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Just Give Your Thoughts On It!

Postby Gado » Sun Jul 03, 2022 2:31 pm

Top panel shows ghostly old figures (which are the celestials).
Light God 1: Succubus Queen Ishtar, do you know why we've brought you here today?
Light God 2: My word!
Next panel shows Ishtar, comfortably on her throne, cradling the balls of two nude male servants on both sides of her, and passionately sucking the penis of the servant to her left. Both servants have some sort of insignia on their stomach. Mizore is at Ishtar’s side happily watching on.
Ishtar- To interrupt my bweakfast.
LG1: I see you continue to flagrantly damn more of humanity.
Ishtar: I thought i told you before, we’re not demons; we are just granters of desire. (the insignia glows, the servant nuts and she drinks it all) All these delectable dignitaries have a fateful encounter with us; (she begins sucking on a ball of the servant to her right); they willfully wish for it to transpire again and again; (she cusps her breast and it begins to lactate) and we willfully grant said wish (the second servant’s insignia glows, and he blasts a brilliant gush of cum into Ishtar’s mouth). (Ishtar turns to Mizore) Your food’s getting soft, dear.
Mizore: Sorry, mother.
Mizore wraps her long succubus tongue around the shaft of a servant.
LG1: I’m well aware of your plight, demon slut. We let you be only because once your victims perish, they go straight to hell. This is the main issue.(levitates lifeless young-looking body at Ishtar) Your kind should be well-attuned at sensing where souls go, so where this one go?
Ishtar: That’s strange. I can’t sense any mana from him at all.
LG2: He’s fallen victim to the Soul-Suck, a forbidden spell that takes the victim’s soul from their body and fully merges it to the user.
Mizore: Um, forgive me for butting in, but how is that a problem, exactly?
LG2: Because when the being receives soul-suck, their body doesn't go to heaven or hell or purgatory or the Earth. They simply cease to exist, destroying the balance of souls in the celestial world.
Ishtar: (finally stops sucking dick) Alright! Here's the plan you carking buzzkills.I send my lovely daughter, Mizore, to take care of our little soul-suck problem, and you can leave my merry band of succubus and indentured servants alone.
LG1: Very well.(celestials take leave)
Ishtar: Mizore, come forth.
Mizore: Yes, mother? (approaches Ishtar)
Ishtar:(pulls gem out of bountiful cleavage) This Crystal will bring you back after you've taken out the suckers. (Mizore puts gem in her massive cleavage) You will need a substantial amount of Mana to use it, so if you need a recharge what do you look for?
Mizore: (salutes mother) Young, dumb, and frustrated!
Ishtar: Excellent.Drink up and be on your way. (Ishtar snaps her fingers activating the male servant’s insignias making them shoot out cum while Ishtar uses her magic to hide it into Mizore’s mouth, leaving her curves lightly spilling out of her outfit, also Mizore puts on a sash containing different vials of semen).
Mizore: (Ishtar snaps her fingers, activating the gem and teleporting Mizore to the real world) I'll make you proud!
Mizore finds herself among some shady back alleys of what looks like the ghettos of New York, tall buildings and trash-filled alleys surrounding her. She is wearing à tight black dress with her chest nearly bouncing out the top and her ass more present than her skirt, her sash turns into a beautiful spiked choker, holding a small pearl-colored purse, and topped off with ebony black heels.
Mizore: (in her head) I can sense a large forbidden Mana presence beyond this alley. The soul-suck must be happening right now!
Young man's voice: (from around the corner) Ma'am, please stop!
