Story Idea: ABDL and The Great Shift universe and pretending

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Story Idea: ABDL and The Great Shift universe and pretending

Postby estranhosidade » Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:56 pm

So, I have a great fascination by the idea of body swap as well as The Great Shift universe (if you don't know what the great shift is, it's basically a story universe where 90% of humanity, or something like it, ends up switching bodies with someone. Most of them end up switching with someone near them – if you are interested go to and take a look). Anyway, these changes obviously profoundly affect society, you had man switching bodies with old ladies, old ladies switching bodies with babies, babies switching bodies with adults, the whole shebang.

And here is my idea: what if some infantilist end up taking this opportunity to basically fool everyone into believing that him or her had switched bodies with a baby, when actually they didn't, they were one of the 10% of humanity who didn't switch, and are just using this as a way for them to live their fantasy, since everyone will think they are just one among the tens of millions of babies who end up switching bodies with adults. Anyway, I thought the concept is interesting, and maybe someone decide to write something, I maybe even take a shot on the concept, despite being a terrible writer.
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