It was Jamal and the dorky photographer in tow.

Hannah tapped Matty on his bare hip. "Okay... you can be done now hun. I'm ready for the real thing."

Matty dismounted and turned around so he was facing the two boys. He gave them a sultry look.

"Wow Hannah, you didn't tell me that you had such a sexy fuckin friend with you." Jamal said, his hand once again palming and kneading the mystery girl's plump asscheeks. What's her name?" Jamal asked rubbing his hands together.

Matty turned around and bit his plump lower lip trying to look as sexy as possible.

"This is like, my friend Matty. HE is a total lil sissy boi and I'm like reaaalllyy trying to help him get his anal cherry popped tonight by his first real cock. Ain't that right Matty??"

Matty nervously nodded. "Mhmmmmm..."

Jamal swiftly pulled a hand away. "Oh erm... shiiit didn't realize she was a he..."

"Yeah... he gets that alot. He has always had a pathetic little shrimp dick, and loves to dress up in girl's outfits, so I guess it's a good thing he's a twink."

"So here's the like, deal... I want him to be fucked like never before by the two of you. Dan first, then you Jamal to help break him in slow. If you are able to make him cum, then I'm all yours for the rest of the night and trust me, you'll need the whole night with me... Oh and I want photos of this ceremonious plunge into full twinkdom."

Matty could feel a small amount of cum seeping out from his small member, dripping onto the floor before him.

Jamal looked skeptically towards Dan. "Shit... man I know I told you I'd help get you some pussy for helping me pass that math test but not like this..."

Dan sighed. "C'mon man! I mean look at him! Does that look like a guy to you?!? I mean... I've seen more masculine women for fuck sakes!"

Jamal looked at Matty and contemplated it in his mind.

"Fine! But if this gets out, you're dead!" Jamal said with a powerful finger pointed directly at the small framed Dan.

Dan shrugged his shoulders. "Trust me man. If this gets out, were both dead..."

"And don't you get any photos with our faces in it!" Jamal pointed at Dan.

Dan smiled. "You have a deal!"

"Okay... you got a deal bitch." Jamal griped.

"Okay Matty. You feed me while Dan and then Jamal fucks you. Then once they're done with you, they get me all to themselves while you continue to stuff me with food... Deal??"

"Deal!" He responded in his girly tone.

Matty kneeled down upon the soft leather cushions of the couch and assumed the position. Dan stripped down til he was completely naked. His pudgy form and untamed pubes making his average sized member appear slightly smaller.

A funny thought entered his mind as he compared the two men. How Matty wished that his first time would be with some toned, dark skinned man like Jamal...

Matty felt Dan apprehensively kneel behind him and grab his supple hips while Hannah laid face up on the couch, her head closest to her friend, laying there with her mouth open.

"Well don't just sit there, feed me you fruit loop!"

Matty felt the head of Dan's member slowly slipping between his cheeks as he brought a chocolate eclair to Hannah's lips...


Meanwhile the machine was whirring to life as lube dripped from the tip of the smaller pink phallic shaped toy and it slowly began working it's way into the deep recesses of Matty's tight, virgin asshole.

The translucent tube attached itself to the hairless base surrounding his miniscule member and began sucking snd pumping.


Matty gasped out in a pleasurable yet painful moan as Dan began to pick up speed.

"Mmmmfff oh fuck yeah!!!"

Dan didn't want to admit it, but he was enjoying the sensation himself. He began to thrust harder while pulling Matty's hair.

"Mmmpphh. Take a picture Jamal!!" Hannah barked through a mouthful of pastry.

Jamal brought the camera up and pressed the button.


Hannah's blubbery 458 pound body was overflowing her side of the couch, her cheeks jiggling as she kept wolfing down the sweet, decadent treats.

Dan meanwhile was taking in the sight before him. Matty had a small tattoo on his lower back in elegant cursive that read "Cum Slut".

Dan was second guessing his sexual tendencies. Maybe he was bi?

Within a few moments, Dan was filling Matty's ass with a large load of hot seed seemingly triggering Matty to likewise cum.


Matty was clearly enjoying the sensation as he was aggressively bucking his feminine hips against the pale pink toy gasping out in pleasure.

Joseph looked on in amazement, slightly chuckling as he saw Matty filling the tube with a fair amount of his cum.

"Hmmm... I bet he still has a little bit left in the tank..." Joseph concluded.


"Mmmm... oh baby..." Matty moaned out. He could feel cum leaking out from his pastel pink cage, dripping onto the leather sofa cushion.

"So?? Didn't I tell you I'd get you laid tonight my little gay boi?" Hannah smirked through a mouthful of food.

"Mmmm... yes you did..." Matty said eagerly biting his lower lip. A gentle tickle of perspiration lingered upon the finely formed arches of his brow.

"Now are you like, ready for the main course?" Hannah asked licking cream from her fingers.

"Mmmmf... absolutely!!" He said smiling down at his friend.

"Okay Jamal. You're up!"

Jamal groaned as he disrobed, shedding all of his clothes.

Matty nearly gasped out in shock when he saw Jamal's massive member. It had to be nearly a foot in length and one of the largest dicks he had ever laid eyes on.

