looking for someone to write WG, Hypnosis, Cuckhold

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looking for someone to write WG, Hypnosis, Cuckhold

Postby GooberDude » Sat May 15, 2021 7:20 pm

I'm looking for someone to write a short erotic story for me. I want it to involve around the theme of me getting fat any my wife losing interest in me sexually. I want it to open with me already weighing 350+ lbs (I was around 190 when we met), my wife and I haven't had sex in a couple months, i meet a girl online who hypnotizes me to forget I ever had sex, essentially becoming a virgin again. She convinces me my wife is cheating on me and even escalates it and implants false memories of me watching my wife have sex with other men. Maybe she has me sneakily hypnotize my wife so she starts looking elsewhere for sex for real. During this we try to have sex ourselves too but i'm now a nervous virgin and that gets in the way, plus i'm fat and the hypnotizing girl is a feeder too and encouraging me to eat more while my wife is fatphobic. I want it to end with us together, but accepting how we're platonic and open marriage etc...
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Re: looking for someone to write WG, Hypnosis, Cuckhold

Postby GooberDude » Fri May 21, 2021 12:38 pm

well, i tried to write one myself lol
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Re: looking for someone to write WG, Hypnosis, Cuckhold

Postby janis_en_femme » Sat Sep 04, 2021 10:39 pm

Wonderful story. I'd like to read more of your tales!
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Re: looking for someone to write WG, Hypnosis, Cuckhold

Postby janis_en_femme » Sun Sep 05, 2021 10:21 pm

Expanded the story:
Betty was bitter. She was in town for the first time since she earned her PhD in psychiatry. She looked up her fuck buddy but he was married now and, worse, faithful. She was rejected and she didn’t like it. She wanted payback.
Back in the day, when Betty needed a fuck, she called Nate to “fix” her computer. She’d invite the tall, brawny cocksman into her apartment and they’d be fucking minutes later.
Now Betty “accidentally” bumped into Nate as he was leaving work. She was slightly taken aback that the former cocksman was now a 33-year-old married man pushing 275 pounds. He had been overweight most of his life. Betty knew him when he was in his best physical condition.
But a fuck was a fuck. She was a few years older and heavier as well.
When he rebuffed her, her ego couldn’t take it. Like most psychiatric professionals, she was a psychological mess.
Betty insisted that they have a drink for old time’s sake. Because Nate turned her down sexually, Betty spiked his soda with strong psychotropic.
“So good to see you again,” Betty said.
“I really have to get home to my bride,” Nate smirked.
“Sure. But first. Cheers!” Betty ordered as she raised her wine glass.
Nate naturally raised and clinked his glass with hers. He chugged the soda down in one gulp.
“Wow!” he said. “Are you sure there wasn’t alcohol in that?”
“Nate. When you get home, you will go online and log into this Love That Fattie.” Betty handed him a fat fetish site web address. “You will befriend a woman named Stacey. You will take this pill whenever she tells you to.”
Betty placed several of the psychotropic capsules in his pocket.
Nate just nodded.
“Now go home Nate and forget we ran into each other,” Betty ordered.
Nate grinned stupidly and wandered out of the bar.
Betty rushed to her hotel room and logged onto her laptop. She set up and account on Love That Fattie under the name of Stacey.
Nate kissed his beautiful blonde wife, Carrie. Carrie was becoming fatphobic and seemed to not be interested sexually in him lately. They still had a great connection emotionally. Nate found himself home alone or up late, since his wife would go to bed early for her morning workout.
The couple ate dinner as usual and chatted about their day. Then he excused himself to log onto his gamer desktop with three large monitors.
Nate met Stacey online. It was one of those fat fetish sites, even though they both just wanted friendship. He joined this fat fetish site in hopes of making friends who admired his size. When he saw the name Stacey, he popped one of the pills from his pockets. Stacey chatted about how Nate just wanting to stuff his face and watch anime. She loved anime, and fat guys, and they started chatting. Stacey said she was 28, and somewhere around 170 pounds. She texted that she never really weighed herself but that's what it was last she was told and her clothes all fit. They bonded over their love of anime and comics and had some fat chat thrown in here and there.
Nate would be very turned on with all the fattie talk. He crawled into bed with a raging hard-on. Carrie was pleasantly surprised at her husband sudden passion. He sucked her 36-Ds. He fingered her pussy to glorious juiciness. He shoved his hard cock deep inside his wife and she loved it. He plowed her, thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let him ride her to intense orgasm for both of them.

