FTM Story ideas

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FTM Story ideas

Postby Subboy123 » Tue May 25, 2021 1:51 pm

As a trans guy I’ve always felt sad there aren’t more stories on here featuring trans dudes. I have a few ideas that I’d love to see but I’m not a writer at all. So feel free to take my ideas and run with them...

—a story where a trans guy and a Cis guy are in a competition, every round the trans dude wins he gets to take one attribute from the Cis man
—a story about a FTM man that locks his Cis boyfriend in chastity. As the days go by he realizes that the longer his partner is locked up his cock shrinks and the trans protagonist starts to gain what his bf has lost... will he unlock his bf in time, or will he take the cock for himself?
—a story about a trans guy that gains the ability to siphon masculinity from others. Does he use this new power sparingly on wrong doers? Or does the power go to his head and he uses it indiscriminately?
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