A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

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A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Adobeman10 » Mon Jul 18, 2022 4:17 pm

My first story in a long while- influenced by Forsythes- A grand design- A great story-

Let me know what you think, thus far.

A Grand Design
By Adobeman 10

The Blue Rivers ball was the prestige event of the small town of Hickory. Many of the old students from the high schools and even some of the local home schooled children all attended it once a year as adults. It was a sort of town reunion for everyone as it was a chance for all those near and far to come together and reminisce about the old times and for some of the grades and classes to mix together again. Most everyone was happy and joyous at these events. Well…. Most Everyone….

“Hello Gina,” Maria said through gritted teeth as she saw her former high school adversary looking stunning in her sheer Black dress with slit on the side. Her long tan legs flawlessly extending to the floor through the lithe fabric.

Gina Metapolis was a Greek beauty that constantly competed against Maria in high school for all of her boyfriends and Prom queen and head cheerleader and anything else that they could go against each other. Gina came from a family of great means and wealth and had no problem showing it off at every occasion. They owned the local factories, mines, and government. They were rumored to have ties in organized crime which is why they had originally come to Hickory to avoid mob retaliation in the larger cities. It didn’t take long for them to be involved in all aspects of the small town. Gina was the prized gem of the family, gorgeous and smart as a whip. In addition to her vast family fortune, she had long legs and naturally curly black hair, perfect olive colored skin and towered over Maria at a height of 5’9. She was the co-captain of the cheerleading squad and everyone deferred to her except for one.

Maria’s family had come undocumented from the Dominican Republic and she was on the much shorter side. Measuring in at a miniscule 4’7, over a foot shorter than her rival. She was peppy and sweet, but could be downright Catty at times. She was the antithesis of Gina- a counter to Gina’s control over everyone else. She was the top of the pyramid in cheerleading as the other co-captain. She was very poor and her mother had left her father to raise her as a single father and all alone as a poor maintenance man at the Metapolis families local factory. Unfortunately due to his undocumented status he was unable to ever rise above his position and had to use coyote’s paperwork to get by on what little he could do. He was a good man, and a hardworking man and it crushed Maria when he passed away shortly after her graduation from a heart attack.

Maria was blessed with natural E-cup breasts something that Gina did not have naturally topping out at a large A-cup in high school. Miniscule compared with Maria- a fact that Maria loved to hammer home with her low cut blouses and dresses. At such a diminutive height, her boobs looked to cover half of her frame with their massiveness. Maria’s natural curves though went a long way with the boys in High School though and attracted the Star Forward of the Basketball team Ryan Smith. Something that never sat well with Gina who always thought Maria went after him because she was interested in him.

“Maria, I almost didn’t see you down there.” Gina said cattily.

Maria smiled as she pulled Ryan alongside her. “You remember my boyfriend… I’m sorry, I should say ‘husband’ now; Ryan.”

The normally unflappable Gina paused for a moment while she smiled at Ryan. “You look wonderful tonight Ryan.”

Ryan smiled with his perfect Ken doll looks and his 6’3 height over both women. “Thank you Gina, you look great as well”.

The pleasantries and niceties were superficial at best- but Maria reveled the entire time seeing Gina’s jealous face over her buxom chest and her handsome husband. She may have had money, but she couldn’t have Ryan.

“Well you can take this job and shove it!” Maria yelled as she tossed her name badge to the floor and exited the crafts store. She had worked a whole month there, which by her standards was the longest she had been at a job in a while. Unfortunately her attitude with authority got her into trouble yet again when she told off her boss after being over an hour late. Unfortunately due to her undocumented status she had never really been able to get higher jobs or higher education; at least that is what she told herself. In reality she was actually quite lazy and had been able to skate through high school by openly flirting and mixing with Boys and getting others to do her homework, cheat, and skirt her way by any means necessary. She was a direct contradiction to her fathers hard work ethic by cutting corners and doing anything to just barely get by. Relying mostly on the hard work of others to provide for her.

This job was just another one in a long line of menial jobs that she had gotten to placate Ryan and show him that she was ‘doing her best’ while he was doing 80 hours a week in drilling operations often taking him far from home for extended periods of time. Maria found herself coincendently getting fired at those times and used the downtime to shop from home and eat freely while watching tv.

After she turned 21 and hadn’t worked out in a while, she began to notice a little bit of weight gain. In her mind she thought about eating less and possibly working out more, but did neither while adding a bit more weight. As with everything else, Maria immediately tried to find the easy way out.

“I hate the way my thighs look,” Maria said as she posed in front of the mirror in just her panties and bra. There was a slight bit of fat on her thighs, though less than the average woman-just more noticeable given her height. “I want to get surgery and have them get all this fat off.”

“Really? I still don’t see why you need to get liposuction, you are positively beautiful.” Ryan said as he continually tried to talk his wife out of surgery. He loved her all natural figure and was opposed to surgery on a personal and financial position.

