Patreon Partnership (w. Dark Weight-gain Themes)

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Re: Patreon Partnership (w. Dark Weight-gain Themes)

Postby riptoryx » Sun Jun 19, 2022 3:58 pm


One Night Adventure: The Tutor
A text-based weight gain adventure game by Maverick

The coaxing of concerned parents convinces a fresh-faced history professor to provide an 11th hour at-home tutoring cram session for Shelby Jackson, a gorgeous student who of late has begun struggling with both her grades and her girth.
But more than meets the eye may be concealed beneath barely fastened buttons at the Jackson house this evening…

Just released on MAVRIP, “ONA: The Tutor” features:

    Nearly 500 passages containing roughly 95,000 words (~190 pages) of total story text to explore, interwoven by nearly 1,000 player-driven pathing links and dozens of choice-triggered variables.

    Numerous substantively unique endings shaped by player decisions.

    Randomized mid-game events adding a further element of depth and replayability.

    Original commissioned illustrations by Monomaniac and SilverPathfinder.

    A built-in “save game” feature to facilitate more thorough exploration.

    The “good stuff” you’d expect from a weight gain story by Maverick: subterfuge, romance, revenge, teasing, comeuppance, and more. (Potentially, at least—depending on your choices!)

ONA: The Tutor now available exclusively to MAVRIP patrons at the Sabotaged Snacks ($10) tier.

Direct link to game post:

Get more details about ONA: The Tutor ... -919597725 ... urce=share

Also available at MAVRIP to all patrons pledging at little as $1: Maverick’s first text-based weight gain adventure game, “One Night Adventure: The Party.”

For a detailed summary of everything you can expect to find on MAVRIP (including a bunch of free stuff!), check out this context index and swing on by.
MAVRIP Context Index: ... sp=sharing
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