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Early autumn, an uneventful Saturday afternoon, Katie Johansson had all but finished preparing for her lunch date with her best friend, Annabelle Rawlings.

Katie’s hazel-brown hair skimming her shoulders, her delicate features held mildly puffy cheeks, a comfortable looking football jersey and blue jeans upon her nimble trim figure.

The sound coming from the family room was loud and noisy, obviously her brother Ned was in an arduous struggle rescuing the universe via his video game.

While Katie akin to Annabelle were preppy types, Ned was a dye in the wool geek.
Ned’s brown hair was in dire need of a comb, a mild case of acne peppering his face while his nearly overweight body looked redundantly sloppy in a basic black colored T-shirt and washed out sweats of a navy blue hue.

Katie was privy that Ned was very smitten with Annabelle, and couldn’t resist a little good-humored teasing.

“Ned, your girlfriend is stopping by”, Katie hummed as she entered the family room.

Ned was indeed infatuated with Annabelle but even he knew the odds of him winning her favor were against him.

First off, Annabelle was the exact definition of cheesecake; beauteous females weren’t attracted to squares. Secondly, Annabelle was adventurous, outgoing and perky. Ned was something of a milquetoast, barely sociable outside of his close nit circle of friends. And third, Annabelle was a college freshman, Ned was in his senior year of high school, college chicks never dated high school guys.

Katie approached her brother, a mischievous smile adding dimples to her cheeks, “You should join us for lunch, Ned. Annabelle just broke up with her boyfriend, so you’ll have an opportunity to put your moves on her.”

“What?” Ned squeaked, “Even if you were being honest about inviting me, it’s illogical that Annabelle would like me.
She’s into pretty boys and athletes.”

“I guess that’s a no, you won’t be joining us for lunch”, Katie all but giggled.

Ned resumed playing his game, his tone as indifferent as his expression, “Typical of you, deliberately flaunting something I can’t have.”

“You’re such a dork”, Katie replied with a cheesy smile.

Eventually Annabelle arrived over at the quaint suburban residence in upstate New York.

Annabelle’s chocolate brown hair bouncing over her shoulders, portraying her picturesque features, her buxom hourglass figure to the nines in a frilly ivory colored blouse and gray slacks.

Truth be told Katie was a tiny bit envious of her friend. Katie was pretty and had an appealing figure in her own right but Annabelle was an authentic knock out.

Classical features, locks of sheer radiance and her tear drop shaped jugs were a 38-C, compared to Katie’s congenial facial appearance, nice hair and breasts size of 32-B.

Annabelle popped into the family room to say hello to Ned, the young man lowered his eyes and blushed. “Hi, Anna.”

“You’re about the only person who can call me Anna with enthusiasm, anybody else says it and it comes off like I’m a dumpy fat girl.”

‘The only person’ not guy or man, the thought lingered within Ned’s mind, “She’ll never recognize me as anything but her best friend’s younger brother.”

“I won’t keep you from your game”, Annabelle chirped, “I just wanted to say hi.”

Ned nodded, “Have a nice lunch, Anna.”


The friends walked at a leisurely pace to Annabelle’s car, Katie causally relating, “You made Ned’s day, he’s so awfully fond of you. “

Annabelle wrapped a generous amount of her locks around her fingers, “Well Ned is a nice guy, a bit unvarnished but he’ll eventually find his groove.”

“I think you’re the only girl that Ned ever liked that isn’t a big chunk-o!” Katie giddily professed, “My brother happens to be a chub chaser.”

Annabelle elevated her eyebrows, a humorous grin to her lips, “Thunder babes and geeks need love too! Ned keeps on being a sweet touch; he’ll make some nice girl very happy.”

Katie frivolously rattled off, “You meant make some fat girl very happy!”

Annabelle’s funky grin preceded her buoyant chuckle, “Possibly _ yeah.”


The restaurant was lavish but comfortable, jammed packed and then some, the females were expected to wait for a table. Katie was greatly impressed in the manner that Annabelle cajoled the maitre d’ in getting them promoted to the top of the waiting list, sooner rather than later securing a table. Annabelle exerted her feminine charms and too a small degree her stunning appearance, there’s was no question concerning her self-confidence.

Making way to their table Katie was responsive to the collection of heads Annabelle turned, not that she wasn’t checked out as well but Annabelle’s throng of smiling eyes out numbered her by a wide margin.

The friends were seated and promptly presented with menus.

“Gosh, I think I’m going to have a big plate of pasta!” Annabelle roguishly snickered.

“You’re kidding!” Katie peeped, “Pasta makes you bloated.”

Annabelle pushed back her long wandering bangs, “It’s not like I’ll stay fat, my swollen tummy will be back to normal within hours.”

“Well if per chance you stay plump at least my brother will find you attractive”, Katie smiled.

“Isn’t that the truth”, Annabelle smiled back, “but I’m afraid he’ll be disappointed because I have no intention in getting even a little bit chubby.”

Katie shook her head, pausing a minute to analyze Annabelle’s enthralling features.

Annabelle’s face was oval shaped, classical features including high cheekbones and perfect nose.
Katie used her imagination, a well-fed Annabelle would have a rather chubby looking face, but then her breasts would be bigger yet, but big cow boobs aren’t so flattering_.”

Katie closed her eyes and dropped her head, truly embarrassed about her inner thoughts.
Annabelle was her best friend, wishing that she would fatten up was despicable.

“Something the matter?” asked Annabelle.

Katie lifted her face toward Annabelle, “Nothing at all, I’m fine.”

Annabelle did order the pasta, large Cesar salad and garlic bread on the side.
Katie had the prime rib with a generic salad and baked potato.

“What about next Saturday night?” Katie inquired, “You’re still going to Sally Romanov’s soiree.”

Annabelle daintily wiped her lips, “That’s a couples event; I’ll feel uncomfortable sans significant other.”

“It’s not like there aren’t other guys who would chaperone you.”

Annabelle nodded, waiting until she fully swallowed her food before responding, “That there are but given the fact it’s more of a personnel gathering with couples deeply in committed relationships, going with a date would be going against the grain.”

“I know better than to try talking you into going”, Katie answered back, “but if you change your mind you’re welcome to come with me and Mike.”

“Oh yeah”, Annabelle comically grinned, “Being the third wheel sounds like fun.”
“Well if you find yourself with nothing to do Saturday, you could always go with my brother to the Weird World Comic Con!” Katie jokingly suggested.

Annabelle good-naturedly played along, “That might be interesting, will his friends have dates?”

Katie eased back in her chair, “Not really, I mean they do attend the convention with a few girls but I highly doubt there’s any romantic attachment, this includes my brother. The last girl that dated Ned broke up with him because of anxiety attacks.”

Annabelle half-smiled, “Well if nothing promising on my social carte du jour comes up maybe I’ll consider joining Ned at geek fest. If anything, just to inspire the jealousy of his friends.”

“That’s too easy, Annabelle”, Katie rambunctiously giggled.
“The girls they hang with are either very skinny or chunky, not excluding their inept sense of fashion; you’d be the center of attention.”

“It wouldn’t boon so well for those nerd girls if I tagged along, now would it”, Annabelle warbled with a blank stare. “I won’t deny I can be superficial at times, even conceited but pushing them into the background while I take center stage isn’t very amusing.”

Katie slanted her face upward in thought, “Hmmmmmm.”

Annabelle snared the final portion of pasta unto her fork with use of the last piece of garlic bread, consuming the food in its entirety just as Katie announced her brainstorm.

“You can tone down your looks_.”

“Go without makeup, leave my hair untouched?” Annabelle smiled as she interrupted Katie.

“No!” Katie screeched with laughter, “We can give you a makeover but in this case I think a better definition would be a make-under.”

Annabelle joined in on the gaiety of the moment and giggled, “You want to make me look ugly?”

“Not ugly! Dorky, dumpy, a geek.”

Annabelle acknowledged Katie with a reflective expression, “Well, speaking intelligently that would make sense. None of Ned’s friends would buy the idea of me dating him, nothing personnel but we’re in opposing leagues.”

“Good thing you’re not too superficial”, Katie teasingly replied.

Annabelle gazed over her puffy tummy, a notorious side effect of the pasta, slowly brushing her fingers over the bubbly surface, “I could pick up a couple cans of Ajax spaghetti, have them for breakfast, then wear slacks that sort of flaunt my swollen belly.”

“Right!” Katie chimed in, “And what you do wear can’t be anything expensive or matches.”

“And no cosmetics or jewelry, can you think of anything else?”

Katie looked at Annabelle with a wide smile, “Your hair. Get it trimmed a little shorter than usual and we can come up with some kind of ridiculous style.”

Annabelle sipped her cola, “Sure, and you know what! My mom has reading glasses from Walgreens, their black and plain looking, since they cost practically nothing, I’ll buy a pair.”

“Oh yes, and you have to put some tape between the lenses”, Katie boldly concurred.

Annabelle firmly patted her inflated tummy with both hands and comically remarked, “Never thought I’d willingly be in favor of packing some lil bit of pudge on my belly.”

“But it’s only for an afternoon”, Annabelle added.

There was distinct puffiness to Annabelle’s tummy, a small globular bulge that hijacked the uniformity of her enchanting figure. Katie had noticed several times before how the consumption of pasta would momentarily spoil Annabelle’s figure. The technicalities that stirred Katie’s envy elicited her imagination again, visualizing her friend with a well-rounded potbelly that would easily downgrade her appearance.

“Ug!” Katie groaned upon snapping out of the illusion.

“What’s up with that?” Annabelle chuckled.

Katie kept her thoughts to herself and was economical with the truth, “Oh, just sort of thinking about your makeover, rather make-under.”
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“I’m a little curious too”, Annabelle excitedly replied.
“Making me look like a nerd should be amusing especially since I’m very high maintenance.”

Katie acknowledged Annabelle’s comment with a bizarre but legitimate logically point.
“Yes, Annabelle, you are very high maintenance, it’s a part of your personality you have to resist.”

“I can handle that!” Annabelle confidently peeped.

Katie leaned toward her friend, “For this to work you need to ignore your finer attributes.
Conduct yourself like the type of girl who has never been popular, lackluster in her appearance and socially inept.”

“That’s a lot on the table”, said Annabelle with a perplexed grin, “But I’ll have your brother convinced that I’ve always been a geeky babe.”

Katie shook her head, “Well then my brother will be bowled over with his date.”


Annabelle and Katie had plans to mingle with a few other friends that evening and as was their custom, would have a change of wardrobe before the evening’s festivities would begin.

Katie was the first to exchange her attire for something much more stylish, Annabelle joining her friend at her residence, an ample opportunity to drop the idea of attending the comic book convention with Ned into his lap.

Once Katie had steered herself into her bedroom, Annabelle joined Ned in the family room, taking a seat beside him on the couch while he played his video game.
Ned discreetly yet nervously glimpsed Annabelle perched on the couch, leaning in his direction.
Annabelle smiled at the young man, her fingers running through her lustrous locks, “How’s it going, Ned?”