Maria crawled on the bed seductively towards her husband trying to convince him to sway her way. “Honey, you don’t understand what it’s like seeing Gina all toned, I’ve tried to work out and I can’t seem to shed any of the weight at all. I need this, please?”

As she crawled on the bed with her heavy Double E cups swaying back and forth underneath her. Ryan realized that there was no way that he was going to deny his wife what she wanted. “well I don’t know. We barely can make rent as it is, surgery is very expensive.”

“Well, what if I can convince you?” she said coyly.

Within moments Maria had mounted the now naked Ryan and began to ride his dick like a dime-store pony. She moved back and forth making sure to thrust her large Double E cups in his face with each motion. She knew he was a breast man, and she made sure to keep putting those giant tits in his face to wear him down. On her small frame, her Double E’s looked twice the size they would on a woman of normal height. At only 4’7, they looked like she was smuggling basketballs underneath her shirt most of the time.

Ryan’s eyes curled back as he got lost in the deep canyons of Maria’s impressive Cleavage-she could’ve asked for anything at that point-all he could say was. “Yes!!!!!”

The very next day, Maria wasted no time in signing up to get the lipo done-eager to have it healed and looking good for summer bikini weather. The costs was something she wasn’t anticipating though as she and Ryan had very limited funds between her not working and him taking the long jobs in Deep sea mining on rigs for weeks at a time.

She was overjoyed when they quoted a lower price, but it meant that she had to be willing to accept a cancellation at a moment’s notice- Maria didn’t care. She was getting her surgery! She could’ve danced to the moon when they called just two days later-saying they had a cancellation.

“I hate that I have to be out of town while you are getting surgery, can’t you postpone it?” Ryan said as he was packing his suitcase.

“The only reason we are getting it as cheap as we are is because I’m taking a last minute cancellation. Otherwise it would be almost three times as much.” She said as she grabbed her husbands out of town toiletries.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go on this job, if something happens I won’t even know- the drilling site is in the middle of nowhere.”

Maria knew that these jobs were few and far between given her husbands line of profession as a deep sea driller. “No, you go-we need the money dear.” She went over and gave him a deep hard kiss. “And when you get back, you will have a hot skinny wife with big Juggs that you can motorboat all day long when you return.”

Ryan smiled, he was a breast man at heart and the thought of burying his face in those mountains was something that kept him smiling for those long month jobs.

The day of the surgery Maria was very nervous; she had checked in with the nurse and had arranged for an Uber to take her home after as Ryan was out of town again on business. She had changed out of her loose fitting t-shirt as it was just a very loose fitting nightie as specified into her paper gown. She was taken aback a bit as the nurse came in and towered over the diminutive woman. Without her high heels on and just barefoot she was nearly a full foot and a half shorter than the tall nurse.

Nurse Lisa smiled seeing Maria’s discomfort and proceeded to do the paperwork for surgery. Marked as Liposuction around her butt and stomach area. She requested Maria disrobe for the measurements. Lisa towered over the woman and felt quite happy seeing her in discomfort over their different positions. This was going to be fun, she thought. Lisa realized that Maria didn’t even recognize her from her high school days; having grown over a foot since high school, exchanging glasses for contacts, and dying her mousy brown hair blonde. A girl like Maria wouldn’t have given Lisa the time of day then, now she found herself oddly jealous of the blonde girls height.

Maria did and felt slightly embarrassed standing nude before the taller nurse but then realized that it was her job and this was needed.

“Ok We have waist at 34, Hips at 38 and Butt at… 42.” The nurse repeated them to Maria who assured they were correct. “I will also need your bust size as well and height and weight.” She then proceeded to measure Maria’s prodigious breasts. “Wow, 44 inches-I bet you have a very happy boyfriend. Ok, please step on the scale and we can measure your height and weight.”

Maria blushed a little bit at the nurse’s compliments over her breasts and shuddered a bit as the cool metal was beneath her bare feet. She made sure to stand at complete attention to get her height just right.

“Ok, I have weight at 110 and Height at 4 foot 6”. She said as she jotted down the numbers.

“Um, can you make sure? I was 4’7 on my last checkup.” Maria hated to lose an inch considering her already sensitive nature about her height.

The nurse rechecked and Maria made sure to stand up as straight as possible. “Nope, definitely 4’6 and you are just barely at that, some scales might even have you at the 4’5 height. Its okay, these things can sometimes vary from office to office and people can fluctuate a bit as they grow older too.”

Maria didn’t like it, she hated when tall people lorded their height over her. She was accused of having a Napoleon Complex about her height and arguing even trivial things over her ‘short temper’. She wanted this surgery done and over and to be back home, skinny, buxom and hot.

Maria lied on her back looking up at the very sharp operating room lights. No matter how much she mentally prepared herself for this, actually going to sleep was an all together different story.

