Reality and awareness changes

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Reality and awareness changes

Postby Daguss » Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:30 pm

Hey all. Im sure some of you are aware i've been asking for help with this story of mine periodically, but i have another idea to bring up.

For context, the premise is this. A school bully has beef with our protagonist and his girlfriend. The bully gets master pc, or some other powerful reality changing powers, and uses it to turn our protagonist into a girl, in this case, a rather masculine one, rather more like a Butch lesbian, in fact not much changes about our character for this part of the story. However, with the way the bully did the change, our protagonist is not aware of the change at first and goes about life until our bully figures out the "awareness setting". She he makes the protagonist and the protagonist's girlfriend, realize the change. But i thought this would be fun to do at a point like when they are in the girls locker room changing for gym class, or when they are having sex. So it would be like everything is normal one second, then the next, our main characters are suddenly shocked to realize what happened. How would you write something like this?
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Re: Reality and awareness changes

Postby Theacds » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:33 am

I'm not a very good source on this, but, subjectively, the way I love to see that sorta thing comes down to the pacing of the realization and the reaction of the transformed character to what's been changed.

I'm talkin like how do they react? Is it made instantly clear to them or do they figure out over time? What do they think about it? It's not how much the character changes so much as seeing the contrast unfold at just the right pace or watching them realize what's been done that gets me going.

And the same can be asked of the person doing the transforming. Are they trying to keep up the lie? Do they themselves stay aware of it all? How much control do they have over the transformed character's memory/perception?


This story takes a sort of retroactive history alteration approach, which might be different than what you're going for, but I still say the reason it's so effective at what it does is because of how well it paces itself and how the transformee's changes/reactions match and work with that pace.
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Reality and awareness changes

Postby Justinsah » Fri May 11, 2018 2:30 pm

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