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Re: Momma

Postby blurmy » Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:46 pm

So awesome to see you return Matt, and for the story to continue.
Great work as always.
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Re: Momma

Postby dxm9999 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:18 am

Glad you are back Matt. Enjoyable chapter.
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Re: Momma

Postby B$fan » Fri Apr 09, 2021 9:56 am

I just wanted to echo all the "great to have you back" comments. I'm really glad you're back and continuing this great story.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Tue Apr 27, 2021 11:46 pm

Thanks everyone for the kind remarks, I'll have the next episode up in a few days.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jun 04, 2021 8:48 pm


Gretchen and Bonnie didn’t rush through their shopping excursion, although the weight they both put on made it a challenge selecting suitable wardrobe compatible to their size, they truly experienced the bliss of their friendship.

Gretchen opted for much more conservative apparel while helping Bonnie pick out fairly appropriate clothing. Oddly sidestepping their history, Gretchen readily took on the elder sister role in a correct manner as if Bonnie had always been the naïve younger sister.

“Gret..e..e..l! These are all old lady panties!” Bonnie whined while browsing through the undergarments, “I don’t wanna buy these, they’re stupid and ugly looking!”

Gretchen tried reasoning with Bonnie, “I know they’re dowdy but I’m afraid girls our size don’t have much choice.”

“They got nut’n better?” Bonnie cantankerously warbled.

Gretchen tilted her head sideways and swerved her eyes upward in thought, finally suggesting, “I reckon it wouldn’t hurt checking out what they got in the teen girls section but I can’t promise anything.”

“Goody!” Bonnie beamed a happy smile, “Maybe they got sum cool tops there too, what ya think?”

Gretchen agreed with a nod, together they made tracks to the teen girls clothing section.

Bonnie made a beeline to a rack of fashionable looking T-shirts, Gretchen wagged her head at Bonnie’s abrupt detour, “Don’t wander too far away”, she sternly uttered.

A saleswoman noticed Gretchen, a skinny waif with shimmering blond hair, her nametag read Alma.

“I guess that’s your sister, shopping for school clothes?” Alma asked with a peach of a smile, “May I be of assistance?”

Gretchen tucked her handbag under her arm, her smile just as idyllic, “Yes, Miss. Actually we’re looking for undergarments but….”

“She’s what? 17 or 18?” Alma inquired.

Gretchen felt a little uneasy about admitting Bonnie’s legitimate 25-years, and simply concurred with a nod.

“Oh, this is a quandary, nothing personal but we haven’t much in stock for plus size teenagers, especially skivvies”, Alma said a tad awkward, “Maybe the mature woman section might be the better option.”

Gretchen sighed with a lopsided smile, “We tried but there’s nothing there that she likes. Majority of the panties aren’t exactly trendy so to speak.”

“Well, maybe there’s some stretchy undergarments here”, Alma buzzed, “But they’re not too flattering either.”

Bonnie excitedly swooned in, holding onto a snazzy blue T-shirt adorned with the caption ’Girl Power! ’, “I wanna this!”

Gretchen gently removed the T-shirt from Bonnie’s grip, then held it up against Bonnie to check its size, “Put it back, it won’t fit you.”
“But I love it and it’s the biggest size they got!” Bonnie screeched.

“Do as you’re told, maybe we’ll find something else”, Gretchen firmly replied.
“But Gretel I’ll fit into it when I lose weight”, Bonnie squabbled.
“When you lose weight I’ll buy it for you, okay?” Gretchen coolly informed Bonnie, “Right now today, let’s get you wardrobe you can actually fit into.”

“Fine”, Bonnie pouted, Alma interjecting some charming banter, “Your sister is so sweet helping you shop, I think you should trust her knowledge…”

Turning to Gretchen, Alma gladly offered her assistance, “Permit me to help your sister find some nice tops…”

“Be my guest”, Gretchen smirked, “She needs bloomers too.”

Alma took a step forward, “This way, Miss. Follow me.”

Bonnie dutifully followed Alma, snorting while her wide hips clumsily rolled along with her behind bouncing in sync with her waddling steps.

