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Chapter 16

Sleeping on a sofa was not especially comfortable. Of course, Sarah reflected, one of the advantages of not sleeping much was that she wasn't uncomfortable for long. The New Year's festivities had run late into the night. It had been almost three in the morning when Sarah, Rick and Lin (the latter two quite drunk) had made their way home and gotten to bed. Nevertheless at 0530 Sarah was wide awake, if a little stiff. She got up, donned a white top and some loose running shorts and headed to the gym, jogging up the eight flights of stairs to get there, thrashed out her slight lack of sleep with a brutal workout and then headed back to her brother's apartment. There she brewed coffee and set to the first challenge of the day, waking up Rick. The coffee helped, but ultimately rousing a guy in his late twenties suffering from a well-deserved hangover after barely three hours sleep was never going to be pretty. Nevertheless Rick was soon up and dressed and packed, ready to head off for his week working in the countryside as part of his aid mission. Kind sister that she was Sarah saw him off at the bus stop and then headed further into town to see if she could find anything of interest open on January 1st.

When Sarah got back to the apartment it was almost noon. She had left a note for Lin explaining where she had gone, assuming that Lin would be going into work herself at some point later in the morning. Thus Sarah was slightly surprised to find Lin still in the apartment. Even more surprised still to find her dressed in nothing but her underwear. Underwear, Sarah noticed, that looked decidedly too small for Lin's still rather full-looking belly. In fact, there was no way her belly could still be that full, even after the amount of food Sarah had coaxed her to indulge in last night.

"Oh god! Sorry, I didn't realise you were here," she said, averting her gaze and covering her eyes, "I thought you had work?"

Looking away from Lin's exposed form Sarah took the opportunity to glance at the kitchen, where Lin's renewed fullness was explained by the empty bowl in the sink and an empty box of cereal poking out of the top of the bin. Sarah was quite certain the box had been two-thirds full when she left.

"Umm, wow. Sorry about that," Lin said as she wrapped herself in a blanket that hung over the sofa. "Completely spaced on the time. Just give me sec, I'll go get dressed."

Sarah could only smile awkwardly.

The smile was nearly wiped off her face a few moments later when Lin reappeared dressed in a pair of shorts wrapped proudly beneath her protruding tummy and a midriff-baring black camisole that was stretched taut against the food-swollen flesh, allowing a glimpse of her blue-studded piercing to gleam in the sunlight. No matter what she did Sarah couldn't escape. Fat girls were everywhere. Still, she was a rational human being not some hormone-crazed adolescent and so she took firm control of her senses, kept her face happy and lust-free and prepared herself for a long afternoon of not staring at Lin's beautiful belly. It wasn't until she saw Lin scowling in the doorway to her room that she had any indication that something was wrong.

"Okay, seriously, this has gone on long enough. Can I ask you a blunt question?"


"Look, I'm sorry to ask it like this but I can't tell for sure and it's driving me mad. You do like fat girls right?"

Sarah was stunned. Only in her wildest nightmares had she envisaged someone asking her that question, discovery of her new and complicated and unnatural attraction to… to… certain things was something she just wasn't prepared to deal with. But how? How could a girl she'd known for less than a day possibly have figured her out?

Inside the safety of her head Sarah started to panic. Random thoughts started flitting through her mind. Scenes from her fat dreams, breathtakingly vivid, flashed in front of her eyes. Images of Casey too. Her stuffed belly doming under her duvet after their first evening together on Halloween. Casey mindlessly eating bowl after bowl of popcorn. The little red dress. Her half-naked form standing in front of the fridge at Thanksgiving. A successive string of mental snapshots of Casey's beautiful rump, elegantly contained in her underwear, each new image with a slightly rounder Casey, slightly smaller panties, a captivating stop-motion animation of her butt getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

A flash of Casey's face. She was smiling. That beautiful, warm smile with the slightly chubby cheeks. And with it, a moment of perfect clarity in a storm of panic.

"You like them too," Sarah said, voice barely a whisper.


"You're asking me because you like it too."