Jamal quickly kneeled behind Matty and closed his eyes. His large member slowly working it's way in.


The pink toy had disengaged, and clicked back into it's original resting place while the large black member began inching closer to Matty's sphincter, forcing it's way between his fleshy asscheeks.


Matty was groaning out in pain feeling Jamal's massive dick pistoning in and out of his tight hole. Matty was struggling to stay focused feeding Hannah a deep fried twinkie.

"Oh yah that's the fucking stuff!" Hannah groaned out.

"Take a picture Dan!"

Dan brought his camera up and quickly snapped a few photos.



Jamal looked down at the gayboi beneath him, hearing air escape from his asshole with every thrust.

"Jesus man. You're looser than any slut I've ever been with and that's saying something!"

His comments only drove Matty to thrust his hips even harder against the man behind him. He was getting fucked so hard that he could feel his septum piercing swiveling back and forth in motion with his pierced augmented tits and small enclosed cock.

"Damn Matty, stop fucking him so good. He may not have any left for me." A 672 pound Hannah responded.

"I can't make any promises." Matty smirked.

"Oh don't you worry bitch, I'll have plenty for ya. Except... SHIT!! I don't have any condoms!"

Hannah smiled. "That's like, alright with me. I love the chance of getting knocked up."

Jamal laughed. "Whatever you say slut. Just know I'm not responsible for any unplanned pregnancy shit."

Hannah smirked. "Deal!"


Joseph could tell that Matty was getting close to climaxing again. His moans were becoming louder and more laborous. He began chuckling as he heard air escaping from Matty's now gaping hole.

With this final injection of lab created cum, he knew the old Matt would be gone forever. Never again to get a hard on or cum. He would permanently be into taking it up the ass... And he'd prefer it that way not knowing that it had ever been any different.

His and Hannah's past as boyfriend and girlfriend would be gone forever, replaced by a twisted yet healthy friendship.

With one final pump of his fleshy rounded thighs, and one last nearly ear shattering moan, he came filling the rest of the tube contraption that had encased his now joke of a cock.

And his eyes opened to a whole new world.
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby badcompany8888 » Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:21 am

Such a perfect new life for Matty and Hanah!
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby Burke_Rakers » Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:43 am

Totally worth the wait (weight?) for this chapter! (insert Mark Hamill's 'Joker'-voice) Such delicious depravity!
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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby Lyssa » Sat Mar 20, 2021 1:25 am

Totally cool story! I guess now Matty will have more of a girlfriend type of relationship with Hannah, gushing over his latest crush and bugging her for advice.

Please continue.

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Re: Karmic Comeuppance- By: Mr. Storyteller and myself XWG D

Postby audipwr87 » Mon May 03, 2021 12:14 pm


Matty opened his eyes and looked over to where his best friend was still in her chemically induced slumber and he couldn't help but smile. She truly was a beautiful sight to behold. He knew one or two more stints hooked up to the fattening fluid machine would help her achieve her goal of complete immobility. He couldn't help but absolutely love the idea of her becoming even larger and completely dependent on the people around her for even the simplest of everyday tasks. And he knew she'd be all for it going to extremes where she'd completely sacrifice her health just because she wanted to become fatter...

Matty was getting turned on again... He repositioned himself onto his padded knees and reached around, easily sliding a few fingers inside his anus probing for the right spot causing him to briefly moan and bite his lower lip out of frustration. He tried three fingers and then four still finding that his delicate fingers were too small for the task at hand. He tried it again, this time inserting his miniscule hand up to his thin wrist, generously kneading his pierced tits with the other feeling small tendrils of pleasure traveling to his nether regions but he wanted more... So much more... His fingers and even his hand were alright, but he needed something more substantial.

"Those might be of better use. You'll need your hands free to help Hannah achieve her ultimate form." Matty heard Joseph speak up as he motioned towards a sizeable cart positioned next to his bed. Upon it's surface rested an impressively vast selection of toys clearly perfect for someone such as Matty. Someone who wanted to test their limits and then some...

"I think this is the one you're looking for... this should fill you up." Joseph commented handing Matty a clenched black fist made from silicone.

He reached for a large black silicone fist significantly larger than the black dildo that had stretched his asshole out in the first place, illiciting a sigh of pleasure and relief as he added some lube and slowly slid it in feeling his insides fill with the pulsating toy. The fist was so large that once inserted, visually pushed out his already pulpy stomach about an inch, with an inch of the artificial wrist and large suction cup protruding from his stretched out asshole. He made a point to reposition himself so the toy suctioned itself to the metal surface of the table. Matty continuously and rhythmically slid himself up and down the massive toy.

"Mmmmfff... that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Joseph!" He said with a grunt, winking at the scientist.

Joseph chuckled. "Anything to help! So how was the program? Did it help you achieve the pleasure you were looking for?"

"Mmmff... in all ways yes! What an amazing dream... You were right Joseph. That machine of yours IS incredible!"

"Told you so." Joseph smirked.

Matty looked over towards his overstuffed friend. "So... when can I feed Hannah some more food?? I want to make her fatter!" Matty asked excitedly.