“I gander you’re in high school, lots of girls fancy this brand”, Alma said while surveying the sole rack of plus-size T-shirts.

Bonnie wheezed, caught off guard by being mistaken for a high school girl, the mechanics of mind preventing her in correcting the erroneous presumption.

“Yes, ma’am”, Bonnie quietly agreed before anxiously looking through the T-shirts and a few girlie girl tops that were gray, brown or black.
“As for undergarments, we haven’t much for full figured girls, but like I told your sister, we have plenty in the women section.”

Bonnie felt it was a lost cause in finding attractive wardrobe, and she surrendered to her size, recognizing that appealing attire was now out of her weight range.

Bonnie managed to buy some jeans and spandex slacks along with undergarments and a couple of summer dresses, all plus size and unexciting. However, Gretchen was pleased in what she bought, ordinary garments for an ordinary young woman.

Bonnie groused upon entering the pickup truck, “Can we eat now, I’m starving.”

Gretchen chuckled, “Right, I could go for some food too!”
“Hot dogs and cheeseburgers at Tasty Freeze or do you have a better idea?” Gretchen added with a elated smile.

“Tasty Freeze is perfect!” Bonnie chimed, “I could go for one of their Rocky Mountain Ice Cream Sodas!”

Gretchen pulled out of the parking lot, “That’s fine, Bonnie. Sure.”

Bonnie maneuvered her thumb between her lips, nasally sighing before inquiring, “Could you please drive by Roget’s Tavern?”

“I beg yer pardon?” Gretchen asked with a puzzled expression, “When are you interested in hole in the wall dives?”

Bonnie tilted her head, “Oh, I’m not. But Hawk is there, I’d like to see his car.”

Gretchen flexed her eyebrows, “That’s a crazy request but I guess, we have to go down that road anyway to get to Tasty Freeze, but…”

“But what?” Bonnie’s puffy acne coated cheeks expanding with her question.

“Isn’t Hawk bad news? Wasn’t that why you avoided him in high school?” Gretchen casually inquired.

Bonnie momentarily removed her thumb from her lips, “Yeah but I always thought he was hot! Now that Larry don’t want me, I’m able to go for him.”

“Despite his bad reputation?” Gretchen’s voice borderline harsh.

Bonnie mischievously smiled, “It’s dumb, right? What made me turn away from him in high school now makes me want him more, the bad boy stuff excites me, even you got to admit, Hawk is a gorgeous hunk of man.”

“Bonnie, you got to find yourself a nice boy, somebody who is honest and trustworthy, and how do you even know Hawk thinks about you in the same way?” Gretchen sensitively uttered.

Bonnie rolled her eyes, “Please, no lectures…”

“I haven’t even started the lecture yet”, Gretchen giggled.

Bonnie returned her thumb to her lips, breathing heavily through her nose, “Hawk wanted me so bad, I know he’ll want me again…”

Gretchen glimpsed over at Bonnie, the sloppy condition to her form, her well-fed features, and sucking her thumb, compelling her to relinquish the facts.

“I don’t mean to be unkind, you’re totally sweet and nice looking…” Gretchen paused for a moment, adjusting her words to sound much more positive, “…you’re still very pretty but really, hon, isn’t Hawk into skinny, artificial types? Isn’t that why Hawk was attracted to you in high school?”

Bonnie’s mindset was optimistic to the point of delusional, “I’ll win his heart, he’ll get to know me all over again and realize I’m the best girl for him.”

“Well, then let’s stop in at the tavern and you can give Hawk the shirt you got him”, Gretchen frivolously suggested.

“Ew, no!” Bonnie screeched, “I can’t see him now, I’m dressed like a dork. I’ll do it some other time…”

Bonnie intensely sucked her thumb, mumbling about her desire to dress much more appropriately to what Hawk finds appealing whenever she would see him next.

Gretchen slowed down the pickup truck upon reaching the tavern, “You see Hawks’ car?”

Bonnie nodded, peeping a grunt which developed into a giddy squeal.