"Well, yeah. I guess I thought it was obvious, the way I've been eating in front of you."

"Yeah. I suppose it should have been." She was talking to herself more than Lin, still very quiet.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm great actually. It's just, it seems so stupid now but…"

"But what?"

"I don't know, I'd just never considered that what I was feeling was… I guess I just thought of it as something that had happened to me. I never…"

"What are you saying? Spit it out."

"I guess I thought I was alone."

"Alone? Wow." Lin stared at her open-mouthed for a few moments. Sarah was just smiling to herself. "Let's get something to eat. I think we have a lot to talk about."

It didn't take long for Sarah to fix herself a sandwich. Lin did likewise, and while the two she made were still enormous her plate was a far cry from yesterday's bread binge. Even when they were sitting down there were a few minutes of silence, it was a very difficult conversation to start. Eventually though Sarah found her voice.

"How did you know? How did you know I was like you?"

"I didn't actually, that's why I asked."

"But you suspected, why?"

"It started a couple of months ago when you e-mailed Rick, he told me about the problems you were having with your roommate, Casey right? He said she was trying to fatten you up and that you were doing the same back to her. Believe me when I say that's not something I was about to just forget. But, from what Rick said, it sounded like an odd response. I guess that was the first time I thought you might prefer a more voluptuous figure. Then when you arrived you were so skinny, I assumed that whatever had happened had just gone away and that was that. But just as I thought that I could have sworn I caught you looking at my little tummy. So I tested the waters. Stuffed myself into a near food coma all afternoon and all evening."


"And I was no surer than before. You must be a demon at the poker table, I couldn't get a read. On the one hand you weren't disgusted or even surprised at what I was doing, you even seemed to be encouraging me. The cheesecake tin, the trays of food at the party. But I couldn't tell whether you were just very polite or actually interested. Hence why I asked."

"Well that's good."


"Because this whole thing is kind of new to me. Very new in fact. Until maybe a month ago I had never even thought about a girl like that, let alone liked the idea of her gaining weight."

"Your roommate?"

"Yeah." Sarah allowed herself to mentally sigh. Having someone to talk to about this was like a wish she'd never even realised she had. "So, anyway I'm glad it's not obvious to people. In my head I sometimes feel much less controlled."

More silence, Sarah continued to watch Lin make quick work of her lunch.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Lin replied through her sandwich.

"You said you were like me, that you enjoyed seeing girls gain weight. But you've also been putting on quite a display since I've got here. Was that just to test my reaction or, um, do you like it?"

"Yeah, I like it. I suppose you could say I go both ways, not boys mind you, but I've been in relationships where I was feeder or feedee. More often than not though I wind up being both in the end. If I get into a relationship with a girl who wants to be fed then I'm cooking fattening meals, keeping her well-fed, it's natural to pick up a few. And if I'm the feedee why wouldn't I want to see the girl beside me sharing in the fun, growing more and more beautiful? Usually it doesn't take much, once food becomes foreplay it's all just a matter of time."

"Okay, so if you like being the, the feedee?, then how come you're not fat?"

"I suppose my belly counts for nothing?"

"You know what I mean."

"Well, the truth is I enjoy gaining weight but most of the pleasure for me is in seeing the person I'm with enjoying it too. Indulging in that extra slice of cake or some midnight ice-cream and knowing that it's driving her wild, I love that feeling. When I'm not in a relationship, and I haven't met anyone since I've been here in Africa, the weight tends to fall off of its own accord. What about you though? I take it that your roommate's still trying to fatten you up but you look pretty damn skinny to me."

"It's a long story. I mean really long. But to answer that particular point, when I was at school I was wearing padding to make myself look larger, plus some other things. And it helps that Casey's pretty oblivious when it comes to her own waistline, I keep her attention on me and keep fattening her up while she thinks she's winning.

"So how much has she gained?"

"No idea actually. I'm not exactly a perfect judge of these things but I'd say around 20lbs."
"Really! This is… You're kind of amazing. I mean, I've fantasised about doing what you're doing, fattening up someone close to me without their knowing it, but I've never actually done it. If it's not too weird would you, would you mind telling me about it?"