The next night, “Stacey” brought up hypnosis, and asked Nate if he was into trying it out. He agreed, it sounded fun, and she began. At first it was just a trance, to show Nate how it felt. The psychotropic pill aided in inducing the trance.
Nate would be very turned on after the nightly fattie chats. Afterward, he repeatedly fucked his wife and she loved it.
After a few nightly sessions, the pills were no longer needed. “Stacey” began to open his mind to feeling much larger. Nate felt heavier, he felt his body move more with each touch, in his mind he was feeling 100 pounds heavier.
"Whenever you see your reflection, your mind will see a larger man" She would say, sprinkling the idea into is subconscious.
Within a week, “Stacey” began adding triggers to make him feel this way longer. Nate began to feel bigger even when not in his trance. “Stacey” was having fun and asked if Nate wanted to take things a little further. He agreed.
Now the nights of passion began to fade. Nate imagined extra weight made it harder for him to move. He tired quicker and quicker each night. He started having trouble shoving his dick in and out.
Although she was used to being passive in the bedroom, Carrie was forced to take charge. Nate usually in command gave up. Being in better shape, Carrie flipped Nate on his back.
Not having to move, the passionate sex continued. Cassie wiggled and pounded her pussy on Nate’s hard cock.
Night after night “Stacey” began to push it.
"I know you are really into the fact that the fatter you are, the more your wife is repulsed by you, what if we add triggers to make you eat more and gain better for real?" She asked.
Nate gave into her and said he trusted her judgment. She began by adding simple triggers,
"Whenever you smell food, you will crave it and have to eat it. You desire unhealthy foods like pizza and ice cream and doughnuts."
Nightly, she added more complex triggers,
"Whenever you begin to feel turned on, you will get hungry and eat instead."
“When you see your wife’s naked body, you’ll think of candy and cake.”
“When you kiss your wife, you’ll want to drink soda afterward.”
"You will only feel happy and satisfied when your stomach is full of food."
The romance between Nate and Carrie dwindled. Instead of crawling into bed with his wife, Nate meandered into the kitchen to eat and eat. He wanted to eat rather than fuck now.
When Nate finally came to bed, Carrie was sleep.
One night, Carrie waited for him because she was horny. She kissed and fondled Nate. Her hands reached inside his tight pants. She breathed heavy and feel her pussy get wet.
Nate got hard and automatically reach for something to eat.
Carrie unzipped his pants and began to suck his cock.
He closed his eyes and thoughts of fattening foods like brownies and fried chicken flooded his head.
She rubbed her tits on his cock.
When he opened his eyes, he didn’t see Carrie’s luscious tits. He saw two large cinnamon rolls.
Carrie sucked and fondled and rubbed his cock. But it wouldn’t stay hard.
Finally she lay on her back and yanked down her jeans. Her slender but firm legs raised high. Her shaved pussy glistened.
“Eat me,” she demanded.
Nate did with joy. He licked and sucked her pussy with abandon. She shuddered with pleasure. And finally came.
Betty was not pleased with Nate eating out his wife, but she knew things would change soon. As “Stacey,” these sessions went on for weeks, the results began to show and Nate had almost surpassed 400 pounds.
Nate’s tummy grew distended. Shirts no longer contained his pale muffin top. The flab on his arms wobbled as he typed on his key board. His ankles looked like small tree trunks and barely moved. His shape truly became a bleached beach ball.
Carrie realized that the manly strut he had when they married was gone. Nate didn’t walk anymore. He waddled. She could barely see his cock amid all the blubber. When she could find it, his cock looked tiny between all that cellulite legs and belly. His male boobs nearly rivaled hers.
Carrie couldn’t stand Nate putting his fat face between her legs. She had to spread her legs uncomfortably wider and wider to accommodate his butterball head. That blimp-like dimpled face could barely fit and looked gross lapping up and down.
Carrie was furious when Nate shouted, “Chocolate” when he came. As a result, she cut him off.
The next night after Nate reported the latest attempt at sex, “Stacey” put Nate into another trance; she decided to probe around a bit.
"Your wife is repulsed by your fat, how do you feel about that?" she asked.
"It turns me on, I like to see how far I can push it" Nate answered.
"She hasn't had sex with you in months, how does that make you feel,”
“Relieved. I have more time to eat.”
“Do you think she's cheating?"
"No, she wouldn't. She might want to though I'm sure she's sexually frustrated."
“How does that make you feel?”
"And what about you, aren't you sexually frustrated?"
"Food makes me happy and satisfied; I only want to eat when I am turned on."
"Don't you want your wife to happy and satisfied too?"
"Of course, I do!"
"So, it's okay if she has sex with others?"
"If that makes her happy and satisfied and gives me more time to eat."
"Focus on that. I want you to imagine she’s already has been sleeping around. How does it feel?"
Nate paused for a bit.
"She's satisfied. I'm satisfied. It's good. We love each other."
"Good, so you want her to cheat?"
"Probably not. What I want is to eat."

