A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby Adobeman10 » Fri Oct 14, 2022 5:05 pm

I will tell you right now- Its not AR for everyone. And I dont really have this pegged as AR in the traditional sense (I wish there was a different term-as she is not regressed or a youth-I dont really write those stories, once they regress-Im no longer interested in reading as I dont want children in the story other than to advance the plot or side characters to humiliate the adult main character)- But an adult thats stuck in a situation with Humiliation situations such as everyone thinking shes just a child is what I am interested in. August Adams did it best. There will NEVER be transformation or bad situations for anyone who is actually a child- those stories make me ill and I wont read or partake in. (though oddly when arrogant people get their comeuppance and cruel manipulations and changes in FICTION ONLY-I got no problem with -weird set of scruples I know. lol

The main character is 20 (and as the story progresses 21 later)- shes just humiliatingly taken down in societal standing to the child positions of 12. But she NEVER physically regresses or goes below 20 years of age in the story.

Ive got something different and much more sinister in mind for either Grace or Victoria.
Im not going to spoil which right now.
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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby Vended » Fri Oct 14, 2022 5:39 pm


Nice to know you've got something heavy coming for this side character, whichever it is. It's great when the downgrade sort of jump from the main one to another. Bonus if it's one who enjoyed the former's demise. ^^
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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby fuccx » Fri Oct 14, 2022 10:29 pm

I really like to see the youngest one become the Alpha role in the house. After all Victorious have most mature body to be the Alpha woman. The younger sister Lea used to babysit become her mother role. This will be the biggest humiliation for Lea.
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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby addisababa » Tue Dec 06, 2022 12:40 am

Hey Adobeman,

Miss your updates on this story, it's my favorite one of yours
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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby Petrichor » Wed Dec 14, 2022 1:57 pm

Great story as always! I think it would be great if Victoria got ahold of the pituitary supplements that Leanna was supposed to have and went through a second puberty, becoming an Amazon in the process.
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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby Adobeman10 » Mon Jan 23, 2023 7:15 pm

Home life wasn’t any easier for Leanna as well as her mother took note of her reduced size and she felt like she was being treated differently now. Her mother didn’t really seem to treat her as her oldest daughter of 20 years of age, but rather treated her like her current grade level and found herself even treated like an even younger girl!

It started with Leanna mouthing off a little over not taking out the trash. Grace without hesitation grabbed the tiny woman and pulled her over her lap and began to spank her for even minor things.

Leanna cried and pleaded to stop, even calling Grace ‘mommy’ in a moment of weakness. She felt like Grace had taken it a bit too far in her current position and she could swear that she was even enjoying it a bit too much.

The week only got worse with the early bedtimes as she found herself in bed at 9, then 8:30, then humiliatingly at 8pm. She hadn’t had a bedtime in over a decade yet found herself at her mothers mercy.

And it only got worse….

“But mom!” Leanna pleaded in her high squeaky voice as she tried to jump to take the phone out of her hand, but her mothers height and outstretched hand were comically taller than the diminutive little woman.

“No! You are not getting your phone back until you have demonstrated to me that you can keep your room clean and improve your attitude!” Grace said as she put the phone in the highest den cabinet out of Leanna’s reach.

“But Mom!!! That’s my phone! I need it!” Leanna was on the verge of tears without the electronic device.

“Show me you can behave… Then we will talk.” Grace muttered as she grabbed her purse. “I’m going to go get my hair done, now if you can behave-maybe we can talk.”

Leanna acquiesced as she trudged behind her mother to the car seat.

Grace pulled Leanna out of her car seat and walked her into the hair salon. This salon was different than the last one as it had been one her mother had been going to for years. Leanna remembered going here as a child and admiring all the adult haircuts and conversation and one day longed to be part of it. “Up until the phone incident, you’ve shown that you can be better Leanna, so tell you what; I’m going to let you change your hair color back to blonde. Keep your grades up and behave and I will let you get a few of your things back as well, maybe even your phone soon. Misbehave and I will make sure you remember it, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mom,” Leanna smiled. Finally things were beginning to go her way. First her hair and then maybe her room and phone and finally out of that damned academy. She made her way to the chair and hopped in it with her diaper squishing beneath her. Her legs didn’t even come close to the floor, so instead she swung her tiny legs impatiently while she waited.

“Hello there, I didn’t know Grace had another daughter-I’ve met your sisters before. What’s your name?” The cosmetologist with the Beverly name tag said-obviously not remembering Leanna due to her changed appearance.

Leanna paused for a moment, did she really want to correct her and bear further humiliation in the future? “My name is Melanie; I’m actually Grace’s niece.” She lied.

“I was going to say, I see some of the resemblance but didn’t know if Grace had a new man in her life or what not. Anyway, what are we doing today?”

“I would like to go blonde please…”

“Umm… Are you sure, I mean you have nice brown hair and its pretty dark-I mean I would need to heavily strip it and that could damage the follicles and….”

“No, I know-I want to be blonde.” Leanna said dismissing Beverly’s warnings. Who was she to warn her about her hair? She was blonde before she was just going back to her original color. She didn’t have time to deal with this lady’s BS. Once they started to strip the brown hair color, her blonde would come back with no issues.

The next few hours Leanna chatted with Beverly about TV shows, and about school and her friends. She told her about her current school, immersing herself in the Melanie Role as to not arise suspicion. Beverly told her about her ‘cousins’ and how whenever she tried to talk to Leanna how rude she was. Leanna was a bit taken aback, was that how people saw her? She made a note to be nicer to this hair stylist in the future, she seemed very pleasant.