“Ok, now Im going to have you count backwards from 100 as I administer the Anesthesia.” The masked doctor said as Maria’s eyes grew heavy at even 100 and barely made it to 98. “Wow, that was quick-are you sure you didn’t give her too much?” He asked the Anesthesiologist.

“No, given it’s a 5 hour procedure; its enough to keep her down for the initial start and through the surgery.” He responded back.

“5 Hours… The doctor said as he looked at the monitor for the instructions. ‘Complete Breast reduction and nipple shrinkage’. Hmmm, for some reason I thought this was a Liposuction.” He looked down and removed the covering and a very large chest for the breast removal. “Haven’t done a full mastectomy like this for a long time. Shame though, so young too; they never realize that they don’t grow back after this no matter how much weight they gain either. Oh Well, lets proceed.”

Maria’s eyes slowly opened as she looked up and saw the ceiling of the hospital room. Wasn’t she supposed to go home in the rideshare she booked with the hospital service. She tried to move, but her body was so sore. She expected to be sore, but not this sore. Her arms and chest felt so pained.

The nurse came in and turned on the lights. “How are we doing, you’ve been out for so long-unfortunately the surgery took longer than expected so the doctor thought it would be best that we have you stay here overnight as your charts say there is no one home to take care of you.”

Maria sighed; she hated hospitals and didn’t enjoy the idea of staying here any longer than needed. “I need to go to the bathroom please.”

“Ok, let’s get you up then, you will need a bit of help walking.” She said as she went over and pulled back the covers from Maria.

At that moment Maria shrieked! As the covers were pulled back, she looked down to see her chest completely covered in bandages and her once magnificent breasts were gone!! She reached her hands to her chest to confirm that this wasn’t a nightmare and immediately winced in pain!

“Ma’am, this is a hospital; we can’t have you scream like that.” She said as she lifted Maria to sit up straight.

“My Breasts!!! They’re gone!” She was panicking as she still couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Yes Ma’am, the doctor did a great job-complete mastectomy. You had a lot up top and it took longer for the reconstruction than he had estimated.” Nurse Lisa said, as she directed Maria’s legs over the side of the bed.

“But… But… I was here for a liposuction! This is a huge mistake!” She said to the now annoyed nurse.

“No Ma’am, here is your chart and your signature. No liposuction scheduled at all.”

“No no! This isn’t right! My boobs shouldn’t be gone! I…I…” Maria was beginning to hyperventilate and the nurse began to become concerned. She didn’t need her getting an anxiety attack so soon after surgery.

As Maria kept pressing her chest and pulling at the bandages, Lisa reacted quickly before she could tear stitches or worse and injected her with a sedative. Maria collapsed like a log in her bed within as second of it hitting her system. The nurse called the doctor in and explained what happened.

“Hmmm…. It sounds like dis-associative cognition, the patient wanted surgery and is suddenly surprised at the change in appearance different from expectations or previous imagery.” He deduced.

“You should’ve seen her, perhaps it was a mix-up in patients scheduling or…” The nurse tried to offer explanations. “But, here is her signature and consent clear as day”

“If it was a mix-up in scheduling or if there was a paperwork error-then where would the error lie? Not with the surgeon, it would be the nurses’ station and exactly how would you explain that error to our malpractice insurance?” The doctor looked at the nurse with grave insinuations.

The nurse paused and reflected on the doctors words. “Its definitely what you said, she signed the forms. This is her signature and that is what she asked for.”

“Very good, I knew you would see it correctly given perspective.” He said as he took the chart and went over it. “Perhaps it would be better if we admitted her for the next week, at least until she heals up. If she is released, she’s more likely to go home and hurt herself and cause worse damage. I can go back in after a day or so and laser sculpt and remove some of the scar tissue-try and make it as perfect as possible. A patient with no scars and a finished project is generally a patient with no issues and less likely to be litigious. Or if they do become litigious, we at least have signed documentation as well as a perfect finished product.”

“What should I do with her then?” the nurse asked.

“Keep her sedated… Its for her own good, I will have Dr. Simmons from Psych write up a recommendation for sedating her based on her actions after surgery. We should only have her about a week. Notify her Emergency contact that she is staying in the resort recovery ‘for celebrities’ and she is re-cooperating there from surgery. That should tide them over until we are ready to release her.”

Nurse Lisa followed the doctors instructions to the letter. Maria was kept sedated and put on a catheter and intravenous feeding. She would gain a little weight with the high protein injections, but it would better help with the healing process. Every once in a while she would begin to stir to which the nurses station would increase the dosage putting her back into a tranquil sleep. In-between days she was wheeled into surgery where Doctor Dobe would continue his cleanup work of the mastectomy. Laser removal of scar tissue, medical lax injections to remove any bruising or discoloration, and all previous indications of larger boobs stretching or anything else was surgically removed and laser etched to remove scarring.

The final procedure was a full body skin peel, this was to better blend the surgical area with the rest of the body’s skin tone to remove any blemishes and lines and anything else that might make it look different than the rest of her. Her Latina body would no longer be as dark, but would be a much lighter shade.

