The Power of Fantasy (WG, Magic) (1-11)

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Chapter XVII

"Is it me or is she even fatter?"

"Well naturally, what did you expect?"

"Fair point I guess but to flaunt it like this, at a pie-eating contest? And in that top?"

"It suits her."

"It barely covers her. What about her girlfriend?"

"Standing front and centre with a big grin on her face."

"But she used to be so thin, she can't have been that way without exercise and diet, what happened to that?"

"I changed it, at her request."

"Her request?"

"Well, I couldn't just let Fiona reappear 60lbs heavier in our world could I? There had to be some kind of adjustment, I gave her a choice and she chose to love her new size."

"What choice did you give her?"

"She could either return and have everything be different because of her weight, lose some of her friends, have no nice clothes and so on, or she could have her life remain the same, same loving girlfriend, same popularity, no one thinking any less of her because she was fat. Including her."

"But how exactly did you do that? Wouldn't you have to change the memories of everyone she knows?"

"Yes and no. Magic is intelligent, it knows to hide itself. If I'd done nothing no one would have known anything had happened, so to make Fiona relish her size and make Anne as infatuated as she always was just required me to give the magic a new narrative and then it filled in the rest."

Zoe just looked at him with a blank look on her face.

"Okay, the change I made was about 6 months ago… You know what it'll be easier just to show you."

Anne and Fiona were lying in bed together, Fiona's slender torso exposed to the air, her chest rising and falling with each breath, long blonde hair a tousled mess. Next to her, Anne, more modestly covered beneath the blanket, a slightly dazed-looking smile on her face.

"That… was great," Fiona said. "Top ten at least."

"Really?" Anne replied, sounding amused, "Better than the frustrated socialite and her naive French maid?"

"Ooh, that was good too."

"How about the photographer and the supermodel?"

"Mmmmmm, fuck yeah."

"I love how much you love this."

"Yeah," Fiona replied playfully, brushing a hand against her lover's cheek, "And yet you never tell me about yours."

"My what?"

"Your fantasies."

"You're my fantasy, you know that."

"No, I'm your girlfriend. Your stunningly hot, ultra-babe-ilicious, one-in-a-trillion girlfriend. But fantasy is what you keep inside your head," another gentle stroke across Anne's face, "So come on, tell me. We always play my games, and you're always so unbearably sexy I can hardly wait to tear you out of your clothes. I want to do something for you: dress up, tie you up, threesome, foursome. What's your ultimate sexual experience?"

"Enough Fi! There's nothing I need except you."

"But what do you want?"


"Oh come on. Why won't you tell me?"

"Look, it's just too embarrassing, can we please drop it?"

"Too embarrassing? I just asked you to dress up as a cheerleader, you've spanked me with a feather duster. What could possibly be too embarrassing for you to tell me? Look, sweetie, please just tell me, I promise you I won't laugh or stare or anything, just tell me, pretty please? With cherries on top? And whipped cream?"

"OK fine, I'll tell you. Sometimes I… sometimes I think about you… about you… gaining weight… because… because I feed you. There, I said it. I want to feed you and make you even more beautiful and soft and… and…"

As Anne trailed off there was a moment of silence before Fiona started giggling uncontrollably. Eyes glistening in the half light Anne grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her head, hiding from the world.

"Oh Anne, I'm sorry," Fiona said trying to regain her composure as Anne began to inch away across the bed, "I'm really, really sorry it's just that's so not what I was expecting to hear." Fiona pulled Anne back across the bed, holding her close as she drew the blanket away from her face. "After all the fuss you were making I thought it was something bizarre, but sweetie there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I think it's sweet that your fantasy is to take care of me like that."

"You do?" Anne asked, her voice quiet.

"Yeah, I do."

"Thanks. But let's just forget about it shall we? I love you and I think you're the most gorgeous girl in the world and I'd never want you to change yourself for me, okay?"

"We're not forgetting about it! Jeez it's taken me all these months to get you to tell me, we're definitely not forgetting about anything."

"But, you don't have t-"

"I want to. I'll tell you what, why don't we compromise? How about we get me to gain a little bit of weight, say 10lbs? Then we can take things from there. Does that sound like fun?"