“Stacey” would continue to implant and reinforce these thoughts into Nate's subconscious, along with reinforcing his other triggers. Each day Nate would care more and more about food and not even think about sex.
“Stacey” erased all lustful thoughts, except in knowing his wife was getting laid by other guys. At first the idea was bitter to him, but each session strengthened him wanting it, and even assuming it was already true.
“Stacey” then sent Nate a sound file. She instructed him to slip his last pill into her drink at dinner. She told him to play it every night or when his wife was listening to other music. With his IT training, he easily slipped it into the music she listened to when she worked out.
The file was subliminal messages, implanting the idea of wanting to sleep with others into her subconscious. It planted many triggers.
“Fat Nate does not arouse you.”
“Sex with Nate is becoming one of the last things on your mind.”
“When you would see Nate's fat, you think of other men.”
“Thinking of other men turns you on.”
“When you get turned on, your sex drive increases.”
“Thinking of other men’s cock makes you horny.”
“Sucking cocks make your pussy wet.”
“Fucking anyone but Nate is perfectly acceptable.”
“You are free to fuck other men if your husband is fat.”
“You want be touched and kissed by other men.”
“You only think of other men sexually.”
Carrie woke up every morning so wanting to get laid.
Nate woke up every morning wanting to eat.
Every night “Stacey” continued to reinforce food triggers into Nate's subconscious. Each day Nate focused more and more about food. He completely stopped thinking about sex. He became a mental virgin. Sexual thoughts shriveled like his unused dick.
Within a week, Carrie, however, couldn’t stop thinking about sex. Every glance at Nate stirred the images of the muscular and trim men she saw at the gym. Whenever she thought of other men, she grew hornier.
The only time she stopped thinking about sex was when she talked to Nate. She still loved him, but completely without any sexual desire.
Carrie spent more and more time working out. She stared at every male bulge at the gym. Her mouth drooled at the idea of sucking a cock. She squirmed on every workout bench with thoughts of cocks.
When she jogged, she imagined what the delicious pricks were stuffed inside the running shorts around her. By the end of her run, a noticeable wet spot could be seen in her running shorts.
Carrie stopped and grabbed her crotch. She couldn’t stop thinking about cocks. She sat down on the running path. She tried to focus on her marriage. She decided that she needed to stop behaving like a slut. She removed her hand from between her legs and gritted her teeth.
Another jogger saw Carrie and stopped to ask how she was doing. The other jogger was a physically fit dark-haired young man in a tight shirt and shorts.
“Are you okay?” he asked in a deep voice.
Carrie whimpered and opened her eyes. She was level with his crotch naturally. She saw the adorable male bulge right in front of her. She licked her lips.
“I’m not okay,” she gasped.
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Yes!” Carrie choked. She leaned forward and kissed his bulge. She pulled his shorts down and she licked his cock. It got hard. IT GOT HARD! Carrie couldn’t remember the last time she had a hard cock to play with.
“Fuck me!” she demanded.
Looking at this hottie, the jogger couldn’t believe his luck.
“Let’s get off the path,” he suggested.
Carrie kept her mouth on the rigid dick as it led off to the side. Her mind swirled with lust. Behind some tall bushes, she licked the hard shaft. She fondled the hairy balls. Her mouth engulfed the cock head. She slurped and slurped. When she saw the purple head thickened, she pulled off her shirt and slid off her shorts.
The man sucked her wiggling tits. A man was sucking my tits, a man was sucking my tits, she thought over and over. She came as his lips wrapped around her hard nipple.
Carrie moaned, “Stick that cock inside me!”
Without removing his head from between her big tits, he shoved his rocklike dick into a wet, steaming cunt. He thrusted hard and fast. He poked and plunged this gorgeous unknown woman.
Carried wrapped her arms around his head. Her legs spread to allow deeper access and the fucker complied. She came and came.