Ned blinked, “Um, its okay. Just playing my game.”

Annabelle inched closer to Ned, “I’ve known you for a long time, Ned. Since Katie and I were high school sophomores.”

“I know”, Ned gawkily snorted as he paused his game, then looked at Annabelle with his big eyes overloaded with a vulnerable sparkle, “You’re Katie’s BFF, I like that, you’re a very nice person.”

“Oh you think I’m more than nice!” Annabelle giggled, “But that’s a topic for some other time.”

Ned shrugged his shoulders, wheezing out loud before nodding, “Sure … sure?”

“You see, Ned”, Annabelle warmly smiled, “I was invited to this party, actually more of an extravagant social event, next Saturday night. However, as you’re probably aware, I ended my relationship with Bruce and I wouldn’t think of participating without an accompanying male.”

Ned ran his hand through his greasy hair, “Wow! You’re asking me to take you? Cool! But like I have this convention …. Comic book convention but I could like leave toat …totally early ….”

Annabelle grabbed Ned’s hand, squeezing it as she interrupted him, “Whoa, slow down boy, let me finish!”

“Oh, oh, I comprehend”, Ned pessimistically sighed, “You wanna know if I know any cool guys who’d take you.”

Annabelle giggled, “Don’t sell yourself short, I’m sure you’re cool in your own way.”

Ned half-smiled, unconsciously squeezing Annabelle’s fingers so hard that she removed her grip.

“Thing is, I’d feel out of place going to this social event without a steady boyfriend, and since as it stands right now, I have nothing to do on Saturday.”

Ned reached over, grabbing the jumbo-size bag of potato chips on the coffee table, considered out loud Annabelle’s quandary.

“Well, you could go to the movies or I can loan you my copies of Star Wars or maybe you could_.”

Annabelle smoothly smiled, replying as she fluttered her eyes, “What if you take me to that Weird World Comic Book Convention you’re going to?”

Ned silently gaped at Annabelle in shock.

“I mean, I’ve known you for a long time, Ned. It’s long overdue that we hang out together without Katie around. Right?”

Ned remained in utter amazement.

“Your friends, they’re taking girls, you should too”, Annabelle sweetly hummed. “I’ll be your date the entire day as long as it lasts. Well, what do you think?”

Ned blinked himself back into reality, “Oh wow, you being super straightforward indubitably honest.”

Annabelle giggled, “Yes, Ned.”

“You like comic books and science fiction?” Ned squeaked.

Annabelle smirked in thought, what harm would there be if she amended the truth just to please Ned.

“There’s so much you don’t know about me, Ned. Various little items that’ll surprise you”, Annabelle happily stated, “This outing will give us the chance to become better acquainted with each other.”

It was then that Ned noticed that Annabelle’s tummy wasn’t especially flat and he anxiously sighed.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Annabelle breezily responded, apparently unaware of the reason behind Ned’s sigh.

“But please tell me something about the other girls who are going just so I won’t put them to shame with what I wear.”

Ned cleared his throat, speaking a mile a minute in a nasally drone, “Um, these other girls are not our girlfriends, not really, they just hang out with us. Me and Bobby and Roger. But like there’s_.”

Annabelle intensely listened as Ned blathered about their female companions.
Four of them in all, a couple of them in budding relationships within this clique of geeks, basically uncomplicated in appearance and behavior.

Ned resumed his game, his jubilant mood worn well on his face.

“You get into video games at all?”

Annabelle brought her vision unto the TV screen, never really interested in video games, Annabelle pretended to the contrary, “I think video games are cool, maybe after the convention you could teach me about this game, if we’re not home too late.”

“Curfew, huh?” Ned squeaked.

Obviously a twenty-year old college student didn’t have a curfew but Annabelle kept right up with the shenanigans, “Something like that. But I’ll definitely see if I can stay out a little longer.”

This pseudo date was somewhat appealing to Annabelle’s way of thinking but she had no intention of spending the later hours of the evening with a stereotypical nerd even if it was her best friend’s brother.

After Katie had changed her clothes she quietly entered the family room, a delicate smile upon her face upon noticing Annabelle sitting in close proximity to Ned while he was tackling his video game.

“So sweet, you two would make a cute couple!” Katie announced out loud.

Annabelle and Ned turned their heads in unison, Annabelle playfully wrapping her arm around Ned’s neck, “Your brother has his share of positive qualities!”

Katie squinted in mock disgust and groaned, “Riiiighhht!”

Clearing her throat, Katie approached the pair, “Okay, Annabelle, I’m ready.”

Annabelle stood up, smiling over at Ned, “We’re set for Saturday, right?”

Ned shook his head, “Yeah, Anna! We’re …we’ll …um, we’ll have the bestest time!”

Katie grinned, pretending that she was out of the loop, inquisitively asked, “What’s up with Saturday?”

Annabelle removed herself off the couch, an ecstatic timbre to her voice, “Ned’s going to take me to the Weird World Convention!”

Katie titled her head, “Bravo for Ned, about time he asked you out, he’s been totally crazy about you since our sophomore year.”

Ned gazed over at Katie, unsure if he was embarrassed or angry, “Um, like, Anna asked me ….to take her. So?”

Annabelle smiled like a minx, “Yes, Katie. Since I wasn’t doing anything special Saturday I though this would be a nice chance to hang out with Ned. The comic book convention is a bonus but I’m really looking forward to spending time with Ned, what a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other better.”

Katie held her hands to her hips, audaciously glancing at Ned, “About time you went out with a classy babe, maybe some of Annabelle’s finesse will rub off on you.”

“Ned might just be influenced by my savoir faire or the other way around!” Annabelle lobbed it back at Katie, “Whichever it is, does it really matter as long as we’re having fun.”

Katie moved in closer to Ned, teasingly him shamelessly, “But Ned, I thought you admired chunk-o chicks, have you quit being a chub chaser?”

All Ned could do was stutter, “Well … well um ….Annabelle …I mean she’s ..she’s spec ..special ..and um …”

Annabelle joined in on the teasing, purposely pushing out her bloated belly as far out as possible, “I’m not exactly skinny, right, Ned?”

Ned couldn’t resist scoping out Annabelle’s swollen tummy, causing him to blush beet red.
“I guess? Um…” Ned wheezed in absolute nervousness, “…yes …I think …maybe…?”

Annabelle giggled, puffing up her cheeks, she manufactured a high pitch sound to her voice, “Yeah, it’s sort of difficult keeping my tummy from growing, imagine what I’d look like in a few years, anything can happen.”

Although in jest, Katie giddily agreed, “And with your appetite, I’m astonished that you’re not tubby already!”

Resuming her normal appearance, Annabelle addressed Ned, “That reminds me; I do expect my dates to treat for dinner so bring more than five dollars with you. If I feel like eating, you’ll be amazed at my appetite.”

Ned snorted, “Okay! I was planning to buy you dinner anyway.”

“There’s some hope for you, Ned, after all!” Annabelle smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair.

And with that the friends hurried over to Annabelle’s home so she could get ready for the evening.


Annabelle’s bloated belly had completely dissolved by the time she was ready for her evening out with Katie, her appearance looking nothing less than stunning in a rather snug cherry red mini-dress that boldly complimented her curvaceous figure.

Katie didn’t look half-bad herself but if an impromptu beauty pageant transpired, she’d certainly be second runner up.

Socializing way into the night at the home of Sally Romanov, Annabelle effortless secured the attention of the few male companions that dropped by. Katie, sans boyfriend Mike who was out with his pals, mainly mingled with Sally and a few other females, yet still, the few times she did manage to converse or flirt with a guy, it didn’t last very long, they all drifted back to Annabelle.

Katie couldn’t control her envy as hard as she tried. There was Annabelle with some dude hanging unto every word she said as his eyes coasted over her beauty.

Katie spitefully glared at Annabelle, her wish fueled by jealousy, “If Annabelle Rawlings could discover her inner geek and blow up like a balloon, I’d have no competition for the spotlight but my brother would have an adequate girlfriend.”

Just then Annabelle made tracks over to Katie, a spunky grin over her lips, “Logan invited me out, isn’t that fantastic. Finally I meet a guy whose worth my while.”

Katie nodded, “Oh that hipster dude, yeah, guys like him always fall for girls like you. But don’t forget you have a date with my brother for next Saturday.”

Annabelle grinned with her signature vain smile, “Opps, yeah, right. I’ll postpone it to the Saturday afterward. Logan is cool, he’ll understand. Anyway, it’ll serve me well if I don’t act too anxious in seeing him.”

“Ah, the playing hard to get routine!” Katie giggled, “That always works for you!”

Annabelle excused herself to speak with Logan, Katie still feeling envious as dictated by her thoughts, “You always have them eating candy out of your hand. I’d like to see you do that if you weren’t as charming or attractive.”

Eventually the get together came to a close and Annabelle drove Katie back home.

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As expected Ned was still playing his video game as Katie meandered into the family room.

Ned paused his game, and still overly excited about his date with Annabelle, pestered Katie with questions.

“Did Anna say anything about me?”
“Does she really want to get to know me better?”
“Is she really cool going to a comic book convention or maybe we should do something that she likes?”
“Do you have any advice?”

At first Katie refused to answer her brother, only sneering at him but then an off the wall spark ignited her own set of questions.

“We’ll play a game, Ned”, Katie mischievously smiled, “Our secret, but we both must be completely honest.”

Ned shook his head just as Katie plopped down beside him on the couch.

Ned asked who goes first in which Katie complied, “You, I suppose because you probably have ten questions to my one.”

“Advice!” Ned uncontrollably squeaked. “What does Anna like, I mean, what does Anna like in her guys ….dates, I mean.”

“You really are a dork”, Katie crankily uttered, although Ned was far too elated with going out with Annabelle to feel insulted.

“Polite, conscious of her feelings, honesty, and being smart which shouldn’t be so difficult for you. Annabelle is attracted to good looking guys but it’s a big turn off if they’re stupid.”

“Wow”, Ned blurted, “I really need to dress up then, wear my nice clothes and get a haircut and_.”

“No!” Katie snapped, “Annabelle can’t stand phonies, be yourself, she’ll respect that about you. Wear your geeky clothes and that’s that. But little brother I’ll give you a big clue on what will impress her. When at the restaurant she will tell you what she likes, when the waitress comes to take your order, Annabelle will be extremely impressed if you order for her.”

“Oh but they don’t have waitresses at Burger King”, Ned screeched.

Katie momentarily gaped at Ned before playfully punching his upper arm, “Again, no! You ninny, you don’t take a girl like Annabelle to Burger King. Take her to a nice place like Frodo’s. It’s expensive but not too expensive and they don’t have a dress code. There’s always a line but somehow I know you’ll get a table. Anyway, you’ll have a good half hour to talk while you wait just in case the love of your life isn’t her usual charming self.”