"Are you serious? That sounds… I'm getting hot just thinking about it. You're really sure you want to this?"

"I think this is going to be fun. Hey where are you going?"

"I'm going to get a spoon."

"A spoon? For what?"

"To feed you ice-cream of course."

As Anne sashayed away Fiona could only stare lasciviously at her partner's wiggling rump, already licking her lips.

As the vision ended Adam noticed that Zoe looked a little flushed. It took her a few moments to collect herself enough to ask

"That's all you had to do? I mean, given that I can understand why Fiona would put on a few pounds but why did she keep going?"

"That was the easy bit. What’s the biggest difference you see when you look at Fiona compared to when she was skinny?"

"I don't know, her breasts I guess. They're pretty magnificent."

"Exactly, and it was the same when she started putting on weight in the dreamscape. I suppose the phrase would be 'Gaining in all the right places'. She was up two cup sizes by the time she'd put on those 10lbs. Over the course of a month Anne spoilt her rotten: breakfast in bed, baking her treats, buying her éclairs, and Fiona's gradual gain had Anne horny as a teenager morning, noon and night. Fiona liked being skinny because she loved feeling attractive. Gaining weight made her even more so, so of course she kept going. More important however was that soon she was as into it as much as Anne: she started incorporating food into role-play, she'd weigh and measure herself after a big meal, try on old bras and tops to see if she could burst out of them. When her belly did start to round out, long after her hips and bum had outgrown several pairs of underwear, and she started to move beyond curvaceous and voluptuous and into chubby she had her reservations but in the end having fewer guys checking her out didn't do her ego any harm when she could have her girlfriend whipped into a lust-fuelled frenzy just by jiggling her new assets and asking for a tummy rub."

"Okay… but what about her friends, surely you had to modify all of them as well?"

"No, precisely the opposite. By making food part of Fiona and Anne's sex life I privatised it, kept it separate, for the most part, from her friends and family. The only thing the magic had to do was make them think that Fiona's weight gain was normal, nothing else needed to be altered."

"That makes sense, I guess. But surely there was a lot to change for Anne and Fiona?"

"Yeah, there was, but magic's very efficient. For example where before they might have gone clothes shopping to find a new outfit or get a dress for a party the magic modifies those memories to be about upsizing Fiona's dwindling wardrobe. Evenings in watching a film now include copious amounts of food. Why are you so interested in this anyway? You modified peoples' memories when you changed your appearance, you know how it works."

"Not really, I kind of wished it to happen and it did, I never really thought about how it was happening or how I could manipulate it. I never saw any of these applications of magic until I met you."


Adam's response was cut-off by the man in the dinner jacket's booming voice announcing the beginning of the competition. It was a reasonable line up, some 20 contestants, 14 of them girls, all sitting at a long table in varying degrees of eagerness and unease. Some of them seemed somewhat unsure of how they had gotten there, as if the inexplicable hunger that had been with them all day had made one last effort to find itself sated. Fiona and Sam were right in the middle, side by side, and unlike the rest each had an identical steely glint in their eyes.

The first pies were brought out and a large analogue clock began counting down 15 minutes. Adam was pleased to see that they were large, they could probably have been dessert for six people, and now those girls who had been looking uneasy looked even more so, though some of their trepidation seemed to be allayed by the aroma of freshly baked pastry.