Mizore: (bends over and hides behind a trash can) Found her! (Mizore decides to stand back and observe the soul-suck)
Tzitzimitl: (holding the young man with one arm up to her face and unsheathing his penis from our of her throat, drool strings untethering from both parties) Of course, after you give up your semen, there will be no more of your pitiful existence. Your strength, your mind, your memories, your soul will help a cause some mortal pleb like you could never fathom. Anymore groveling before I suck you completely dry?(returns to slurp on his dick like she was drinking the last stops soda from a straw of a to-go cup)
Young Man: I guess there are worse to di-d-diiiii-di, AAHHHHRRRGGGGG! (The young man cums explosively into Tzitzimitl’s mouth but she refuses to stop sucking. The suck is so aggressive that as every tadpole of his semen is sucked out he parts of his body begin to decompress. His toned muscles begin to lose definition.His fluffy hair lost fluffiness. His skin lost youthfulness. His eyes began to roll into his brain, and finally his whole soul is released from his body. As Tzitzimitl lets the young man's body plop to the ground, the young man's soul attempts to resist the soul-suck, desperately grasping for his old body. It was too late. Tzitzimitl slurps the poor man's soul through her puckered, plump lips. Her muscles become more toned; her already waist-length hair extends and feathers out parallel to curvature of her unbelievable ass; her skin gains a brilliant shine; and breasts glow as any possible Mana hidden away in the young man is absorbed into Tzitzimitl.
Tzitzimitl: Aww, it's so sad watching my fried shrimp go limp, (cusps breast) but soul food is meant to stick to the bones.
Mizore, still on knees watching the events transpire, has her left hand on the ground, and her right hand to her mouth in shock, then she hears the largest thwack on her jiggling ass and finds herself unable to move.
Hathoru: Ugh, couldn't finding the succubus princess be harder? It's kinda boring being this good at being a succubus. (pushes Mizore down the alley, past Tzizimitl, the street lamp-lit alley darkens until Mizore stopped with a giant penis in her face and busty woman with a blue fire in her hand.)
Mara: (screaming) WHY ARE YOU NOT SUCKING MY COOOOCK?! (Dick whips Mizore’s hand out of her face and stuffs her big futa dick down her throat)
Vivian: Aw, Mara, don't waste it all on the High Order scum. (Vivian watches solemnly on as her favorite dick gets skull fucked by her worst enemy.)
Vivian: (She then regains a smug smile as she caresses and notices the Mana potential of Mizore's curves.) Nwehehe, you right. (Mizore’s mana glows brightly at Vivian’s touch, her cattail flails back and forth, and her hips widen.) Holy shit, High Order bitches really do have the Mana of 100 succubus! Hathoru, Hilga! Get in on this!
Hilga: Why yes, Vivian, I'd like to thank you so much for helping me graduating the itty-bitty titty committee again. And for you, thunder tits(holds onto one of Mizore's breasts)…I'll just be holding on to these eyesores for you. (Hilga widens her mouth and suddenly two serpent-like appendages extend out of her mouth, and an intense look of anger-fueled bliss is on her eyes. Then, the serpent-like appendages’ mouths latch onto Mizore's nipples and begin to suck on them. Blotches of milk travel through the appendages as the milk and Mana is excreted through them, reducing the monstrous size of Mizore's chest and enlarging Hilga’s nonexistent washboard. Mizore begins to give a subdued moan, bringing Hathoru back into gang bang.)
Hathoru: Ohh, well at least the movement freezing magic is wearing off, maybe the High-Order succubus are actually worth something after all. (Mizore's bubble butt glistens in Hathoru’s eyes) Round 2, High-Orgy succu-bitch.
(As Mizore begins to feel the magic Wear off, she positions her hands in a fashion to push off Mara’s giant futa dick and stop the suction of Hilga’s tentacles. Hathoru bends over and this time digs both her hands deep into her juicy ass, Mizore's buttocks nearly swallowing her hands whole, a strange aura comes over Mizore and she is stopped in her tracks yet again. The hand on Mara is halted on the bottom of her shaft and the hand on Hilga’s tentacles squashes their mouths, incapacitating them and making them spit out a little of Mizore's milk.)
Hilga: Shwit! (Recedes tentacles back into mouth) That's it! Those over over stuffed muchachas are fucking mine now! (Hilga swoops to Mizore's underside, grabs Mizore's slightly reduced hanging breasts, pressing the nipples together, and starts sucking on them through her mouth.)
Hathoru: oh, It ain't over yet, bitch. I'm afraid I’ve missed leg day too much. (A purple glow shines) Hmm, this must be what my lovers were talking about when they said they wanted a “larger posterior” on me, ah well, this is mine anyway.