"Patience, patience Matty. Hannah is still in the DreamRunner program, going through her final dreamscape. It'll come soon enough and trust me, it'll be worth it!" Joseph said chuckling.

"Mmmfff... well okay!" Matty responded with pleasure filled fervor as he kept pistoning up and down the toy feeling it massage his insides.


Hannah opened her eyes to a completely empty, run down bedroom with her smack dab in the center. She was laying face up on a bed barely large enough to fit her massive bulk only seeing the dingy, paint chipped, water-stained ceiling and not much else. She was getting a steady flow of support oxygen through her nose which kept, but she was still out of breath, taking in small steady breaths. The room's muted colors and general cold feeling gave her a sense of unease. Utter loneliness was weighing down upon her... It was stifling... crippling... She felt herself crying out for someone... anyone... And for every time she didn't get a response, her cries became louder and more animalistic. She could smell a disgusting scent, was she smelling herself?




Just her own echo throughout the impossibly large room answered back...


Once again all she could hear was her own voice and it did nothing to put her at ease...

The silence was neigh unbearable...

"Pleeease!! Someone... Anyoooonnneee!!!" She cried out through painfully deep sobs.

She tried to maneuver herself to a seated position but found herself completely incapacitated. She attempted to look downwards, immediately gasping at how large she appeared to be now. She had to be near, if not over a thousand pounds now. She struggled to tilt her head and looked at her wrists, feeling her massive triple chin sliding across her sweat soaked chest and across the tops of her moist breasts. Her adipose riddled arms were larger than she ever imagined. They laid at her sides completely useless, devoid of muscle. She could only lift them for a few moments at a time before having to set them back down. She then looked down towards her true to form cankles, feeling and seeing no bindings holding down her bloated appendages but it appeared as though it was much the same story with her lower half. Maybe even to a more extreme degree. Her gargantuan thighs were spread wide to make way for her colossal multi-tiered mountain of cellulite and rolls that pooled upon the surface of the bed.

She was perfectly immobile... a prisoner in her own body.

Any other time she would be ecstatic but being alone in this state was utterly terrifying.

Her mammoth belly growled out, she felt the most extreme hunger pains she ever felt in her whole life

Her belly growled loudly again.

The thought of starving to death was already crossing her mind.

"Helllloooooooo!!! Anyonnnneeee!?!?" She cried out.

Her viewpoint instantaneously shifted and she could tell that she was propped up on her soft knees and hands. She could feel a sturdy hoist holding her up by her midsection as she was now too weak to hold herself up.

"I wish I wasn't alone... I'm going to die here..." she said hanging her head down.

Before she could comprehend what was going on, she felt something quite large slide past her swollen lips between her jiggling thighs, something hard smacking her from behind, causing many ripples to travel throughout her body.

"I'm here baby..." An unfamiliar voice sounded out.

"Who are you?!?" She said turning her head around to see a mystery man rhythmically thrusting into her from behind.

"Oh I'm your wildest fantasies come true baby doll. You wished to not be alone so here I am."

Hannah decided not to question the strange yet incredibly erotic dream she was currently in.

"Is there anything else you'd like to wish for?" The man asked.

Her belly growled again.

"Hmmm well... now that ya mention it... I wouldn't mind somethin ta eat as you have yer way with me. How bout a nice pie?" She asked and suddenly her face became buried deep in a pie that was three inches thick placed upon the bed's surface before her.

Some hard-core porn played upon the flat-screen before her of a SSBBW doing exactly what she was doing only seeming to push her that much harder causing overwhelming waves of pleasure to surge through her excessively jiggling body.

But then she was suddenly hit with a deep throbbing ache emanating from her nether regions and abdomen stopping her right in her tracks.

"Ooof..." She said grabbing her massive hanging curtain of a belly.

The mystery man stopped thrusting behind her. "Aww what's wrong??"

"I like, think I just got my fuckin' period!! My body is all achey and I just feel gross and sick..."

The mystery man shrugged. "You don't like the cramps or blood that goes along with it do you??"


"And you don't wanna be alone right??"

She nodded quickly causing her chins to jiggle.

"So why don't you just get yourself knocked up? I mean, you love the idea of getting larger and always feeling full and you don't wanna be alone so maybe that is the best option. A guy would more likely stay with you if he got you pregnant! It shouldn't matter if you know them or even if they're complete strangers!"

Hannah furrowed her brow. "Why hadn't I like, thought 'bout that before?!? Dat's a great idea!!"

The mystery man smirked and instantly jumped at the opportunity. "So what do you think? Can I fuck you and fill you up?"

Hannah smiled. "Yes please!! Fuck me silly and fill me up with that cum! Knock me the fuck up!!"


As Matty continued to pleasure himself, the large black dildo whirred to life behind Hannah as it swiftly inserted itself back into the plump slit of her excessively bloated form, pistoning back and forth.

Hannah began moaning and grunting in an animalistic fashion.


The mystery man needed no more of an invitation as he quickly re-inserted his large dick thrusting as hard as he could and before long, she could feel his cock pulsing. Torrents of hot seed began filling her up until she was overflowing.

