T.G. Cooper (and Kadee) Banned from Amazon

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T.G. Cooper (and Kadee) Banned from Amazon

Postby SaoirseCook » Tue Nov 01, 2022 6:04 pm

See Amazon Hates Me:

Hey, Folks! I have officially been banned for the rest of my life from publishing on Amazon Kindle. They accused me of misleading my customers in my description of ONE book out of hundreds, and declined my offer to fix the book. Hey, it's their sandbox, and they can kick me out if they want.

However, what it means is that for the time being my books will be available only on my Patreon. I may look for other venues to distribute them at some point, but my guess is I will eventually run into the same kinds of issues with Lulu or any other publisher.

Thanks to all who bought my books on Amazon and supported my work over the years. Love to all. I am saddened that an era has ended and some of my older books will be lost forever. Others I will eventually archive on Patreon.

In the meantime, I am even more determined to build my Patreon into a success, offering my readers fun, original TG comics and stories that are TOO GOOD for AMAZON!

Note: I am not T.G. Cooper.
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