"You sure? Like I said it's a really long story."

"Hey, don't worry about me, I'll listen to whatever it is you've got to say."

"Well, stop me if I bore you."

"Yeah, because I'm going to get bored listening to you talk about fattening up your roommate. This couldn't get better if she was a cheerleader."

"Casey is a cheerleader. We both are."

"Oh god."

"Before we start," Sarah said with a mischievous grin, "I think we need a little something."


"Well if I'm going to be talking you're not going to have much to do and I'd hate for your mouth to be idling when it could be doing something so much more productive."

"That is an excellent point. I'll grab the rest of that cheesecake."

And so Sarah began, right at the beginning with the phone call between Casey and Melissa, and the former's ingenious plan to fatten her into second place. She continued, leaving out no details. The level of her recall surprised even her, from her first experiments in getting Casey to overeat while they worked to the panoply of goodies Casey had filled the apartment with as October drew to close and that first true feeding session on All Hallows Eve. The shopping trip. The cheerleaders' dinner. Each of her little tricks and traps and subtle machinations that got Casey to eat that little bit more. The trip to the doctor's and the magical appetite stimulants. Thanksgiving. The endless food. Sarah described in detail every morsel she had eaten, watching Lin's eyes widen as she described her fullness and the corresponding acceleration in the cheesecake's annihilation. In fact, it wasn't until Sarah had finished describing the size and shape of Casey's belly as she stuffed herself with pie that Lin uttered her first word.

"Hold up. Sorry, but you said Casey was a glutton, I get that, but you said you dosed her with two pills and I just can't believe they had enough of an effect on her appetite to get her to eat that much, it would take at least… six to get that kind of hunger. On an empty stomach."

"Well I definitely didn't give her that many. It was two."

"Never heard of them doing that. Weird. Wait a minute, these pills, they're small, circular and white, yeah?"

"No, they're oblong, and pale yellow."


"Yeah. Why, does that mean something to you?"

"It means that Ben is more conniving than I would have thought."

"You know Ben?"

"Of course. Let me tell you a little secret, Ben's one of us."


"Oh yeah, massive chubby chaser. It's why I suggested to Rick that he give you his name. Ben and I had a sort of thing back in med school."


"Oh, not a romantic thing, nothing like that, more of an unspoken feeding arrangement. I was in a chubby stage at the time, I'd caught him checking out my belly during classes, he asked me out while I was enjoying a sundae, melted ice-cream all over my lips, and so I figured it was a safe bet that I could tell him the truth. We bonded, shared our experiences over pizza at his place a few times. Then we started studying there most nights, he started cooking more and more elaborate meals. We both knew what was happening and we were both happy to let it. He kept feeding me, I kept eating, by the time he found a girlfriend I was as fat as I'd ever been. God, the way my thighs looked in jeans. Mmm, fucking amazing. I found my own girlfriend not long after, a twiggy little nurse, Janine. Turns out she'd been watching me gain the whole time, loved the thought of getting fat but was too afraid to start. I only had another six months before I graduated but we made them count. In fact, I spent so much time encouraging her to get as big as she wanted, and she had some pretty weighty goals, that I ended up losing most of the weight I'd put on. She ended up all belly and hips, epic pear. There was this one time she got stuck in a chair and… Wow, sorry, I just totally interrupted your story. Anyway, my point was that those yellow pills are the full strength orexigenics we give to critically underweight patients, and trust me when I say they pack a wallop. The idea of two girls trying to fatten each other up must have been too much of a temptation for him, poor boy."

"Well, that would explain a lot."

"Did you use them again?"

"More than once."

"Then please don't let me delay you anymore. You had just finished Thanksgiving?"

And so Sarah resumed. She talked for hours. Swapping out Casey's clothes, changing the labels, her great bulking powder revelation (which Lin thought was pure genius). When the cheesecake disappeared Lin wasted no time in grabbing a tub of cookie dough hidden in the back of a cupboard and digging into that, but only after popping the button on her shorts. Sarah even included her little mall outing with Carla. By the time she was finished it was well into the afternoon, her throat was sore from talking and Lin's belly looked like it might snap her panties at any minute.

