Seeking talented writer for a legit 6,000+ word TGTF Story.

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Seeking talented writer for a legit 6,000+ word TGTF Story.

Postby Mhowl86 » Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:18 am

I am serious about this and have outlined ideas. I’d like this to be a thoughtful, character driven TGTF story that I will work with the author on. This will not simply be fetishism; it will have 3 acts but also engage a serious science-fiction take on TG-TF with subtext regarding sacrifice for greater good, strength in character, gender roles, sexuality.

The transformations will involve multiple male characters who have been tricked into a slow, gradual TF process that will eventually leave biologically and anatomically female. The process of transformation will involve various fantastical but researched and grounded chemical, genetic, subliminal, etc phases. While the story is meant to be a well-written, classy R in content, the slow transformation will vary for each subject based on their bodies, weights, genetics. As a result, there will be a really creative team effort between myself and the person who will actually put the narrative to paper as we discuss how things change physically, emotionally, sexually and how each character deals with it as none are voluntary or aware of the experiment. I would write this on my own but work and personal life is too demanding so I want to help in every way except the actual transcription.

I want this to be more than just fetish porn while still maintaining the sexual ramifications of what is happening and it’s important that we make sure the science of the experiment, although impossible, sounds grounded in a kind of modern pseudoscience. Also, I have various body types of well known women I wish the characters to each transform into so description ajd making sense of shape, fat distribution etc will be challenging but fun.

Once we’ve completed a great story I will commission several well known TGTFa artists to illustrate.

Please contact as soon as able! My email is
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