(An aura flows through Hathoru's body from Mizore's legs and ass. The aura darkens on Mizore's affected area, and glows on Hathoru widening her hips, enlarging her ass, and plumping her legs; vice versa for Mizore. The sensation is ecstacy for both parties. Hathoru licks her lips and Mizore's eyes roll to the back of her head.)
Mara sticks her cock against Mizore's cheek showing it has grown to at least double the size of Mizore's face. Hilga tries to hold her new breasts together as they tear through her jacket and the gem that transports her back to the succubus world falls and knocks her glasses off her face, compared to Mizore's now mosquito bites; she ignores the Crystal; she's also gained a little height as well. Hathoru drips wet as her ass and legs plump out and the aura between them fizzles out; she's also a little taller. All these things drive her closer and closer to orgasm.
Vivian: Shit, it's my turn now!
(Vivian's body dematerializes as she prepares herself for what's next. Mara blasts sperm all over Mizore's face as Mizore has the most powerful ahegao anybody has ever experienced. She then discovers she has suddenly grown cat ears, fangs, eyes, and a tail, and before she can even comprehend all the fuckery going on, her soul is pushed out of her body and then tethered to her by Vivian's cat tail. She had been possessed by Vivian. The rest of the girls back off and gawk at the rewards they reaped)
Vivian: (Now comfortable with Mizore's possessed petite body, she rises to her feet and smuggly puts her hands on her hips.) Where do you think you're going, cutting board? You know, when I finally possessed a High Succubus, I didn't expect to be so petite and flat. Whatever, Mammoth titties are such a hindrance anyway.
Mizore: (in bound soul form) You’ll all look flatter when I get out of this!
Vivian: Ohhh, fighting words! This is gonna get fun, Tizzy! (Vivian begins walking towards Tzitzimitl, who has her hand stroking her jaw, calculating and slightly impressed by what her disciples have accomplished.) Leader of the Kagefusa Clan, harbinger of the Soul Suck, destroyer of the High Succubus Order, I bring you the most powerful sacrifice we have ever found. And though we've taken most of her Mana for ourselves, (the other three Succubus: Hilga, Hathoru, and Mara are standing pridefully with their new assets, while Mizore struggles with Vivian's cat tail grip) you'll find that within her soul is some the most powerful succubus spells imaginable. (The four other members of the Kagefusa Clan begin to kneel, Mizore starts to find her way out of the grip.) We offer this prize to you, our sexy.
Tzitzimitl: You've done a fantastic job, Vivi and Co. Bringing and embezzling the Mana of one the most robust members of the High Succubus Order; you've truly all outdone yourselves. Now for the trash, pray come hither. (The Kagefusa Clan rises from their kneel. Vivian positions the slightly less constrained Mizore towards Tzitzimitl's puckered lips. Tzitzimitl immediately starts the Soul Suck, but by this time, Mizore is already free enough to grab the tail formed out of Mizore's possessed body to reposition it back towards it. Mizore kicks Vivian out of her body, which instantly rematerialized, into Tzitzimitl, who falls over, but continues Soul Sucking. Startled, Vivian pushes back on Tzitzimitl's head, revealing that her soul is being sucked into Tzitzimitl's mouth. A contrast between Vivian's soul that is protruding of her of body which has her cattail, hips, legs, and medium sized breasts; and her physical body where her cattail, breasts, hips are missing, and her legs are undefined, is shown; her soul is still attached to head, arms, and feet.)
Vivian: Tizzy, stop! You're sucking my tail out!! (Tzitzimitl spits Vivian's soul back into her body and pushes her off, out of the way. She then fires a bright purple energy out of her hands towards Mizore, who responds by pressing what's left of her breasts and disappearing into a bright pink fire. Missing the intended target, the energy sinks into Mara, who angrily starts sucking her own dick until she blissfully rains splooge all over the Kagefusa Clan.)
Tzitzimitl: Damnit, where'd she scatter off to?
Hathoru: I can't sense her Mana.
