Looking for Beta (abdl themes)

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Looking for Beta (abdl themes)

Postby diamonddaisy » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:07 pm

Hello all! As the title sort of says, I am looking for someone to help me with a story I am currently writing. I mostly am just looking for someone to chat with as I write the thing, haha, and also be there for me to send snippets to as I go along, give their opinions, point out any mistakes, all that good stuff.

Right now the story as far as the changing aspect goes will be slow going, in fact I have not even entirely decided how I want the change to come about. What I can tell you is the themes are ABDL, diapers, WG, spoiling, lactation, personality change, and almost certainly eventually **wetting/messing (so if that in itself is not up your alley, turn back!)**. The subject is male, and the "antagonist" is female, around the same age range. I already have a plot in mind, which I would be happy to run by anyone who messages me!

I'm likely going to cross post this in another board since this board is rather empty and I may be inclined to role play certain parts of this idea with a literate individual.

Thanks guys!
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