"Wow." It was the only syllable Lin had uttered in a while. Sarah wasn't sure if it was in reference to her saga or the food.


"You know what, I take it back. You're not amazing, you're phenomenal. Keeping something like that going for so long, all the tiny details you exploit to maintain the illusion, all the tricks you use to get her to eat. I feel like a student in the presence of a master."

"Thanks." It was a weird compliment, but it made Sarah feel tingly. "But like I said, Casey's not that observant. Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, turnabout's fair play."

"You said you'd never fattened someone without their knowledge."

"Uh huh."

"What about Natalie?"

"Ah, well, I see where you might get the impression-"

"Oh give up, you obviously like her. And I've been wondering whether you brought me over last night to see if she could get a rise out of me or so that I could help her eat."

"Both," Lin laughed, "I thought maybe you were a breast girl. Natalie was ready-made. But yeah I was definitely hoping to see her pack it away. What you're talking about though isn't the same thing. I haven't been fattening Natalie, just enabling her. Going to lunch with her, telling her she looks great, shouldn't diet all that jazz. She was gaining weight before I ever started helping, I've just pushed her up a cup size or two."

"Okay. Can I ask you something else?"


"What's it like to fatten someone who wants to get bigger?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well… Fattening Casey is very exciting and all, seeing her chug a bottle of orange juice laced with an extra thousand calories and testing the limits of her stomach as she gorges in a drunken haze, but lately I've really wished I could tell her. She's my best friend, at least she used to be, and I do understand her being angry with me and everything and I… I wish I could just tell her I knew and that I forgive her, but then she'd never forgive me. That's part of why I came on holiday. We'll be apart long enough for me to have lost the weight she thinks I gained and then I can try and start over. And I keep thinking about what I'm going to say and how I'm going to tell her but I just have this horrible fear that once the secret's out the excitement will be gone and I'll have told her all these embarrassing things that I'll never be able to take back for nothing. It could ruin everything. So I wanted to know what it's like to actually live like that, a real relationship in the real world. Then maybe I'd know if it was worth the risk."

"Honestly Sarah I don't think there's any way to describe it. For me, the first time I found someone who shared my desire it was the happiest day of my life. We were only together for a few months but I still think about her, wonder what she's done, what she looks like. But there's no way to know until you try."

"I guess."

"Although… no that's a really awful idea. Forget it."

"No, please, tell me." Sarah had a pretty good notion of what it was.

"Well, you could feed me."

"What, really?" As Sarah had expected, and in no small way hoped.

"Yeah, it wouldn't have to be serious, you clearly have feelings for your roommate and you're only here for the week, but you said you wanted to know what it's like to fatten someone willing and as you can clearly see," she patted her belly affectionately, "I'm both willing and able. Plus, I'm more than a little curious to see you in action."

"See me in action?"

"Yeah! You may be relatively new to this but you're clearly a gifted feeder. I actually learnt a few tricks from your stories, the bulking powder is one of the most brilliant ideas I've ever heard."

"But most of my technique is based on the principle of the girl not knowing what I'm doing. Or you know, being too drunk to care. I'm not sure it'd be such a great idea to get you legless each night."

"I'm sure you'll find a way. If you want to that is."

"I'm still… are you really sure you want to do this?"

"I've had more fun the last two days than I have in six months. Plus, some of my old high school jeans are starting to fit, and that's just wrong."

"Then… then I'd love to show you what I can do."

The following morning Sarah was pounding away on the treadmill, running through her plan one last time. Yesterday she'd begged off starting their new experiment on the grounds that she wanted to prepare, Lin of course had just wanted to eat so they had split the difference with a couple of pizzas. It was hardly inspiring but it left her transient roommate with a pretty good bloat to go to bed with. Now though, now Sarah was ready to push past any notions of full Lin's years of experience as a feeder and a feedee had given her. It wasn't out of a desire to trick or trap or con Lin, as it had originally been with Casey, this was something different. It was a matter of pride, a chance for her to show off skills she'd never known she had to one of the few people she'd ever met who could recognise and appreciate them. Lin knew she was going to be fattened, wanted it, but Sarah was still determined to surprise her.