The jogger twisted the moaning bitch.
Carried was on her hands and knees. For the first time, a cock was inside her ass and she loved it. She came again.
He finally came with a grunt and a hard push.
Carrie leaned forward and came again.
The jogger pulled out and jogged off without another word to her.
Another jogger saw the man come from behind the bushes and toddled off. He heard a moan. He inspected the source. He saw a sexy naked woman. She smiled at him and crooked her finger.
Carried was ready for Round Two.
It was the end of the week. Nate sat on the sofa (he didn’t fit in a chair anymore) eating two pizzas and drinking Mountain Dew one can after another. He watched his sexy wife wiggle into their apartment with another pair of damp shorts. He felt nothing but hunger for fudge as he looked at her. Carrie’s pussy stopped dripping as she stared at his obese stomach hanging onto his wide lap.
“We need to talk, dear,” Carrie said tenderly but avoiding looking at him. She had to stop thinking about other men and their long, hard cocks. “Damnit!”
“Whassa matta?” Nate asked between bites of pepperoni, sausage, and anchovies slices.
With her back to her tub-of-lard husband, Carrie whimpered. “I need to get laid.”
“Wha do ya mean?”
“I need cock, but I love you.”
“I love ya too. I’d love to order some buffalo wings.”
“You’re a great provider. We enjoy each others’ company. I want to fuck. I want to fuck another man.”
“Really? I thought ya wuz doin’ that already!” Nate said as he belched. He grabbed another can of soda.
“You’re okay with me fucking other men,” Carrie said as she turned to Nate and saw his blubber. She started thinking of other men and she got horny all over again. Her crotch became moist again.
“I love you too. I want ya to be happy. I thought you were sleeping around. Like you said, we enjoy each other’s company. We got a nice life,” Nate shrugged and chugged the entire can Mountain Dew in one sloppy gulp.
Carrie tried to hug her husband but her arms couldn’t reach around him and blocked his reach for another slice of pizza. She shut her eyes and she calmed down.
“I already fucked two guys on the jogging path!”
“Good for ya!” Nate said untroubled.
Carrie shuffled off to bed with cum leaking from her pussy.
Later that night, Nate related Carrie’s adulterous affairs.
“Stacey” was thrilled. Finally, Betty had her revenge.
“So your marriage is ruined!” she gloated.
Nate chuckled as he popped a chicken wing in his mouth.
“You there?” asked “Stacey.”
“So what are you doing to do? Your marriage is on the rocks!”
“No, it’s not. We’re still in love and we’re happy.”
“We’re married. But what’s the word? Non-sex?”
“Yeah, dat’s it. We’re platonic. She can fuck whoever she wants and I get to eat whatever I want. It’s perfect.”
Betty clicked off and screamed in frustration.
One year later:
It was Friday night, usually date night for Nate and Carrie. They spent the evening together playing games and watching their shows. She finished dinner. Nate went to get seconds.
His wife put on her jacket, kissed Nate, and said, "I'm going to the bar, don't wait up I might get a hotel. Love you"
With his mouth full of food, Nate said he loved her back. While they had a fantastic platonic marriage, Nate hadn't had sex in a year and a half, but he didn't even want it. He grew hungry even thinking about it. He had grown to over 500 pounds. His dick looked like a nub between his legs.
His wife’s pussy, however, was getting bigger, wider, stretched out. It was constantly leaking when she wasn’t around Nate. She would go out weekly and hookup. Sometimes it was a booty call with someone she knew. Sometimes she would go to the bar and see what was available. She embraced her sluttiness as Nate embraced his obesity.
Due to Betty’s conditioning, this turned Nate on to know his wife was being satisfied, which just resulted in him eating even more.
As she left, Nate logged online to chat with “Stacey,” they had plans to binge watch the next season of My Hero Academia.
"Hey big boy, the wife finally leave huh, now we can have some fun, hope you brought snacks!" texted “Stacey” as Betty masturbated as she enjoyed her “affair” with Nate.
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