A gong sounded and as one the contestants took their forks and began their feast. Mouthful after mouthful they ate, some fast and some slow, some with large bites and some taking tiny nibbles. Fiona and Sam's calibre was immediately evident. Fiona ate like a girl possessed, eyes alight with joy, taking as large a forkful as she could each time and savouring the flavour of Evita's finest apple pie. Sam looked less ecstatic but no less determined. Like Fiona her pace never wavered. Open, chew, swallow. Open, chew, swallow. Ceaseless, relentless eating until nothing but crumbs remained. Fiona and Sam finished well ahead of the rest of the group, leaving them plenty of time to rest while the remainder of the group caught up. Or didn't. The size of the dessert had already driven two people to call it a day and another looked like she might be reaching a limit as she idly moved the last eighth of the pie around the tin. When she did eventually swallow the last mouthful, bare seconds before the gong signalled the end of the first round, and saw a second pie just as large of the first replace the empty tin in front of her she folded there and then before the timer, now set to just 14 minutes, even had a chance to begin. Pie number two was more of the same, it was hard to be excited when Sam and Fiona made it look so effortless. The struggles of the other contestants were more amusing but rather than getting slower the vast majority were actually speeding up, whether finding some rhythm to their eating, wanting to win or overcome by the pangs of starvation emanating from their food-filled stomachs it was impossible to know. When the second round came to its clamorous end with one woman in her early thirties sporting a significant spare tire still trying to eat while blueberry juice dribbled from her bulging cheeks there were just 12 people left, all of whom had finished well within the time.

Round 3, 13 minutes on the clock. As the eating began, a steaming cherry pie in front of each girl, Adam started to realise that this competition was becoming a lot more than a vehicle for Sam's expansion. It wasn't a contest, at least not in any traditional sense. First and second place were a lock, though who of Fiona and Sam would win wasn't certain, in spite of Fiona's obviously superior capacity, but third place was completely up for grabs. That made things interesting.

12 girls, a dozen faces whose expressions ranged from near orgasmic gastronomic delight to unflinching competitive concentration. Although it would have been trivial to magically determine who was best positioned to steal third Adam just looked at them, evaluating them nothing more than his eye for talent. The girl on the right was trying to eat too fast, she was going to get the hiccups and then indigestion. If the pain didn't stop her, the time would. The girl next to Sam was more promising, the fattest there after Fiona though still a long way behind the blonde's killer curves. She had a round face, even rounder with her cheeks bulging, a button nose and a double chin that grew more pronounced each time she opened wide for another mouthful. Her breasts were round too, but on the small side, her belly stuck out farther, a squidgy layer of fat visible where her camisole had ridden up. Most of her weight though was stored below the belt, the raised stage and uncovered table gave Adam a clear view of her dimpled thighs vying for space while her prodigious hips overflowed her chair. Problem was her pants seemed too big for her, she was even wearing a belt. This suggested to two possibilities: she'd bought the pants to grow into or, sadly more likely, she had been dieting before the food festival. Glad though he was to have hindered her weight loss, significantly judging by the swollen nature of her stomach, she was clearly not the one.

That's when he saw her. A young girl, wearing a white t-shirt with "SFU" emblazoned in large letters across her chest and some skinny-legged capris with an elasticated waist. It was safe to say that she was the thinnest girl in the competition, aside from the waistband digging in a few millimetres into her nearly flat stomach there didn't look to be an ounce of excess on her. For a moment Adam wasn't quite sure how he knew she was the one. She clearly loved her food, pie number three was down to crumbs and she was licking the dish clean but there were others who had finished faster and were just as enslaved to the culinary marvels in front of them. She wanted to win too, eyeing up the competition as she waited for the last few girls to polish off their remaining morsels, time not even close to up. But there was something different about her that he knew was important.

The realisation came like a bolt from the blue, like all good answers suddenly rendering his unknowing incomprehensible. It wasn't that the girl was different, it was that she was the same… as Fiona. The flush in her cheeks, the elasticated pants, the eagerness with which she set into her fourth pie. She was trying to gain, he was certain of it, as certain as he was that the smouldering heat burning in her eyes as she savoured each mouthful would keep her eating long beyond the rest of the rabble regardless of her smaller stature. In fact he was so sure he was right that he had no intention of trying to help her win, instead he wanted to reward her for her efforts and so for each round she finished Adam would give her a present.

She was already three rounds down so Adam had some catching up to do, but before he could give her her gifts he had to know what to get her and that meant a quick skim-read of her mind, wherein he learnt her name was Jennifer. He also discovered that this was an extremely important day for her, it was the day she had decided to pursue her dreams of becoming larger. Leaving home and going to college, away from the pressures of her friends and family, she could finally live out her most private fantasies and although she had hesitated and worried for months the Food Festival had been the perfect place for her to start her journey. For the first pie Adam gave her the most obvious gift: food. An abandoned building near her apartment would, in a few days time, open as a 24hr All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Buffet, Jennifer's favourite food. It would provide a cheap, plentiful, and convenient source for as many binges as she could want. The world class quality of the food would be an added bonus. And since she couldn't live on wan-tons alone Adam also orchestrated it so that the next time she bought a pizza she'd win a competition as the 1,000,000th customer and get free pizza for a year.

