I want to be in your story

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I want to be in your story

Postby Aikotgar » Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:31 am

Hey Guys,

I wrote caption and story on my blog and Patreon : Dark Bodyswap.

But I would love to be tranformed too...

So, if you wanna transform me
My preference and image preference : https://dark-bodyswap.blogspot.com/2020 ... o-cap.html

My sum-up :

Simple rule to transforme me :
- Transformation : Male to female, age regression, shrinking and animal
- Name to use : Arnaud
- Head me down to the social ladder
- Make me weak, uneducated, sad, poor, small, and/or dumb (without memory loss)
- Always being stuck (the worst place in the world is the better)
- A bad ending to very bad ending are very appreciated
- I love racial and/or nationality change (There is lot of asian girl in this selection but I love all race)
- I love to be stuck in another country and poor place on earth or poor part of the city
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