“Whatever that means?” Ned gawkily grinned. “Your turn, Katie. What’s the question?”

Katie pointed at her brother, “Remember, this stays with us, understand?”

Ned scratched his soft, marginally pudgy belly, “Yes Katie, I super cosmic promise on my pledge to treat Anna in the manner she deserves to be treated,”

“Just a yes would be sufficient”, Katie chuckled.

An awkward moment of silence and then after gaining enough courage, Katie began.

“What if Annabelle wasn’t perfect? What if she was in the chunk-o range of girls that fascinates you. Wouldn’t you still like her?”

“Damn!” Ned delightedly buzzed, “That be my dream come true!”

Katie giggled, “You have too share this with me, Ned. How FAT would you like Annabelle to get?”

Ned swerved his body toward Katie, “I … between us_.”

Katie nodded with a haughty grin.

“Big, you know, like Cindy Ramjet but nicer and with a few extra pounds.”

Katie brushed her hand over Ned’s shoulder, continuing her insane giggle, “I don’t know who that is, please elaborated.

Ned smiled from ear to ear, “Oh, Cindy is this girl in my Progressive Philosophy class who always gives me attitude about_.”

Katie flicked Ned’s forehead, “I don’t give a shit about Cindy being mean to you. I meant elaborate on Annabelle the fatty.”

“What’s there to elaborate?”, Ned grinned, “I just think if Anna let herself go and packed on the chub, she’d look even more cute than she is now.”

“Cute or would Annabelle being chubby make her more approachable to an ordinary guy rather than the cool pretty boys that she doesn’t really appreciate?” asked Katie.

Ned sighed, “Nice point, I never thought of that.”

Katie grabbed the bag of potato chips along side her brother, rambling as she modestly nibbled, “Annabelle wouldn’t be so popular if she was plus-size but she is very confident but then again, would her self-esteem plummet if she turned into a fatty?”

Ned shrugged his shoulders, “She’d still be popular with me but like I noticed Anna’s tummy this afternoon, does her weight fluctuate or something?”

In actuality Annabelle’s weight never varied, her figure only temporarily blemished if she ate pasta or other heavy dishes. However, Katie wasn’t going to tell Ned this.

“Yeah, Ned, Annabelle’s weight does fluctuate, you weren’t know this but she’s heavier than she looks. Getting her well-fed might be a trick but with the junk food you digest, Annabelle would be waddling around the house within six months if she picked up your eating habits.”

“I like her, Annabelle, even if she didn’t gain weight”, Ned admitted after a moment of guilt, “Dating her would still be amazing.”

“That’s very chivalrous, Ned, and everything”, Katie softly uttered, “but you’re not being honest. I know the type of females you’re attracted too, Anna as you call her is something of a lightweight compared to them.”

Ned shook his head in agreement, about to come clean but Katie spoke over him.
“Don’t be embarrassed or feel guilty about your desires, even if it includes a hefty version of Annabelle. Look at it this way, maybe Annabelle might become so comfortable around you she won’t worry about her dress size, fuller figured or swollen in fat you’d have no rivals for her affection, she’d blend in within your circle of friends and best yet, you’d see her as positively beautiful.”

Ned wheezed, “I never thought about it that way! Everything you said makes sense.”

Katie giggled, “You might just have an effect on Anna that will bring out her inner nerd and future as a fatty. I’ll give her a shove, the rest depends on you.”

Ned blinked in confusion, “Whatever that means. I have a couple more questions though.”

Katie promptly stood up, “I think we’re through for the night, I have an early day with your girlfriend tomorrow but I’d be willing to continue our game some other time.”

As Katie walked out of the room Ned sunk into the soft cushions of the couch and gawkily sighed, “My girlfriend.”


Friday afternoon the friends began their plan of transforming the exquisitely attractive Annabelle into a pudgy nerd. Katie was a bit more obsessive in pulling off the charade but Annabelle deemed it as being overly anxious in their harmless mischief and was soon as enthusiastic.

Katie went to the supermarket for a few items and then to a used clothing store while Annabelle went to get her hair trimmed.

Annabelle’s locks now reached about a ½ inch above her shoulders, the bangs left uncurled sweeping over her forehead. Meeting back at Annabelle’s home, Katie applauded Annabelle’s hairdo, then shared the items she picked up while shopping.
Five large cans of Acme Spaghetti with meatballs, an ointment of some such that Annabelle would apply overnight to produce pimply skin and black frame reading glasses that Katie promised to wrap construction tape between the lens.

Katie held the plastic bag in her hands that contained the used garments but dropped a few tidbits into Annabelle’s lap before revealing them.

“You’re going to have to sound like a nerd, somewhat submissive, unsure of yourself. Maybe a nasally twang or squeaky voice. Think you could do it?”

Annabelle grinned, “Yeah, sure.”

Annabelle tilled her head in thought and then whined in a ridiculously high-pitched tone, “Oh Katie does Ned like me? I mean, really, really like me?”

Katie smiled, “Perfect, very Dutch.”

Annabelle took a seat, an awarding winning smile upon her face, her voice back to normal.
“I’m trying to impersonate that cheerleader wannabe Ellen what’s her name, remember her?”

Katie acknowledged Annabelle with a funky giggle, “Yes, definitely. How many diets was she on, and she always got fatter.”

“Destiny won over”, Annabelle cattily related, “By graduation it was obvious she wasn’t cheerleading material, she really turned into a fatty.”

Katie rubbed her chin, “Yeah, some girls are just drenched in denial; it sometimes takes them a while to recognize who they really are.”

Katie subsequently brought up another item, “And you know, just to get you into the role, I think it would be a positive move if I start calling you Anna. Anna sounds awfully dorky, don’t you think?”

Annabelle was on board, “It really does resonate a dorky vibe, you’re right. Makes me sound like I’m some overweight farm girl.”

Katie’s eyes twinkled, “Wanna see what I bought you from ‘Clothes for Less‘?”

“You’re captured my curiosity”, Annabelle replied, “Please do.”

Katie couldn’t dig her hand into the plastic bag fast enough, the garments she removed made Annabelle laugh out loud.

The short sleeve top was pink in color with blue horizontal stripes; the slacks were of a plaid design with an elastic waistband. The apparel previous owned and not in the best condition.

“They don’t even match!” Annabelle wildly giggled, “They’re perfect!”

Katie inched her face toward her friend, a funny smirk over her face, “Anna, I agree, perfectly suited for a girl undeniably naïve about fashion but it isn’t like you make a big deal out of clothes anyway.”

Annabelle tilted her head and snickered, “Yeah, okay.”

Katie turned around and walked to the kitchen table, removing the cans of spaghetti along with bananas and vanilla ice cream.

“Too get the best out of your bloated tummy you’ll have two cans of spaghetti at around midnight, the rest you’ll have for breakfast and a snack before we prepare you for your date”, Katie firmly stated the details like a drill sergeant sounding off orders.

“In the meantime, I’m going to make you banana shakes, probably one every hour until it’s time for the spaghetti.”

Annabelle crinkled her nose, “Whoa, how fat do you want to make me? This is supposed to be a silly practical joke; I don’t really want to become a heifer.”

Katie began removing the various items from the cabinets that she needed to make the shakes, nonchalant in attitude and voice, “You shouldn’t worry, Anna. As I long as I’ve known you, you’re never experienced any difficulty watching your weight. A nice swollen belly is necessary to give you that dumpy look for our prank to work. I personally would like it bigger than usual, wouldn’t you be of the same opinion that all the times your belly has become puffy that it ultimately returned to normal.”

Annabelle hesitated, looking at her flat tummy she softly uttered, “Yes, I know.”

“Then don’t be so reactionary”, Said Katie as she placing the bananas into the blender.
“You know what might be amusing, think of it this way”, Katie continued, “Think of yourself as Anna.
Anna Rawlings wouldn’t be so calorie conscious, matter of fact you would habitually eat fattening food despite the effect it would have on your figure.”

“If you think that’s a positive way to look at it, I’ll play along”, Annabelle grinned, “Anyway it’s not like I’m going to make it an everyday routine.”

Katie smiled back at her friend.


An hour after midnight, after consuming five banana shakes and two cans of spaghetti with meatballs, Annabelle was stuffed.

Katie stood off to the side as Annabelle’s fingertips skimmed the surface of her distended belly.
Swollen and round, although not especially bigger. Katie’s brow wrinkled as she suggested one more can of spaghetti before going to bed.

Annabelle giggle to the contrary, “You’re kidding! I can’t eat another bite.”

Katie began opening the third can, “Tell you what, Anna. I won’t even heat it up, you can eat it straight from the can, then we’ll work on your face. Alright?”

Katie tapped her belly, and then completely surprised Katie as she actually pouted with a hint of a whine. “No, no more. I’m stuffed to the max.”

“You only think you are”, Katie said as she walked over to Annabelle with the can of spaghetti.

Annabelle groaned as Katie picked up the fork, bringing the can over her voluptuous breasts, “Shame we can’t conceal your boobs, it would be cool if you weren’t so amply-endowed.”

Annabelle grimaced, “Fat chance of that happening….”

Katie interrupting Annabelle as she brought the a bite-size portion of spaghetti to her lips, “Fat chance, what a marvelous choice of words.”

Annabelle puffed up her cheeks, heaving a disgruntle sigh, “I don’t think I can finish the whole can.”

Katie sassily replying as she slid the fork between her lips, “Such talk, Anna. You know my brother likes his girls thick.”

Annabelle sighed while chewing, “Yeah_but uuii…”

Annabelle never finished her sentence, Katie feeding her another sample of cold spaghetti.

Annabelle swallowed the mouthful, another forkful and another, protesting as she chewed, “I kin ffedm myself..Katie…”

Katie nodded, continuing feeding Annabelle, “I want to make sure you eat the entire can.”

“Damn”, Annabelle crinkled her nose, “You’re such a perfectionist, you want to pull this off more than I do but really, I can feed myself!”

Katie capitulated and handed Annabelle the can of spaghetti, although observed her every bite insuring she consumed the entire contents.

“Well I’m done with spaghetti or any kind of pasta for weeks”, Annabelle grumbled.

Katie couldn’t be happier in relating the facts, “Actually, you have 2 more cans to eat tomorrow.”

“Well, after tomorrow then”, Annabelle comically grimaced, “Ug, I feel like a big bloated hippo.”

“Let’s take care of your face now, Anna”, Katie chimed, “This stuff I bought will give you an oily complexion, causing your skin to break out.”

Annabelle had no argument about the ointment; after all, she wanted to look as geeky as possible.

Katie coached Annabelle along, instructing her not to be so stingy applying it to her forehead, cheeks and nose. “Layer it, Anna; we’ll get better results this way.”

Annabelle chuckled, “I really will look like a dork!”

Katie tapped Annabelle on the shoulder, “While you’re doing this, I’ll make you one more banana shake…”

“Oh, no, no, Katie, I’ve loaded up with enough carbs! What if I really gain weight?”