Back in the apartment, showered and changed and with the clock nearing seven Sarah started cooking a single strip of bacon. Sure enough less than a minute later Lin's bleary-eyed form wandered into the living area, still rotund belly barely visible hanging out of her sleeping tee, and sat down at the kitchen counter looking expectant.

"Sorry Lin, no breakfast for you." Sarah could hardly suppress an enormous grin at the stunned look on Lin's face.

"What do you mean no breakfast? I'm hungry!"


"Oh come on, give me something. I'll starve to death."

"Really," Sarah said, mocking concern, "I think you've enough food stored here," Sarah poked the most protuberant part of Lin's paunch, "To last you a while."

"But why? I'm not that full from last night, I could eat."

"I'm sure you could but I've got something planned for this evening and I want you at your best. On that note, you're not to eat lunch at the hospital either."


"Come on now, you said you wanted to see me in action. Well, this is how we're starting."

"You don't understand, I don't skip meals. I can't remember the last time I… And all the things I've eaten the last few days, my stomach's stretched and-"

"Then I'll make sure there's plenty for you when you get home."

"There'd better be," Lin grumbled as she poured herself some milk, "Don't let my svelte figure fool you, beneath this trim exterior lies the stomach of a girl who knows the value of a good meal."

"I'm sorry, svelte?" Sarah said as she poked Lin again. Lin giggled.

"Fine, you evil woman. No breakfast."

"Or lunch."

"Oh come on, be reasonable! If I have to teach the interns on an empty stomach I'm gunna throttle the little shits."

"Fine," Sarah said, grabbing an apple from the counter. "You can have this. Make sure you save it for when you need it."

"You're all heart."

"Incidentally, I expect there's a chance Natalie will have started her New Year's diet when you go to lunch, make sure to sit next to her and explain you're doing the same."

"What? Why on earth would I want to do that?"

"Well, when she sees you, much thinner than her, dieting so hard as to forgo lunch entirely she'll redouble her efforts to cut back her intake."

"Sorry, you've lost me, I must be crazy from hunger because it sounded like you want to encourage Natalie to diet."

"Not diet, crash diet. Can you think of a better reason for her to hate dieting than starving herself for a day or two?"

Sarah grabbed the bacon strip out of the pan and began munching on it contentedly while Lin watched on.

"You know," she said, "I think I'm in love with the way your mind works."

When Lin had left for the hospital Sarah headed out to the market. There were a lot of things she needed to buy for the evening feast but she didn't know if she'd be able to find everything she wanted. Tonight's meal was to be lasagne, a cliché but it did meet certain requirements, namely that Sarah knew how to make it and the recipe lent itself to being made en masse. Additionally, after lasagne made more than a tangential appearance in her conversation with Lin Sarah felt that she might be able to capitalise on some of that energy when trying to motivate Lin that evening. The store was a maze, an ill-conceived modern interpretation of the Labyrinth with shelves stretching into the rafters. There was no perceivable logic in the location of anything, minced beef was on the opposite side of the building to the meat counter, which was itself diagonally opposite to the fish. The signs hanging above the aisles bore no relation whatsoever to the items found there. All in all, it could have gone smoother. After an hour Sarah, who had resigned herself to the necessity of walking every single aisle in the search of the right ingredients, caught something out of the corner of her eye and pulled up short.

"Surely not?"

But it was. Nestled between some toothpaste and a box of cereal was a small, non-descript grey pot with a familiar bland black logo on the front. It was the bulking powder she had bought after Thanksgiving, here in Nairobi. It wasn't the large tub she had found back home, just one kilo, and the price was comparatively exorbitant but at that moment none of it really mattered. Sarah had been racking her brain trying to think of a way exceed Lin's expectations. Appetite stimulants were obviously impossible, she could hardly ask Lin to get some and still have it be a surprise, and she'd thought the powder was beyond her reach too seeing as she had no idea where she might find some. And yet, impossibly, here it was. Sarah had never exactly subscribed to the notion of a higher power but if there was someone or something responsible for this serendipitous opportunity she would make sure their efforts were rewarded.