Gretchen advanced the car by the tavern and onward back onto the gravel road which brought them to the highway, “You’re totally smitten so talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, you have my support though, just don’t do anything stupid you’ll regret.”

Bonnie reached over and affectionately squeezed Gretchen’s forearm, “Thanks, big sister.”

Gretchen humorously smirked, “One piece of advice though, I’d get off the habit of sucking your thumb!”

Bonnie removed her thumb from her mouth, and modestly grinned.

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Re: Momma

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:17 am

Welcome back, it's been a while. I've especially enjoyed the banter between Gretchen and Bonnie.
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Re: Momma

Postby div » Sat Jun 05, 2021 6:35 pm

I concur.

Welcome back!
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Re: Momma

Postby SithChangeLord » Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:22 am

I'll echo the welcome back! Glad you are continuing this great story.
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:26 pm

Hello Friends,

Thank you for reading the story and your kind feedback.

I apologize for the delay and I’ll try to post more frequently. I have 13 episodes already written, and there’s much more to come. That being said, I have two other stories which I will begin posting as soon as possible. Twisted Reality 7; Catfish, and since I never finished the Institution story, I began a new version of the story concerning a beautiful medical professional locked away in an asylum against her will.

In case you’re been wondering, I’m been off the site for a while because I began a novel concerning Hollywood in the 1920’s. A period piece about the budding film industry.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Momma

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:04 pm

They friends drove out to Tasty Freeze where they took advantage on the hot dog sale - buy one, get one free, and indulged in Rocky Mountain Ice Cream sodas; needless to say both Gretchen and Bonnie enjoyed the extra large variety.

They ate in the pickup, bubbly conversing over mainly trivial things, Bonnie sharing her successful venture volunteering at the senior home and about her new friend Rita.

“I’ve been making beds and cleaning rooms, the old ladies are so sweet, they’re always giving me candy and brag about how good I work. Rita says I’m perfect for that kind of work and says I could qualify to work at a five star hotel. We have lunch together every once in a while, and she’s always interested in what I have to say.”

Bonnie stuffed her mouth with fries and continued, “Rita did say too that I should lose weight, I’m too heavy for my age, and just watch what I eat and be more active….”

Gretchen’s eyes sparkled along with an elongated grin, realizing that once Bonnie had told her the very same thing.

Bonnie went on to relate various other topics they discuss including the male gender.
“Rita just broke up with a dude coz he wasn’t faithful and wants to play the field for a while…”

“Did you tell her about Hawk?” Gretchen questioned Bonnie.

Bonnie affirmed to the fact, and when Gretchen brought up his white trash reputation, Bonnie simply replied, “I only said Hawk was cool and something of a rebel.”

“Rebel you say”, Gretchen giddily remarked, “That’s a different take on his disregard to morals.”

Bonnie gushed, “That’s what makes Hawk so dreamy…”

Gretchen giggled, “Dreamy?”

“Oh yeah, Hawk does what he wants to do and don’t care what other people think”, Bonnie giddily smiled while defending him.

Gretchen wagged her head and sighed.


After the meal, the friends went grocery shopping, and upon reaching the supermarket, met Mark on their way in as he was leaving for the day.

Mark was especially cordially, greeting both of them with smiles, and complimenting Bonnie, although still misled that her name was Bertha.

“You’re looking nice today, Bertha!” Mark’s smile as candid as his flattery.

Bonnie rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder, a pink hue over her doughy cheeks, “Th…thanks. Mark.”

Mark wished the females a good afternoon and then went on his way.

Once inside the store, Gretchen took Bonnie to task, but in an affable mode, “Really, Bonnie, why are you still letting Mark think you’re somebody other than yourself? Mark just complimented you, and you told me he was nice. I really don’t think your weight would matter to him.”

Bonnie wheezed while squeezing a handful of her belly fat, “Coz if he knew this is how I turned out, he would ignore me like Larry did.”

Gretchen disagreed, “I don’t thinks so, to me Mark seems totally respectful. If you ask me, he has qualities Hawk isn’t familiar with.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes, “Mark is sweet, okay, but he’s a boy.”

Gretchen blinked, “Are you daffy? Mark is only slightly younger than you; he’d be a better catch than Hawk.”