Katie couldn’t believe that the normally high strung Annabelle Rawlings was actually whining!

“I wouldn’t worry, Anna. A little more of you and Ned will be thrilled!”

Annabelle slouched toward the bathroom mirror, “But I’m overstuffed as it is!”

Katie yelled out loud on route to the kitchen, “You only think you’re overstuffed! In reality, Anna is outrageously fond of milkshakes!”

Annabelle made it back into the kitchen just as Katie had just started the blender.
“Do I really have to have another shake?”

Katie’s expression was answer enough, causing Annabelle to erratically buzz, “Once this is over with, I’m going to have to begin a diet, I’ve never …. Well, not really …to think all this just for a prank….I hope I… my figure isn’t ruined, what if Ned doesn’t appreciate the humor?”

“Easy, girl”, Katie calmly told Annabelle “Once we’re done, you’ll be amazed at the transformation, and so will Ned.”

Katie poured the contents of the blender into glass and handed it to Annabelle. “Drink up while I put tape on the glasses.”

Annabelle reluctantly consumed the shake, Katie doctoring the black frame reading glasses with construction tape.

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Annabelle opened her eyes to the cute chirping of Katie’s voice.
“Nice!” Katie said, encouraging her friend out of bed with several waves of her hand, “You don’t have a lot of pimples but the ones you do have look very nice.”

Annabelle drew her hands upward, inspecting her face with her fingertips, “Yeah, I feel them.”

“Take a look in the mirror, you’ll be pleased at the results”, Katie smiled.

Annabelle flipped off the blankets and maneuvered out of bed, Katie immediately noticing how Annabelle’s nightgown pushed away from her midsection, “Your belly got big!”

Annabelle instinctively grasped her belly; by touch she could tell that her belly had surpassed its usual swollen condition. Katie took a step toward Annabelle as she pulled the nightgown’s material at her hips; sure enough her belly had radically inflated.

Mixed feelings presided over Annabelle’s alluring features, sniffling as she uttered, “We really accomplished the trick making me look fat, my belly’s never been this bloated.”

Katie excitedly pleaded with Annabelle, “Take off the nightie, let’s get a better look!”

“Okay”, Annabelle half-smiled, “I’m curious too.”

Annabelle removed her nightgown which she handed to Katie, both of them scoping out the blossoming effect that the shakes and spaghetti had on Annabelle’s tummy.

Annabelle’s belly was basically a large bloated orb that protruded directly above her .Victoria’s Secret’s’ panties.

“Yeah, Anna, of all the times your belly’s swelled, this is the record!” Katie beamed a wide smile.

Annabelle brought her fingers to the surface of her belly, the texture a little rubbery but essentially solid, causing her to exuberantly chuckle, “I’m so relieved my belly isn’t squishy! From what I heard the softer the tissue, the harder it is to get back in shape!”

“I never heard that”, Katie uncompromisingly replied.

Annabelle glimpsed her waist and thighs, “I don’t look bigger anywhere else.”

Katie peeked around Annabelle, her vision focusing on her derriere, “Well your butt looks a little larger, puffier at any rate.”

Annabelle advance in a hurry toward the vanity table, “Wanna check out my face!”

Katie was a bit unhinged concerning the event, she had secretly hoped that other parts of Annabelle’s attractive figure would have fatten or at least became flabby as an outcome of the high calorie snacking the previous night. Then again, the miniature spurt of growth to Annabelle’s tush was a start. Then it dawned on Katie, there were still two cans of spaghetti and meatballs left for Annabelle to nourish on prior to her date. Logically Annabelle wouldn’t get fat just by eating what remained of the spaghetti but to Katie’s envious mind it was a cool watching the attractive Annabelle Rawlings gorging on fattening food.

Annabelle felt uncomfortable looking at the red pimples that had invested her forehead and cheeks.
The collection wasn’t so numerous but the overall size of the pimples made Annabelle feel sort of self-conscious for the first time in her adult life.

“We wanted to make me look like a dork”, Annabelle moodily sighed, “Another success to go along with my paunchy tummy. Ug!”

Katie walked up behind Annabelle who immediately spun around.
The friends locked eyes, Annabelle commenting that so far the make-under was working as planned, Katie bringing up the fact that there were 2 more cans of spaghetti and meatballs for her to eat before getting ready for her pseudo date with Ned.

Annabelle firmly tapped her swollen belly, the strident sound echoing through her room, “I think my tummy is large enough.”

Katie was already far ahead of Annabelle with an excuse in which would prolong her gluttonous activity, “Yes, it’s out there, nice and round but_.”

Annabelle released her hands for her bulbous gut, “But what?”

“You can’t have your tummy deflating while you’re out with Ned. Our farce has to be ongoing throughout the entire time you spend with my brother. Extra carbs will seal the deal, Anna.”

Annabelle’s pimply face became warped in thought, ultimately she agreed, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Annabelle’s eyes merged with Katie’s again, and minus a rational explanation, Annabelle announced with a silly giggle, “I’d rather have a banana shake!”

“We’re all out of bananas but what about vanilla?”

Annabelle lightly patted Katie’s shoulder as she skipped by her, “Okay! I need to get something out of my mom’s dresser, just start breakfast; I’ll be there in a minute!”

Katie strolled into the kitchen and began making breakfast.
For Katie it was a bowl of oat brand cereal and wheat toast, Annabelle’s menu consisted of spaghetti and meatballs, both cans, a vanilla shake and a package of pizza puffs.

Katie laughed out loud when Annabelle sailed into the kitchen, her stylish ‘Victoria Secrets’ panties swapped for her mom’s hip hugging white cotton skivvies.

“I kind of thought wearing these would aid in the charade, bolstering my role as a fashion dysfunctional geek!” Annabelle chimed while gliding her hand over the mature looking garment, “No sensible female our age would wear something as ridiculous as this.”

Katie’s giggle was as ambiguous as the veracity of her remark, “Very suitable, Anna, I don’t expect a girl like you would wear anything else.”

Annabelle wasn’t sure if Katie was only teasing her in jest or what, but took it on the chin and returned the giggle.

Katie was diligent with her task of preparing breakfast, in equal proportion to her private scheme.
Katie’s envious nature had won over the loyalty to her best friend, perhaps if she pushed the envelop far enough Annabelle would actually get fat and in result due to her insecurity would assume the characteristics of a typical geek!

“I like what you said”, a smiling Katie informed Annabelle, “About the ugly panties helping you get into your role. Very smart, Anna.”

Annabelle bestowed Katie a syrupy grin, “Thanks! Yeah, you know I’m very excited about this prank on Ned. I think it helps our cause if I mentally prepare for the role as well as physically, the panty gimmick really puts my mind in the right place.”

“I’m rather glad you said that”, Katie hummed, “Because I think a back story on Anna, character development you might say, will make our scheme so outrageous, Ned will be absolutely punk’d.

Annabelle scratched her cheek, the big red pimples beneath her fingertips, “Back story? What kind of back story.”

Katie eagerly placed Annabelle’s meal in front of her, subsequently grabbing her breakfast, taking a seat across from her friend.

“Eat up, Anna, I’ll explain as you enjoy your breakfast.”

“Some breakfast of the bizarre”, Annabelle chuckled, “A milkshake, spaghetti and meatballs and pizza puffs. What kind of girl would regularly eat such a breakfast that would put her figure in peril?”

Katie responded with three words, “You would, Anna.”

Annabelle sipped the shake and then daintily started on the spaghetti, a bite of pizza puff in between another longer sip of the shake and back to the spaghetti.

“It would be a positive move if you start talking like a nerd just to get ready for your_”, Katie paused for a moment, “_I mean to put things in their proper perspective.”

“Alright, Katie”, Annabelle paused from her breakfast, manufacturing a nasally tone from then on.

Katie grinned, “Very nice, Anna. You really ought to start talking like a dork too. Sort of immature and passive.

Annabelle’s eyes circled the room while in thought; upon nodding she delivered the request.

“Thank you for making me this yummy breakfast, Katie”, Annabelle droned with a goofy smile, “All my favorites!”

Katie shook her head, deliberately speaking to Annabelle as if she had always led such a subdued lifestyle and of a mediocre social rank.

“You spend a lot of time at the library, Anna. Reading those vintage romance novels and poetry, although you get a major rush when you happened to find a science textbook or something in the science fiction genre. When you’re not at the library you’re usually watching TV, programs about ancient aliens and UFO’s tickle your fancy. Of course you like movies but stuff that is geared for immature people and, you search the net for all kinds of stuff that realistic people regard as silly.
What about video games, do you enjoy them?”

Annabelle slurped away a forkful of spaghetti, then willingly went along with the ruse, playing her role to the hilt.

“Show do like em’, yeah but my boyfriend, Ned, he’s ultra superb at them, a champion winning top score on um, lots and lots of games.”

Annabelle’s voice sounded authentically high pitched with an inane nasally quality.

Katie eyed Annabelle crudely gobbling up a pizza puff, then continued, “Is Ned really your boyfriend or are you smitten with him and hope that he recognizes you?”

Annabelle rubbed the side of her face and softly snorted.
“Um, okay, yeah, Katie. Yes, Ned ain’t my boyfriend yet but I like him to the 9th degree plus 5 and I think he likes me too. He is so cool it’s weird, Ned asked me to the comic book convention, the best place ever for a first date!”

Katie remembered there were a couple more pizza puffs left, and she deserted her chair to pop them into the microwave.

“You and Ned have much in common, I can understand why you like him”, said Katie. “I suppose popular guys don’t pay much attention to you, most ignore you but that’s typical. You’ve tried to convince yourself that it’s because they’re shallow but it doesn’t really matter. Around them you feel uncomfortable, awkward, romantic daydreams are the closest you’ll ever get to being in their league. Social misfits attract other social misfits.”

Annabelle released a funky sounding giggle and answered in character, “Yeah, Katie, cool guys seem fascinated with girls who are skinny and materialistic; lots of them girls are insanely uppity too.”

Katie dropped the paper plate that held the pizza puffs in front of Annabelle.

Annabelle dropped her chin, gazing over the treat, “More food?”

“Finish them up, Anna”, Katie melodiously chirped, “Then you can relax awhile before your big date with Ned.”

Annabelle jerked her chin upward, peering straight into Katie’s face, “I really don’t know if I can have another bite, I’m so full.”

Katie gently placed her hand over Annabelle’s shoulder, an exaggerated sweetness to her voice, “The Anna I know has a raging appetite, probably due to her feelings of inadequacy. It would be unusual if you turned down these last couple pizza puffs.

Annabelle rubbed the side of her face discharging a muffled snort.
Katie picked up one of the pizza puffs and slid it into Annabelle’s hand, “Anna, we both know you’re still hungry.”

Annabelle conceded, gnawing on the pizza puffs in a swift and sloppy manner.

Once Annabelle had finished her entire breakfast, she placed both her hands over her bulging belly, surmising to herself that if this was the ideal method to make their prank on Ned work than this display of gluttony was completely reasonable.

