Interesting Progressive "Maid for Us" commercial

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Interesting Progressive "Maid for Us" commercial

Postby greinskyn » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:46 am

I'm actually surprised nobody has commented on this rather inventive idea;

The commercial plays out like the beginning of 80s to 90s comedy TV Shows. This one is supposedly about a family and their "new" maid. Scene after scene cut in giving the watcher glimpses into various episodes. In each one there is Flo from Progressive Insurance in the middle of some menial labor. She seems surprised at first, even outwardly questioning "maid?" from the theme sone. But as the commercial progresses, she looks more and more defeated and stuck into this new reality.

That got me imagining what if she did get stuck? Of course nobody believes her. Perhaps they even think she may be joking at first... then get strict and threatening should she keep claiming not to be a maid. Perhaps she tries to look herself up, but cannot find any traces of her former life. A real fun twist would be her driving somewhere in her crappy car and getting pulled over. She winds up getting a ticket for no insurance.

Or we could go weirder and have her stuck in the TV show with only Flo knowing it is a TV show? Her explanations that she is really an insurance agent... or better yet, a comedienne playing an insurance agent on TV for commercials should really go over well. That ought to go over well. I can hear her reacting to the laugh tracks. Imagine her dealing with sudden scene changes! Wicked writers could make her life pathetic, or funny, or who knows? Her whole backstory could be rewritten.

Flo could find herself thrown back into a "Memory" of her past in certain scenes. Or if she gets depressed there could be some montage of short scenes set to music showing glimpses of her eating and sitting on her ass. Each successive scene shows her a little heavier... so that in just a couple minutes Flo is now fat and out of shape.

Of course I've always liked the idea of someone being trapped in a movie, show, or book. I remember a tale about some kids getting caught in a "B" sci-fi film. They were worried the monster was going to kill them and one of the kids swore... or tried. Nothing came out but harmless substitutes like "Darn" and "Shoot" Suddenly the main character relaxed, saying "Hey, don't worry guys! This is just a G rated movie. We'll be fine!"
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Re: Interesting Progressive "Maid for Us" commercial

Postby archon_thanatos » Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:44 am

I think that could be an interesting story. Someone is trapped in a show or movie and the character they replace is the maid so everyone believes that is who they are regardless of what they say.
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