You Might Be Transgender. Consider It.

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You Might Be Transgender. Consider It.

Postby SaoirseCook » Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:48 pm

I am not sure this needs to be particularly long. But if you enjoy transgender fiction, but think it is just a fetish, I want to urge you to give some very serious thought as to whether you're transgender.

I was interested in transgender fiction since the days of the TSA-TALK and TG_Fiction mailing lists, the days of Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh's "Sheena" - in other words, pre-Y2K.

And it's only now that I recently realized: "Oh, shit, I'm a trans woman."

I guess I am just saying that I lost a lot of time in my life to this, and I would want to save anyone else from that.

The proportion of people who need to read this is probably less, as gender in 2023 - despite the current politics - is wider than gender in the 1990s.

I guess I just want to urge you to read up (You and Your Gender Identity - A Guide to Discovery), and to maybe talk to a therapist or even specifically a gender therapist, to be able to mull the question over in your head and good and well.

Life seems infinite to many of us during certain periods of our lives. But at some age, it starts by noticing that your parents probably are in their last 10 years of life. And you realize that you're only a few years away from certain milestones.

You are never too old to transition. You don't have to be the age of the cast of EUPHORIA. Trans men and women in their 60s and 70s transition, even.
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Re: You Might Be Transgender. Consider It.

Postby Bluesnake462 » Thu May 04, 2023 4:22 pm

It's something I have considered. I still don't think I have an answer.
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