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Re: Personality change

Postby ThePro » Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:59 pm

That sounds ideal. What have you written?
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Re: Personality change

Postby truli_salope » Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:49 pm

I think personality change is harder to show in a short story than some other things. But, if you make something explicit at the beginning, and then make the reverse implied or explicit at the end, you've pretty much established that something has changed, no matter if it's physical, emotional, psychological, or personality. If you start by saying "X detested people who drummed their fingers on the table," and then, by the end of the story she is driven to undulate on a stripper pole to the sound of the DJ drumming his fingers, you've shown a personality change.

It's rather like the old rule about murder mysteries; if there is a revolver placed in the desk drawer in act one, the revolver must be used to kill or attempt to kill someone in act three. If you set up a personality quirk in the opening paragraphs, you better be able to revise or reprise that quirk by the time you get to the conclusion.

Of course, some personality traits will be easier than others. If someone is a judgmental prude, you can show that the prudishness is gone by having them take part in a gangbang. That may imply the judgmental part is gone, too. But, by itself, that would be a lot harder to show.
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Re: Personality change

Postby Daguss » Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:22 pm

Funny i should find this post at this point. Im writing a long tf story in which i want to have parts where the main character's interests are switched out for others, as they are changed more and more throughout the story, until by the end of the story, they are a completely different person physically and mentally, while still recognizing that they used to be someone else.

How might you handle something like someones gaming passion replaced with say a passion for fashion? Or a preference for rock music to change into a preference for obsene sexualized rap? In a situation such as this:

Our protagonist has just been turned into a female, but only in the most literal sense. Rather masculine in style, She still likes girls, still a gamer, still has the same interests in books, movies, games, etc and the antagonist calls our protagonist. Perhaps while she is blowing off some steam on her old favorite video game. He begins taunting her, essentially bragging about his power, showing off a little. He begins changing her interests as they are on the phone. Clothing style, hobbies, music, all fair game until she is almost a different person besides her memories of the past realities.
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