Hilga: (Cupping her new breasts) I mean, we pretty much took it all.
Vivian: (Shook from the soul suck and deluge of sperm) i JusT cANt gEt EnOuGh oF mARa’S dEliCOus, SyruPy CuMmIeS aLL OvER mE. aHhH(licks up some off Mara's semen off her hand while she drunkenly tumbles into Mara)
Hilga: Also, this gem hit me in the face when I was on that skank's tits. (Gem also floats out of her hands)
Tzitzimitl: (All the sperm left by Mara gets slurped into her mouth and levitates to her fingers) Hmm, a portal to the manor of the High Succubus Order. (Tzitzimitl uses what looks like a powerful spell, but the Crystal doesn't seem to budge.) Ohh, It's bound so only the high order traitors can use it. Ladies, after poor Vivi here regains her sanity, split up into two groups and bring whatever's left of her to me.
Vivian, Hathoru, Hilga, and Mara: Yes, my queen. (Mara picks up Vivian from the floor while Vivian continues to eye her gigantic penis. Hilga and Hathoru, look each other in the eye, Ying Yang of Mizore’s TNA, smirk and kinda nod in unison, creating their group.)
The panel then cuts back to Mizore outside an apartment complex. Mizore, having her curves sapped away from her by the Kagefusa Clan, is a complete banana. Her revealing succubus dress, (forced into it by her deflation of magic, which fit tightly letting her voluptuous body spill out, are now just awkward threads wrapped all over Mizore’s now dainty body and frame. Her body and hair also seem to have lost height and length, too. (She’s still like 5’1” tho).
Mizore: (catching her breath) *gasp* *wheeze*Phew! (looks at her banana body) Dammit! Couldn't the Kagefusa Clan at least leave me with a cute little butt? Also… did I screw up the scouting spell? I'm gonna need to go to a football locker room to get enough cum with this body. (Ishar appears in her head) *Young, dumb, and horny*; there's gotta be one of them around here...
Catherine: (bursts out of Andre’s apartment) What the fuck is wrong with you?
Andre: Fuck if I know! I've been sitting here waiting for my girlfriend to pay her FUCKING rent for three months!
Catherine: Bullshit! Just being stuck in a room with a little bitch boy like you should be worth the whole country’s student loans.
Andre: (slightly shooketh) A-Alright. But you could at least suck my dick once. Like, I even stopped jerking off just cause I thought you'd be worth something, Catherine.
Catherine: (disgusted) Oh, fuuuck you, Andre. (leaves)
Mizore: (to herself) Okay nevermind, talk about easy pickings. I'll need a better disguise, though. (Starts to rummage through her vials of extra semen given by Ishtar which were drained by Tzitzimitl when she executed the soul suck.) C’mon… (Luckily, there's a breadcrumb of cum still stuck inside one of the vials that she immediately licks up) Mmmmph.. (Her outfit transforms into a crop top and Daisy dukes) I'm about to wring this boy out. (She approaches Andre, who is still standing distraught at his doorstop) Hey, saw what happened. What a bitch, right?
Andre: (big sad) Um, can I help you ma'am?
Mizore: Yeah, so quick story, I was hoping to have some good sleep in my dorm because I had a pretty rough day at work, but my piece of shit dormates just had to go and have big fucking orgy and ruin it. I know this might not be the best time, but I'm willing to do anything to get some rest.
Andre: Anything?(eyes widen)
Mizore: (confidently) Anything.
Andre: Can you rob a bank?
Mizore: (the life leaves her Mizore's face) What in the fuck?
Andre: You said anything.
Mizore: Ok, (puts hands down his pants) how about I rob this big dick of its thick sperm, and pretend I never heard any of that dumb shit you just said.
Andre: (brain ceases function) Oo-oh. Th-th-that could wpr-.