The second great obstacle to her dreams of expansion was money. An escalating food bill was now less of a worry but as she started growing Jennifer would need to upsize her wardrobe, more than once given her hefty aspirations. She had always feared following her dreams would force her to sacrifice good dress sense in favour of formless clothes large enough to hold her future form. The solution to this problem, Adam concluded, was to give her her dream part-time job, sales clerk in a clothing boutique catering from her current skinny size 2 all the way up to sizes she had only imagined. The work hours were flexible and fit with her classes, the pay was good, and employees got 50% discount.

Her third surprise, Adam decided, would be something to make her first weekend as a proud member of the gaining community as memorable as possible. With the fair running till Sunday night Jennifer had two more days of free, unlimited food from all corners of the globe and Adam would make sure she saw (and ate) as much of it as possible. The amplified appetite that he had given to near every woman at the fair would remain with her till the end, her stomach would gleefully accommodate any volume of food she tried to consume, instantly metabolising some of its contents when it grew too full to continue, allowing her to eat unabated and fatten herself all the faster. By Monday morning Adam suspected that a lot of her clothes would be ten times tighter than they were, which would only drive Jennifer further down the road to round, melon-sized breasts, great, wobbling thighs and a belly that eclipsed them all.

The fourth round was nearing its end, Jennifer had all but finished but the strain of so much food in her little stomach was slowing her pace. It looked to Adam as though she wouldn't last past round 5. The rest of her competition, Fiona and Sam excepted, looked to be in just as bad a state. In spite of the voraciousness with which they demolished round 3 many of them had struggled with this round, a much heavier treacle tart, and 3 more girls had dropped out. Nevertheless Jennifer finished with aplomb, hand gracefully covering her mouth as she let slip a small hiccup and her free hand massaged the food baby cresting over her capris. Her reward this time was something for the future, something that Jennifer had not yet given proper thought to since it was so far beyond her reach, a feeder's apartment. Her current residence was of the student variety, i.e. cheap and small. The rent was within her budget, the landlord and the neighbours were pleasant, but it lacked many of the amenities Adam knew she would need as she got larger. He began by making the apartment much larger, while keeping the rent the same, and then starting work on the bedroom. A large double bed with extremely comfy mattress replaced the single she'd brought from home and some cabinets and other comforts materialised as necessary. The bathroom underwent one major alteration: a luxuriously spacious bathtub complete with all the beauty products she could ever desire to replace the tiny shower that a future, fatter Jennifer would have found impossibly cramped. The lounge got a serious upgrade, bigger sofa, bigger TV, cable hook up, new shelves and an impressive DVD collection to ensure she had a good place to eat her late night pizzas and Chinese takeout. But obviously it was the kitchen where Adam made the most changes. The single stove became a bank of four, two brand new ovens, a dishwasher, top of the range appliances from microwave to blender, pots and pans and cutting boards and a truly terrifying selection of knives. And in the centre of the kitchen an enormous fridge, filled to bursting with every tasty food imaginable and a large freezer on top virtually overflowing with ice-cream.

Round 5 was down to its last 3 minutes and Jennifer was going strong but still had a ways to go. Adam wasn't sure if she was going to make it but he was quite certain that she was the only one apart from Sam and Fiona who stood a chance. One or two other girls were still trying to eat, neither more than halfway through and seemingly eating less out of want than unconscious habit. The larger girl Adam had noticed earlier had now bloated enough to strain the button of her once loose jeans and her top was practically rolled up beneath her breasts leaving the heaving mass of pink flesh wobbling for all to see. Even Fiona was slowing down now, her breathing shallow as she rested after finishing a full minute behind Sam. But of course that was Sam's advantage, she would eat and eat and eat and never feel full or pained, she would only stop when there was no more food or no more room, allowing her to eat well beyond a normal person's limits. Of course, Fiona was far from normal herself.