Annabelle subsequently leaned back in her chair, massaging her protruding tummy, letting loose a thunderous burp, then giggling out of unadulterated embarrassment.
“If I routinely stuffed myself like this I’d be awfully chubby”, Annabelle giggled.

Katie watched as Annabelle stood upward, the elastic waistband of the granny style undergarment snugly hugging her waist, the material contouring to the absolute roundness of her swollen belly.
Katie held back her grin; Annabelle couldn’t have looked more natural in such plain underwear.

The friends ambled back to the bedroom, Katie tossing Annabelle the ointment, “Dab a little more of this on your face, mainly concentrate on your zits. I’ll be right back.”

“Sure, where you going?”

“I’m making you another shake!” Katie exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

Annabelle paused from applying the ointment, “No, Katie! Enough already!”

Katie ignored her friend and hurried into the kitchen.

Plopping down hard onto the mattress, Annabelle administered the ointment as Katie directed.

Katie returned a few minutes later with the milkshake, attentively surveying Annabelle’s face.

“Very nice, the extra ointment will give you a greasy complexion, maybe we should put a little of the ointment in your hair.”

Annabelle sat on her bed, slouching forward, her voice weak, almost timid sounding, “I need a nap.”

Katie cupped Annabelle’s chin, smiling as she brought the straw within Annabelle’s lips, “After you finish this shake, you can sleep until it’s time to get dressed.”

Annabelle slurped away a generous amount of the shake as soon as Katie placed the tall glass in her hands. Retrieving the tube, Katie kept true to her suggestion and polluted Annabelle’s bangs with a modest amount of the ointment, smearing what remained of the salve over her forehead.

“Nobody will be able to accuse you of being high maintenance!” Katie stated in excitement.

“Yeah, Katie”, Annabelle nasally replied, “You got that right.”

Annabelle softly snorted upon finishing the shake, delicately burping as she handed Katie the glass.
“Ug, I feel so sort of weird, I could lay around and watch TV all day and be just fine.”

Annabelle curled up in bed, bringing her hand over her bloated belly and was fast asleep in a matter of minutes.

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“Are you hungry?” Katie asked Annabelle as she stirred her friend into consciousness.

“I don‘t think so, no”, Annabelle warily uttered as she sluggishly maneuvered her body upward.
“How long did I sleep?”

“Four hours, maybe a bit longer”, Katie replied, “Time to get ready for your big date.”

Annabelle glimpsed over her belly, “If Ned doesn’t appreciate this the joke’s on us.”

Katie didn’t acknowledge Annabelle, instead she handed her the specific attire she was meant to wear and repeated her question, “Are you sure you’re not hungry?”

“I’m trying not to think about food”, Annabelle admitted with a lighthearted smile, “but I have to tell ya those milkshakes were totally yummy though.”

“Happy to make you another, there’s still plenty of vanilla ice cream.”

Annabelle goofily grinned as she slithered into the hackneyed slacks, “I’m thinking there’s been enough damage to my waistline, Katie, if milkshakes get to be a habit, I’ll be in a double digit dress size for good.”

Katie fraudulently persuaded her friend, “It’s only for today, take advantage of your appetite. Anna wouldn’t be so cautious about her weight. So eat large and enjoy it.”

Annabelle slipped back into character, overstating her geeky chick personality, “Oh fiddlesticks, ain’t like I’m one of them skinny high maintenance girls. Sure, Katie. Please make me another milkshake.”
“My pleasure, Anna”, Katie beamed an elongated smile as she backed out of the room, “Keep getting dressed, then I’ll do your hair. Okay?”

Annabelle deliberately put her best effort into behaving like a clumsy geek as she put on the shirt.
Wobbling from side to side as she tugged the material downward, almost as if she was actually physically inept.

Katie was soon back with the milkshake, Annabelle convincing herself that it was alright to excessively consume fattening food for one day.

Annabelle’s hodgepodge attire clearly epitomize the type of female who was either clueless in fashion or just wasn’t concerned about her clothes. The shirt hardly matching the plaid slacks that broadcast Annabelle’s swollen tummy. Projecting outward, Annabelle’s round tummy looked positively natural, persuasively conveying the look of a stereotypical couch potato that favored a junk food diet.

Annabelle sat on the girlish bench in front of her vanity table nourishing on the shake while Katie went to work on Annabelle’s hair.
Katie wasn’t shy about coating Annabelle’s bangs with a little extra ointment, then curled the bangs in a sloppy style. Grabbing a couple rubber bands, Katie rolled up the ends of Annabelle’s locks, manufacturing twisted pigtails that were unevenly positioned.

The hairstyle and pimples tamed Annabelle’s captivating appearance in a bizarre fashion but it was the nerdy eyewear that really accomplished the impression that Annabelle Rawlings was nothing more than a redundantly dumpy looking geek. Plain black frames, construction tape wrapped between the lenses, Katie slid the custom eyewear in place over Annabelle’s face.

A tumultuous ripple invaded the realism of Annabelle’s and Katie’s history, reorganizing the condition of their relationship and redefining their specific social status.


Annabelle gazed through the lens of her geeky glasses at Katie.
Katie looked taller, more attractive, her superior in poise and maturity.

Annabelle was engulfed with a combination of apprehensiveness and fear, Katie stood in a domineering stance, the brittle blue colored T-shirt and grungy gray sweatpants flaunting her curves, her brown hair wasn’t meticulously styled yet it managed to bring out the best aspects of her beautiful face.

Annabelle sniffled, “I don’t know about this, K …Katie, I’m having second thoughts …”

“Well, Anna, you made the date with my brother, cold feet or not, you’re going”, Katie’s crisp tone vibrated an unusual strength.

Annabelle clumsily stood upward, her vanity table catching her eye, the classiness of the furniture downgraded to something owned by an immature teenage girl.

“K .. K… Katie, something’s wrong!” Annabelle squeaked as she stood up from the bench, her squishy tummy mildly bouncing.

Katie stood with her hands to her hips, her chin elevated just enough to reveal her improved role in their relationship, “Damn it, Anna, I don’t have time for this! My brother is waiting for you so haul your ass to my car.”

Katie snapped her fingers, waving Annabelle forward as she marched out of the bedroom.

Annabelle’s roaming belly quivered as she adjusted her dowdy looking slacks upward upon her flabby waist. Instinctively grabbing her small plastic purse of a gaudy shade of pink, Annabelle clumsily ventured out of her room, eventually joining Katie in her car.

Annabelle continued to squawk on route to Katie’s home, “Something ain’t right, I feel out of sorts, don’t you sense something being double ultra strange?”

Katie turned on the radio, purposely increasing the volume to reduce the sound of Annabelle’s screeching voice.

Annabelle paused from whining, an acorn of a memory buzzing through her mind.
The arrangements were handled differently or at least from what Annabelle could recollect.
Ned was going to borrow his sister’s car and they would drive to the Weird World Convention together and meet his friends there. Afterward, once Katherine was back from her social engagement, she would drive Anna home.
There was something else gnawing at Annabelle, she timidly wheezed while pondering over the situation. The comic book event, Annabelle never asked Ned to take her, rather it was assumed by her and Ned that she would attend the convention with him.

Annabelle sulkily puffed up cheeks and emitted a delicate sounding snort.
Annabelle’s tummy squeezed together while seated in the car, her inflated belly roll genuinely pulpy, never had her swollen belly looked so fat and flabby.

Katie immediately shut off the radio just before parking the car, shooting Annabelle an apathetic stare, muttering something vaguely hostile under her breath.

Annabelle’s mouth dropped in bewilderment, why the antagonistic attitude?
Annabelle uncomfortably sighed as she exited the verhicle in a lumbering display of her out of condition form.

This prank on Ned had gone wrong; maybe she should have just gone to Sally’s Romanov’s party.
Annabelle trailed a few steps behind Katie, a scary notion entering her mind, was she even invited to Sally’s party?

Annabelle rushed up along side of Katie, her lips trembling in curiosity, “Katie, I need to ask you a question_.”

Katie stepped over Annabelle’s sentence, “What’s up with calling me Katie? It’s always been Kate.”

Annabelle unexpectedly back stepped, her rubbery expression revealing her confusion.
What’s more, Annabelle’s emotions weren’t logical but excruciatingly thin-skinned.
“Haven’t I been calling you Katie since we met in high school?” Annabelle sniffled, “Why are you making a big deal out of it?”

Katie’s tone was clearly indifferent, “Fine, call me Katie if it makes you happy.”

The pair gallivanted into the comfortable suburban residence, Katie calling out to her brother the moment they entered, “Ned, your girlfriend is here!”

Annabelle giddily grinned as she leaned into Katie and quietly remarked, “Wait until Ned sees me, he’ll be totally surprised.”

Katie brought her eyes upon Annabelle, a perplexed smile latched unto her lips while gazing over the dumpy looking nerd, “I guess?”

Confusion stacked upon confusion as Annabelle couldn’t fathom Katie’s question and informal attitude.

Why wasn’t Katie no longer in on the joke? The whole make-under was a ruse to undermine Ned’s attraction to her. At least that’s what Annabelle alleged.

Ned hobbled into the living room, his hair slicked back, clothed in a blue T-shirt featuring an illustration of Steve Ditko’s version of Spiderman and trivial brand blue jeans.

Annabelle glanced over at Ned, uncontrollably blushing at the neatly groomed but unreservedly average looking young man. Up until this minute Ned had been Annabelle’s best friend’s nerdy brother but for some odd reason she felt inexplicably mesmerized with him.

“You look nice, Anna”, Ned sincerely smiled.

“Ned thinks I look nice?” Annabelle questioned to herself, “I’m a mess.”
However, a contradiction in terms switched on a vastly different emotional spin and although she couldn’t comprehend the explanation, she appreciated Ned’s compliment. And beyond this, Annabelle became weaked kneed and incredibly shy.

“Um, thank …. Thank you …N…N ,,,Ned, you look very nice toooo ..oo”, Annabelle stuttered nervously.

Katie tossed Ned the car keys, firmly setting the rules, “No eating in the car, come straight home after dinner and once my boyfriend drops me off, I’ll drive Anna home!”

“That’s fine”, Ned breezily smiled as he walked over to Anna.
Annabelle’s eyes met Ned’s, causing her to tilt her head and blush.
The once high string vixen couldn’t fathom the cause of her attraction to Ned but it was real.
Annabelle felt positively infatuated with Ned, an oxymoron of prominent distinction; partially exuberate about their date but just as nervous.

Out the door and into the car Annabelle didn’t say much. At first anyway.
On route to the convention center, Ned did most of the talking while Annabelle politely listened.
Furthermore, many of the topics that Ned buzzed about were starting to seem interesting to Annabelle. Video games - comic books - vintage science fiction novels - pseudo science and B-movies.

Although peculiarly shy, Annabelle finally generated the courage to talk.
“Ned, um, do I look any different to you?”

