simulate different levels of education:

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simulate different levels of education:

Postby lttlcat » Tue Apr 23, 2024 4:13 am

simulate different levels of education:

Thank you¡¡❤

I don't know if it's a silly question, but I was wondering about advice that English-speaking audiences could give me so that when "speaking" or "writing" the characters seem more stupid or sophisticated. :roll:

For example, when the characters speak by email, if one is a school dropout, perhaps add spelling mistakes, confusing expressions or an excess of bad-sounding words. (if you could tell me common spelling mistakes in English, because I have asked the AI to correct some texts to make it look like a person without education, with misspellings, etc... but I don't know if that makes it right, in Spanish there are mistakes Common spelling errors are not putting h, not putting "´" or confusing b and v or y and ll :oops: )

I appreciate other tips or techniques or ideas to simulate different levels of education. :D :D :D
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