When Jennifer finished her last mouthful scant moments before the gong sounded Adam decided to give her something she truly desired: a boyfriend. There was a cute TA in her Economics class who she had been smitten with from the moment she set eyes on him. He was funny and kind, an absolutely terrible dancer, but she'd never wanted to ask him out because she knew that what she wanted for her body wouldn't make her his ideal woman. Now it would. When she got back to school in January, flaunting her added pounds in her new clothes, he would ask her out the second he got the chance. Adam couldn't guarantee the relationship would last, but for as long as they were together they would both make sure her belly stayed round and full.

Round 6 was less interesting to watch. With only Sam, Fiona and Jennifer left it was just a question of which gave out first, Fiona's willpower or Sam's stomach. Jennifer continued to eat, still enjoying every morsel even though she must have known she couldn't beat the relentless pace of the two gorging girls next to her. Adam was more than a little impressed by her determination, even more impressed as she continued to keep up a pace fast enough to finish the round. But then, inevitably, her balloon-like stomach, no doubt throbbing with the pain only an over-full tummy can produce, couldn't keep it up and she spent the last few minutes eating a few more mouthfuls while the clock ticked down behind her.

As the man in the dinner jacket announced one minute left on the clock something came over her. The fire in her eyes that had slowly dimmed was suddenly reignited and she started shovelling down food at an alarming rate. Adam watched in delighted surprise as the pie tin grew emptier and emptier, her stomach bulging outwards now, wedging into the table and buckling the waistband of her pants. When she finished the last bite with fifteen seconds to spare the entire crowd exploded into tumultuous cheers as she fell back into her chair, head lolling from side to side and both hands clasped around her food baby groaning and moaning, flushed with success. And then, knowing she'd reached her limit, she very delicately waddled off stage, supporting her stomach as best she could, and disappeared into the crowd.

There was a brief pause in the competition while the organisers tracked down more pies, they never imagined two girls with the seemingly bottomless capacity of Sam and Fiona, and so Adam took a moment to consider a truly appropriate final prize for Jennifer. In the end he gave her what she truly wanted above all else: beautiful fat. As she gained her skin would remain smooth and soft, her muscles would retain enough tone to hold her shape without any effort on her part, and most importantly of all she would gain weight where she wanted, pounds would naturally accrue wherever she desired until she reached the size and shape of her dreams, a rotund goddess of plenty and opulence. Adam had no doubt she'd make it a reality.

Finding new pies was taking longer than Adam had expected, which worked to Fiona's advantage since it gave her some time to recover and find her second wind. With just her and Sam left there would virtually no pauses between now and the end of the competition, it was time for the final push. Adam watched Anne as she stared up at Fiona, they were talking quietly together, Anne egging her girlfriend on, and although Adam couldn't hear what they were saying it wasn't hard to guess. Adam watched with wry amusement as Anne subconsciously readjusted her pants on her well-fed rear. If he wasn't mistaken she had gained another pound or two since the dreamscape, all of which had landed squarely on her rump. Her weight had been on the up before he'd encountered her as well, now that he thought about it, and it occurred to him that he had never actually checked to see what had happened to Anne's weight during the modified timeline.

Quickly parsing through months of memories for the relevant information Adam was deeply surprised by what he saw. He had had no hand in these memories, they had been left to the magic's discretion, but he could hardly have written a better story for her himself. Coming out to Fiona about her preference for larger women had been the most liberating moment of Anne's life. Finding that preference accepted and even relished by her better half had been like living in a waking dream. Her every second from that point on had been about ensuring that Fiona wanted for nothing. What need did she have for cookies when Fiona might be hungry? Why would she want to eat ice-cream when she could surprise Fiona with it as she lay in bed? In fact her relationship with food underwent a paradigm shift in just a matter of weeks and for the first time in her life she had kept her weight steady, even dropping a few pounds while she fed vicariously through Fiona's ever-escalating gluttony. But last month something had changed. Fiona had concocted a new role play. Fiona was the star athlete lost to feederism, an all-state champion runner who discovered the pleasures of hedonism and the endless carnal delights of food. And in this fantasy she endeavoured to convince Anne, the still skinny but very beautiful runner, to both join her in food and in bed. It had been a reawakening of everything Anne had loved about food. Hearing her girlfriend describe how much she loved to eat, having Fiona tempt her with one treat after another, it had been too much for Anne's willpower to resist and within days she was back to her old habits. The weight gain had been inevitable, and now with no skinny Fiona to keep her in check and no prospect of cleaning the house out of junk food without depriving her lover the chances of her dieting were practically zero.