Ned’s answer wasn’t what Annabelle expected.
“Not exactly, I mean you always look cute, did you maybe lose weight?”

Annabelle blurted, “The glasses!”

Ned fleetingly gazed over at Annabelle, “What about them?”

Annabelle removed the tame looking eyewear, “Do I look_.”

Annabelle paused, her vision was blurry, not by much but glasses were now a necessity.

“You’re thinking about contacts?” Ned inquired.

Annabelle blinked, her vision failing to improve, she placed the glasses back unto her face.
“No, Ned…no”, Annabelle squeaked, “I can’t see without them!”

Ned gawkily chuckled, “I know that, Anna. But you look cute with glasses.”

Annabelle steered her face out the side window, privately reflecting over the strange events.
“Ned totally thinks this is my normal look, my vision blurred and Katie is being mean. This is astronomically insane!”

Annabelle returned her face toward Ned, her stomach twisting in knots, “Oh, why do I think Ned is such a gorgeous fox?”

“Did my sister tease you a little today? Is that why you’re acting so ditzy?” Ned asked.

Annabelle crinkled her nose, “Um, well Ned, she is acting sorta of bossy. More than usual, you see_.”

Ned interrupted Annabelle, “Don’t let her get you down.”

Annabelle tilted her head as Ned sensitively informed her, “Kate can be a real pain with her artificial attitude, no dispute about that. Remember, Anna, Kate’s all about looks and prestige, you’d hardly find yourself welcome in her circle of obnoxious friends as she would with us. Sally, Denise, all of them are tremendous shallow, just like Kate.”

Annabelle’s jaw dropped, Ned continued, “But there’s more than being skinny and wearing expensive clothes that matters. You’re sweet, and pretty in your own way, Anna.”

“We all can’t be popular, hopefully some day you and Kate can be friends”, Ned added with a dorky grin.

“Katie and me ain’t friends?” Annabelle impulsively snorted.

“Not in the conventional sense I guess”, Ned replied, “It’s not like you hang out with her and stuff.”

Annabelle released an exhausted sigh.
It couldn’t be more obvious to Annabelle now. Katie was genuinely beautiful and high maintenance, she would never socialize with geeks. After all, Annabelle was exactly the same when she was attractive. Sally Romanov tapped into Annabelle’s thoughts; she had replaced Annabelle as Katie’s best friend while their relationship now denoted her as Katie’s brother’s girlfriend.

Annabelle wheezed out loud, recognizing the fact that she did feel comfortable enough around Ned, ‘he was boss cool’ so she might as well just enjoy the afternoon. But, and Annabelle was resolute about this, tomorrow she would undo this ‘make-under of the macabre’ and resume the familiarity of her social rank and exceptional appearance.

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Ned walked along side of Annabelle, meeting his friends at the convention center’s entrance.
The collection of people were exactly as Annabelle presumed especially the females.
Four girls in all ranging from thin to chubby, out of touch in fashion, their locks in lackadaisical hairstyles. Introductions were made, the group eagerly commencing their excursion, Annabelle strolling in close proximity to Ned.

The day pressed on, bits and pieces of conversation between the female members of the posse filtering the air, Annabelle included in the mix. Favorably and with much consideration, the girls treated Annabelle like an old friend who had just returned to their clique. Annabelle likewise felt very welcome in their company, and after a while her opinion concerning their appearances was tweaked to the positive. Stylish clothes were meant for popular chicks and they could have it. Their attire might have been unconventional but suitable based on their own agenda. Just as the guys split from the pack to hang out in the area that featured B-movie actresses, Annabelle experienced her first bout of hunger pangs.

Thank goodness there was a refreshment stand, and Annabelle didn’t hold back her appetite.
“Nice to see a girl with a normal appetite”, said Tara Cameron, a chubby blond clad in a Supergirl costume.

Annabelle paused from her chili dog and nonchalantly smiled, “Yeah, I don’t usually eat this much, must be all the excitement.”

Tara fleetingly glimpsed over Annabelle’s tray which included another chili dog, a bag of potato chips and a burrito. “I guess!” Tara giggled. “But its bad manners letting you eat alone, be right back, Anna!”

It was then another female companion approached Annabelle. Lynn Saylor, a fairly pretty girl with long red hair and freckles, her twig like figure in a flannel shirt and faded blue jeans, a big gaping hole over a knee.

“I’m so totally happy to finally get to meet you, Anna. Ned been talking about you for years!”

Annabelle paused from her meal long enough to nod, subsequently stuffing a handful of chips into her mouth.

Ruby Ziegler, a pleasing plump young lady with her brunette locks in a short messy style and clothed in a sleeveless pink T-shirt with a picture of ’Princess Leia’ over the front and electric red sweatpants edged herself in between Annabelle and Lynn.

“Do you like Ned? You know, like a boyfriend?” Ruby snickered in a high-pitched tone.

Annabelle rolled her eyes, somewhat blushing, gorging on the next chili dog in order to suppress her nervousness.

“You could tell us, Anna”, Lynn grinned, “It’ll stay with us girls.”

Annabelle impulsively shook her head, snorting as she finished the chili dog.

“I dated a lot of guys but none of them equal Ned in niceness or humor, I mean, he’s attitude is so farfetched amusing. You know?”

Lynn and Ruby looked Annabelle up and down, smiles budding over their faces upon giggling.
Obviously there was nothing that extraordinary about Annabelle that would make them believe she was popular enough with the guys. However, both of them considered Annabelle was simply trying to pretend she was popular to make an impression.

“Well that’s very cool that you think Ned is a better match for you rather than all those numerous guys who took you out. Kudos Anna!” Ruby politely remarked.

“Yeah, Ned is very sweet, about time he hooked up with a nice girl”, Lynn congenially stated with a toothy grin.

Tara finally made it back to the pack along with Belinda Rortin, a cute skinny gal with her black mane in a ponytail, garbed in a polka dot sweater and pale blue colored slacks. The friends stood in a circle, lightheartedly blathering until the guys eventually wandered back to them.
Annabelle felt somehow very chummy in their crowd, a serene attachment in the respect that they weren’t at all materialistic or superficial. Evidently in a vastly different league than Katie and Sally, Annabelle happily and willingly bonded with these gals she had once labeled geeks.


Breaking company toward the early part of the evening, Annabelle made sure that she swapped phone numbers with the girls. Parting with quick embraces, Annabelle was then escorted back to the car, next on Ned’s agenda was treating her to dinner at a nice restaurant.

“I hope you didn’t eat too much at the convention”, Ned influentially grinned, “I really want you to have a scrumptious meal at this restaurant.”

Annabelle bobbled her head from side to side, an eccentric expression over her face, “I would have thought to the contrary but yeah, a nice dinner sounds peachy.”

“Very peachy”, Annabelle added with a snort.

“Everyone is going to Fat Burgers but I thought since this is our first date somewhere special would be a first-rate deal!” Ned enthusiastically rattled, “Plus, we can have some privacy, get to know each other better.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet!” Annabelle squeakily replied, “But um, Fat Burgers is fine, maybe we can go there next time.”

“Alright, Anna, your wish is my command, pretty lady!”

Annabelle pressed her fingers over her heart, goose bumps sailing over her body, “Ned says I’m pretty”, the thought zapping through her mind.

Annabelle was indeed quite familiar with compliments but for some peculiar reason she especially appreciated Ned’s approval. Her geeky getup never entering the canvas, almost as if there was nothing so unequivocally abnormal in how she looked.

“Where … where uo …you talking me?” Annabelle anxiously questioned.

“Frodo’s is supposed to be top of the line”, Ned said.

“I’ve eaten there before”, Annabelle wheezed, “The food is so outrageously good, you might need a wheel barrel to cart me out after we eat.”

Ned played it coy, “I doubt you can eat that much.”

“I have a walloping appetite, Ned”, Annabelle screeched in laughter. “My fat tummy is proof of that!”

Ned smiled, “Your tummy ain’t so big, you look fine, Anna.”

Annabelle leaned into to Ned, a comical grin over her pimply face, “I weigh more than I look!”
“Yeah!” Ned chuckled, “Until you weigh as much as me you have nothing to brag about!”
Annabelle gawkily grinned, “Nice to know if I ever turn into a roly-poly you’ll still like me.”

Annabelle gently grabbed Ned’s arm, a profound blast of sensual emotion zapping into her consciousness, she couldn’t deny the attraction, and awkwardly purred.

“What the?” Annabelle tried focusing on the ridiculousness of the moment, “Why do I feel this way about Ned?”

However, she couldn’t deny the chemical discharge that heighten the bliss, causing her to channel out the negative components and concentrate on the positive elements of her feelings toward Ned.
Ned wasn’t such an oddball; he was a sweet, sensitive, charming young man.

Annabelle tapped Ned’s forearm, “I have to be um, totally honest, I didn’t think I’d have so much fun being out with you.”

“Then you weren’t kidding about going to Fat Burger’s with me in the future?”

Annabelle rolled her eyes, cooing out loud before timidly snorting, “Ahh, nope. I think it would be super cool and all the hay that goes with.”


Frodo’s had a waiting list for a table, at last call it would be 45-minutes before being seated.
“I’d like to eat here … with you, Anna. Mind if we wait for a table?” Ned asked.

Annabelle remembered her previous episode at the restaurant when she dined there with Katie. Exerting her feminine wilds and beautiful appearance secured them a table right away; perhaps she could do it again.

Annabelle giggled, “Oh dear boy, I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long.”

Leaving Ned at the small waiting area, Annabelle approached the maître d’, only thing this was a completely different version of Annabelle, the stunning siren having been reduced to a bumbling nerd.

Annabelle’s swagger was nothing less than clumsy, her redundantly slipshod attire holding its own against her mismatched pigtails, pimply face, and swollen belly.

Annabelle’s eyes met the maitre’d’ head on, his stare blistering cold, his voice unsympathetic, “Yes young lady, what can I do for you?”

Annabelle’s confidence plummeted to an all time low; she barely managed a nervous sounding peep, “Well …um …”

Annabelle felt shockingly insignificant and socially inferior.

“We’re usually very busy on Saturday evenings, miss, be patient and you‘ll have a table as soon one is available.”

And with that Annabelle turned tail and returned to Ned.

“I’d like to freshen myself up, excuse me for a minute, won’t you?” Annabelle grumpily inquired.

“No, of course not”, Ned replied. “Is something wrong?”
Annabelle ran her finger along the length of Ned’s arm, a bleakness in her voice, “Nothing to do with you, be right back.”

Thus Annabelle wandered toward the ladies room, on route she ran into a small group of males leaving the restaurant. Among the group was Logan, the affluent handsome young man that she had met at Sally’s home last Saturday night.

Annabelle precipitately waved over at the men, her eyes zeroing in on Logan, and he noticed.
Logan simply acknowledged Annabelle with a dismissive nod and resumed his cheerful banter with his pals.

“Who’s that?” one of Logan’s friends plainly asked.

