New eBook - Vengeance Las Vegas (WG, Preg, Bimbo, AP, AR)

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New eBook - Vengeance Las Vegas (WG, Preg, Bimbo, AP, AR)

Postby blurmy » Fri Feb 05, 2021 12:28 pm

Hey guys
Just wanted to let you all know that my latest ebook is available now at

When Lara invites her friends on a week long hen party in Las Vegas she couldn't have believed that she'd get caught up in an adventure that involved shutting down a strip club that forcibly fattens its dancers.
Thankfully she packed her circlet because it's time for her and her friends to hit the stage in a story that involves weight gain, pregnancy, age progression and bimbofication.

What's more is that the book is completely free if you have an active kindle unlimited or Amazon prime subscription, even if it's a free trial.
I hope you take a look xx

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