Waves of overpowering erotic pleasure began rippling through her body the instant his cum filled her insides.

As if in fast forward, her body began transforming into one more fit for an expectant mother. Her already massive breasts seemed to come alive as they were not only pumped with more fat, but milk as well... Large blue veins inched their way across the surface of her pale floppy mammaries like interstates crossing a road map.

Her already expansive hips widened even more so and a considerable amount of excess weight further clinged onto her already bloated form.

She screamed out as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced overcame her.


It was as if the incredibly extreme orgasm had woken her up from her dream as she was still mid scream with an errupting burst of gas flapping her draping cheeks. She was completely drenched in salty, greasy sweat, wheezing heavily as she laid there. Her mind had once again been rewired to a whole new mindset, while still being utterly ravenous for food, she now had an equally strong hunger to be filled with cum and impregnated by absolutely anyone that could could fit in between her thighs.

"Ummm Joseph? Can I get something to snack on? I'm fuckin hungry!"

"Whatever you want my dear." He said pressing a button along the far wall, causing a large motorized cart to roll through the main doors piled high with sugar laden treats, greasy fast food and soda. The cart immediately made a bee-line towards Hannah's bed and stopped as it reached her bedside.

Hannah reached out towards the mountain of treats but gave up after a few moments of stretching her arms out. "Ughhh... fuck!! I can't reach them... I'm too tired..." She pouted defeatedly letting her arms fall back to her rolling sides.

Joseph grinned. "Well not to worry! I just designed this earlier this week... thought it might come in handy! All you have to do is repeat the term "feed me ______" and it'll deliver food directly to your mouth. You just have to name something that is already on the cart and it will get it for you! Joseph brandished a remote and pressed a button excitedly to turn it on.

Motorized arms extended from the sides of the cart, grabbing food stuffs from the very top, the first item being a custard filled doughnut. It quickly brought it to Hannah's lips before shoving it in in one piece which Hannah eagerly and excitedly inhaled.

Joseph peered up at her screen watching her weight go from 633 LBS to 634 LBS.

She happily chewed at the doughnut, enjoying every moment of the highly fattening pastry. "Feed me a Cheeseburger!" Hannah grunted as she was still finishing her current treat.

634 LBS ---> 636 LBS

"Wow... Seems as though your appetite has once again increased. So that must have been one hell of a dream huh Hannah?" Joseph smirked.

Hannah finished the rather large burger in just a few bites...

Her eyes zeroed in on the delicious looking pasta next ss she nodded slowly. "Mmmm... feed me pasta!"

636 LBS ---> 639 LBS

Sauce began dripping down her forefront as she swallowed the food as quickly as she could. She began lovingly rubbing the upper tier of her distended belly as that was all she could reach now.

Yah it really was a great dream! But I found that I'm cravin somethin' else..."

"Oh? And what's that?" Joseph asked, his smirk only continuing to grow as he already knew what was coming.

"Mmmm... I wanna be immobile and impregnated! Dats what I want!" She eyed the fried chicken next.

"Feed me fried chicken!"

After she took a healthy bite, she looked over towards Matty who was still fucking himself silly. "Ummm... Matty do ya think you could fuck me with that little micro dick of yours?" She said with bits of chewed chicken tumbling from her mouth.

639 LBS ---> 643 LBS

Matty looked over nervously locking eyes with his best friend and blushing.

Joseph chuckled. "I'm afraid that would be impossible hun. He's much too small to penetrate you these days and he has become sterile after his latest change, he’s a perfect trans girl now. Besides, I think he rather be the one getting fucked than doing the fucking my dear."

Hannah frowned. "But I wanna be knocked up!! God damned twink! What good are you then?"

"Feed me pizza!!!" She demanded.

The machine did as it was told, bringing a slice to her mouth.

"Well not to fret dear! I have a surprise for you! He pressed a button and a new even larger toy with multiple small glass jars attached at the base lowered itself from the ceiling, perching itself behind the massive girl.

"What is dat?" Hannah questioned with grease running down her multiple chins finishing off the slice with a harmonious belch.

643 LBS ---> 646 LBS

Well... this is going to help you achieve what you so desire. To be barefoot and pregnant. Now the fun part is guessing who the father will be. There are four vials in total. Think of it like the game of musical chairs, the vials will rotate around the shaft of the toy as it fucks you. Small sensors laid throughout the toy will be able to tell when you are about to orgasm and whoever's vial is closest to the main port will be the sperm donor so to speak." When you orgasm the sperm will be deeply injected into your pussy. The best thing however, is that all the sperm has been modified to ensure a 100% chance of pregnancy, and the DNA cells have been altered to produce a specific embryo inside you. For example it can determine the gender and implant certain pre-programmed traits. Needless to say, being pregnant at your weight with your chemically altered body will have side effects too on all the offspring you produce. They will have eating disorders, heavy asthma and are prone to developing addictions."

"Mmmm... I love dis idea!" Hannah excitedly smiled. "Feed me a brownie!"

The machine grabbed a large 4"x4" slab of brownie and brought it to her trembling lips.