Doctor Dobe looked over his patient on the table quite proud of his work. If no one knew her before, they would’ve sworn that she was flat-chested her entire life. All lines and marks and even old scars from her body had been removed with the peel and laser treatment, and even her now much tinier nipples and areola were lighter than before. It was expensive and time consuming, but it was much cheaper than a lawsuit. She would have a hard time convincing anyone of anything otherwise. She had gained a bit of weight from the intravenous feedings, but the peel even removed any stretch lines or anything else. She didn’t even have any lines on her face. He was quite proud of that, he would have to use that laser treatment for some of his older patients as it made quite a difference on her, better than botox and took years off of her appearance. Well, take some pictures for the before and after and close the file; any guff from the patient would result in all the documentation shown to show everything was done ‘As Requested’.

“Time to wake up,” Nurse Lisa said as she slowly began to roust Maria from her sleep. She had cut off her Sedatives several hours ago and it was time to wake up.

“What happened, I had the worst nightmare that…” Maria looked down and saw the bandages over her chest and began to scream before the nurse cut her off.

“We can’t have you scream again, otherwise security will have to come speak to you.” She said calmly but forcefully. “Now we are all done and ready to discharge you from the hospital.”

“But I didn’t want this! I” Maria began to panic as before.

“Ma’am, you did and here are the forms and the procedures signed by you. Now unless you want security and a psych doctor to come visit you. I would caution that if you cannot control yourself, they may have to place a 5150 hold on you. Now can you compose yourself?”

Maria knew what a 5150 was, she saw her neighbor years ago go crazy and the police came and put her in a psych ward and when she was released a year later all she did was drool and barely remember anything from before. In addition to her legal status and Ryan, she couldn’t cause any more trouble. She simply nodded to the nurse’s request.

“Good, now let’s stand you up and get the forms filled out and bandages removed so that you can go home, okay?”

Maria simply nodded as the nurse assisted her up and swung her feet to the side of the hospital bed. She didn’t have anywhere near the pain that she had before and was able to manage to her feet from the bed, though a little more wobblier than before to which the nurse assisted her.

“Ok, let’s get these bandages off so we can see the final work.” The nurse said as Maria was transfixed and watching her as she slowly unraveled the bandages from around her torso. She felt like she was staring at a car wreck, she knew it would be bad, but she also couldn’t look away. As the last bandage was removed, the nurse smiled. “Well, I must say the doctor did a spectacular job; there is no scarring whatsoever.”

She was right, Maria though In horror, there was not a single scar of what was there previously. She began hyperventilating again as she stared at her chest in shock! She wanted to scream but all that came out were gasps. She was flat! For the first time since she was a grade schooler she had nothing on her chest. Her magnificent Natural E-cups were no more, instead she saw tiny little nipples smaller than ever on a barren chest bone going straight into a small little stomach that actually stood out farther from her body than her now tiny nipples.

“The doctor did a magnificent job; I have rarely seen reductions come out this clean before. You are very lucky.”

‘Lucky’?! Thought Maria. She had beautiful Breasts before, breasts that were the envy of every woman. Now she had a chest smaller than a prepubescent boy!

“Let’s get the final measurements for your exit forms. Please come over here and stand on the scale.”

Maria did so reluctantly and wobbled a bit as her legs were still weak from being in bed so long. The nurse escorted her to the scale for a familiar procedure. Except this time she was able to see her tiny little feet on the metal scale without her boobs obscuring them anymore…

“Ok we have waist at 36, Hips at 40 and Butt at… 44.” The nurse repeated them to Maria who remembered different numbers, but couldn’t remember them exactly from before as she was still muddled. “Ok and your weight… 120 and Height 4 foot 5.”

“Wait! That can’t be right.” Maria paused to correct her. “Can you check that again?”

“Ok… Yes you are right. Weight 122, must’ve been all that hospital food right?” She smiled as she corrected the number.

“No… No, that seems wrong, but my height? It’s supposed to be 4 foot 6.” She protested even after she had protested about the 4’7 before-she settled to say 4’6.

“I’m sorry; I have you at 4’5 just above the 4’4 mark. Its okay, we have a lot of ‘little people’ come into here before. I have a patient who is only about 4’2 –just a little shorter than you.” The nurse said as she continued to fill out the form.

Maria was stunned; she had never been called a ‘little person’ before. She had always wore heels and platforms and stood straight to avoid looking smaller than she was and with certain heels she was able to get close to 5 feet even. Her smallest measurement before was 4’7 and she was even able to fudge her driver’s license to say 4’9. At 4’5 it was a whole new level reduced of height!

“Well I am going to take this to the counter and get your discharge papers filled out and then the hospital will call you a ride to take you home. Your clothes are over there on the counter and you can get dressed now; you won’t need those bandages anymore.” She smiled as she exited the room and closed the door behind her leaving a stunned and confused Maria behind.