“Beats the hell out of me!” Logan chuckled.

Annabelle heaved a miffed sigh, then realized her appearance was completely unrecognizable.
“Heck, he’ll be eating out of my hand next time I see him”, Annabelle vowed out loud in a high pitch tone.

Annabelle proceeded to back her way into the ladies room, accidentally bumping into a gorgeous slim built young lady around her own age.

“Pay attention where you’re going!” She criticized Annabelle, “and while you’re at it, if you’re going to dine here, rethink the wardrobe.”

Annabelle crinkled her nose at the insult, about to scold the attractive young lady but instead became overly passive and apologized, “Shoot, my bad. I was ..just saw a guy I know and, like …”

The young lady interrupted Annabelle, “I don’t care! Just get out of my way.”

Annabelle stepped aside and the female hurriedly left the scene.

Annabelle proceeded into the ladies room, placed her generic looking plastic handbag on the sink, and gaped at her reflection.

Annabelle’s face had rounded out by a significant degree; her cheeks had mildly inflated with a small double chin while a few extra pimples coated her oily skin. The shine had all but abandoned Annabelle’s chocolate brown locks that now sported a lighter brown hue.
The tacky eyewear now expounded the width of her nose, especially the tip that held a bulbous shape.

Annabelle scratched her forehead as her eyes peered down at her breasts.
“Whoooa! What happened to my boobs?” Annabelle screeched.

Her once buxom rack had diminished in size; Annabelle Rawlings was now in the lowest range of a B cup.

Annabelle fumbled with her glasses to improve her vision which brought her eyes unto her belly and midsection.

Annabelle’s waist had reached the chunky variety; her belly squishier than before had expanded in width and girth, dramatically propelling outward, a negligible roll circling her roomier hips.

“This is totally preposterous!” Annabelle screeched, “How did this happen?”

Annabelle slowly spun around, not amused by the chubby condition of her ass or the look of her plump thighs.

A middle age woman and her teenage daughter entered the ladies room, trim and sophisticated in appearance, they suspiciously gazed over at the klutzy nerd.

Annabelle lifted her head upward, providing them a cheesy grin, “Um, ..I’m okay …really. Just looking at_.”

Annabelle caught the coldness streaming from their eyes and their derisive smirks.
Annabelle gawkily ambled by them, “Never mind, I’m a dork.”

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Annabelle strolled back to Ned, shoulders hunched over, purposely avoiding eye-contact with the various other restaurant patrons.

Annabelle sighed upon reaching Ned, and he brought his finger to her chin, gently hoisting her face upward.

“Its okay, Anna, we’ll eat soon.”

Annabelle wide-eyed, her jaw dropping, if Ned couldn’t recognize the anomalous changes to appearance, especially the surplus pounds that padded her figure, it was pointless to try,
Instead she disguised her brittle mood with a wide smile, sniffling in excess.

“What do you think you’ll have to eat?” Ned casually inquired.

Annabelle tilted her head, her figure all but wrecked; a large meal was the last thing she needed.
However, Annabelle’s frame of mind was quickly absorbed with the thought of eating.
Closing her eyes she tried ignoring her urge to eat but her tummy let loose a dense sounding gurgle.
“Ned, I’m awfully sorry”, Annabelle bashfully snorted. “Golly, I must be hungrier than I think.”
Ned teasingly giggled, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fed shortly.”
Annabelle nodded, as much as she wanted to have something appropriate for a young lady minding her weight, the urge was much too strong. Spacing out for a second, her anxiety quelled, Annabelle quietly uttered, “You should have brought the wheel barrel.”


Seated at a cozy table far in back of the restaurant, the couple scanned their menus.
Ned remembering Katie’s advice made sure to order for his date but first he needed to know what Annabelle wanted.

Annabelle tightly held the menu, trying to stay within reasonable range concerning calories.
Another losing battle.
“Golly, everything is so tasty; I can’t make up my mind. What are you gonna have, Ned?’

Ned scratched the back of his head, “Well I was hankering on the Hungarian goulash and a side order of French fries, and what the heck, I’m hungry. I’m going to have a side order of cheese sticks and fried shrimp!”

Annabelle lightheartedly giggled, “That sounds ultra fantastic yummy!”

Ned grabbed Annabelle’s menu, “Don’t worry, babe. I got the whole deal.”

“Aw, Ned called me babe”, Annabelle gushed in thought, causing her to favor him with an appealing yet geeky smile. “Sure, I like a man who knows what he wants!” Annabelle nasally replied.
“Well, I like a woman who ain’t ashamed of her appetite”, Ned winked.


Ned ordered the exact same meal for Annabelle as he did for himself, including a large chunk of chocolate cake with 2 scoops of sherbet for dessert.
All throughout their meal, the couple laughed and good-naturedly teased each other between some warm banter as they got to know each other better.

Once dinner was over, Annabelle hoisted up her T-shirt and began massaging her round portly belly, slapping it a couple of times for effect. “Shoot, I’m super totally stuffed!”

Ned smiled, pleased at the fact that Annabelle enjoyed her meal, and as a bonus, he got a peek at her bulging belly.

“Excuse me!” a stern voice interrupting Annabelle’s tummy rub, “But this is a family restaurant.”

Annabelle and Ned turned to the waiter, the tall mature man chiding the couple, “I think Fat Burgers or some other fast food establishment would be better suited for your conduct. If you don’t mind, please pay the check and leave!”

Annabelle brought the top down over her ample size belly, droning a passive apology, “Shucks, Mr. waiter, I kinda didn’t realize what I was doing.”

The waiter sneered at Annabelle before walking away.

The couple snickered as they removed themselves from the chairs, Annabelle adjusting her hackneyed slacks, hiking them up inches away from her hips, then tucking in her top.
This fashion gaffe clearly accentuated the dynamics of her podgy - spherical shaped belly but at this point it didn’t really bother her. The nourishing meal had improved on Annabelle’s mood.

Ned paid the bill and from there it was back to his home where Annabelle would wait for Katie to chaperone back to her house.

“I know Katie won’t be home for a while”, said Ned, “Video games challenge seem inviting?”

Annabelle demurely agreed, “Okay, alright, sure.”

Ned brought out several bags of all kinds of potato chips and a couple of cans of cola just to entertain Annabelle’s appetite in case she felt the urge to indulge.
Annabelle initially declined but within minutes, and as they played their game, she contentedly nibbled.

An hour went by and another, the couple amusing each other with blissful chitchat and their skill with the game. Annabelle wasn’t as lousy at the games as she thought she would be, and truth be told, she really enjoyed playing them.


In unison Annabelle and Ned turned their heads, witnessing Katie advancing into the family room.
Katie!” Annabelle nasally peeped, her geeky glasses sliding down her nose.

Katie’s appearance had likewise been transformed; her wavy dark brown locks in a short stylish do which emphasized her exquisite features, her puffy cheeks swapped for the chiseled variety.

“Hello Kids”, Katie’s saccharine tone sounding forced, “Did you have fun at your comic book convention?”

Katie’s voluptuous figure looking sensational in a black mini-dress that showed off her well-endowed cleavage and attractive stems.

“Katie …Katie….” Annabelle gawkily snorted, Ned enthusiastically speaking over his date, “Oh yeah! It was totally amazing!”

Annabelle pushed her glasses back in place, subsequently leaving the couch, wobbling in motion toward Katie, “We … we got to talk …”

Katie loudly sighed, halting Annabelle in mid-sentence, “It’ll have to wait until I call Sally and thank her for a nice evening, and then my boyfriend Mike to make sure he got home okay.”

Katie then spun around, adding in a sardonic tone, “This is adult time, Anna. I’ll call you when I’m ready to speak with you.”

Annabelle gaped in shock, nervously scratching her soft bulging belly, emitting a disgruntle snort.

What was only about 15-minutes in real time seemed like an hour for the distressed Annabelle.
Annabelle plopped right next to Ned on the sofa, grabbing the bag of corn chips, eating had somehow become the logical remedy for stress.

Ned heroically played his game with Annabelle practically sitting on top of him. It was significantly pleasing to the young man, the girl of his dreams being so close.
Annabelle couldn’t reject the chemistry, although it was quite strange, Ned had none of the attributes she thought that she desired in a man.

Annabelle maneuvered her position, buckling her knees, her feet beneath her, sliding her shoulder against Ned. Annabelle tilted her head, aligned with Ned, uncontrollably purring.
Ned swayed his eyes toward Annabelle, a full-blown smile upon his face.

“Anna!” Katie yelled from her bedroom, “Anna! You wanted to talk!”

Annabelle removed herself from the couch as fast as she could, glancing over at Ned before wobbling out of the family room.


Annabelle experienced an atypical sensation the moment she made it into Katie’s bedroom. Equivalent to walking into unfamiliar territory although she had regularly visited Katie’s room.

Katie had let her beauteous mane down, and was in the process of removing the dazzling mini-dress off her curvaceous figure.

Katie addressed Annabelle as if she obligated to perform an arduous task, “Okay, Anna, what did you want to talk about?”

Annabelle’s eyes captured Katie in motion, her shapely 38-C melons slightly bobbling in her designer bra. “Your boobs! They’re big!”

Katie delicately tapped her breast and pretentiously smirked, “Yeah, kiddo, I’m well-developed.”
“I’m guessing you’re a 32-B, right?” Katie then chuckled, “You might get a tiny bit bigger, maybe.”

Annabelle gazed over her smaller breasts as Katie continued, “But you didn’t come in here to talk about boobs, what’s up?”

Annabelle couldn’t dismiss her feeling of inferiority around Katie, not only in looks but in status.
Annabelle awkwardly sniffled, “I don’t know how this happened but things are totally weird, ever since like, you know, did the make-under and stuff.”

Katie only nodded, subsequently putting on her a T-shirt and sweatpants.

Annabelle approached Katie with her last particle of courage, “Ain’t you paying attention to what I’m saying? Can’t you see how I got different?”

Even in the basic black T-shirt and gray sweats, Katie looked fabulous, Annabelle more than a little obvious to this fact.
“You … you changed too!” Annabelle nervously squawked. “You were always good looking but now you’re extra beautiful!”

Annabelle squinted in frustration, she had wanted to make her point in a much more articulate manner but she couldn’t control her thoughts, as if there wasn’t anything unusual about her being _ a dork!

“My belly’s never been this big, I got pimples all over my face, when did I ever wear glasses!” Annabelle screeched.

Katie looked down at Annabelle, her lips forming into a wily grin although there was a tranquil tone to her voice, “You’re fond of Ned, aren’t you?”

Annabelle glided her hand over the slope of her bulging belly, “That’s weird too, you know. I’m like….”

“The perfect match!” Katie peeped.

And with that, Katie lunged over to Annabelle and grasped both her hands, “Tell ya what, use a little of my perfume, okay. I’ll go to talk to Ned, let me handle this.”

Annabelle blinked, opposing thoughts cluttering her fatigued mind_

“What is she talking about?”
“Cool, Ned’s big sister is letting me use her fancy perfume!”