Joseph nodded. "One has the very last of Matty's potent seed that he ever produced, his offspring would result in a overly feminine gay boy that will have gender issues, insecurities and will probably go down the same path as a transgender woman."

The other is filled with Hank McCrae's sperm. A 5'6 275 pound, white trash ex con who works multiple dead end jobs, lives in a single wide trailer and is addicted to cigarettes and hard liquor.

The third is from a 6'5 400 pound uneducated black man named Jerome Washington who works as a bouncer at the local strip club. His offspring will result in a beautiful mixed black princess, who will grow to be a just like her mom and a future welfare queen, not caring about being a drag on the state and only care about buying expensive plus size clothing, makeup, perfume, nails, wigs and of course fast food to stuff herself on the couch to make her butt bigger.

Last but not least is your distant cousin Jeremy who lives in Mississippi. He is a 5'6 natural red head with a mullet, drinks beer every day, smokes Newports and has frequent sex with his sister who he has impregnated on more than one occasion. I've already contacted him, and he's more than willing to be the father to your child..."

"I DON'T CARE!!! JUST FUCKIN' KNOCK ME UP ALREADY!!" Hannah growled as she was chewing the last of the brownie.

646 LBS ---> 650 LBS

"Wow... she certainly doesn't and care who the father is huh Matty?" Joseph replied with a brass-bound nerve.

Matty shrugged. "I guess not!" He said between hard laborous breathes as he attempted to hit the right spots.

"Well... on top of that, we are going to start the second to last round of your fattening. This next stage is called "Immobility Empress" as you will be gaining another one hundred pounds and relinquishing most of what is left of your mobility.

Then the final stage is called "Baby Making Blob." You will be by all standards a living, constantly eating blob of a baby factory that relies solely on oxygen, other people feeding you and helping you go to the bathroom whether it be with the use of a bedpan, custom installed toilet, or track system to get you there because there is simply no way that you will be able to move under your own strength. Or if you want to be completely lazy about it, you can just relieve yourself where you lie if you don't mind the filth.

Hannah greedily licked her lips. "Mmmm... I like the sound of dat!!"

"So are you ready to fully give up your mobility for good? To be well over seven hundred pounds and then over eight hundred after the final stage? To be stuck in a bed for the rest of your undoubtedly and excessively shorter life?"

Hannah thought deeply about it, her strong sexual drive taking over all of her other senses. "Well I would like to just jump straight to the final step and become a Baby Makin Blob. So... Ummm... Do ya think we could just do the last two steps all at the same time??" Hannah answered while blushing not really caring about any of the negative effects it would have on her health.

"Yeah?? Why not??" Matty asked wanting to see his friend become even more massive.

Joseph scratched his chin. "Well... I don't see why we couldn't do it that way..."

"Please Joseph... I wanna be fatter!!" Hannah pleaded.

Joseph smirked. "Well alright... I guess if we're doing the two final stages all at once, this will be the last time you guys will ever see me."

Four identical head apparatuses lowered from the ceiling once more above Hannah's parents, Matty and Hannah herself. He first attached the mechanisms to Miles and Lyla while also readying a few familiar looking syringes next to her parent's necks. He then proceeded to do the same with Matty and Hannah.

"Oh and one last thing just for fun and because I want to punish that liar of a father you have... I can't wait to see what your mom and dad think of their little princess now." Joseph pressed a few buttons on the control console causing both Miles and Lyla to awake almost simultaneously. Miles' eyes set upon Joseph right away, his brow forming into an undeniable scowl.

"You fucking son of a bitch! Let us go! You've had your fun!!"

Lyla responded in a more delicate manner. "Please Joseph. You've made your point, just let all of us go, or at the very least let me see my baby and Matt to make sure they're okay..."

Joseph chuckled as he pressed a button to bring their chairs to an upright seated position. He walked out to the center of the lab so the parents could get a good look at Joseph and the other two inhabitants within the room.

Lyla's eyes landed upon the morbidly obese woman before her. The woman was constantly burping and passing gas as she sat there stuffing herself. The sight of this woman's body was causing Lyla's stomach to churn.

"Who are these people and why are they in here? I've never seen either one of these degenerates before... Please Joseph, show me Hannah and Matt!"

Joseph shrugged his shoulders. "But they're both right here. Don't you see them??"

"Hannah?? Baby??... Matt?!??" Lyla said through tear soaked eyes.

"Oh... heya ma!" Hannah said cheerily as she groped her blubbery, sweaty body.

"What has he done to you???" Lyla asked nearly being overcome with shock.

Hannah wriggled side to side loving the feeling of her body jiggling.

"Well... he's helping me achieve my dream! He made me real big an pretty and he's gonna impregnate me. Ain't it great?!?" Hannah said happily.

"I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" Miles growled through gritted teeth and squinted eyes full of hate, his muscles bulging through his shirt as if he were trying to break free.

"Oh but you haven't seen the best part yet!" Joseph said ignoring the empty threats.

"So tell me Hannah. What is most important to you in life?"

"Food, bein pregnant, havin a bunch of kids and gettin bigger!" Hannah simply yet excitedly responded.