Maria slowly stepped off the scale and confirmed it just for her satisfaction. ‘ 4’5 and 122 pounds? Had she shrunk AND gained weight? Even with no boobs?’ Maria thought. In the corner there was a full length mirror by the door and she managed to walk over there careful not to lose her balance.

Her mouth was agape as she saw her reflection… Her entire body looked different! Even with the now lack of any chest development whatsoever, her entire skin tone was different. She was very proud of her skin as a Latina woman, but while still Hispanic, she looked several shades lighter of brown to an almost light tan now. She looked at her face and was shaken by the difference. Her skin was lighter and smooth, almost no discoloration whatsoever like a small doll! She didn’t even have any lines around her eyes or smile, like any years had been erased. Looking down at the rest of herself she had to squeeze her stomach to assure herself it was real. It was like she had gained all this extra weight in her stomach and her thighs and butt-the exact thing that she came here to get reduced! Her arms shook a bit with a little extra and her body quivered a bit as she shuddered touching her sensitive nipples. She touched her nipples again and felt herself tingle as she was consumed with sexual pleasure, more than twice what she ever felt before with her larger boobs. She moved her hand down to her smooth pussy and… Smooth?

She looked down at her crotch and to her stunned surprise; it was entirely smooth to the touch! Like she had laser hair removal. She did wince a bit as it was super sensitive to her touch. She got a little wet, before she composed herself and quickly put her underwear back on. She was aroused ever so quickly by just the slightest touch. She had brought a loose fitting T-shirt pink t-shirt with a Daisy Duck on it that she had worn to bed many nights to wear home per the surgery’s instructions. As she pulled it over her head, she was dismayed that it came just above her ankles instead of her knees. ‘had she shrunk?’ That’s impossible she thought, but given how things had gotten screwed up before she was very concerned. It must have extra slack from her lack of boobs.

She grabbed her purse and made her way to the nurse’s station to check out. She was visibly annoyed that the nurse’s station counter was at the bottom of her chin. “Excuse me please, I need to check out.”

The nurse looked up from her paperwork at Maria, “I’m sorry dear, we need an adult to check you out, is your mother or father here?” She said earnestly.

“What? IM an adult! My name is Maria-Rivera Smith. I just had the surgery that you assholes fucked up!” She said very angry. How dare they call her a child after they fucked up her surgery.

“Yes ma’am, it appears we have a car waiting for your pickup in the entry area. We have your travel bag outside as well.”

“Thank you for nothing!” Maria said as she ripped the paperwork out of the nurses hands and huffed and puffed as she exited the hospital in loose fitting Daisy Duck T-Shirt and her tiny little sandals.

Lisa stood completely satisfied with the end results of seeing the arrogant Maria brought down a few pegs. The fact that she was paid handsomely for her cooperation was only icing on the cake.
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Vended » Mon Jul 18, 2022 11:26 pm

Awesome to see you back ! ^^
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby fuccx » Wed Jul 20, 2022 7:31 am

I would like to see how Gina will humility her further. Maybe adopt her as her new mother is a good idea.
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Wed Jul 20, 2022 7:44 am

Great story! I love it! It's really awesome to have you back writing epic stories! :D
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Adobeman10 » Wed Jul 20, 2022 12:45 pm

Theres more coming- but there are a few parts of the short story that I may add on later- but going to re-edit the bridge part- and Fuccx- you are on the right track
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Vended » Wed Jul 20, 2022 2:47 pm

Oh, now the hospital purposely trapped her to remove an embarassing problem ?
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby lendani » Wed Jul 20, 2022 7:19 pm

Great story, cant wait for the next installments. So good to have you back writing agsin
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Sugarman » Thu Jul 21, 2022 6:34 pm

Great to see you posting again. This is a great story and feels like yours. I hope there are more in the works and we'll see them in future.
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

Postby Adobeman10 » Fri Jul 22, 2022 12:14 pm

PART 2- I added a little bit, but this part mearly serves as a bridge- so its very quick paced and It jumps to specific scenes leaving the reader to decipher the little things that are in between the breaks- I just dont have time to break it down further- but would love for an author to come along and patch some stuff up if they wish to. Anyway, here is Part 2

Maria sighed as she exited the UBER to the house; it was another week at least until Ryan was home. She wanted to see him, but at the same time was nervous about how he would take her change. She fought for the surgery against his wishes and he would think she did it; she had playfully complained about her breasts before to him even threatening to reduce them, knowing he was a boob guy and would be devastated if he did.

She put her to-go bag down on the counter and pulled the nightie off over her head and stepped out of her slippers to stand fully naked once again in front of the full length mirror. She posed and looked at her body. She had her curves, thank heavens for that-but was missing so much more. Her thighs were smooth and toned, but her short height made them look all the more squat. Her tiny feet before were considered sexy and demure, but now they were just so small against her curvy frame. She brought her hands to her chest and instantly felt aroused. She only lightly touched her nipples and felt electricity of it down her spine.