Adam smiled, he suspected that Fiona's discovery of her own attractiveness as a fat girl had been imprinted onto Anne and she was actively trying to fatten her up. Adam could help with that. As pie number seven finally materialised Adam put things in motion. Fiona and Sam began eating at the sound of the gong, the clock counting down 9 minutes, and each of them blasted through the excellent second offering of Evita's apple pie like a pair of starving dogs. Fiona's chubby potbelly jiggled merrily with each swallow, Sam's normally toned abs were lost beneath the ungodly swollen ball of food sitting beneath her breasts, bulging millimetre by millimetre out of her top with each new scrap of food it was forced to contain. What neither of them knew, what no one except Adam knew, was that for each mouthful they took little Anne was taking one too.

It was a sight to see. Anne had behaved herself at the fair, kept her raging appetite (mostly) in check and overcome every craving by offering it to Fiona and as a result her stomach was flat, albeit soft as pudding, and her blue top was hanging neatly over the waistband of her pants. Less than a minute after the round began Adam could see the barest outline of Anne's squishy stomach pushing against the top. Thirty seconds later the bulge was bigger still, a gap appeared between waistband and top as her belly pushed forward, filled with still more food. Sam and Fiona were each eating fast and their combined speed meant that Anne was growing at an otherwise impossible rate, consuming a pair of apple pies in barely over five minutes and as she began to massage her rather bloated gut the next set of pies appeared. More eating, more moans of delight from Fiona as flavours exploded across her tongue, spurring her to eat faster. The unnatural capacity of the skinny redhead next to her compelling her to keep eating, keep eating, keep eating. And so Anne kept eating, kept eating, kept eating, and growing and growing and growing.

Her belly grew larger, the mass of food accumulating there sitting low and straining the pant's button as the top began to fold and crease as it failed to cover the swelling expanse of her stomach. The pants were too tight for Anne anyway, her ever-protuberant rump, already waxing in size, left little extra room for the new middle she was developing and slowly but surely the button became more and more strained, dangerous creaking sounds barely audible as the threads stretched under the merciless onslaught. Sam finished her eighth pie, Fiona following suit mere seconds later. Neither looked ready to quit. While Sam had no vested interest in eating she did have a deeply ingrained desire to compete. Now that she was so close to the end she was loathe to come second place.

Pies were presented, forks lifted. Ceaseless gnashing teeth and swelling bodies. Anne's pants grew steadily more and more uncomfortable. A deep exhale sent her stomach bulging out even further and the valiant blue top inched its way up to her navel, baring a long strip of flesh oozing over the top of her pants and a button on the brink of structural collapse. The draught of cool air across her skin made Anne pull the fabric down only for it to rubber band back up to her belly button at once and start climbing ever higher, the sliver of flesh on show slowly widening to show off her curvy hips now being squeezed by her pants as belly and butt fought for space.

Round 10 saw the death of the button. The sudden *POP* was inaudible over the growing excitement of the crowd as Fiona and Sam continued their battle, no end in sight, but as the button skittered over the ground and under the stage Anne's belly, now replete with almost as many pies as Fiona and Sam's surged forward and drove the zipper halfway down in one swift *Thwump*. At first the fullness had come on so quickly and so unexpectedly that Anne hadn't had time to register it, now though it was clear that she was feeling the strain her button had succumbed to. Her posture was slouching, she was leaning back in a position comically like a pregnant woman as she strived to relieve pressure still growing in her stomach as Sam and Fiona's heated competition continued without abatement.