"Good! Well I have just the thing for you!" Joseph quipped.

Next, the translucent feeding hose lowered directly in front of her nearly spherical face. She was even struggling to get it into her mouth, her movements already severely limited but finally releasing a satisfying moan as it slid between her lips.

"Enough with the talkin and teasin' already!! Get ta makin' me fatter!!" Hannah demanded as she greedily sucked on the empty hose.

"No Hannah! You don't know what you're saying! Snap out of it!" Lyla cried out.

Joseph rolled an idea around in his mind. "Actually... you may be onto something my dear Lyla... I think I may grant your wish, temporarily might I add. By my calculations, her mind is too far gone to revert back for longer than a handful of minutes but I think that's all the time we need."

He pushed a complicated confluence of buttons, causing the lights on Hannah's head mechanism to illuminate.

Her eyes twitched a few times. She spit out the clear feeding tube.

"Urrggghhhh my head..." Hannah said clearly dazed. "What's going on?? Why ain't I movin... Oh right... I'm a fuckin whale..."

She felt as if she was buried up to her neck in sand. It took so much more effort to move.

"Hannah baby??" Lyla asked beginning to sob harder.

"Ma??" Hannah said slowly as she looked down at herself cringing at the feeling of her greasy chins binding together. A blast of gas trumpeted from between her sweaty asscheeks.

"Fuckin gross..." Hannah commented with a burp in utter shock as tears streamed down her face.

But even with her disgust taking hold, her belly was quick to remind her of who was actually in charge by letting out a loud, creeping groan that could be heard throughout the lab.


Her eyes kept shifting to and from the cart piled high with food.

A sickening smile only formed upon Joseph's face as he ignored her pleas. "Well hey stranger! I thought it'd be fun to bring the old you back for a few minutes so you could for one, talk to your parents one last time and two, admire my handywork. I know your old boyfriend is loving his new life so far." Joseph said triumphantly as he motioned to one side.

Hannah furrowed her brow. "Why the hell can I still not think too good if you brought my mind back?"

"Well I can bring memories back but I can't restore intelligence without some extensive work. It's easy to make someone less intelligent, but significantly harder to increase intelligence."

"Oh..." She looked sadly towards her boyfriend. "M-M-Matt... Oh I'm so sorry that I got you into this..."

"Oh... hey babe! What are you talking about?? I love being like this!" Matt said in his much higher pitched, feminine voice.

"CHANGE HIM BACK!" Hannah angrily barked causing her multiple chins to jiggle.

"Now where's the fun in that?? He should feel lucky that he turned out as beautiful as he did. But I guess I can bring his memory back for a few moments if you tell me something..."

"What do ya want ta fuckin' know?!?" Hannah snapped.

"I need to know what it felt like before I restored your memory when the other Hannah was in control. Then I'll bring Matt's memory back."

Hannah sighed. "It's fuckin terrible is what it is... It's like I'm in the driver's seat but I ain't in control. I can see, smell, hear and feel everythin' that is goin' on and I can even hear the other Hannah's thoughts but that is it... Now will ya bring Matt back?"

"Very interesting... Well a deals a deal. This should make things quite a bit more exciting... and just to be safe because I remember Matt's old temper..." Joseph pushed a few buttons on the control panel again causing restraints to close around Matty's wrists and ankles. His head apparatus illuminated like Hannah's had just a few moments ago.

Matt stopped gyrating on the toy and blinked a few times as his original mental state came rushing back to the forefront. His eyes immediately zeroed in on Joseph.

"FUCK YOU!!! TURN ME BACK OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FUCK YOU UP!!" He said in his new high pitched voice causing the threat to sound almost comedic. He was trying to get up from the table he was on, fighting the shackles but it was of no use. He was only tiring himself out.

Joseph chuckled. "Now now now... if you behave I'll let you free and allow you to share a few moments alone with your beloved Hannah before we go through the final stages of my process. If you don't, well let's just say there's a new concoction I might be willing to try on you for male pregnancy..."

Matt quickly calmed down. "Fine... I'll behave..."

"Good boy..." Joseph smirked.

"So what the fuck are you going to do from here?? You know you'll eventually have to let us go unless you plan on murdering us or something..." Miles surmised.

"Or something..." He said as he pressed a button and both Lyla and Miles' head apparatuses illuminated in an ominous red color. Small twinges of pain had begun rattling through their brains as they sat there.

"What'd you do?? Why does my head hurt?" Lyla said squinting.

Miles likewise shared the same facial expression. "Mine too..."

Joseph smiled. "Oh that?? It's not a big deal. The two of you have simply started your trip down dimwit drive and will be stopping at brainless boulevard."

"You mean you're taking our intelligence?!??" Lyla groaned out in pain.

"Yep! You didn't really think I'd leave either of you with your incredible intelligences intact did you?"

"Jesus fucking christ..." Miles said shaking his head.

"So... since all of you are coherent enough, I'll tell you what I plan on doing. I've already emptied the majority of your bank accounts and purchased a sizeable house for you in Wedowee, Alabama. A small town with less than a thousand residents. Now the house is a bit of a fixer upper but I'm sure you guys will make it work. And if you're worried about fitting in, fear not! For I have already figured out how to assimilate your family into the community as if you've always lived there.