As Annabelle stood in Katie’s room, puzzled but a bit anxious, Katie rushed into the family room where she advised Ned.

“Anna’s going to expect a goodnight kiss. You come along for the ride, walk her to the door, and let the sparks fly.”

Ned goofily giggled, “You think? I mean, sure I really want to give her a kiss but is she ready, I mean_.”

Katie interrupted Ned with an annoyed sigh, “Stop analyzing it! Anna would appreciate the sign of affection, dork.”


On the drive to Annabelle’s home Katie made Ned sit in front with her, Annabelle sat in the backseat, indicating her demotion in terms of her relationship with Katie and her inconsequential rank.

Arriving at Annabelle’s quaint suburban home, Katie pulled into the driveway and stopped the car.
Ned turned the upper portion of his body around and gazed at Annabelle, goofily grinning, “I had such an excellent time_.”

Katie leaned next to her brother, “Walk her to the door.”

Swaying his face toward Katie, Ned softly agreed, “Oh, right.”

With that, Ned left the vehicle, chivalrously opening the back door, and taking Annabelle by the hand, led her up her walkway to her home.
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The moon and stars in the right position, a nomad breeze adding a chill into the air.
Ned tightly held Annabelle’s hand, generating a schmaltzy feeling which caused Annabelle to blush, muddling her emotional state.

“Golly, Neddy, I had the best time I had in a while”, Annabelle admitted as she wheezed.

“Then you’ll see me again, like maybe we can go to Fat Burgers or just hang out?”

Annabelle had no legitimate answer, she did indeed find Ned attractive and wonderful company, but at the same time she wanted the night to end and with whatever means possible return back to normal. Whether it was because Annabelle didn’t want to hurt Ned’s feelings or because she was officially smitten with him, she wasn’t sure but she replied to the positive.

Annabelle responded just as they came to her door, “Yeah”, she shook her head, “That would be nice.”

Ned brought his hands to Annabelle’s shoulders, inching his face toward hers, though pausing before making contact. Annabelle made eye contact with her date, nervously sighing as if she had never been kissed.

Then it happened. Their lips merged together, although sloppy and amateurish Annabelle was bowled over with amorous bliss.
Placing her hands over Ned’s back, Annabelle tilt her head, his hands traveling down the length of her arms.
The sensual moment finally concluding, Ned wiped his lips, playfully poking her swollen tummy, “I’ll call you tomorrow, if it’s okay?

Annabelle giggled, taking a good-humored swipe at Ned’s hand, “Sure, please do.”

Ned nodded with a smile, “Goodnight, Anna.”
Annabelle returned the sentiment, waving to him in a klutzy manner as Ned swiftly jaunted over to his sister’s car.


“Out kind of late”, said Annabelle’s mother, Rosa.
Rosa Rawlings was a pleasant looking woman, faded brown hair in a short unobtrusive style, her figure marginally chubby.

“But knowing that Ned comes from a commendable family I think this time I’ll allow you to stay out pass curfew, just don’t make it a habit.”

“What curfew?”, Annabelle thought to herself, but instead of questioning the insane rules pertaining to a college student instead passively uttered, “Ned’s sister was at a party, I needed to wait for her to drive me home.”

Sister? Why did she refer to Katie as Ned’s sister and not by her actually name?

Rosa sweetly smiled, “Then I understand. That’s fine.”
Annabelle wheezed in relief but the odd spin on her reality persisted.
“I know you’re a senior but until you’re in college I think a curfew should be mandatory.”

“Senior!” Annabelle gaped at her mother, “Enter college?”

Rosa answered back as if she understood a completely different reply from Annabelle.
“I suspect you really want to try your independence, Anna, but you’re graduating from high school this year, be mindful of my rules until then.”

Annabelle nervously rubbed her belly, her squeaky tone increasingly high pitched, “Mom …
Don’t I look different to you?”

Rosa warmly smiled but her advice wasn’t what Annabelle anticipated.
“Well I wouldn’t be too concerned if you’ve gained more weight, you’ve always been pleasingly plump but you’re a cute young lady and I really doubt it matters at all to Ned.”

Annabelle sniffled, Rosa sweetly humming, “I wish you could take a little more pride in your wardrobe though.
You know, Ned’s sister Kate has a good mind for fashion, maybe you should solicit some help from her.”

Annabelle briefly stared at her mom, crinkling her nose, she then sighed.

“You better get to bed soon, sweetie, if you want to get to the library early”, Rosa kindly suggested before wishing Annabelle goodnight.

Annabelle stood frozen in space, trying to make sense out of the changes to her history but without any reasonable explanation, sluggishly made tracks to her room.

The sophisticated style of Annabelle’s bedroom had been switched for the uncomplicated dwellings of a casually inclined high school senior. A mundane bedroom set, a vanity table of a youthful quality, stacks of comic books and video games guides.

As Annabelle untied her pigtails the perplexing dilemma became ever more coherent.
Back in her senior year of high school, though without her beauteous appearance, style and popularity.
Annabelle’s was just another ordinary student, registering little notice from the in crowd or wannabes. Not quite a social pariah but basically invisible, those who did recognize Annabelle labeled her a nerd.

Annabelle removed her clothing, her tousled dull brown hair scarcely reaching her shoulder, the sides contouring to her oval shaped face.

Annabelle briefly glimpsed over her reflection in the mirror above the vanity.
Annabelle’s B-cup breasts, cradled in a generic bra, appeared smaller in comparison to her bulging belly the jutted beyond the elastic waistband of her granny variety undergarments.
Her thighs had acquired a doughy texture, the upper portion nudging together, and there was a little extra padding to her derriere.

Annabelle’s eyes connected to her bedside table, a half-eaten bag of potato chips along side a couple candy bars awaiting her need for a snack.

Annabelle pushed back her disheveled mane, squeakily uttering as she slapped her tummy, “I’m going to get so fat.”



Katie stood just outside the movie theatre at the Central City Mall.
Sensationally garbed in a stylish blouse and matching skirt, her luscious brown locks rolling over her shoulders.

Smiling at a couple of high school guys who had checked her out, Katie continued her conversation with a friend over her cell phone.

“Yeah, I’m at the mall, waiting for my brother and his girlfriend. They went to see a movie; they should be out any minute. Oh, well he’s been dating her for a while. I guess she’s not all that bad, can be a pain in ass now and then but she’s okay for a chunk-o. Ned has always liked them thick and she’s not the exception. Geeky like Ned? She’s in the ballpark on that.”

Katie closed the conversation the moment she laid eyes on Ned and Anna exiting the theater.

Ned looked about the same, oversize T-shirt and scruffy blue jeans, his hair uncombed.
Annabelle’s appearance and mindset appropriately corresponding to the changes within her reality.

Holding hands as they approached Katie, walking in sync, harmoniously smiling.

Anna’s hair was sloppily arranged in an aloft style, unequivocally revealing the plumpness of her face.
Anna‘s cheeks had become dynamically swollen, her double chin blatantly spongy.
The black eyewear had been replaced for glasses meant for a much more mature woman, the pimples had mostly cleared up but a few still remained on her forehead and cheeks.

Annabelle’s attire exposed her unconcerned attitude toward fashion, and furthermore broadcast the fullness of her figure.

The well-faded sleeveless top was something of a grayish-blue hue that featured a caricature of a castle with a rainbow overhead, the slacks were of a sheer synthetic material, a tepid pink hue with big black polka dots.
There was very little change to her upper arms and boobs other than her arms being a little bigger and softer. Anna’s sprawling belly had radically escalated in size, tremendous in girth it substantially propelled away from her body, in perfect proportion to her pudgy waist and particularly broad hips.
Anna’s posterior had inevitably fattened, taking on the appearance of a squishy looking balloon butt that glided over her thick blubbery thighs.

It wasn’t so much that Anna accepted the drastic changes to her appearance but given her hearty appetite and sedentary lifestyle it was expected. A similar aspect to her personality which once was stringently high maintenance and materialistic, Anna was now rather silly and extremely unpretentious, vaguely subservient in her overall demeanor.

Kate acknowledged the couple with an ambiguous grin, waiting for them to reach her before beginning their jaunt out of the mall and to her car.

“Hey Katie, you think you can drop us off at Fat Burgers?” Ned asked, “Please.”

“I guess”, Kate bluntly replied.

“Thanks Katie!” Anna screeched in excitement, “I totally appreciate it, you’re the best.”

Kate didn’t bother to comment, she simply walked a few steps ahead of the pair, unable to ignore their converstion.

“You have some kind of fierce appetite, Anna, after 2 bags of M&M’s, taco chips and pop corn, you’re still hungry”, Ned shrilled in admiration, “Very few girls aren’t so liberal when it comes to eating.”

“Shucks, Ned”, a brilliant pink hue developed over Anna’s ridiculously puffy cheeks, “Ain’t nothing really.”

Ned casually glanced over Anna’s bulbous belly, her garments unable to conceal the spongy texture, completely circular in shape, nimbly bouncing as she clumsily wobbled.

“Well I think you’re far too modest”, Ned smiled, “Just the same I’m super cosmic happy that you’re not afraid to indulge when other girls count calories like it’s consistently calculated.”

Anna let loose an exhilarating belly laugh, “All those days of looking after my weight has been erased big time! Just hope I don’t exceed my limits with you, be sure I ain’t gonna get skinnier.”

Ned wrapped his arm around Anna’s flabby - roll coated waist, “Goodness, babe. You be all the more for me to love!”

“You’re beautiful, simple as that”, Ned added, the comment instigating a spacious yet goofy smile over Anna’s face, and a reminder to ask Kate_.

“Can I ask a favor, Katie, Please?” Anna nervously wheezed.

“Depends what it is”, Kate unemotionally rifled back.

Anna adjusted her glasses, subsequently scratching her belly, “Well um, you see, the prom is coming up and I’m desperately unsure of what to wear. Like, my fashion skills aren’t so with it anymore.”

Kate paused in her tracks, Anna and Ned likewise coming to a halt.

“You think …I mean, you and Sally are like fashion models, could you help me buy …pick up …I mean, pick out a dress?” Anna asked.

Kate’s eyes scanned the crowd as she stood inches away from Anna. Various guys walking by looking her over, Anna failing even a hint of a glance.

“Sure!” Kate replied with a broad smile, “Would be my pleasure, Anna!”

Kate turned around and resumed her trek out of the mall, Ned and Anna trailing behind.
“Something pink with ruffled sleeves!” Anna excitedly suggested.

Kate nodded, a sly grin upon her attractive face, absolutely aware that the spotlight now belong to her alone, “Whatever you think suits you.”

After all, chubby geeks like Anna were strictly out of her league.

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Postby Junketh71 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:20 am

This is a very nice WG/role reversal story. Thanks for sharing!
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Postby Matt L. » Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:22 pm

Hello Junketh71,
I'm delighted you enjoyed the story.
Cheers, Matt
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