“Hawk is…” Bonnie began to say but Gretchen spoke over her, “A sleazy dude, he has no intention of dating you, least of all a real relationship.”

Bonnie plopped her thumb into her mouth, her other hand lay over her bulbous belly, “No, I’ll win Hawk over; he’ll be madly in love with me when he learns I’m totally the best girl there is for him.”

Gretchen grabbed a shopping cart, softly grumbling, “I tell ya, you’re chasing the wrong guy, Mark would be the right fella for ya.”

While Gretchen picked out the groceries, Bonnie waddled behind her, idly daydreaming about Hawk.


Once back home Bonnie excitedly showed Mabel the various articles of clothing she bought while Gretchen went to check on Albert.

They immediately embraced, and after a kiss, Albert asked about her day out with Bonnie.

“It was nice but I swear, it’s almost like being with a big baby, I look forward to the next time I’m out with Sabrina and the girls, at least we’re on the same level.”

They engaged in another kiss, Gretchen sighing as Albert squeezed a handful of belly fat.
“I have to start supper”, Gretchen buzzed, “We’ll have some alone time later.”

Albert concurred with a nod, Gretchen than gallivanted to the kitchen where Bonnie was talking to Mabel concerning their day, positively ecstatic about spending time with Gretchen.

“Coffee, Momma?” Gretchen asked, feeling obligated in appeasing the elder woman.
Mabel syrupy smiled, “That be nice, thanks sweetie.”

Bonnie poured Momma her coffee and handed it over to her, “Bonnie n’ me gonna start supper, why not relax in the front room?”

Mable chuckled, “You really are eager, sure, hon…”

Bonnie interrupted Mabel with a squeak, “We’re anxious!”

“Well girls, the kitchen is all yours!” Mabel said while removing herself from her chair.


Gretchen and Bonnie proceeded to make dinner; fried turkey slices with cabbage and boiled potatoes, sausages and a noodles with cheese dish.

The family gathered together for a joyful supper, Mabel was duly impressed and so was Albert.
Gretchen usually relied on can food when she made dinner in their sanctuary at the back of the mansion.

The only hitch doing supper that interrupted the happy event was when Bonnie picked up her phone to check her messages.

“Put that thing away!” Mabel snapped, “No phones at the table!”

Bonnie sunk her head between her shoulders, shutting off her phone then apologized, “Sorry, Momma Mabel.”

Mabel sighed, her demeanor switching back to a pleasant mode, “You’re allowed some mistakes, good thing you got Gretel here to learn ya how to behave proper.”

Bonnie flashed Momma an award winning smile, subsequently using her forearm to wipe her lips, “I’z tries, Momma but thank ya.”


Following dinner Gretchen and Bonnie washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

“I ate like a pig”, Bonnie loudly announced while hiking up her T-shirt and giving her bloated belly a hard tap, “Look how big this belly’s getting!”

Gretchen saddled up against Bonnie, strumming her own enormous belly, “You and me both!” she laughed.

Mabel was pleased that Gretchen was finally progressing into an authentic housewife as if that was her proper calling in life. Likewise giddy that Gretchen wasn’t opposed to being fat. Albeit she could stand to gain at least another fifty or so pounds, and start having babies.

Bonnie guzzled back to back glasses of milk then stuffed a handful of chocolate candy into her mouth; Mabel smiled while observing the eloquent, once high minded college student lax regard to suitable snacking manners and eating like a slob.

Bonnie’s figure was as flabby as it was wide, and Mabel giggled inside knowing full well that she would eventually outweigh her own ma.

The kitchen being squared away, Gretchen and Bonnie favored Mabel with playing a farm themed card game. Mabel easily won the game, likewise victorious in Gin Rummy.


It was nearly midnight; Gretchen made a brief interruption to Albert’s stunning proficiency at the Mars Attacks! Video game to inform him, “Hey handsome, I’m going to put Bonnie to bed, be back in a few”, she winked.

Albert shook his head, acknowledging his sweetheart with a smile, “We still have the lotion, feel like a belly massage?”