"This is so fucked up..." Lyla groaned.

Joseph walked over towards Lyla and Miles next. "On top of taking your treasured brilliance, I have quite a few other plans for the two of you as well and I think you're going to love them! I mean I can't let Hannah and Matt have all the fun right?"

Lyla cried. "Are you enjoying tearing our family apart you disturbed bastard because that's all you're doing!"

"Oh on the contrary! Your family will be closer than ever before once this is all over, trust me! After we're done here, you'll wake up at your new place and forget all about me and everything that happened here, so you may see me here and there and not even know it. I could be the mail man or the milk man. Isn't it great??"

"You're totally fucking crazy." Miles growled.

"No, poor people are crazy Miles, I'm eccentric."

Joseph only smiled. "Well... I will leave the four of you alone to collect your thoughts. I'm not going to let anyone but Matt free so you can be with Hannah one last time before we go through the final stage. I have estimated that your new mindsets will slowly return within twelve minutes starting... now!"

He started a large digital timer above the main door as he stepped out.


Matty slowly wiggled the toy from his ass with a loud "pop" leaving a gaping hole in it's wake. He looked at it with a disgusted glare and angrily threw it across the room. He stepped down from the bed and slowly approached his girlfriend feeling the new sensation of his uncovered breasts and ass jiggling with every step which caused his stomach to churn.

Miles' voice was waivering as he fought back tears. "I'm so sorry I got us into this mess... I did steal Joseph's work..." He admitted then hung his head low.

Lyla looked over towards her husband with a seething rage filling her eyes. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?"

Miles nodded. "It's all my fault!!"




"OOH AND LOOK AT US NOW!!! YOU'VE CERTAINLY DONE A BANG UP JOB! Hannah will be an immobile, uneducated baby factory, Matt is no longer a boy by most standards and his athletic capabilities are most certainly gone, we are by all standards broke thanks to Joseph stealing our money, we are being forced to move away from all of our friends and family and then worst of all, he's making us dumb hicks. Who knows what else he's gonna do to us? All I know is I don't like the sound of it... GREAT JOB!"

As Matt reached his girlfriend he brushed the sweat soaked hair from her face and kissed her forehead immediately sensing a layer of grease that was left upon his lips. He swiftly wiped it off to keep himself from gagging.

She let out an errupting fart as he approached her. The smell of rotten eggs quickly invaded his nostrils causing him to attempt to fan the stench away.

"Sorry babe..." She replied obviously embarrassed.

"It's okay hun." Matt responded with a half smile as he attempted to put up a happy facade, yet a single tear began rolling down his delicately feminine cheek revealing how he truly felt. He knew he still loved her, but it was becoming increasingly harder to feel any sort of attraction for her...

"I know I know... I'm fuckin' disgusting..."

Matt honestly couldn't argue but he loved her. It was his job to make her happy.

"No... you're beautiful..." He said looking deep into her eyes hoping she believed him. Even they had changed looking less brilliant than they used to be... But that was the least of his concern as it only became worse from there. Her once flawless skin was marred by pimples, stretchmarks, black heads and body hair, all of which were drenched in a foul coating of sweat, grease and random food scraps. Her once beautiful, modelesque face had been replaced by someone who more resembled a feminine version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

"Yah right... I'm fuckin' gross. I've lost my smarts, I can't run, let alone walk anymore and I'm still sweatin, and I can feel gas buildin' up inside me even now... I'm tryin to hold em in but it's a losin' battle... It's makin' my tummy hurt..." She rubbed her colossal belly, accidentally letting a long, stretching squeak to escape from her nether regions and bubble up between the tight recesses of her mammoth thighs and deep crevices of her monster fupa.

Matt fought hard not to fan his nose from the scent of rotten eggs thanks to his girlfriend's heavily altered digestive system.

Matt couldn't deny it... She was rather repulsive...


Miles sighed. "Well I didn't know that Joseph was capable of even half of the things he's did... If I woulda known that, I never woulda crossed him..."

"Please... you work- or scuse me WORKED at a high tech pharma... pharma... drug company! If anyone would be able to do somethin like this, it would be someone in THAT FUCKIN FIELD!!! I swear if I still 'member any of this after this is all over, I want ya out of our lives FOR GOOD!" Lyla growled.

"STOP FIGHTIN!!!" Hannah screamed at the top of her lungs which caused her parents to stop dead in their tracks. "Look... fightin about dis won't do none of us no good... All we doin is usin up our time. Why don't we just enjoy each other while we can?" She asked as she looked up at the countdown timer.


"Hey sorry babe." She responded returning a half smile. "What're ya lookin' at?" She asked slightly smirking.

Matt shook his head, a slight buzzing sensation was beginning to invade the front of his mind. He looked at his girlfriend. Maybe she wasn't so hard on the eyes. He just had to focus on the positives. Her beautiful but somewhat vacant azure eyes, those soft kissable lips, her massive breasts... her utterly soft looking massive ass cheeks...