After returning from her marathon shopping trip Sarah was in no mood to start slaving over a stove. Air-conditioning in the store had been about as effective as an asthmatic ant coughing at her and walking back with all of her heavy bags under the midday sun had been decidedly uncomfortable. Since she still had plenty of time she had a hasty cold shower before making herself a sandwich and laying out all her ingredients. Timing the meal properly was going to be crucial. There was going to be a lot of food but if Lin ate too much too fast she'd get overfull, get drowsy and that would be that. Sarah wanted to drag out the evening and that meant stretching out her meal for as long as possible. With everything clear in her head she set to work, there were a lot of things that needed doing.

When six rolled around Sarah was ready. Lin was due back soon, there was an open bottle of red breathing on the counter, and the apartment was filled with the aroma of good food. Sarah only hoped Lin had brought her appetite. The sound of footsteps set Sarah's heart racing. The louder they got the louder the blood pounded in her ears. Sarah heard a muffled "Mmm" through the door.

"Food!" was the only greeting Lin offered as she walked inside.

Wordlessly Sarah took the large pan from the oven and set it on the counter with the sound of cheesy sauce bubbling in delight.

"Lasagne eh?" Lin asked with a somewhat suggestive tone. Clearly she recognised the significance.

"Actually," Sarah said as she reached back into the oven to grab a second, smaller pan, "It's two lasagnes. Or one and a bit anyway."


"I may have slightly overestimated the size of your oven dish," Sarah said, smiling sheepishly as she pulled out the two loaves of garlic bread she'd prepared and set them next to the salad bowl. "So I guess you'll just have to eat the large one yourself, if you're up to it."

"I think I can manage, but there's one thing I have to do first."


"I need to put on my eating clothes."

Lin's eating clothes turned out to be a midriff-baring tank top that came to rest just at the crest of her belly and a pair of oddly patterned sweat pants.

"Note that the belly," Lin gave it an affectionate pat which Sarah was beginning to realise was a habit of hers, "Is left open to the air so that it may expand without constraint. The pants were a gift from an old girlfriend in college, they were supposed to be funny but they were also a challenge."

"A challenge?"

"They're maternity sweat pants, they expand around your waist as it grows. She always had dreams of getting me so stuffed that people actually thought I was expecting. Now where's my plate, mama's hungry."

And so Sarah began. She served herself the small pan of lasagne, which had not been made due to a miscalculation but rather so that she could make a somewhat smaller and healthier portion for herself while ensuring Lin got a meal laden with cheese, meat, cream and a soupcon of weight gain powder. She gave Lin a moderate portion, poured her a glass of wine and cut some garlic bread. For her part Lin hadn't even sat down before she had a spoon in hand and by the time her bum hit the seat she was savouring her first bite with a look of ecstasy on her face.

"This," she said, her mouth half full, "Totally makes up for the misery you put me through today. I think I'd actually forgotten what it feels like to be properly hungry, and how great it feels to give in to that hunger."

