Story idea F2F/RoleSwap

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Story idea F2F/RoleSwap

Postby firemask » Sun Jun 12, 2022 10:40 pm

Im looking for someone to write an story idea, F2F of a Princess with a peasant girl

A princess is forced to have an arranged marriage with the prince of another kingdom, she talks to a witch on the outskirts of the kingdom and asks her for help to "escape her destiny", the witch tells her that she can help her, but she has to get a sacrifice, another woman to take her destiny.
The princess kidnaps a peasant's daughter and takes her to the witch. The witch had promised her that she would change roles for her, in order to keep her beautiful body, and the witch casts a spell on them, but the witch, who hated the king, sets a trap for the princess. Instead of changing their bodies, it only changed their minds, now the peasant's daughter had the body of the princess and the princess was in the body of the peasant's daughter, both return to their respective lives but without being able to do or say anything to the regard.

In the end, the former daughter of the peasant marries the prince, whom the king wanted her to marry, and she lives a full life having multiple childrens.

The former princess is sold by her father to a group of slavers for lack of money, where she is again sold to a brothel where she will spend the rest of her life satisfying men and having babies.

If it can include explicit content it would be great.
I am also open to new ideas.

I'm willing to pay
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Re: Story idea F2F/RoleSwap

Postby Rageoficeman » Mon Aug 01, 2022 7:28 am

Have you tried making a post of fiver?
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