She began to massage her nipples while simultaneous rubbing her pussy. She was excited, sexually excited like never before either. She lied back on the bed and rubbed her tiny nipples while taking her toys to enter her like never before. She screamed in excitement so loudly she was scared the neighbors might’ve heard her and complained.

As she lied there covered in sweat naked on her sheets. She felt the vacancy of her chest and the missing breasts. She had often brought herself to climax before, but never like this. This was an all-new experience. Maybe it was the chemical peel or something else- but it felt like everything in her body was super-sensitive.

“Ma’am you will need to exit the car.” The officer said plainly.

“Why? What did I do?!” Maria started to get a little worried and annoyed at even being pulled over. She had taken Ryan’s truck to town to go purchase some new clothes and to clear her malaise of the depressing surgery and her new flat appearance. Shopping always made her feel better, even when she had no money to pay for it. The flashing blue and red lights on the other hand made her feel smaller than ever. She had hoped for a quick journey and grabbed Ryan’s car even though it looked like a child in a big wheels- she had no vehicle of her own to take.

“Now ma’am.” The officer said as he opened the door.

Maria saw he was quite furious and unbuckled and exited the car. She stood next to the car while he went back to the vehicle and entered some numbers as Maria sat there worrying. She saw the looks of all the rubbernecking drivers as they wondered why this woman had been pulled over.

In her little sun dress with her boobs before- she would’ve looked like a trucker’s wet dream on the side of the road. Now she looked like a little overweight teenager that violated some vehicle ordinance.

She was slightly relieved when the officer came back thinking it was all an easily fixable mistake.

“Ma’am I’m going to have to confiscate this license and tow the vehicle.” He said

“What!? Why?!” Maria started to panic.

“Ma’am, this license says you are 4’9 in height. Though looking at you, that’s most definitely not correct. The legal height minimum for operating a vehicle in this state is 4’8. With that booster underneath you driving, you are a hazard. Therefor this license is incorrect and unusable. The vehicle will be towed to impound where its owner Ryan Smith can pick it up with the tow fees.”

“No you don’t understand, I’ve driven before-I’ve never had this issue!” Maria pleaded.

“Miss, it is not my concern what you have done before, just what I have witnessed now. Now if you like I can arrest you for public endangerment on top of it. Would that suffice?” He said sternly.

Maria knew she was beat and worse she had just gotten Ryan’s truck towed. She reluctantly shook her head ‘no’.

“Very well, I can take you to town and you can arrange for transportation from there. Your vehicle will be at the impound lot and Mr. Smith can come and pick it up there.” The officer stated while he walked the now visibly shaken Maria back to his Patrol Car. Maria sat in the back seat of the patrol car wondering how her day could get any worse.

“Ma’am we do have a junior miss collection, I believe you might find something more your size in that area.” She said with a smirk to the very unhappy short woman.

“I’m not a junior miss anything! I’m just looking for clothes in my size!” Maria yelled at the exasperated employee. She had spent over an hour in the store and the smallest ladies sizes were all much too large on her and the ones that she got wide enough for her ass and lower body were all billowing on her top. There was nothing in her size or stature that fit her without either being too big up top for the newly flat-chested woman, too long, or too tight on the bottom.

“Well ma’am, I apologize as we don’t have anything in your ‘limited stature’ in the adult section.” She said with a smirk.

Maria had experienced enough and through down the rack of clothes she had to try on and huffed and puffed out the store. Shopping had been one of her highlights before, now with her current look and lack of chest- she found it to be another painful reminder of what she had before the surgery. It was tough to find clothes before. Now she was finding it to be next to impossible.

She walked all around the complex trying to find a different store. The teenage stories were too young, and the adult stores were all too large. She finally settled on a Ross for Less that generally boasted sizes for even the oddest of body shapes.

She spent nearly two hours in the store and assembled a large pile of clothes that were a mismatched assortment of tops and bottoms from dresses to skirts to everything inbetween. She needed clothes and she began to settle on the mindset that she may not get exactly what she wanted.

One hour later as the employees watched yet another set of clothes go back in the ‘fold them and return to rack pile’ they were losing their patience with the small short tempered woman. Maria on the other hand, ignored their attitudes and tried to arrange the top that was much more flattering to her now flattened chest. It was no use though. Every outfit she tried on was either way too loose around the top or absolutely oversized for her small frame. The items in her size were ‘teen wear’ and young adult- Items a 21 year old married woman did not want to be wearing.

After an 8 hour grueling day, she finally settled on about 5 outfits total and some assorted tops. Adding to the poor cashiers situation- she ended up spreading the payments across 5 different credit cards.

She pulled all the bags together and hustled out to the awaiting Uber. Jumping into the rear with the bags, she was exhausted after a long day of not getting what she wanted. She was relieved when she pulled into the apartment complex as she just wanted to go lie down and get some rest.

