Female Mowgli

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Female Mowgli

Postby nevaworks » Fri Jul 23, 2021 4:33 am

Had an idea for a story, which I would love help to develop or if someone feels like writing it that would be even better!)

Premise: a short, flat-chested struggling actress is desperate for work. After being rude to her agent, said agent books her for a gig at a party with very vague details. Turns out it’s a jungle book themed party and she’s been hired to play the part of Mowgli.

At first it seems like a disaster and a no go for our heroine but the organisers are very pushy and physically coerce our heroine into the role - insisting they can modify the costume. But once they strip her down to her birthday suit they realise they won’t need to as she has nothing up top. They laugh hysterically and make fun of her. Our heroine gets angry but through a combination of being threatened with photos being published and just general insistence from the hosts, she is doused in fake tan and put into the red bottoms which are baggy. Not content with this they quickly modify her hair, giving her a boyish crop cut and insist that no one at the party will know she’s not a boy.

Key scenes should include actors playing monkeys tossing our heroine about, a hypnotist playing kaa turning her into a mindless slave and a King Louie stuffing her with bananas.

And of course, the quick discovery that it is a girl, and friends being in attendance who proceed to make this the worst night of our heroine’s life.

Any thoughts/ feedback very welcome.
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Re: Female Mowgli

Postby Anon4CM » Sat Oct 16, 2021 5:05 am

Just to say I love this premise and would love to work on it sometime xx
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