With Round 11 only five minutes long it was becoming clear that a conclusion was imminent. Both of the girls were giving it their all, eating as fast as they could in a desperate attempt to outlast the other. All of which ensured Anne's expansion was increasingly less gradual and more great, jostling starts as enormous mouthfuls of pie materialised in her over-stretched stomach. And now, at last, Adam could see what he had been looking for all along. Pleasure.

In the dreamscape Anne had been an extraordinary eater, pushing herself beyond her boundaries at every meal, always seeking new ways to experience an even greater level of fullness, to enjoy a new level of culinary nirvana. This had never been about forcing tens of thousands of extra calories into Anne (though Adam had no doubt that they would manifest shortly), it was about reawakening that same deep-seated need to stuff herself over and over and over to beyond capacity. Adam was interrupted from his enjoyment of Anne's beatific expression as she massaged a belly that looked ready to pop by the sudden cheering of the crowd. On the stage Fiona was standing, arms held up high in triumph, her great gut surging forward, level with her breasts, and swaying indolently as she bobbed up and down in excitement, her entire body jiggling with her. Next to her was Sam, looking somewhat exhausted, a few mouthfuls of pie still left in her tin.

"Well," Zoe said, "I've got to give it to you. That was pretty impressive." Adam noticed that Zoe was holding an enormous burger, evidently she'd gotten hungry during the competition.

"Yeah," Adam said, looking around at the bevy of women around him stuffed to the gills, "It really was."

"Say, how much do you think Sam will be able to digest before six?"

"I don't know, not much I'd imagine."

"Good. I really want to see the look on mum's face when she sees how fat Sam looks."

Adam just smiled.

When the day was finally over and everyone had split off to their respective homes, Adam was in bed watching Zoe brush out her hair as she stood in front of the mirror. It was the perfect opportunity to make his final move, one he'd been looking forward to all day.

"So," he said, "What did you think of the fair?"

"Ohhh," Zoe said, affecting an unnecessarily high-pitched and cooing voice, "It was so brilliant of you. You’re so clever, getting them all to eat so much."

"Are you ready for the last event?"

"There's more?"

"Nothing major. Just a little prize."

"A prize for what?"

"For the member of your family who ate the most today."

"Ooooh, who was it? I'll bet it was Sam. She was such a pig at that contest. Although Julie was eating all day, in fact she's probably gorging herself on chocolate as we speak."

"It wasn't either of them."

"Really? Alex ate more than Sam then? Got to hand it to you, that was a hell of a curse."

"Well yes, Alex did eat more than Sam, quite a lot more in fact. But she didn't eat the most."

"Isabelle? Come off it."

"No, no, not Isabelle. You."


"Yes you. You ate more today than the rest of your family combined. You," Adam said pointing at Zoe's slender middle, "Were the real pig today."

"What? No chance, no way. I didn't eat that much, I overindulged sure but it's not like I can gain weight or anything."

"It's funny you should mention that," Adam said with a mischievous look in his eye, "Because I think the best way to show you just how much you really did eat today would be to show you what would have happened without magic to keep you skinny."

And with that Adam snapped his fingers and sat back to enjoy the show.

From his vantage point behind her Adam had a perfect view of the first signs of Zoe's gains as her cheeks started to slowly creep out of her sexy lace-trimmed panties. Not long after her belly followed suit, softening and bulging outwards, her bellybutton sinking deeper into the nascent adipose as she started clutching frantically at the flesh oozing over the hem. Her thighs thickened, daylight between them shrinking with each second, and Adam took particular delight in the sumptuous way they jiggled as she stamped her feet in frustration trying to undo the damage Adam had caused to her body. When the weight eventually stopped accumulating Zoe had a very different look. Still supernaturally blessed with extraordinary beauty she looked nothing less than ravishing but the bulge of her lower belly over her panties and the wobble to her arms as she explored her new shape while her now even larger breasts swung tantalisingly in the open air leant her an aura of such comfort that Adam almost forgot that Zoe was going to kill him.