(Mizore, somewhat in panic from knowing the other succubuses were on her tail, takes Andre by the balls, and pushes him and her past the doorway. She then pulls Andre’s pants to the ground, leaving him exposed. Now that Andre’s mind is clearly lost in horniness and confusion, Mizore closes and locks Andre's door while facing him, feeling his member up all over, then licking her lips. Almost immediately afterward, she drops down to his crotch and shows Andre what her mouth does. Mizore's skill swiftly leads Andre to put his hands on Mizore's head, with his head cocked back, his teeth grit, and eyes closed. Within seconds Mizore is finally blessed with her first batch of the night. Her breasts now perk up to a B cup in her tight crop top.)
Mizore: Mmmmm. (She lets Andre's member out of her mouth and motions for a succubus spell) What else are you into?
Andre: Y-Yeah, I'm just into blowjobs and handjobs, nothing cra--what is that?
Mizore: (A gigantic list of fetishes appear on a scroll out of nowhere.) Oh, these don't even require that much Mana!
Andre: What?
Mizore: (Reverts back to her demon form) Ok, this is me. I'm a succubus princess. Normally I'd be a lot bigger than this, but a bunch of lesser ones ganged up on me and stole my power.
Andre: Stole your power?
Mizore: Yes! And the only way to restore my power is through sexual energy. (Approaches Andre as sweat dribbles down his face) Your sweat, (Andre gulps) your saliva, (Andre closes his eyes and grits his teeth) your dirty thoughts get turned into sexual energy for us succubus. (Mizore presses her budded breasts on Andre and pokes out her belittled butt) That energy is converted into Mana and stored in our boobs and butts. And oh, how can I forget the most potent form of sexual energy (grasps Andre's erection) your dick (Mizore pins Andre against his wall, and he finally opens his eyes to see that Mizore has her right leg wrapped around his hips, guiding his dick into her vagina. Also, Mizore's eyes glow pink along with the Mana used to transform her succubus outfit into a tight bunny suit, her smug smirk bringing everything together) and most importantly, its semen.
Andre: Aaaa….ah...ahhhhhh
Mizore: Oh, don't even worry about holding back. We're gonna be fucking like this until I get all my mana back, and I'll service any desire you crave. Oh!
Andre: (climaxes) Ugh...I.. I can't…
Mizore: You can't what? Fuck me again?
Andre: Ah..yeah….
Mizore: Well how about you fuck… (Transforms into Catherine) your bitch of a girlfriend?
Andre: (A new wave of horniness and aggression overcomes Andre) Hrrrgh! (Andre picks up Mizore and pins her on his couch)
Mizore: Woah! I didn't think you had this in you.
Andre: (a n g e r) I didn't either, but you're getting this sad dick inside you!
Mizore: *scoffs and laughs*
Andre: What now?!
Mizore: This is just exactly what I thought sex with you would be like.
Andre: Oh yeah? Well, it didn't have to be like this!
Mizore: Yes it did! I was waiting all this time for you to make the first move.
Andre: Really, that's all it takes?
Mizore: Really, that's all it takes.
Andre: Godammit, why do I suck so much dick?
Mizore: (Smiles) I can make that happen!
Andre: Huh?
Mizore: oop-You've already cum inside me three times, it's time to make this more interesting.
Andre: Ok, I don't know what you read off that list, but can we not do anything with dicks, please?
Mizore: Haha! I got you! (And suddenly, Catherine’s socks stretch into thigh-high leggings, her preppy college girl camisole tightens into a corset and turns black as a wide u forms at the top of her shirt exposing her cleavage. Then, a white dress shirt materializes over her cleavage as arm-length gloves roll over Mizore’s slender arms. The black corset pushes out a microskirt over her old Daisy Duke's which transfigure into a garter belt and striped blue panties. Finally, her loafers turn into five inch stilettos as her hair lengthens into Gothic-Lolita-styled pigtails completing her transformation into a maid) Anything else I can do for you master?⭐️⭐️⭐️
Andre: (bug eyed) Yeah, is there anything you can't do?
Mizore: Of course not, silly! I'm your maid.⭐️⭐️⭐️ Uh oh, I see you made a mess all over yourself(referring to the semen still plastered over Andre); aw, your ditzy maid Mizore forgot her cleaning utensils! I hope master doesn't mind me using my mouth…(behind cleaning Andre on her knees)
Andre: Actually, master does mind. (Folds arms together, deciding to go along with it)
Mizore: (slobbering, in shock) Reawy?
