Story idea. Wg

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Story idea. Wg

Postby ChangingLives77 » Sat Jan 28, 2023 9:55 pm

So I wrote most of this already and then lost it so I’m not wanting to rewrite…
Involves an average man whose always been a bit chubby but trying to lose weight. He’s good friends with a girl who runs an Only Fans and also her best client. He starts to date someone and so his friend gives him bad diet advice. She was afraid to lose her best client so wants to make him too fat for his girlfriend. As he gains weight she convinces him it’s his fault he gains more and she convinces him to take a break from dieting and now he has all these bad eating habits and blows up. Eventually his girlfriend tells him she just wants to be friends. So now friend tells him to eat his feelings and he picks up another bad habit. I want it to end with him jerking to her on live while eating, with her telling him he’s not boyfriend material and should just give up on dating. He cums to the idea that he’s meant to be alone, with her telling him this and so he’s accepting he is always just a friend.
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