Lin's desire for food was beautiful. For a few minutes Sarah allowed herself to bask in the sight of a girl wilfully stuffing her cheeks into balloon-like spheres before swallowing and starting again. Lin's "eating attire" left her squidgy potbelly open to the air, albeit hidden somewhat beneath the table, and with each breath it expanded and contracted, free to move in its cotton coverings, and with every mouthful and groan of delight the fat around the blue stone in her navel jiggled expectantly, as if eager to see its ranks grow. Eventually though Sarah reigned Lin's speed in with conversation, keeping her pace down to a measured gorge instead of the outright inhalation Lin was clearly capable of. Lin was delighted to report that Sarah's plan to scupper Natalie's diet had so far gone exactly to plan. When Lin's plate neared empty Sarah would take it to the counter to refill it, also taking the opportunity to top up Lin's glass, giving her a moment to pause before she started again. Again and again Sarah refilled Lin's plate, again and again Lin cleared it. Sarah was staggered at her capacity. Casey and Carla were both quite a bit fatter than the skinny Lin, and Casey was even a good few inches taller, but Lin kept up her pace for over an hour without seeming to notice the steady swell of her stomach as it grew larger and larger with the surfeit of heavy pastas and rich sauces. Equally delightful though was the pleasure Lin derived from eating. Every mouthful was enjoyed, quiet moans and quixotic smiles as each successive morsel succumbed to her jaws. Sarah had expected Lin to be full before the lasagne was finished, had expected to need to coax or entice or encourage her to polish off the last few scraps but Lin was showing no signs of stopping as she set into her penultimate plateful. Sarah had finished eating long ago by that point, simply watching and talking and revelling in Lin's revelry. She could tell Lin was excited by her gaze, she would look into Sarah's eyes as she ate, drinking in her new friend's admiration of her eating. It was almost with disappointment that Sarah watched Lin mop up the last traces of sauce with her garlic bread, a scene eerily reminiscent of Casey during their girls' night in, and pop it into her mouth.

"That," she said, exhaling deeply, "Was magnificent. I think you and I are going to have to talk recipes later on."

"How are you feeling?"

"Full," she said, patting her stomach demonstratively and watching as her bloated belly bobbed up and down.

"But not stuffed I take it?"

"Why? Is there any more?" Sarah loved how eager she sounded.

"Well I could hardly not get a dessert could I?"

"Ooh, what have you got?"

"Not telling just yet. Why don't we go watch a film and we'll get you some dessert in a little bit."

They adjourned to the sofa, Lin cradling her stomach. Sarah watched in fascination as Lin rubbed her belly back and forth. It had grown a staggering amount yet it still seemed so pliable, Sarah actually worried there might not be enough food on hand to give Lin the meal she deserved. Lin's careful hands slid around the layer of fat at her sides, bunching it up into a rolling wave of blubber before letting it crash across her belly in a sea of undulating flesh. Sarah couldn't take it anymore. Dessert was presented, a giant strawberry cheesecake billed as capable of serving eight that Sarah had found in one of the store's various and seemingly unconnected refrigerated sections. Now quite certain that Lin knew what she was doing Sarah simply placed the cool dessert atop Lin's bare stomach and allowed her to dig in. She watched for a while, seeing Lin's eyes flutter in pleasure at the sweet contrast to the savoury dinner. Then she went back to the kitchen to prepare what she supposed was her signature dish. In her recounting the day before Sarah had described it as a chocolate milkshake, not really going into the specifics of how it was made only that it was a lot of chocolate and so she set to making an extra large batch, chocked full of chocolate ice-cream, melted chocolate, cream, weight gain powder, full-fat milk, chocolate sauce and a little bit of vodka. As she'd said before she didn't want Lin to get drunk but from what she'd seen of Casey and of Lin she knew a little alcohol could go a long way into furthering someone's appetite.

When she got back to the couch, the film still playing now largely ignored, Lin had polished off more than a third of the cheesecake. There were little smears of cream on her lips, her stomach was noticeably more rounded and Lin finally seemed to be approaching some kind of slowing point. When Sarah presented the glass, a beautiful milk-chocolate brown streaked with lines of white and black, Lin looked at it curiously before taking an experimental sip.

"Holy shit that's good."

Sarah beamed.

"What's in it," Lin asked breathily as she took a longer draught.

"It starts with me melting some white and dark chocolate over the stove."


"Then I put four large scoops of chocolate ice-cream in the blender."

"We have a blender?"

"You do now. Then two pots of double cream. Some full-fat milk too."


"Then I take the melted chocolate and the chocolate sauce and add them in with some more milk."

The glass was nearly drained at this point, Lin's upper lip covered in chocolate.

"And blend it all together with a splash of vodka to give it some kick."