Andre: Yes, your master is very displeased with your brainlessness and is… actually incredibly horny, so right now you're gonna turn around and present your ass to me.
Mizore: (does what master asks and with a bashful expression) As you wish, master…
Andre: Good, enjoy punishment, maid. (Yanks Mizore’s panties off and penetrates her asshole)
Mizore: Oh!
Andre: Urgh, classmates were right. Assholes are tight. ( Clearly taken aback but still enjoying it)
Mizore: Are you enjoying my ass, master?
Andre: Yearg, definitely, but it is quite intense for master. (Sweating, huffing) Hnrg, probably gonna pop real soon.
Mizore: Me too, master! ❤️
Andre: (stumbles his hands onto her pigtails) Show it to me! Hrrrgghh!
Mizore: (shows powerful ahegao face) Aaaaahhhhhhhnnn! (Andre blows a big load into Mizore's asshole)
Andre: Ooooh. (Collaspes back over his couch) Alright, you take the lead for now. Master's a little winded at the moment.
Mizore: (smirks as Mana radiates on her) As you wish. (The buttons to Mizore's maid shirt pop off as her breasts enlarge as she consumes her new dick energy. Her stilettos lengthen another three inches as she slingshots the striped panties Andre plucked off her with said stilettos into Andre's face)
Andre: Ahg! (When Andre pulls off the striped panties, he is greeted with a Mizore with merely a black unitard. Her now amped cleavage in full display, white gloves, a ball of fur on her backside, and rubber bunny ears. Mizore turned into a bunny girl) Hey, what happened to the maid?
Mizore: You wanted me to take the lead, right? This form allows me to do that at supersonic speeds!
Andre: O-o--oka- (Mizore plants her black stilettos on each side of Andre's hips, tears the bottom of her unitard, exposing her pussy, squats down on Andre's dick, and bobs her body up and down. Her tits flail and bounce from the top of her strapless unitard, leaving an erect nipple gasping for air*not literally*. Ass and thigh wobble as the flesh of succubus and bedeviled man collide and vault off each other, Mizore repeatedly saddles Andre.)
Mizore: How is it master?❤️
Andre: (seemingly Bewitched) Th-th-that’s kinda good… ahh(cums) Can I stand up real quick, I need to stretch...
Mizore: Of course, master.
Andre: (stands up, yawns, stretches, Mizore is kneeling on the couch staring longingly at him, and Andre puts his hand on her head) Ahhhhhh, good jobs, my bunny/maid/demon/succubus slave or whatever. Tell me, do you actually enjoy this kind of stuff all the time, sucking and fucking such?
Mizore: Absolutely, master! ❤️❤️⭐️Even before I became a succubus, dick was my passion! I was notorious in college for seducing give or take 70% of the student body. I just couldn't let myself sleep if I didn't let a cock or dildo penetrate me. ❤️❤️❤️And your cock is soooo good and full of energy! Your sperm is fucking delicious!!! Let's keep on fucking! What else do you want me to do?! Catgirl? A pornstar? Full bimbo? Something more taboo? Tell me! Tell me!!!❤️❤️❤️
Andre: (in his head) *What's gotten into this girl? How many people she fucked in the student body? 70%? That sounds like a lot of diseases... Before becoming a succubus? Wait, she's just conjuring my fetishes, right? I'm into some really slutty shit. Aw fuck, do I have done weird demon disease, now? Ah, fuck it man.*
Mizore: (Andre puts his hands on Mizore’s bunny ears) Eh? Did I say something weir-(Andre shoves his cock down her throat in begins skull fucking her)
Andre: It's nothing personal, I just realized that I'll probably get cursed or get some demon covid variant, and you kept saying some weird shit, so I'm just gonna enjoy this the best I can.
Mizore: (with a cock-stuffed throat) *glurt-- *shlok-- *cholk-- Sho-- vrude--!
Andre: (orgasm coming) H-Hey, don't drop the act yet, I'm about to cum!
