A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Wrestler68 » Sat Nov 12, 2022 2:52 am

So long in between updates. Find myself checking once or twice a day to see if there are any updates from you!
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby marakatti » Wed Dec 07, 2022 2:23 pm

I wish to read more about Maria :-)
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Adobeman10 » Fri Dec 09, 2022 1:34 pm

“Maria darling, I’m going to need you to come into the living room; I have a surprise for you.” Gina exclaimed from the other room.

“Yes Mth Metapolith.” Maria stuttered through her teeth. With the smaller teeth sometimes she found herself stuttering or mispronouncing the words, she had tried to get around the lisp when saying her S’s only to fail from time to time. She now gave it up entirely. She had been reading one of the little girly books that Gina had supplied her with. With the toys and juvenile books, and cartoon tv shows; Maria did not have much adult entertainment to speak of so she had to resort to entertaining herself with what little she did have.

She righted herself up and pulled her little pink dress edges down a bit to cover her pink panties. Gina had guests over before and she probably wanted her to smile and behave like a good little girl. After all this time Maria knew that it was better to play along than to argue with her, she had little choice otherwise than to make this erstwhile prison a home for now until Gina had tired of this game. Though as time went on, she wondered if this was just the way it was going to be for her the rest of her life- to live a childhood again as an adult.

She exited the playroom and adjusted her bows in her curly hair a bit as she didn’t want Gina making a fuss about it in front of people. She finally made her way to the living room and saw the back of a man sitting next to Gina on the couch. “Maria my dear girl, you remember Ryan?”

Maria stopped cold as she saw her ex-husband Ryan sitting directly next to Gina. Maria stood speechless as she saw Ryan sitting down across the living room from her. He looked amazing, he had lost weight and his hair was perfect. He had quite a bit of muscle tone and was well dressed. It looked like the Lotto version of himself.

Ryan’s mouth dropped a little when he saw Maria; he recalled her on their wedding night wearing a cute little baby doll dress that exposed her curvy gorgeous legs and buxom cleavage. It was a far cry from the current little woman dressed like a small child in pink panties but still wearing a much more modest and conservative baby doll with frills and girly ruffles. “Wyan?” She said with a lisp as her nerves leaked through.

“Hello Maria, its been a while. You look… good…” He paused a little bit at the end.

“Wyan, I mithed you! Pleath take me home! I juth want to go home!” Maria said through gleeful tears as she went to hug Ryan.

“Sweetie, you are home.” Ryan said flatly to a stuptified Maria. “It looks like Gina has been taking very good care of you. She kept me updated with your care, and you look very youthful.” He said with a chuckle. “And hey, it looks like you even lost that weight you were complaining about.”

Maria paused… It was like her entire world was shaken to its core… “You knew?” Maria said stunned as Ryan looked her directly in the eye and recounted the last year and a half.

How Gina had reached out to him after the trial and commiserated with him over the circumstance. How she had given him a job with the family company when his own company let him go over the charges, and how they had began a love affair over that time period of working together. He recounted after a few months of how Gina had sent him pictures of Maria’s care and time and how good she was being taken care of. He told her how Gina told him about Maria and how outraged he was at first until she showed him the video of Maria playing with her toys and in her high chair and how different she was now and how it could never go back to the way it was before. He was angry, but over time he had settled down and remembering Maria’s immaturity at times, realized that this was probably the best for her. In the end he said that this was the best for everyone and how happy he was with Gina.

“But Thee did thith to me! You are my huthband!” Maria squeaked out as she began to cry.

“No, our marriage was nullified because of your age. It never happened. I’m sorry Maria, but Gina is my fiancée, we are getting married.” Ryan said straightforward as he looked at the crying Maria. “I love her.”

Maria looked over at Gina and saw a wedding ring on her finger. Not just any wedding ring either, it was Maria’s old ring-though now with several more bands and diamonds! It had been some time and a lot of changes, but this one hit Maria the hardest. Her husband had knowingly allowed this to happen to her or at least continue to happen to her- and now was engaged to the woman who did this to her and stole her life. She stuttered and nothing came out, she had been hit with an emotional gut punch and her life no longer made sense.

“Now now dear, don’t cry; this is good news.” Gina said as she pulled out a tissue to wipe Maria’s tears away. “You get to be a flower girl in our wedding.”