"Ohh," Lin said as she drained the last of her glass. "Do you have any idea how many calories must be in this thing? It's like a liquid orgasm. I think I can feel my ass swelling as we speak."

Sarah wasted no time in filling Lin's glass again. With two desserts in front of her Lin's pace finally started to approach a normal human eating speed. She heaved herself onto her feet, Sarah staring shamelessly at her stomach which was larger than she had ever seen it and gradually beginning to stretch out the maternity pants, and made her way back to the table. There she began massaging her belly with one hand while ferrying cheesecake to her mouth with the other. Sarah desperately hoped she would finish. With two glasses and half the cheesecake in her food-stuffed belly Lin was a sight to behold. The loose top was beginning to wrap around the upper reaches of her gut, her lower belly crept out over her thighs. Still she continued. In a feat of heroics she took her untouched fourth glass and started to drain it. One gulp. Two gulps. The smooth shake glided down her throat, making her grow and grow. Three gulps. Still she continued. A mouthful a cheesecake, a sip of her shake, a mouthful of cheesecake, a sip of her shake. Sarah pulled up a chair next to her, no longer satisfied with watching. She traced a finger across Lin's belly, felt soft flesh stretched over taut stomach, kneaded the swollen dome, massaged her sumptuous tummy. Even though she'd never done it before, save in her dreams, Lin's appreciative groans were all the direction she needed. With the shake gone and just a quarter of the cake remaining Sarah could feel Lin reaching the point of complete collapse, they were so close. Eventually though Lin's head rolled back and she let out a hiccup followed by a low groan. She was finally, truly, magnificently full. But Sarah knew she could still go further.

"Lin," she whispered softly in the gorged girl's ear.


"There's still a bit of cheesecake left. I'm sure you don't want to let it go to waste."

"Soooooo full. Can't eat." Even talking seemed difficult at this point.

"Sure you can, there's only a little left."

Lin just shook her head slightly.

"You know," Sarah continued, "While you were out today I borrowed your computer."

Lin seemed to take notice of that but was too full to do more than groan.

"I was just going to check my e-mail but your search history… my, my, my, such a colourful array of websites."

Another groan.

"One thing I found, something I'd never thought of before, was a page devoted to Before and After pictures. Pictures of girls who were thin, skinny, even athletic but who got chubby, then pudgy and then very… very… fat. I couldn't help but wonder what it took for them to reach their new sizes. Did it happen by accident, a little slip in the diet, a little too much to eat on vacation? I bet some of them didn't even known it was happening at first. Clothes getting tighter must be because they shrunk in the wash. That new layer of chub folding over their panties was just a trick of the light. So what if they'd eaten a chocolate cake on their own, it wasn't like one tiny slip was going to make them fat. But I bet there were some of them who stuffed themselves fat, desperate for more pounds, more beauty, more food. Girls like you."

Lin moaned.

"And then, I thought about Casey. About how she looked before I started fattening her. How her ass used to look in tight jeans, how her breasts filled out her tops. And then I thought about what she looks like now. How much larger her thighs are. How wide her hips have gotten. The way her ass shakes and wobbles with each step. And I thought that you might like to see it too. So I'll make you a deal: you finish up that eensy-weensy little cheesecake and when I get home I'll go through my photos. I'll send you lots of old photos of Casey when she was thin, in her skinny jeans, in her bathing suit at the beach, in her… cheerleading outfit-"

Another low moan.

"And then, I'll take more photos, photos of Casey now. Her ass straining her panties. Her belly after she's eaten a big meal. Maybe, if I'm lucky, of her oozing out of her cheerleading uniform. So, what do you say, think you can eat a little more?"

The result was electric. Lin started eating again, fork moving between face and plate like a blur. Her cheeks bulged as she shovelled more and more food in a frantic bid to finish. The plate got emptier and emptier, Lin's belly jiggled and jostled as she ate, gentle ripples bouncing endlessly across its surface. And when all that was left was crumbs she picked up the plate and started licking it clean, every last speck of food found its way to her mouth. Then, finally finished and utterly spent, Lin put her head in her arms and fell asleep at the table.
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