Mizore: Oh! *Cerk* Shchorry mapher, please *caak* vrewar meet wib *gaulk* youwre dwick cweam!
Andre: Y-yeah! (Trembling) Much b-better! Rrrg! (Cums)
Mizore: (smeared in jizz, gasps in relief, then glares at Andre) Can you at least warn your bunny slut slave when you’re going to throat fuck her, master!
Andre: (scratches head) Uhh, sorry I got ahead of myself. *Sigh* You do this kind of thing a lot, right? Um… You… Wouldn't happen to have caught any diseases, right?
Mizore: What? No silly! Succubus blood is completely different from human blood, there's absolutely no way your kinds of diseases could affect us. It would make the whole having sex with everyone kinda hard. In fact, (Mizore stands up and inhales the remainder of Andre's stray semen into her mouth. She pulls the tattered black bunny suit over her pulsating breasts. On touch, the old bunny suit and stilettos turn brilliant white, a revealing dress sprouts from it, leaving an abundant display of her ever-so slightly larger boobs; the dress extends slightly and tightly her thick ass cheeks, clapping them together; a cute nurse hat replaces her flaccid bunny ears; and vials and syringes materialize over her thighs.) Nurse Mizore will make sure of it!
Andre: (Mizore lays Andre on his back) O-oh-ok-
Mizore: Shhhh, I’m running my diagnosis.(Mizore clearly has a stethoscope but shoves her huge tit in Andre's face) Hmm, mmhmm. Ahq! I diagnose you with horny! Let me get your medicine ready! (Mizore coarsely opens her mouth, allowing her small fangs and sticky, warm moist tongue to be unleashed to Andre, as Mizore shoves that tongue down Andre's throat in a slobbery kiss)
Andre: Mrk! (Mizore finishes) What was that?
Mizore: Succubus aphrodisiac. Normally, it's automatically pumped out through our pheromones, but the effect is amplified through direct contact with bodily fluids. Which in return makes you the perfect sperm donor!
Andre: What?
Mizore: Well, us succubus run out of Mana really quickly and can only gain Mana from sexual energy, so we keep extra vials of cum with us at all times! Relax and cum hard for your nurse, ok?❤️
Andre: Uh, I prefer the master dynami-(Mizore grabs Andre's tongue)
Mizore: Be quiet and let Nurse Miz do all the work!(While Andre looks on with a perplexed expression, Mizore furiously jerks Andre's aphrodisiac-induced dick loads into her spare vials, Andre looking a little more tired with every bust, Mizore looks on excitedly as Andre's baby batter refills her long emptied vials, she celebrates by squeezing his balls and letting a spout of cum attack her face, which she lovingly cleans up with tongue) Delicious, but(briefly returns to her old succubus outfit, showing that she, while quite voluptuous, has not quite reached her full Mana potential) not enough.
Andre: (Looking literally dead) Is that enough? You've almost milked me dry…
Mizore: Milk? I can get you milk! (Transforms into a cowgirl, milk leaking out of her engorged titties) Just suck on these!
Andre: Huh? Hol’ up a secon-hmrf! (Mizore stuffs milky titty in his mouth) Hmph? (Lactated and Sedated) Hmrm…
Mizore: Delicious, right? This oughta keep you horny for even longa! (Andre, in aphrodisiacal bliss, rashly keeps sucking the titty, eventually pressing both titties together and sucking them simultaneously) Alright now, my Mana still needs to be refilled and there's only so much I can provide! (Breasts start getting smaller and Andre's dick gets bigger ) Aight chill the hell out now, I need that for later! (Can't stop, won't stop) I said stop that! (Mizore smacks Andre, mouth full of milk, he chokes)
Andre: *cough cough* Goddamn that was great! Hit me with that round 2, oh.
(Andre lays in the presence of Mizore who is towering over in a striking latex dominatrix outfit, which contains a variety of BDSM tools including handcuffs, batons, and whip, while she’s patting a baton whip against her other hand, slowly)
Andre: Uh, can I re-evaluate my fetishes?
Mizore: No, this is what you're most into anyway.