Maria had a lot of shocks today, but this one took the cake. Her arch rival, the woman who had stolen her body, life and adulthood and now husband had one final nail in the coffin. Maria couldn’t take it and began to cry as she fell down to the floor sobbing. Gina picked up the little woman and carried her to her bedroom. Maria just didn’t care, she was mad/angry/sad/hurt and had no idea of how to convey her emotions. She was crying so much she hadn’t even noticed when Gina had left the room to her crying in her bed.

She didn’t sleep much that night as her mind raced with all the events of the recent revelation. Her fading hope was that Ryan was still out there working for her freedom and coming for her. With no family and no friends to speak of, for the first time Maria felt truly alone.

Even if she could escape, where would she go? She was listed as a minor with the state and it would be next to impossible to convince them otherwise looking like she did. She had no money, no place to go. They could leave the door open tomorrow and she could leave, but to the unknown. Her mind started to justify staying with Gina for the time just to get her feet back under her and figure out something else. She just had to keep going, something would come up…

The next few weeks were a blur to Maria as Ryan had moved into the house with Gina, she still had her Nanny and Klaus taking care of her as Gina and Ryan went to dinners and horseback riding and all the other activities that couples do in between the hubbub of planning their wedding.

Maria knew that there was no saving grace for her. Her hope of Ryan finding her and rescuing her from this situation had ended in futility as he not only knew about her situation; but he had enabled it to happen. She had tried speaking to him alone about it and he was nonchalant as if it was no big deal. He didn’t spend anytime with her alone as there was no way Gina would’ve allowed it. He no longer saw Maria as a sexual object or even his wife anymore. She was going to be his pseudo-stepdaughter and that was it.

Maria had dreamt of being rescued of having surgery to get boobs again and to have her hair grow out again and to drink fine wines and dinners and just be treated as an adult again, as a woman. Now she knew that no man would ever look at her as a sexual object or a woman ever again. It was enough for her to cry herself to sleep every night. Before the wetting started.

At first, Maria had thought it was an accident from too much liquid before bedtime; then it became more and more apparent each night. Until Rosa informed Gina of the situation.

Maria lied on the floor staring up at the ceiling as she heard the familiar noise and crinkling of a diaper as it was being pulled up her legs and around her ass. She remembered the traumatic experience from before when she had tried to escape and ended up crawling around on her hands and knees like a bald headed baby before due to the muscle retardants she was given. Now she was losing bladder control for no reason, she was walking fine and doing everything normal; but suddenly without warning she found herself wetting herself at night and now even in the daytime. She no longer had a choice but to use a diaper now.

Her wardrobe was changed to suit as well as her dresses had poofy spreads to allow the diapers underneath them. She had tried holding it and tried to keep it in. She was able to avoid soiling herself, but her bladder was another story. Nerves and anxiety overrode whatever self-control that she had before and she went at all odd times.

Rosa was quite gentle and helpful when she changed her and even Gina to her credit changed her diaper without scorn or malice. Though Maria felt humiliated having her diaper changed or even wearing a diaper at all, it wasn’t as bad as before.

“You look beautiful dear,” Rosa said as she adjusted Maria’s pink dress with the little flowers on it. Maria just smiled with her tiny teeth as she wanted to just get today over with. She was wearing her pink Mary Jane shoes and white tights which were brought up over her diaper. Her frilly pink dress poofed out but still managed to show her padded rear end. Her hair was put up in curlers with little pink bows to accentuate the look. She was long past the point of humiliation and resigned herself to this position. She was a flower girl in her ex-husbands wedding to her hated high school rival.

Maria sat at the kids table as Ryan and Gina danced together on the floor in the ballroom for their first wedding dance. She thought back to her and Ryans wedding in the chapel of love and the quick dance outside they had together In the parking lot after they had been pronounced man and wife. She had been so happy and in love, poor, but in love. She had never thought that she would end up here.

The happy couple left after the wedding and Gina had bent down and kissed the forehead of Maria before she got into the awaiting limo with Ryan. Maria was left in Rosa’s care while they went to their extended honeymoon.

The next month was one of the same old routine that she had gotten used to from before. Eat, sleep and play. She had just fallen into her role as the adult little girl. That was until…
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