She was startled when she heard a familiar voice behind her…


Ryan just sat there in the kitchen dumbfounded listening to his sobbing wife go through her entire ordeal. From the botched surgery to the loss of his car to spending a couple thousand that they couldn’t afford on new clothes. It was as if every single sentence she was saying to him was yet another layer of icing on the shit cake he was being fed. He found himself more in shock than anything else. He lost his car, money, and a big breasted wife. He was amazingly taking it all in stride.

After what appeared to be a break in the speech, he simply smiled and hugged his wife and lied. “its okay dear, its going to be all ok.”

Ryan was sitting on the couch waiting for his wife to put something on so they could get something to eat. The last week had pushed his patience with her as far as it could go. They went through this ordeal EVERY time she had to leave the house. The cavalcade of clothing.

Maria was trying on various outfits in the mirror with no luck. She wanted to look sexy again-even for a short time out- and was failing to accomplish it with dress’s that made her look younger instead of older. Any lines on her face were long gone with the skin peel and while she was lucky to have very little aging at 21, the peel actually removed what little definition that she did have. Now her cheeks looked almost porcelain with such a smooth features on it like a small child. With her diminutive height and nothing up top, she looked more 12 and less 21.

Ryan watched in impatience as his wife tried on every outfit, and was amazed at the transformation. Her height was one of the things that he found very sexy when he was in high school as she was much smaller than him and it allowed him to feel like the big strong protector and with her Boobs; she was a sexy woman in a small package. As he watched her dress now, he was not as turned on as he was before; if anything he felt shame for some odd reason. She was his wife and they had been intimate with each other since high school, but seeing her like this-something didn’t feel right about it.

Maria tried everything and finally settled on a Sun Dress to put on. With her lack of cleavage the top of the sun dress stuck to her chest more and billowed out by her hips and butt creating a pear type look. “Damn it! This is the best I have, its just going to have to do.” She said as she grabbed a pair of white sneakers to go with it.

“You look cute honey,” Ryan said as to try and smooth things over with his wife. He could see her noticeable frustration with it all.

Maria groaned, she wasn’t looking for ‘cute’, she was looking for sexy, alluring or anything besides cute. She hated how she looked now, she wanted to just go back and change things back to the way they were, even with the extra weight which then was less than what she currently sported. She would have to settle for that compliment for the foreseeable future.

Maria entered the bedroom wearing her pink see-thru negligee along with the sheer white stockings. Normally her boobs would’ve filled it out, but with her vacant chest-her nipples pressed behind the fabric making it look oversized on her. She forgo’d panties, but without any hair down there she looked a little different wearing it. “Have you been waiting for me?” She said as seductively as she could.

As she climbed on the bed, she slowly removed her sheer stockings followed by the loose fitting negligee. She saw Ryan’s disappointment when she moved her hands exposing her empty chest. She knew he wasn’t excited, so she was determined to turn him on and began to rub her hands all over her body. Its effect wasn’t as she intended as Ryan yawned during her ‘seductive’ show. Though his touch turned her on in a way she had never felt. She wanted to excite him as well.

Maria grinded her ass over Ryan’s chest and then turned around to kiss his chest all the way down to his groin. ‘He’s still soft?’ she noticed after everything she had done to seduce him. He hadn’t even gotten slightly stiff.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” Maria said as she continued to lick Ryan’s flaccid penis to encourage an erection. She was doing everything she could and he was a limp as a noodle.

Ryan was trying to get an erection; he knew his wife’s feelings were very vulnerable at the time because of the surgery. He closed his eyes and tried imagining her how she was and when that didn’t work, he began to think of his exes and porn. Nothing was working. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get over the way she looked. With her youthful appearance, flat chest, and short height; the woman he loved who was his gorgeous 21 year old hot wife a few weeks ago looked too young and not sexy to him anymore. Some men loved when their wives or girlfriends dressed up in baby-doll type lingerie and such, he just never saw the attraction and though it was quite sick in some respects.

“I’m sorry dear, I’m just tired and I have a headache.” Was all he could say to his wife’s efforts.

Maria tried a little more, but finally gave up as Ryan fell asleep watching Late Night. Maria still unsatisfied with how the evening went; waited until Ryan was asleep to go the bathroom. There she sat on the closed toilet tossing the negligee aside as she played with her nipples and grew very aroused and she started to play with herself until she climaxed with a silent scream of pleasure. Ever since her surgery she found herself more and more aroused and sensitive to the touch- which created a problem with Ryan losing his arousal- she had to find something to do to spice it up with him.

“We needed this Honey, a break from everything. Maybe when we get to the motel, you and I can…” She said alluringly as she tried to sex it up a bit. She had booked a small romantic getaway for the two of them in the nearby town at a small little hotel. They hadn’t had sex to completion once since Ryan had returned always with a different excuse. Tired/headache/etc. She had heard it all and she was growing tired of it. She had always managed to get him to cum quickly, now it was next to impossible. She was beginning to lose confidence even more due to her lack of breasts.