"Just the most beautiful girl in the world." Matt replied in his feminine voice. Okay maybe it was a bit of a lie, she was far from the most beautiful girl in the whole world but he still thought she was fairly attractive...

"Oooh staaahp! No I'm nooot!" She said blushing as another burst of gas errupted from her backside.

This time her gas seemed to be less potent. Or else he was just getting used to it...


Matt had to admit, even with all of the changes that had occurred and how utterly fat and disgusting Hannah had become, he still loved her just as much and nothing would ever change that.

"Y'know... you may have been a pretty fuckin hot guy but you make a very pretty girl..." Hannah said smiling again trying to make light of the situation.

Matt smiled and sniffled trying to hold back his tears. "Shut up..." He said playfully.

"No... seriously babe, maybe this is just the changes in my mind talkin' but I swear I'd become a lesbo for ya."

Matt couldn't help but blush at the compliment regardless of the fucked up situation. He knew her comment should make him uneasy but he felt reasonably elated. The terrifying thing is he himself couldn't tell if the old Hannah would've said something like that or not. His thoughts were so mixed up these days...

A mental picture of them facing away from each other on all fours sharing a double headed dildo flashed in his mind and it excited him to no end. He decided to keep the vision to himself.


"Why don't ya come up here and cuddle with me for just a few? Enjoy our last minutes together."

Matt smiled. "Okay..."

He slowly climbed up and laid next to his supersize girlfriend. Her massive arm lazily draped over his side, small beads of sweat ran down his delicately plump body. He quickly realized that her bicep was roughly the same size as his thigh. At first he was a bit disgusted at the sensation of cuddling up to his massive fri-girlfriend but he slowly began to feel comfort and a bit turned on while laying next to her.


"Kiss me..." She moaned.

Matty shifted within her warm embrace and brought his plump lips up to her awaiting mouth, slowly sliding his tongue inside her mouth. A multitude of sweet and savory flavors invaded his tastebuds.

The two of them while being completely different now, still had an unmatched chemistry. Matty's right hand began playing with her massive hanging udders while the other was probing for her slit which was buried under miles of adipose, cellulite and a massive bulging fupa.

He couldn't get enough of her. All of her dangerous, jiggling curves, her stretch marks, even her body hair was undoubtedly hot. And when she engulfed his much smaller frame under her many layers of fat, he felt completely content.


As they were kissing, Hannah's meaty hand slid across his voluptuous ass cheeks, her plump sausage fingers probing for his loose asshole finally finding it and slowly inserting her fingers inside of him, one finger at a time until her whole hand was inside him.

Hannah was likewise writhing in pure pleasure as Matt had finally found Hannah's buried slit and he began teasing her with his fingers.

"Mmmmppphh... Don't stop." Matty moaned.

"Don't you fuckin stop either." Hannah moaned groping one of her tits and biting her lip.

"Well... I guess at least they still fuckin' like each other..." Lyla grumbled towards Miles.

:05... :04... :03... :02... :01... :00

Both Matty and Hannah blinked a number of times as any leftover remnants of their old personalities vanished forever.

Almost in perfect timing, Joseph stepped back into the room.

"Mmmmpphhh fuuuuck... I'm ready for my next transformation Joseph. Please fuckin change me more!!!" She pleaded as Matty continued to pleasure her.

Joseph smirked. "As you wish..." and pressed a combination of buttons.

A syringe filled with pink fluid readied itself next to her neck and quickly injected itself into one of her bunched up neck rolls.

The effects were almost instantaneous mirroring what had happened to her in her most recent dream. Her hips widened, her already humongous mammaries exploded out in all directions becoming covered in blue veins and growing stretchmarks.

"Mmmm... feed me!!!" She growled.

As if on demand, the translucent hose returned, grazing upon her plump lips.

Matty was now slightly gyrating on Hannah's hand savoring every moment of it.

Between Matty's long chocolate brown hair, his curvaceous, yet hairless body complete with an overinflated bubble butt, hefty D cup tits, laughably small dick and his overly feminine facial features, nobody would ever be able to guess that he was ever Matt Myers; the 6'2", two hundred pound sports star. That Matt was gone forever...

Joseph looked over towards Hannah admiring his work. Hannah lazily laid there wheezing with every single breathe. She was a true sight to behold. The occasional burp or burst of gas from her nether regions would break up the steady scratchy breathe.

Nobody would ever think that this soon to be eight hundred plus pound whale was ever the same Hannah Owens that had walked in here just a day ago; The 5'10 athletic beauty with a once brilliant mind, a specialty for perfecting nearly everything she ever set her eyes on and so much hope set in those one dazzling eyes. All of it gone... swept away in just one day... with just a few keystrokes...

"I must say it has been quite the journey you two and I wish you well in your new lives together. You will never see, nor hear from me ever again and even if you do see me at any point in the future, you wouldn't recognize me as any memory of me will be wiped from your minds just as a safety precaution."

"Mmmphhh... I don't care! Just fuckin fatten me up already!"

"As you wish..." Joseph smiled.
The hose and impregnation dildo both entered her at the same time. A warning beep sounded and then both started coming to life. Hannah’s eyes crossed over in pleasure.
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