Sure enough as the shock wore off anger followed swiftly. Adam had blocked her from fixing her body, something he had never done before even though he had been sure he could do it, rendering her powerless for the first time in a long time and now her eyes were flashing madly. With no time to waste Adam immediately materialised an enormous silver platter with a domed lid and held it aloft with one hand.

"You're prize?" Adam said, giving his most winning smile. He knew Zoe was angry, but he doubted she was that angry. And the thought of food and the sex that would ensue from her fatted form was, he hoped, enough to calm her down.

"What's under there?" she asked mistrustfully, her nostrils flaring slightly at the aroma of chocolate.

"A treat for the most beautiful woman in the world. Look, I know you're upset and I'm sorry about that but watching you eat the way you did all day and not being able to see it on you has been driving me wild, I just couldn't help myself."

"I hate that you can flatter me that easily," Zoe said smiling broadly as she leapt on to the bed, her new weight rippling along her body she bounced to a stop. "Now what's my treat?"

Adam lifted the lid with a flourish saying, "Triple-chocolate fudge brownies, from Evita's."

"O sweet mother…" Zoe's eyes were wide with excitement as she stared at the tray piled a foot in the air with hundreds upon hundreds of the bite-sized chocolatey treats.

"I do have to warn you," Adam said with a knowing look in his eye, "They are quite fattening." He pinched an inch of the fresh flab ringing her waist and jiggled it for emphasis.

With that Zoe lay back propped up on her pillows, eyes closed, and opened her mouth and Adam wasted no time in giving her her first taste.

"Ohhhhhh" Zoe moaned, whole body shuddering. Adam had temporarily enchanted Zoe to have a near orgasmic response to each of the brownies, enabling him to keep her at the pinnacle of pleasure for as long as he had a mind while the brownies did their work. As Zoe swallowed Adam watched in delight as the chocolate rapidly descended and landed in her stomach, dissolving instantly and sending a ripple of new fat skimming across her arced belly. He held another above her lips, brushing them with chocolate. Her tongue chased the brownie around her mouth while Zoe emitted plaintive whines at being deprived her treat until Adam eventually relented and she swallowed greedily. Adam fed her another brownie, and another and another. Each ecstatic quiver of Zoe's body sent the growing dome of fat on her belly undulating frenetically. Adam fed her still more, Zoe growing ever more excited and ever more rounded. Her naked breasts bulged towards the ceiling, nipples erect as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body with every speck of chocolate. Her belly grew larger and larger, pillowy soft and pooling over her thighs as it developed first two then three rolls. Every bite was another pound, another millimetre for her bust, another layer for her thighs. Adam relished each new roll and curve, his free hand massaging her bulging expanse, his delicate touch sending further tremors coursing across her chocolate-born corpulence. Adam felt her hips pressing against him as they spread, squeezed the love-handles bulging from a potbelly that was growing in every direction. As the pounds piled on her face began to soften, the first traces of a double-chin formed, her cheekbones became occluded, her face more rounded. Spurred on by the allure of her cherubic visage Adam began feeding her brownies two at a time, watching in awe as five quick swallows sent her breasts skyward, bouncing on her ribs from the force of their growth. Soon she was fatter than she had ever been, never had she allowed herself to grow this large but under the influence of the chocolate she had no other concerns than eating and eating and eating. With her belly and hips now pressed against him, his own body graciously accepted into their yielding warmth, Adam began lifting the brownies magically to her mouth, a near continuous stream of delight broken only by Zoe taking great swallows that caused fat to bubble everywhere across her body from her cheeks to her toes. As Adam continued his massage of her exquisite form, marvelling at the magic she used to keep her skin as smooth as silk and as supple as water, he allowed his hands to sink deep into the folds of her stomach, to cup her breasts and squeeze her engorged buttocks. When at last the final brownie had disappeared into Zoe's gaping maw she opened her eyes, filled with lust, and with strength and speed inconceivable in a woman who had just tripled in size she pounced on Adam and claimed her prize.
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Re: The Power of Fantasy (WG, Magic) (1-11)

Postby venusderubens » Tue Jul 20, 2021 4:34 pm

And as far as I know, that's the end of what was written and posted. Regardless of if there's any more out there, it remains one of my all-time favorite stories.
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