As she was putting in the foil and chemicals, Leanna found herself getting tired and beginning to close her eyes.

“It’s okay, this is a long process; feel free to take a nap while I do this.”

Leanna did not need any more guidance than that as she fell asleep to the crinkling paper in her hair.

“Wake up sleepyhead…”

Leanna’s eyes slowly opened as Beverly smiled at her with Grace standing next to her. “What…” a little bit of drool was formed in the corner of her mouth.

“Beverly told me you had a wonderful time ‘Melanie’” Grace said as she winked at her daughter to let her know that her ruse was still intact.

“Umm, thanks Aunt Grace. Are we all done?” Leanna said keeping up the ruse.

“We are.” Beverly said as she swung the hair chair around to face the mirror. “Well what do you think? You are a blonde again…”

Leanna gasped in shock! She was blonde, but not her layered blonde colors that she was used to. Instead it was a whitish blonde, much like you would find on a small child. She ran her fingers through it in astonishment. It was wispy and very very curly. Her curls danced all around her head as she had small blonde curly features and blonde bangs that were a few centimeters above her eyebrows. The wispy curly blonde hair with bangs only managed to take off a few years of her already reduced age appearance.

“What the hell?!” Leanna yelled in disbelief. “What did you do to my hair?”

“Leanna language!” Grace yelled.

“Leanna?” Beverly questioned, “I thought you’re Melanie?”

“It doesn’t matter! What the fuck did you do to my hair?!” she yelled getting other patrons attention.

“I told you, putting a lot of chemicals to strip the dark hair made it very frail and color resistant causing it to curl and lose volume. If I did anything else, there was a chance of your hair falling out-it cant take any more treatment. But it will grow out and fade in 6-8 months and maybe we can try again.”

“6-8 Months! I…” Leanna suddenly grew silent as she felt herself lose control and the diaper she was wearing to fill up.

Grace noticed and smiled at the apparent karmic retribution to her daughters nasty attitude. “Oh, Leanna did you have another accident?”

Leanna looked down in shame and embarrassment as her diaper was heavy.

“Fortunately I brought extra diapers in my purse. Now we are going to have to change you before I let you back in the car. Beverly, would you mind if I did it here by your station?” Grace said as she produced a clean set of diapers.

“Of course not Mrs. Little, you can change ‘Leanna’ here” she said with a devilish grin eager to see the brat get her comeuppance.

“Mom… Please no, not here.” Leanna begged in a hushed tone.

However Grace wasn’t having any of it as she quickly removed Leanna’s sweats exposing the wet diaper. “Well we will have to wash these when we get home. Lie Down Leanna or do we have to do a disciplining here.”

Leanna knew her mother meant spanking in front of the whole establishment and then change her diapers. She reluctantly lied on the ground as Grace removed the wet diaper from her. Beverly laughed internally as she saw the little brat on her back being powdered up and a brand new plastic diaper taped around her thighs.

“There we go, all done.” Grace said as she helped Leanna to her feet. Leanna’s face was red as she stood there in just a t-shirt and diapers. “Now tell Beverly thank you for seeing you today and for the wonderful treatment.”

Leanna grimaced, she now had to thank her for mutilating her hair? But she knew her mom wouldn’t relent. “Thank you…” She whispered out.

“Well I need an after pic for my site. Now come over here and we can get a picture.” Beverly stated.

Leanna tried to protest but her mom pushed her along. She ended up walking barefoot and diapered in the salon to the amusement of the other women who had seen her shameful display early. She was brought up to the front of the store and put in front of a backdrop, where Beverly proceeded to take a few pics with her Iphone.

“Perfection! Well thank you lady’s for coming”

Leanna turned to walk towards the door eager to get out of this place as fast as she could until she ran into a familiar face entering. “Oh my, Leanna? Leanna Little?” Brittany said as she entered and saw what she thought was a diapered child only to be one of her old classmates from River High. “Oh my word, it’s been a while, you look so…. Different.” She smiled.

Brittany was tall with auburn red hair and green eyes. She was a late bloomer only joining the cheerleading squad her senior years. But when she bloomed, she resembled a lifelike Jessica Rabbit with breasts to match. She remembered Leanna all too clearly from her high school years where Leanna had called her string bean and sticky and started a bunch of nasty lies about her. Now here she was with her old tormentor and towering over her. “I just came here to get my hair done; I didn’t realize you came here too.”

“Ummm… Yeah, I uh…” Leanna was stumped. Here she stood here barefoot in front of someone she was downright mean to in high-school, wearing only a diaper and t-shirt with her stripped blonde curly hair. She was mortified to be caught in this scenario, she looked for an escape route but found none as her mom was busy talking to the girl at the counter while paying the check. “Its been a tough time for me, I…” Leanna was trying to think of a lie to cover up her situation, something medical-she was sick! That would be it, and then maybe some sympathy and…

“Smile.” Brittany said as she snapped a picture of Leanna standing there.

“What! No! Delete that now!” She got furious.

“Oops too late, I figured the girls on the cheerleading squad would LOVE to see you now.”

Leanna could only cry as she saw her former classmates laughing as they left and the disappointment in her mothers face. She knew she wasn’t getting her phone back anytime soon…
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Re: A Little Change in Life (WL,WG, AR,AP, BE,BE, SW, HU)

Postby macadoodle » Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:07 am

Long time lurker. Amazing update. Keep up the good work.
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