“Actually I was hoping to get some food and maybe a quick nap in, if that is ok.” Ryan said trying to change the subject away from it. They hadn’t finished sex once since his return. She was getting frustrated and he was getting annoyed with the lack of release as well.

Maria opened her robe sitting next to him to reveal that she was wearing NOTHING underneath. “I was thinking that maybe I could give you a little.. fun, while you drove?” She smiled as she reached her hands into his pants and tried to excite him with no luck. Even naked underneath her robe, she was not provoking any stimulation from him at all.

His thoughts were interrupted by the flashing of red and blue lights immediately behind him.

“Oh what now…” Ryan said as he reluctantly pulled to the side of the road.

Ryan and Maria stood next to the vehicle while one state trooper went back to the car and ran their ID’s and the other watched them. Maria was notably uncomfortable being barefoot and wearing just her robe. What she thought was going to be some spontaneous sexual fun was quickly turning into a humiliating experience. Standing well over a foot and a half shorter than Ryan, she imagined she looked quite the sight with just the Robe for covering on the side of the road.

The one trooper exited his patrol car and walked to the other trooper where they briefly talked in low tones before they started walking towards the couple.

"I’m sorry miss you will need to come with us." The state trooper said stoically as he grabbed the diminutive Maria by the arm.

"What are you doing? Unhand me!" Maria yelled.

Ryan stood up from the car and proceeded to shove the trooper away from his wife only to have the other trooper come from nowhere and knock him to the ground proceeding to handcuff him behind his back.

"Ryan!" Maria yelled as the other trooper went over to grab her. She panicked seeing Ryan forced to the ground on his face while the trooper was handcuffing him. Her fight or flight response ended with her running off the roadside into the nearby wooded area barefoot.

Maria ran gingerly barefoot through the wooded area trying to escape the officer. Why had she ran?’ she thought to herself as she jumped over some branches left in the yard. It was too late she thought to question it now. Whether they caught her or not-she was evading an officer and it was better to run than get caught.

She kept running as she heard the officer’s voice behind her telling her to stop and to get back there. She was in full panic mode and even more so, when she ran past a bush to have her robe snag on it. She tried to pull it free with all her might, but it was now ripping with the bush. She saw the officer about 100 yards back and left the robe and kept running.

Maria was now running fully naked through the woods. She regretted going nude and barefoot to try and turn on Ryan in the car and now found herself fully streaking through the wooded area. She was never much of an athlete in high school and now was less agile with her extra weight and naked feet. She didn’t even see the branch until she tripped and went headfirst into the muddy puddle.

As she righted herself sitting Nude in muddy water, the office slowly approached her… “Miss, you need to come with me.”

Maria tried to keep the blanket over her covered as to not expose her nude muddy self and dangled her feet underneath the chair in the police office while she awaited her fate. She thought about running or escaping somehow again, but then where would she go? She didn’t have any money or her phone or anything to get any help. The office across from her at the desk was on the phone nodding and saying things like ‘uh-huh yeah, and I understand’. She was anticipating his response when he finally hung up.

“Well the good news is that we found someone to take care of you for the time being. Mrs. Johnson’s foster care is sending someone over now to pick you up.”

“What? Foster Care, what are you talking about?” She said confused.

“Miss, I’m growing tired of playing games with you. I have the report right here showing you missing from the Katchase school of wayward girls less than 7 days ago. Maria Santiago age-12, last seen on the highway you were spotted on with Mr. Smith.”

“No, you don’t understand; this is all a huge mistake! I’m 21 years old, my name is Maria Rivera-Smith! Ask my husband, he will tell you.”

“Well Mr. Smith is currently in holding for booking for ‘child endangerment’, it is absolutely against the law to be amorous with a minor and we found you nude in his vehicle. He is looking at stiff prison time. Now, according to your file; you ran away from Katchase foster care home in Iowa and have been considered missing for several days now. This being Utah, we don’t take too kindly to men transporting minors across state lines. Now we are placing you with Mrs. Johnson until the child welfare people decide what to do with you.”

“I’m not a minor! I’m 21 years old! Look up my maiden name Maria Rivera; I went to State Springs High School. I have a driver’s license and everything!” She pleaded.

“Well I don’t know what to believe, as you can see there is no Maria Rivera. There is a Maria Santiago that disappeared from Katchase foster care.” He spun the monitor so that Maria could see it.

Her mouth dropped as there is was on his screen. Maria Santiago-age 12 and it had her picture attached to it from the hospital! “No, that’s not right.”

“Well you can take it up with Mrs. Johnson later as you are officially no longer my problem.” He said as he rose from the desk to greet the large imposing woman that had just entered the station.
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Re: A Grand Design- HU,SW,BR, Loss of Status and adulthood.

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Hope Gina can show up in the part 3. The comparsion between them now would be so interesting.
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