Andre: N-no I'm clearly more i-into the maid stuff-fwa! (Mizore stomps her seven-inch shiny black stilettos below Andre's crotch area, leaving his legs spread wide open, and she puts her foot under his penis and angles is upward, cocking his fully erect penis straight upward as Mizore stands tall above him)
Mizore: Tch, didn't even need aphrodisiac for this. (Andre’s smile is delightfully crooked as he struggles to contain his carnal bliss and shattered pride)
(Mizore takes a knee on his stomach thoroughly pinning him down, before coming down to his face, lowering her fantastical latex-wrapped body to him, she sandwiches his neck between her pneumatic breasts, and gazes into him with a sultry look)
Mizore: You've done some naughty things to me…(Andre gulps) Surprise throat fuck me, make me your slave, basically have revenge sex with your ex, but this time(Mizore pushes Andre's arms upward until they face the top of the couch and then Mizore handcuffs Andre to his bed which Mizore magically teleported him to) it's my turn.
Andre: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what? How did we get here?!
Mizore: Your sexual energy. It's almost restored me to my maximum power as a succubus. (Plants ass on Andre's dick and materializes handcuffs around his ankles whilst magically handcuffing him to the other side of the bed.) Keep it cumming, master.
Andre: *gulps* Understood.
(Dumbfounded in ecstasy, Andre’s head falls back into his mattress. His jagged smirk devolves into a mouth agape with drool as his already slipping composure drowns in more carnal pleasure. Mizore pounds her baton whip on the bed making him thrust his hips into her pussy, her expression smug and pleased as a queen who had just checkmated her opponent.)
Mizore: Put your back into it my little cum dispenser! (continuously whips the bed)
Andre: (blurting out) Yesh, mistresh! (In his head) Fuck, this shit is amazing!! I must've reached my limit like twelve times, but she knows how to play out every fantasy exactly how my dick wants it. (Mizore licks her lips) Fuck man, the Rona is worth it.
Mizore: (talking telepathically) I already told you Andre, I can't physically get any human disease. Just focus on my body.
Andre: What the hell? You can read my mind, too? The hell kinda succubus are you?
Mizore: The one you dick wants. (Grabs dick and balls) And you'll keep getting your fantasies until I'm done draining your cock sauce to my liking. Now spluge, you young, dumb, and horny degenerate! (Ya boi actually cums) Hmmhmhmhm. (Mizore gets off Andre’s dick) Round 2. (Mizore's eyes and hands glow with pink energy as she points her index finger to the sky and Andre's whole bed glows as it rises until it's parallel to his wall.)
Andre: Wh-wh-whoa! What now-
Mizore: (interrupting) You really don't get it? You're my little cum dispenser now. This position is simply befitting of that.
Andre: (wheezing) Oh man, (wheeze) I don't know (wheeze) how many times(gasp), I can take thi-huhw!
Mizore: Oh, shush. (drops to her knees, lets her sultry tongue wrap around Andre's unprotected dick, she pops her breasts out her tight latex top and hot dogs his shaft, looks Andre straight in the eyes and gives him a bomb-ass paizuri)
Andre: Huh-ah-haaaaaahh! (Andre blasts Mizore with an explosion of white splooge. She fails to keep it in her mouth leaving it oozing and dripping out of her nose and onto her voluminous boobs. Mizore, unphased, doesn't let a drop go to waste and immediately hand-spoons and licks the jizz right back up. Andre, now probably jizzing out brain cells, slips out of consciousness, leaving his head to give to gravity as hangs from the magically relocated bed.)
Mizore: H-Hey! What are you doing, slave? Hey! I'm not done milking you yet! Hey! Andre! ANDRE!
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Re: Just Give Your Thoughts On It!

Postby Donnyy » Thu Sep 01, 2022 6:52 pm

I love succubus stories! This is incredibly hot, thank you! Especially I liked this lines: I just couldn't let myself sleep if I didn't let a cock or dildo penetrate me - this is soooo me when I was younger
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Re: Just Give Your Thoughts On It!

Postby Gado » Thu Sep 01, 2022 6:57 pm

Thanks for the input!
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