Retrospection the writing process and style

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Retrospection the writing process and style

Postby animefan78 » Wed Nov 08, 2023 11:42 am

Writing Style

While there might be a variety of different writing, I think my is best described as a squire overdosed on caffeine adding in new ideas the moment, they strike my fancy. This is of course not helped by propensity for something akin to purple prose mixed with a healthy dose of diarrhea of the keyboard leading to some very bloated stories or brief one shot that lack the legs to develop into anything of real substance worth reading. What you didn’t think that Princess of Lichtenstein, Twin Destinies, and Tidying up the Kingdom were the only things I wrote. I had a rather extensive list of fanfictions elsewhere that I took down on account of them not developing the way I wanted. So, I decided to try my hand at a different sort of writing to write the transformations I wasn’t seeing as often in the community, and to flex my writing muscles a bit, plus I should at least enjoy what I write, right.

That said I know enough to know that Dunning-Kruger is a thing and can’t hold a candle to some of the other writers out there. This might also be why I stick to fandoms since there is an already established world while it can hurt and help audience numbers depending on the situation. I should also note, that I am a fan of classic fantasy anime like Slayers, Steampunk like Full Metal Alchemist, and certain Magical series like pretty cure (because sooner or later something gets punched in the face), and play way more Fate Grander Order than I should (I blame my former students for that one) if that wasn’t evident already. This had I think influenced the story in both positive and negative ways, spicing up the world and magic, but causing my writing to suffer. What I mean by that is that is anime is a visual and auditory media while Manga is visual and written in comparison a story is just written. As such I have a tendency to use various conventions from anime and manga that don’t translate well into a written form, which hinders the story.

Lastly, I do not always plan out my stories in advance and my brain latches onto an idea like a squirrel with a nut. Which doesn’t help my propensity for story bloat and telling a focused narrative something I think Princess of Lichtenstein suffered from and to a certain degree Twin Destinies as well, though I feel like a did a much better job of it with Tidying up the Kingdom. However, if I am honest that story should have ended after the Goblin raid and I could have done with out the different springs and the additional characters. But at least it has a sequel hook if I feel enough people are interested in it and I can spark my muse on it.

So why did I write this, the hell if I know but I felt like putting words on the screen, and maybe by writing it out I might be able to improve slightly.
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Re: Retrospection the writing process and style

Postby Lyssa » Sun Nov 12, 2023 12:33 am

I thought the goblin attack scene was one of the strong points of your story. Very entertaining. I guess, Sarah could have been carted off the the north lands then, but we would have missed the Sarah the sow as a maid scene.

I also enjoyed how Sarah's steed changed from a thoroughbred to a plow horse, something of a metaphor to Sarah's transformation from regal beauty to bloated, less attractive serf.

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