Trading Spaces (by Yazzers) e-book now available!

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Trading Spaces (by Yazzers) e-book now available!

Postby yazzers » Wed Sep 13, 2023 3:44 pm


Trading Spaces: now available in full on Smashwords!

Candice LaStrega has a gift. When she speaks, anyone listening finds themselves easily persuaded.

Candice also has an addiction...

After indulging in her powerful abilities with a previous couple, Candice is ready for the quiet life -- at least, she thought she was. Once she meets her neighbors on her new quiet suburban street, Candice can't help falling back into old habits. Holly and Chris Dupree are a typical all-American couple -- the type that Candice absolutely loves to manipulate and twist into her own desires. Meanwhile, the Dupree's daughter Amy is also home before heading to college -- at least, that's the plan before Candice decides on a different path for her. Other neighbors and households come to encounter Candice and her love of spicing up their lives. There's nothing wrong with adding a little spice to one's environment, right?

Get all 29,000 words of Candice twisting her neighbors' lives to her powers' full extent now for only $5.99!

For fans of erotic mind control, bimbofication, weight gain, slutification, and much more!
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