“We mustn’t neglect my thighs too”, Gretchen replied.


Although Bonnie sometimes challenged Gretchen’s usually laid-back disposition, she really did love her like a sister, and felt looking after her significantly important, akin to how Bonnie always did her best to motivate and encourage her.

Mabel had fallen asleep on the sofa, and Bonnie, far more interested in her social media than watching the evening news, stepped outside on the front porch.

“Okay, honey, bedtime”, Gretchen cheerfully addressed her.

Bonnie removed her eyes from the phone, a bewildered expression puffing up her plump cheeks, “It ain’t even midnight. Can’t I watch a movie with you and Al?”

“Your ma doesn’t approve how late you sleep; you’re sleeping later everyday she told me.”

“Not like I do anything”, Bonnie answered back.

Gretchen held unto her belly as she affectionately rolled her fingers off Bonnie’s cheek, “Tomorrow we’ll go to Harlem Quarters, I’ll treat you to ice cream and we’ll stop at the T-shirt shop. I’ll buy you whatever shirt you want to make up for the one I didn’t get you today.”

Bonnie quickly hugged Gretchen, giggling with a snort, “Oh that be crazy cool! Thanks Gretel.”

On route to Gretchen’s old bedroom which had been converted to Bonnie’s room for whenever she stayed over, Bonnie directly mentioned, “Ma always fixes me a bedtime snack with milk so I won’t get hungry in the middle of the night.”

Gretchen tossed her arm around Bonnie’s shoulder, pulling her into her large, beefy frame, “Sure, dumpling, what ya like? We got sum noodles and cheese leftover.”

Bonnie’s wacky expression matched her voice, “No, yummy food, sum’thin like a snack.”

“Okay, we got some those miniature cupcakes, what bout that?”

“That be scrumptious!” Bonnie squeaked.

Reaching Bonnie’s room, Gretchen asked her to put on her pajamas while she retrieved her snack.

Bonnie slowly undressed, her eyes steering away from the mirror. It made Bonnie feel uncomfortable at how her bulging fat belly drooped downward, the fatty composition obscuring her granny style skivvies, the wide brown stretch marks was bad enough, but the flabbiness and weight caused her belly to sag mid-thigh.

Bonnie’s backside likewise shared this condition, accurately round but riding over the uppermost part of her plump thighs.

The pajamas Bonnie put on had a pullover top and complimentary pants, a subtle blue hue with pink trim, the sheer material announcing the fact, Bonnie was officially a fatty.

Bonnie had just finished slipping into her pajamas; Gretchen handed over the snack along with milk, “Swear you’ll go to bed once you’ve eaten this.”

Bonnie shook her head, her cute yet well-fed features positively in delight about her snack.

Gretchen took a step back, one hand over her bulbous belly and smiled at Bonnie.
Gretchen felt happy coddling Bonnie, she was like the younger sister she never had, Bonnie had looked after her, a little bit stringent but she had Gretchen’s best intentions at heart. Gretchen felt quite thrilled returning the favor looking after Bonnie.
As for Bonnie, she smiled back at Gretchen while greedily gnawing on the cupcakes; Gretchen was so cool and smart.

“This will sound stupid coz I don’t like being fat but eating is wonderful!” Bonnie squealed a giggle.

Gretchen’s expression took on a charmingly sensitive approach, “The pleasures derived from eating is natural, some of us like eating more than others, but don’t ever let your weight interfere coz you’ll only be cheating yourself.”

“The kind of stuff you know totally confounds me”, Bonnie sighed, “Thanks for being so cool to me.”

Gretchen softly uttered, “Thanks for filling a void in my life I never knew was there, you’re peaches over all my friends I ever had.”

A tear trickled down Bonnie’s acne coated cheek, and she emotionally choked on her words, “Same here, Gretel, you’re my hero.”

Gretchen proceeded to kiss Bonnie’s forehead, wishing her a goodnight before waddling out of the room.

Bonnie finished her snack and grabbing a stuffed animal off the shelf, turned off the lights before climbing into bed, curling up with the animal and contentedly sucking her thumb.

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