Pandi360 - Great Art and Game!

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Pandi360 - Great Art and Game!

Postby alecleamus » Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:39 pm

I recently rediscovered the wonderful world and amazing art of Pandi360.

He is on DeviantArt. If you wish to get a very small taste of his work you can go here:

Also he is on Patreon too. But what is depicted in those galleries is limited. To see the full scope and depth of his work go here:

Subscribe Star is like Patreon but more lenient which is why he moved his operation there. On Subscribe Star You can pledge for as little as $1.00 a month. But be aware that if you upgrade your tier you will be charged again for the full amount of the next tier. I know times are tough but I suggest the $6.00 a month to get the full access. I think you can view all the posts at $1.00 a month but I am not sure. Read and check it out.

Now on to the good stuff. It is not exactly AR. It is more like shrunken man at the hands of normal sized women. There is lots of spanking and some diapers and breastfeeding. There is also some F/F spanking art but most of his art would be considered F/m.

However, the art does appear like AR but technically it is not.

It is set in the G.I.A.N.T. World:

"Girls Implementing Anti-Naughtiness Techniques
G.I.A.N.T. World is a prosperous land of Brats and Beauties. Though similar in size at birth, by adulthood the Brats (males) have grown little in stature, capabilities, or intellect. The Beauties (females) attain full maturity, however, and naturally take charge of the Brats’ care and discipline. Young Beauties attend a normal school until adulthood, whereupon they attend a finishing academy for Mommy Training — learning all aspects of mothering in addition to receiving specialized training in spanking, diapering, and breastfeeding. Brats make do with home training or daycare well into adulthood. By temperament, they remain impulsive and naughty, and therefore require regular correction at the hands of the Beauties!"

The girls are absolutely beautiful. I know they are just 3D images but the _style_ of his models, and his lighting and framing makes them seem so real. There are many other artists out there creating 3D worlds and beautiful women but there is something special about Pandi360's work.

One of the ways he has managed to make them "come alive" is through his game. Yes, a game. Pandi360 has painstaking created a role playing game where you are the "Little One". The _object_ of the game is to avoid being naughty unless you want to be spanked. There is a meter in the upper left hand corner of the screen to monitor your behavior. Of course, it is all about finding ways to be naughty and who is going to spank you. This can vary from scene to scene.

The game takes place in an apartment which is occupied by four different and beautiful women who take care of you. Most all of the game action is POV. But during certain scenes you view the action. Understand this is not a simple game either. Pandi360 has crafted a real world set in a real domestic setting. The girls even speak and move. It is a a little addictive because of the realities of it. And there are multiple options when you play. You can explore the various rooms of the house and pick up items that lead to different results etc. If you have every played a sophisticated escape room online you may have an idea of what I am talking about.

The beautiful thing is the game is free! All you have to do is download it.

I discovered Pandi360's art on Patreon a long while ago but I was on a mac then and unable to download the game. I recently purchased a PC for work and have played the game about eight times. I mentioned it is a little addictive. And I am not as into F/m discipline as I used to be. (Check out my artwork here and you will notice a definite shift of my tastes.)

Of course I realize this will not appeal to everyone. But there is no one creating semi realistic F/m "AR like" Mommy Dom scenarios in the 3D world.

And please note, I am not receiving anything for this. I merely wanted to share this generous and amazing artist with all of with all of you. Hopefully those of you with whom this resonates will check it out and support him.

And lastly, if it is not your cup of tea there is no reason to comment negatively or make a proclamation as to your personal tastes.

Thank you for your time.

- Alec Leamus
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